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Kingdom Hearts Vore: The Kairi Chronicles
The evil fairy, Maleficent, had set up her greatest plot yet to gain control of the fabled Kingdom Hearts.
She had created a new castle of hers in the Lanes Between, and inside the castle was it's very own keyhole.
This keyhole was actually a trap designed to lock anyone who touches it in a dimension of darkness.
Maleficent cackled to herself as she stood on the top floor of her castle with her rigged keyhole waiting to
snare whoever dare try to lock it. "This plan of mine is too perfect! Once Sora arrives and see's this giant
keyhole here, he'll have no choice but to lock it. And when he does my dimension of darkness will trap him."
Maleficent couldn't help but talk out loud about her plan, she was so excited.
Sure enough she heard the sounds of a Gummi Ship approaching. "That must be the fool now! Very soon my
revenge will be complete and I'll be one step closer to obtaining Kingdom Hearts for myself! So come, Sora.
Bring your two lackeys and fall into my trap." Maleficent said. Nobo
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Mature content
Sailor Uranus Devours the Universe :iconmangavore:Mangavore 36 29
Tekken Vore: Asuka Kazama
Having broken up several rival gangs in her neighborhood, Asuka Kazama was starving. While she loved to
beat up anyone who stepped out of line, doing so left her drained. Food was need to replenish her energy if
she was to break up more gang fights. Thankfully they seemed to be done for the day.
She headed to her favorite eating spot in town to gorge herself on some beef. But as soon as she reached the
town's restaurant two guards stopped her from entering. "Hey! What is your problem? Let me in." Asuka said.
"You are Asuka Kazama, correct?" One of them said. "Yeah? So what?" Asuka said.
"We have strict orders not to let you in." The other guard said. "Why?" Asuka asked. "This restaurant was
bought recently and the new owner's daughter said not to let in a 'violent brute girl with a blue outfit who
answers to the name Asuka Kazama' that's you. You'll have to eat somewhere else." The guards said.
"Somewhere else? This isn't fair!" Asuka yelled. The guards remained in her way to prevent h
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The Konoha Secret Belly War.
The Third Shinobi World War was putting a strain on the village of Konoha, but lucky for them they had a
great shinobi in their ranks that was tipping the war in their favor. That was Minato Namikaze. Today the
legendary Yellow Flash of Konoha was returning to the village after a successful mission. With him were his
not-so-legendary students.
"Master, Obito left his post and nearly gave the enemy are position." Kakashi complained. "That wasn't my
fault. There was a old lady in the middle of the battlefield. My code demands I help all elderly people.
Even stupid ones." Obito said. "Where did she even come from? It's like she magically appeared just to mess
with Obito." Rin said.
"It's not important. We all survived and that's all that matters. We'll worry about magical old ladies
another time. Today is very important. Do you know why?" Minato asked. "I know!" Rin raised her hand. "Your
wife is opening her outside diner. The Kushina Cuisine! Can we eat there? Please?" Rin asked. "That's
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Kari and Yolei the next gen Digibellies.
It had been a long day in the Digital World. The current Digidestined team of Davis, Yolei, T.K., Kari,
Cody, and Ken had just destroyed several Control Spires in the local area. "Good work everyone. I don't
want to jinx it or anything, but I think we got them all." T.K. said. "Thank goodness for that. Destroying
Control Spires is time consuming." Cody said.
"So I guess we can go to that food cart that Sora and Mimi suggested for lunch now, right?" Davis asked.
"If Sora and Mimi suggested it then maybe we shouldn't go. They don't exactly eat normally when they are
in the Digital World." T.K. said. "No way. We should totally go. I've really been looking forward to this."
Kari said with a smile.
"Hey Yolei, I've been meaning to ask you something. Why do you have a balloon in you hand?" Ken asked.
T.K., Davis, Kari, Cody and all the Digimon looked at Yolei who had a blue balloon in her hand. "I'm glad
you asked, Ken. I got into fortune telling recently. And my fortune for this week read t
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Anna Vs Elsa. The Burping Contest of Royal Sisters
It had been a very successful day in the Kingdom of Arendelle for the royal sisters Elsa and Anna. They had
made new trading business deals with several new kingdoms after having opened their gates. To celebrate
such a successful business day they had their servant, Ivan, cook them a feast. Lots of Lutefisk, cooked
fowl, stew, and mutton. But what made this meal extra special is the girls had it all soaked in chocolate
coating making all the food taste like chocolate.
After devouring it all Elsa and Anna leaned back in their chairs to rub their slightly swollen bellies
full of the chocolate coated meal. "That was the best chocolate feast ever. I'll be stuffed for days."
Elsa said. "I hope my stomach won't be too heavy for my journey tomorrow. Kristoff's taking me to his
primary ice collecting spot in his sled." Anna explained.
*GLORG* Anna's stuffed gut gurgled at the mention of that. "Well lucky you. I have to *HIC* sign papers all
day tomorrow. I'm glad we have new business partners
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Kaori vs Samantha for the Belly Championship
Fifteen year old Kaori was shopping in town for school books by order of her parents. Many boys on the
street stopped to look at the beautiful asian-american girl. Her beautiful black hair and brown eyes
attracted the attention of many guys also shopping in the area. She wore a grey tank top shirt and blue
shorts as she looked around for the book store.
she spotted the book store and right next to it was a new restaurant. It was the biggest building on the
street. *GRRRRRR* Kaori's currently empty belly let out a growl of hunger. It was currently thin looking but
looks can be deceiving. Kaori approached the restaurant right as her cell phone began to chime. "Hello?"
Kaori picked up her cell phone.
It was her father on the phone. "Kaori, have you gotten those school books yet?" Her father asked. "I'm
sorry dad. I was distracted. There's this new restaurant open and I want to..." Kaori started. "No! My
wallet is still crying from the last time you went to a 'new' restaurant. You are to b
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Sora and Mimi's Beach Belly Binge
The Digidestined kids, Tai, Matt, Sora, Joe, Izzy, Mimi, Kari, TK and their Digimon were all tired from a
long hike through the woods of the Digital World. "My feet hurt!" Mimi complained as she usually did.
"Look on the bright side. You and Sora finally got to work off that Candy Town." Palmon informed her. Both
Mimi and Sora looked at their flat empty bellies. You never would have guessed a entire village made of
sweets disappeared inside them.
"I miss Candy Town." Mimi said licking her lips. "Yeah. It was so tasty." Sora said, rubbing her belly
which soon growled in hunger. "Well the odds of us finding anything even remotely close are slim at best."
Izzy said. "Wait a minute." Agumon sniffed the air and everyone stopped. "I smell seafood." Agumon said.
"Seafood?" Both Mimi and Sora grew more hungry. Their empty bellies growled loudly. *GRRRRRRRR* "Straight
ahead." Agumon said.
"I can't wait. Seafood is just what I need to get a nice big belly again." Sora smiled. "And it's just what
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Pokemon Vore: Serena's Champion Level Meal.
The Pokemon Performer, Serena, had woken up early in the local Pokemon Center. She was currently brushing
the fur of her Pokemon, Braixen and Pancham, making sure both looked nice for the day. "There. Now you both
look like Pokemon superstars." Serena said with pride when the brushing was finished. Her Pokemon were now
both ready to start the day.
Ever since Serena had cut her hair and changed her outfit she was much more involved with her Pokemon. It
was a change for the better. As she sat down on the center's sofa her empty belly let out a growl, demanding
it's breakfest. *GRRRRR*  Serena moaned along with her stomach. "I guess it's time for breakfest." Serena
noticed that the rest of her travel companions were not awake yet. So she was going to have breakfest by
"Now what am I in the mood for? Something little or something big?" Serena said to herself. She heard a
loud commotion just outside the center. "What is that noise?" Serena returned her Pokemon to their poke ba
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Xion Vs Namine. Soda Bloat Contest.
It was a sunny day in Twilight Town. In the middle of the town, Roxas had set up a small mobile white cart
with a table and four chairs. "This is the right spot isn't it?" Roxas said to himself. "Roxas!" A voice
called to him. From the distance he saw Namine waving and running towards him. Roxas waved back, just as a
corridor of darkness portal opened right in front of him. Xion jumped out of it.
"Roxas, there you are." Xion said, just as Namine caught up with them. The two Kairis looked at each other
with unfriendly eyes. "What is she doing here?" They both said. "You both are just in time. Welcome to the
grand opening of the Roxas Soda Cart!" Roxas announced. "The what?" The girls turned their attention to him.
"Xigbar set it up for me. This Soda Cart is a point system. Each time a bottle of soda is drank from here
the cart gets a point. After reaching 100 points I can trade it in for my dream." Roxas said.
"What's your dream?" Xion and Namine asked. "My very own Sea Salt Ice Cream M
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I ate the Hokage, but I didn't eat Shizune.
The village of Konoha was going to throw a big festival that would take place tomorrow. It was one that
would promote friendships and unity through all the wars and battles the shinobi system had endured over the
years. Usually people went in pairs to this festival. It was uncommon and rare for someone to go with more
then one person.
Sakura Haruno was decorating the mission room for the festival. "Sakura!" Hinata Hyuga joined Sakura.
"Hi Hinata. I was just getting the mission room nice and pretty for tomorrow." Sakura said. Hinata soon
approached Sakura and held a kunai to her head. "Who are you taking to the festival? Someone blonde?"
Hinata asked. "I was." Sakura said. "I knew it." Hinata was about to drive the kunai right through Sakura's
The door to the mission room further opened and another kunoichi joined them. It was Ino Yamanaka. She had
a vase of flowers in her arms. She hadn't been feeling all that great because she was currently on a strict
diet. Half the days she fe
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The Arendelle Bellyache at Dusk
It was the start of a new year in the Kingdom of Arendelle. Fifteen year old Princess Anna was called into
her parents room one evening before dinner. "Anna! Just the person we were hoping to see." Her parents,
King Agdar and Queen Idun, were happy to see her. "What's going on? You both look so happy. Your both
really excited for the new year." Anna said.
"Yes, that is true. But we have big and wonderful news. We're going on voyage at sea." Agdar said. Idun
smiled and nodded. "Really? A voyage at sea? That's perfect." Anna was so excited. "And by 'we', I mean
your mother and I. You can't go." Agdar said. "What?" Anna shouted in disappointment. "Anna! Your mother
and I are tired. From making sure the people all behave and pay their taxes to their kingdom, and then
throwing them in the dungeons when they don't pay the taxes. We need a break." Agdar said.
"That's not fair." Anna pouted. "Cheer up. Someday you'll rule a kingdom of your own, and be able to tell
your children that you are go
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Dawn vs Johanna. The Bluenette Burping Battle.
Dawn vs Johanna. The Bluenette Burping Battle.
It was a quiet afternoon in Twinleaf Town. Nothing major ever happened in Sinnoh anymore, so quiet afternoons
like this one were quite common. Dawn was in her room, after she had finished decorating the walls with photos
of her in various situations where she had swallowed another human being whole. There was a photo of her with a
giant belly after swallowing Barry. Another of her with a big belly after swallowing Kenny. Another photo showed
her with a massive belly after eating a entire stadium in her contest dress.
Other photos showed her with Zoey, Candice, and even Ursula all with giant bellies. There was even a photo of
her being swallowed by May. And the most recent photo was of herself, May, Misty, Iris, and Jessie all being
gulped down by Serena, and her belly did not fit in the entire photo. All these different photo's of past
events stayed on Dawn's walls. Dawn herself was sitting on her bed, still in her pajamas and reading a Po
:iconmangavore:Mangavore 56 25
Pokemon Amourshipping Vore: Serena's Meal of Love.
Pokemon Amourshipping Vore: Serena's Meal of Love.
It was a overcast day in Lumiose City as Ash, Clemont and Bonnie were waiting by the train station. "I don't
get it. They should have been here by now." Ash said to Clemont. "You mean your girlfriends?" Bonnie asked.
"Bonnie! Ash told you that they were all friends. They all just happened to be girls." Clemont said. "So they
are girlfriends?" Bonnie asked. "I really wanted you guys to meet them. But it looks like they aren't coming."
Ash sighed.
"I guess they had better things to do." Bonnie said. "Bonnie! Don't say that!" Clemont hushed his sister. "But
today is national Kalos Affection Day! Where you spend the day with your family and friends and express how
much you love and care for them. To ignore your friends like this means they don't give a spit about you.
Ash's girlfriends have all spit in his face by not showing up!" Bonnie explained.
"Bonnie, please!" Clemont hushed Bonnie once again. Clemont turned to a depressed Ash. "Bonn
:iconmangavore:Mangavore 110 98
Naruto Vore: Strawberries Are No Joke.
Naruto Vore: Strawberries Are No Joke.
In Konoha Village, Kakashi Hatake was reading his favorite book series, Make-out Paradise. He was on top of a
roof, giggling like a school girl. "I can't believe Junko snatched off Satou's wig. Right in front of his
boss. Oh this is good." Kakashi giggled. "Master Kakashi!" Naruto joined Kakashi on the roof. "Oh Naruto. What
brings you up here?" Kakashi asked. "I just pulled a great prank on Sakura and the other kunoichi." Naruto
"How amusing." Kakashi said. "Yeah, I'm just going to let things die down before I go back down on the streets.
They're all probably looking for me. I got the idea from this book!" Naruto held up a red book with three boys
on the cover. Kakashi put his Make-out Paradise book down. "If it isn't the legendary Joke Brothers of Konoha.
What a blast from the past." Kakashi said. "You knew the Joke Brothers?" Naruto asked.
"I had the misfortune of knowing them." Kakashi looked at the red book Naruto was holding. "They
:iconmangavore:Mangavore 36 37
Pokemon Vore: Iris's Belly Factor.
Pokemon Vore: Iris's Belly Factor!
A new fashion sense had taken the Pokeworld for females. It had been dubbed by many fans as the Belly Factor.
Girls with giant sloshy bellies would get to be put on the cover of magazines, get special discounts at all
shopping buildings, and every single male alive seemed to love looking at the bellies. It was like a force had
taken over them. In Opelucid City, Iris was sitting on a bench with a bunch of magazines. Her trusty Pokemon,
Axew, was in her hair.
"Axew look at all these belly models." Iris said. The Kanto addition had Misty, Sabrina and Erika on the cover
with giant bellies. She looked through the Sinnoh one to find Candice, Maylene and Gardenia on the cover. They
were doing action poses with their massive bellies sticking out from their thin bodies. Iris showed Axew the
Hoenn addition magazine. Flannery, Winona, and Roxanne were all side by side on the cover with large bellies.
Finally Iris flipped through the Contest addition magazine. Ma
:iconmangavore:Mangavore 94 45


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First day of September and it's been very busy for me. Sorry for yet another lack of stories in awhile. My job has been very busy and my boss has been cracking the whip at all of us. I haven't had the time to think of any stories. Darn shame. I wanted at least one for August. Anyway other then that things have been pretty slow for me. Not much is going on either. Hopefully I'll update soon with more exciting news.
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Happy Vore Day everyone. Is today Vore Day? I'll be honest I just learned about this day last year and since I'm seeing a lot of "Happy Vore Day" messages right now it must be today. I wish I had a story to upload today but sadly I don't. I haven't been on here lately. Lots of stuff has been happening at my job, new recruits need training and it's just been really time consuming. I haven't even been able to brainstorm what my next story is going to be. So this will be yet another unsuccessful Vore Day from me. Maybe 2018 will be the year I finally do something to celebrate.
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The evil fairy, Maleficent, had set up her greatest plot yet to gain control of the fabled Kingdom Hearts.
She had created a new castle of hers in the Lanes Between, and inside the castle was it's very own keyhole.
This keyhole was actually a trap designed to lock anyone who touches it in a dimension of darkness.

Maleficent cackled to herself as she stood on the top floor of her castle with her rigged keyhole waiting to
snare whoever dare try to lock it. "This plan of mine is too perfect! Once Sora arrives and see's this giant
keyhole here, he'll have no choice but to lock it. And when he does my dimension of darkness will trap him."
Maleficent couldn't help but talk out loud about her plan, she was so excited.

Sure enough she heard the sounds of a Gummi Ship approaching. "That must be the fool now! Very soon my
revenge will be complete and I'll be one step closer to obtaining Kingdom Hearts for myself! So come, Sora.
Bring your two lackeys and fall into my trap." Maleficent said. Nobody was around to hear her monologue, but
she didn't care.

The sounds of footsteps began to echo in her castle. They were getting closer and closer to where Maleficent
was waiting. Maleficent smiled evilly waiting for her enemy to appear before her. However the person that
showed up to face her was not Sora. It was Kairi. Holding her girly keyblade, sweaty and out of breath
from running around the castle, Kairi had been the one to arrive as the hero.

Maleficent's excitement turned into disappointment as she watched Kairi try to catch her breath. Of all the
keyblade warriors she thought could arrive, Kairi was not one of them. "What are you doing in my castle? I
did not order your capture for today. I was expecting Sora or Riku." Maleficent said with displeasure.

Kairi caught her breath and stood up straight. "Everyone else is busy with Xehanort stuff. So while they do
that, I decided to have my own adventure. I even have my own duck and dog sidekicks for support." Kairi said.
She whistled and Pluto came running beside her like a loyal pet. "Good boy." Kairi patted Pluto's head. Pluto
had a shield tied to his back. "We're just waiting on our duck now." Kairi said impatiently.

"I'm coming. Hold yer horses lass!" Scrooge McDuck slowly waddled in beside Kairi and Pluto. "You must be
joking! I am the mistress of all evil! And this is what they send after me?!" Maleficent snarled. Scrooge
handed Kairi a ice cream bar. "Hang on, Malevent. I'll deal with you in a second. I need to replenish my
energy first." Kairi said as she began to eat the ice cream bar.

"How dare you mispronounce my name? That's almost as irritating as not being invited to a baby's birthday
party!" Maleficent said in annoyance. Kairi gulped down her ice cream bar and then raised her keyblade.
"Team Kairi, let's put this evil hag down. Hit her with a spell, McDuck!" Kairi said.

"I told ye, I don't know any magic spells." Scoorge muttered. Maleficent was furious now. She had the
perfect plan to capture Sora. She was not about to waste her evil keyhole on Kairi. "I'll deal with you
myself! Using all the powers of hell!" Maleficent transformed into her signature black dragon form.

"Oh great! She's a dragon now! Come on, McDuck!" Kairi argued. "No matter how much ye beg me, I can't use
magic. I ain't me nephew." Scrooge argued back. "But you're a talking duck. I thought all ducks that talk
knew magic." Kairi said. "Don't profile me, lass. I'm all about money, not magic." Scrooge explained.
"Ugh, all this arguing has got me hungry again. At least hand me a second ice cream bar." Kairi groaned.

Maleficient's anger and annoyance only increased as 'Team Kairi' was fully ignoring her even as a scary
dragon. As Scoorge got out his second ice cream bar for Kairi, Maleficient swung her tail and smacked it up
in the air and it smashed on the floor when it landed.

Kairi was outraged by this. "My salty sweet ice cream bar! I needed that for my stamina. And I was still so
hungry! You just made this personal!" Kairi said. As Maleficient breathed her green flames of death at the
inexperienced Team Kairi, they all reacted differently. Scoorge and Pluto ran behind a pillar while Kairi
did a dodge roll that would have made Sora proud.

She rolled herself over to Maleficent's tail, still hungry. Kairi grabbed a hold of the tail at it's tip
and without a second thought shoved it in her mouth. Maleficient didn't notice at first, her attention was
on Scrooge and Pluto. This gave Kairi plenty of time to really take in the flavor of the dragon's tail.

With her cheeks bulging and mouth full, Kairi took the first gulp. *GULP* Maleficient might have been pure
evil, but her taste was surprisingly good. "Tasty." Kairi thought as she took another swallow. *GUUUULP*
This gulp was bigger. Kairi's cheeks bulged out even rounder as she swallowed more of the black dragon's tail.
This way better then ice cream bars and Kairi wanted more.

*GULP* *GUUULP* *GUUUURLP* As Kairi gulped more of the tail into her mouth she pulled it along like pulling
a rope closer to her. Her throat started to bulge as well, as the tail started to slide down it. Kairi did not
care that Maleficent was four times her size in dragon form. She was determined to eat her.

Maleficent finally noticed something weird was going on with her tail and looked back only to see half her
tail gone and that Kairi was ingesting the rest of it. *GULP* *GULP* Panic swept into the dragon as she tried
to reach back there and bite Kairi off her.

Kairi would not allow it. Whenever Maleficient reached back she would move herself along with the dragon's
body. Maleficient soon felt like a dog chasing it's own tail. *GUUULRRP* Another big gulp and Kairi ingested
the entire tail. The zipper on Kairi's pink mini dress began to unzip itself as the tail was reaching Kairi's
stomach and bulging it out.

Maleficent shrieked as Kairi began gulping in her rear legs next. *GULP* *GULP* *GULP* Kairi took impossibly
big gulps to get the legs in. Her cheeks swelled up round, shiny, and to the point of almost near bursting.
Her stomach was also ballooning outward with Maleficient's tail fully tucked away inside the organ.

Kairi's zipper fully unzipped itself and the belt on her dress snapped in two as her belly swelled up larger
and rounder. *GULP* *GULP* Two more big gulps and Kairi had both rear legs in her throat, bulging it out.
There was nothing Maleficient could do. She felt her giant wings soon get pinned to her back and also get
swallowed up by Kairi.

*GUUULLRP* *GUUULP* Kairi's belly was now inflating faster like a water balloon right before it gets filled
with too much water and breaks. Water balloons might break but Kairi's belly was made of tougher stuff. It
endured the sheer heavy roudness of the dragon meal.

*GUUUUUULLLLP* A giant gulp from Kairi let her gulp in the wings and the upper torso of the dragon. Kairi was
like a anaconda now. Largely gulping in a meal far bigger then her small body, and enjoying the taste of it.
*WOBBLE* *JIGGLE* Kairi's belly was really huge now. Sticking out big and round from her now unzipped outfit
and still getting bigger.

Stuffing the upper paws of the dragon into her mouth and down her throat, Kairi began to slowly slurp up the
dragon's long neck. It was the last part of Maleficient. The dragon feebly cried out as Kairi slurped her up
like a spaghetti noodle.

It didn't take long for her to engulf all of Maleficient's head into her mouth. Kairi stood very still for a
moment with her cheeks bulging full. She placed both her hands on her hips and titled her head back for the
final gulp. Ready to send the dragon's head to join the rest of it's body in her bloated stomach.

When all was quiet *GUUUUULLLLLOOORRRP* With her biggest and loudest gulp, Kairi fully swallowed Maleficient
and sent her to her new home. Kairi's gorged belly gave a final bounce outward and was truly a monsterously
round size. Her stomach's skin was very shiny from being stretched so wide with a giant dragon in it. Her
cheeks and throat returned to their normal size but her stomach had only tripled in size.

Kairi panted and huffed from the effort, but she had a look of pleasure on her face. She enjoyed the taste
of the dragon and now she enjoyed the fullness of her big belly. Her skinny legs gave out and she fell on
her rear from the heavy weight of her gut.

Kairi licked her lips and rubbed her giant gut with pleasure. "Excellent thinking." Scrooge popped his head
out from behind the pillar, he and Pluto were hiding behind. "Maleficient probably would have just revived
herself if ye took her out with a keyblade. She can't do that now inside yer gut." Scrooge said. "Y...yeah.
All according to plan." Kairi lied. She didn't know that at all.

*GURGLE* *GROAN* Kairi's giant belly quaked and she felt a big surge of unwanted gas move it's way around
her insides. Kairi placed her hands on her mouth as she cheeks puffed up with the gas. She could taste
Maleficient in the gas as she muffled a deep closed mouth belch.

the gassy burp and her monsterous stomach deflated a little bit. Obviously Maleficient had turned back into
humanoid form while still trapped in Kairi's large belly. When she was done burping, Kairi's cheeks deflated
to normal but her big stomach got more active.

Maleficient thrashed about as the stomach walls began to secrete gastric juices. *GURGLE* *GLORP* *GROAN*
Now Kairi's belly got noisy and sloshy. "Release me from this dark and smelly realm!" Maleficient demanded.
Kairi had the most smug grin on her face as her fat stomach bounced about with a angry Maleficient inside.

"I thought you loved darkness." Kairi taunted her, poking her bulbously round bubble of a belly with her
index finger. It sank a little in the globe of flesh. Maleficient couldn't believe this. She had fought far
more powerful keyblade warriors in the past. But this was the most humiliating defeat she had ever suffered.

"I will not allow myself to be stomach fodder to Sora's damsel in distress girlfriend! You have no idea
who yo..." Maleficient's rant was cut off and drowned out by a gaseous groan from Kairi's full tummy.

Kairi felt her cheeks puff up again with gas, but it happened too fast for her to cover her mouth in time.
Kairi unleashed a loud and deep belch from the depths of her bloated stomach, which made it shake.
Maleficient was bounced around helplessly inside Kairi's stomach from her belchquake.

Kairi sighed with relief and patted her fat belly after burping. "Ahh! That felt so good." Kairi smiled.
Scrooge rolled his eyes. "Whatever. I'm going to see if there's any treasure to raid. It's the only reason
I agreed to join this keyblade quest." Scrooge said, as he started looking through Maleficient's desk.

Kairi whistled for Pluto to try and help her too her feet. "Here boy! Help me up, please." Kairi pleaded.
The orange dog however thought it would be much more fun to just repeatedly lick Kairi's round belly over
and over again, making the bloated teen laugh.

*SLOSH* *BOUNCE* *WOBBLE* *GLUNK* Kairi's stomach wobbled and sloshed as she laughed from Pluto's licking.
This made Maleficient's situation all the worse for her. She got drenched in stomach juices from the walls.
It was getting even more wet and smelly as the stomach was now preparing to digest the evil fairy.

"I've come to far in my plans to be reduced to this!" Maleficient gave one final attempt to struggle inside
Kairi's bloated belly. *SLOSH* *SLUSH* *BLORP* *CHURN* All it did was make the stomach work faster and give
Kairi gas and a bellyache.

As Kairi erupted with her giant burp, her stomach got even more hostile with the stomach acids and all the
gastric juices. Maleficient was nearly submerged in the hot, sticky, and smelly juices.

"This cannot be how the mistress of all evil meets her end!" Maleficient screamed in defiance as she was
digested in Kairi's stomach. *GROOOAAAAN* *BUBBLE* *BUBBLE* *BUBBLE* Maleficient was reduced to nothing but
large gas bubbles in a pool of gastric soup sloshing in Kairi's round belly.

Kairi and Pluto stopped what they were doing and both looked down on her shiny bulbous belly. Their reflections
shined on the bloated skin of the teenage girl as Maleficient's movements stopped. "Malevent? Are you still
there?" Kairi poked her round bubble belly again with her index finger. *BLORK* *DWRROK* A rubbery and sloshy
response from Kairi's bloated tummy was her answer.

A smile formed on Kairi's face. "Yes! Team Kairi's first victory. High five me, puppy!" Kairi extended her
hand to Pluto, who met it with his paw. Kairi grunted and managed to get back on her feet. Heavy and loud
sloshes echoed in her big stomach as she stood. *SLOSH* *SPLORF* *GLORSH* *BOUNCE*

Kairi patted her big drum of a stomach, pleased with her victory. "Sora and Riku would always talk about how
dangerous and strong Malevent was. Wait till they see how I beat her. On my very first keyblade fight too!"
Kairi then did something unusual. She took out a red marker from her pocket and began to scribble something
on her large belly.

So on the bloated stomach of Kairi in big red letters read the name 'Malevent' and underneath was a cartoony
doodle of Maleficient's face. This would let all those who would look upon Kairi's giant bubble belly know
that Maleficient had been claimed by the bloated flesh orb. Assuming anyone who see's it will know Malevent as
Maleficient. How it would look after Kairi's belly would shrink back to it's small size was a another story.

"Okay Team Kairi! This place is clear. Let's head to Atlantica. I'm craving some seafood now." Kairi said.
"But the keyhole?" Scrooge pointed to Maleficient's keyhole that was still waiting to activate it's trap.
"Don't worry about it. We'll let Sora or Riku close that one. So let's go!" Kairi lead her team out of the
castle. Her belly sloshed with each footstep she took.

When they got to their Gummi Ship, Kairi's large belly groaned with a second wave of gas. Maleficient might
have been gone but she left Kairi with a nasty bellyache and bad gas. Kairi's cheeks puffed out once again
and she unleashed a nasty and foul smelling loud burp into the Gummi Ship, making the entire ship smell like
stomach gas and a digested evil fairy.

When she was done with her gassy echoing burp, she moaned along with Scrooge and Pluto. "Wonderful! Now we have to
fly around in this stink!" Scrooge complained. "Excuse me." Kairi blushed and covered her mouth in embarrassment.

The End.
Kingdom Hearts Vore: The Kairi Chronicles
That Kingdom Hearts 3 hype! We still have a ways to go before KHIII but every trailer and every bit of news gets me excited for Kingdom Hearts 3. So what better to do that make a Kingdom Hearts based story right? Funny thing awhile back. A few friends of mine were talking about the Disney companions for Sora, Riku, and Kairi. Sora has Donald and Goofy. Riku has Mickey and Kairi had Pluto. We played a game on who would be Riku and Kairi's second Disney companion. Long story short Riku ended up Daisy Duck and Kairi got Scrooge McDuck. The epic team of Kairi, Pluto and Scrooge McDuck. It's because of that I had to make this story of Team Kairi. And of course throw in all the belly goodness too. So enjoy this insane story and ride the Kingdom Hearts 3 hype!

I do not own these characters. Kingdom Hearts belongs to Disney and Square Enix.
Hello everyone on DA. Happy 4th of July. We're getting to the half way point of Summer and I already detest the heat of Summer. The bugs and the heat make me dislike Summer. My least favorite time of the year. But at least we have this holiday in it. So enjoy the 4th of July everyone.
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Previously Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune destroyed a liquid monster who's fluids made Sailor Uranus
so hungry that she somehow managed to swallow the entire planet Earth to satisfy her hunger. And to join her
lover, Sailor Neptune swallowed the entire moon as well.

*BUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP* A giant burp erupts in the endless vacuum of space as the
planet sized belly of Sailor Uranus floated where the Earth should be. If not her burping then the loud
gurgles of the planet sized orb itself erupted and echoed everywhere.

Sailor Neptune, still with the entire moon in her belly, circled around Sailor Uranus due to the immense
gravity pull her stomach planet now had. Sailor Uranus herself was but a mere speck on her global gut. It
rotated in a fashion that was similar to how the Earth once did. "Uranus? Can you hear me?" Sailor Neptune
asked, still circling her lover.

"Yeah. What *BEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLCH* is it?" Sailor Uranus asked, belching mid sentence. "How long have we
been *BAAAAARRRRRRRRRRP* floating in space like this?" Nailor Neptune asked, also burping mid sentence.
"No idea. When your belly is the size of a planet, you kinda lose track of time." Sailor Uranus said.

gaseous air into space making it breathable. "Isn't it romantic up here? The two of us the only people left
in space?" Sailor Neptune asked, as she was now hovering upside down from her giant moon sized belly. She
came into eye contact with Sailor Uranus and the two locked hands to rotate in perfect unisen with their
galactic bellies.

*GURRRRRRRLGE* The belly planet of Sailor Uranus let out a gurgle of hunger. Sailor Neptune giggled as she
heard it echo in space. "You swallowed the entire Earth and still you're hungry?" She asked amused. "Looks
like it. If you hadn't been a pig and swallowed the moon yourself I could have eaten it for my dessert."
Sailor Uranus teased Sailor Neptune.

"Who are you calling a *PIIIIIIIIIIIIG?*" Sailor Neptune burped. "Relax. I was just teasing you. But I do
need something to eat. This planet of flesh is craving for some new residence." Sailor Uranus said, patting
her globe gut. *GLORRG* *RRRRUUUUUMBLE* It rumbled and growled for more despite it's immense size already.
"How will we get moving?" Sailor Neptune asked, still hovering upside down from her moon stuffed belly.

"I got that covered. I've been thinking of a new ability while just floating here. I've decided to call it
the 'Uranus Belch Shaking' attack!" Sailor Uranus said as she began to store her energy into her belly planet.
"Not the most original name. But I like it." Sailor Neptune said as she watched her lover's belly glow.

Soon Sailor Uranus's cheeks swelled up and glowed with the energized burp. She opened her mouth and let it fly.
The powerful gassy energy of Sailor Uranus's belch sent her and Sailor Neptune soaring out of orbit and deeper
into space, filling it all with the gaseous air from her planet sized tummy.

*SLOSH* *GLORP* *BLOOSH* *SPLOSH* The heavy sloshing of Sailor Uranus and Neptune's bellies echoed as they
migrated through space. It wasn't long before the two bloated lovers found a nice planet that was actually
much smaller then Sailor Uranus's belly. It was so much smaller than Sailor Uranus's belly eclipsed the
entire planet. It casted a bloated shadow over it with all it's roundness.

"Look! A brand new planet for you to snack on!" Sailor Neptune said, seeing it from her upside down prospective.
"How do you know it's a new planet? It could be a old one for all we know." Sailor Uranus said. "Fine. I
just want to see how you ingest it." Salior Neptune said flirting with Sailor Uranus.

"Then you are in for a treat. I've been working on a new power for that too." Sailor Uranus said. "Oooh.
What's it called?" Sailor Neptune asked. "The 'Uranus Blackhole Ingestion' and it makes it's debut right
now!" Sailor Uranus's belly planet began to glow with more energy as she opened her mouth wide and like a
vacuum she began to inhale the planet.

The poor planet stood no chance as it drew closer and closer to Sailor Uranus. Her giant stomach was far
bigger then the globe as it made it's way to Sailor Uranus's mouth, which stretched wider and wider the
more the planet got close.

If there was life on the planet then the last sight they would see was the massive stomach in the sky,
which could easily be mistaken for a planet made of shiny stretched flesh and a popped out belly button.
Sailor Neptune watched with excitement as her partner defined the laws of physics and stuffed a entire
planet inside her mouth. Sailor Uranus's cheeks were stuffed to the point of near bursting as she held the
planet in her mouth.

"Laws of physics be damned!" Sailor Neptune laughed as she watched Sailor Uranus swish the planet from one
side of her cheek to the other before she finally got tired of playing with it and sent it to it's final
destination. *GUUUUULP* A impossibly big bulge traveled down Sailor Uranus's throat as she gulped a entire
planet down.

*BURRRBLE* *BLOOORRSH* Sailor Uranus's belly that was as round as a planet somehow got even rounder with a
second planet to stretch it out. Sailor Uranus had to catch her breath for a second after eating the small
planet. *BUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP* She then burped out some cosmic gas. That was all that was
left of the planet.

"Ahhhh!" Sailor Uranus smiled and rubbed what little of her huge belly that she could. *GURGLE* *SLOSH* *GLUB*
Sailor Uranus's belly gurgled with delight. "That planet was so *BOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP* Good."
Sailor Uranus sighed and burped up more cosmic gas.

"That was amazing watching you eat that planet." Sailor Neptune said. "Then brace yourself. I'm still
hungry for more. I want all the planets in my belly!" Sailor Uranus said with greed and hunger. She opened
her mouth wide again. "You want all the planets?" Sailor Neptune said in amazement. Using her Uranus
Blackhole Ingestion power, Sailor Uranus began to inhale anything and everything in space. She was crazed
with hunger for more planets.

Sailor Neptune hung onto Sailor Uranus for dear life so she didn't get eaten herself, as she felt her giant
moon bloated stomach get pulled towards her partners mouth as well. She did everything she could to fight
it. Soon a giant planet came flying towards them. Sailor Uranus's mouth stretched wide enough to fit the
massive planet into her gullet.

*GUUUULPP* It didn't matter how big the planet was, Sailor Uranus gulped it down and it joined the Earth and
the other random planet in her large belly which seemed to have no limits at all. After swallowing that
planet another one followed. It looked like the planet Saturn. It didn't matter to Sailor Uranus. It was a
planet and she wanted it in her belly.

*GUUUUUUUUUULP* One giant gulp and Saturn was nothing but a bulge in Sailor Uranus's ever growing belly.
The planet Mars and venus were being sucked towards Sailor Uranus next. She briefly thought of her lost
scouts, Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus before she gulped both planets down without any hesitation. *GUULP*

Two more planets and Sailor Uranus's belly got wider and rounder, taking up more space in the actual space
itself. More planets were devoured by the hungry Sailor Scout as she inhaled everything in space. The more
planets she devoured the bigger her belly grew. *SWELL* *BLOAT* *BLUB* No matter what was shoved into it,
Sailor Uranus's belly would swell to hold it.

Her own planet, Uranus, came flying at her. It was like it was begging to be devoured by it's princess.
Sailor Uranus was all but happy to swallow her own planet. *GUUULP* To her pleasure it was the best tasting
planet yet to go down her throat. And sure enough the planet Neptune followed. *GUUULP* Sailor Uranus happily
gulped down her lover's planet. It was just as tasty and filling. But still she hungered for more and continued
her galactic binge.

Planets, stars, solar systems were being ingested into Sailor Uranus as she had become the ultimate blackhole
and devoured everything. *GURRRRRRGLE* Sailor Uranus's belly let out a gurgle to alert her that it was
reaching critical mass. It was becoming larger and rounder then the universe itself. When everything in
space had be devoured there was noting else for Sailor Uranus to eat but the blackness of the Universe

Somehow Sailor Uranus ate pure light itself and the entire Universe had now been relocated inside her
universal size belly. With nothing left Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune found themselves in a blank area
with nothingness and Uranus's belly was taking up all the space.

from Sailor Uranus and gravity magically returned as both girls landed on their feet, standing on pure
nothingness. *KERPLOSH* Sailor Uranus's massive belly slammed down hard causing a big tremor. Having the
Universe stuffed inside would make any belly heavy.

Sailor Neptune's belly continued to give the laws of physics the middle finger and slightly hovered off the
ground in defiance of gravity. "I think I'm finally *BEELLCH* full now." Sailor Uranus said patting her
gorged gut, the parts of it she could reach anyway.

"You ate everything. All of space...all of time. Nothing is left." Sailor Neptune began to giggle. Her large
moon belly wobbled in place. *WOBBLE* *BOUNCE* "We are the last two people in existence!" Sailor Neptune said.
"Well I did *BUUUURRRRP* promise you a new romantic environment on our next date." Sailor Uranus said, still
trying to soothe her Universe stuffed stomach, which was impossble to do. *GLOOOOOORRRRRRRRG* It gurgled
and ached with cosmic gas.

"You know what we have to do now right?" Sailor Neptune asked her lover. "Rub and soothe our bellies?"
Sailor Uranus answered, feeling sick with the entire Universe sloshing around in her beyond bloated midsection.
"No. That comes later. Now we have belly sex." Sailor Neptune said. Sailor Uranus weakly laughed. "I don't
think it's possible. Look at your belly then look at mine. My belly alone takes up 3/4's our living space."
Sailor Uranus pointed out as her Universe sized belly was the biggest and roundest belly in all existence.

"Hey! Don't underestimate my stomach. In case you forgot I have a entire moon gurgling inside it."
Sailor Neptune said shaking and sloshing her large belly to show it off. *SLOSH* *JIGGLE* *BOUNCE* *SLUSH*
"It's fine *URRRRRP* but..." Sailor Uranus soon moaned as her giant monster of a belly gurgled. Cosmic
gas was burbling loudly inside, mixing with her stomach juices. Sailor Neptune heard this and quickly took
shelter behind her large stomach.

*GUUUURRRRRRGLE* *GRRRUUUUMBLE* The cosmic gases mixed with Sailor Uranus's regular stomach gases to create
a entirely new set of gas inside the poor bloated Sailor Scout. *CHURN* *SWELL* Slowly she felt the gas make
it's way up her throat. Sailor Uranus's cheeks puffed out trying to hold in her galactic burp for as long
as possible. *BULGE* *BALLOON* stretched to their limits they started to turn shiny and red. With nothing
left to hold in the gas, Sailor Uranus burped with the power of the Big Bang.

The Big Bang Burp exploded out of Sailor Uranus like sweet gaseous relief. It made her entire monsterous
stomach quake and erupt with noises. But not the usual stomach sloshing it normally made. When she was done
burping, Sailor Uranus sighed with relief and then she heard the noises from her stomach. The pains were
gone and the noises were not regular stomach noises.

Inside the giant belly of Sailor Uranus the entire Universe had rebooted itself and began life anew. Her
Big Bang Burp had reset the Universe. The Earth was fully restored to it's former self along with all
the people in it. Serena and the Sailor Scouts all awoke as if from a dream. The stars, the planets, the
entire solar systems was alive and well. Somehow it all existed in Sailor Uranus's stomach. The only change
to the people was the air kinda smelled like stomach juices from time to time.

Sailor Uranus felt all the life inside her massive belly. "Neptune! Hey Neptune!" Sailor Uranus grew excited
and called over Neptune. "Wha? What happened?" Sailor Neptune asked, still a little shaken up over that last
burp from Sailor Uranus. "The universe just reset itself. Inside my stomach. I can feel it surging my insides.
It feels good." Sailor Uranus smiled patting her giant belly.

*GLOOOORRRRP* It gurgled contently. "That's incredible. The entire Universe...all life exist inside your
tummy." Sailor Neptune said in amazement. "Well almost everything." Sailor Uranus extended her hand to
Sailor Neptune. "As much as I love seeing that moon in your own tummy, I'm going to be needing it to fully
complete the universe. Besides Serena will miss her moon kingdom." Sailor Uranus said.

Sailor Neptune gave her large belly one last shake as if saying goodbye to it. *WOBBLE* *SLOSH* *BOUNCE*
With that final loud slosh from her big belly, Sailor Neptune agreed for the good of the universe. She then
climbed over to Sailor Uranus. Her big belly pressing against Sailor Uranus's much bigger belly, and leaning
sideways the two kissed.

As the two lovers engaged in a passionate kiss, Sailor Neptune burped up the moon from out of her stomach.
*MMMMMMBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPH* Sailor Neptune's cheeks puffed out as the moon went from her mouth to
Sailor Uranus's mouth, which in turn puffed her cheeks out as Neptune's deflated to normal.

Sailor Uranus gulped the moon down her throat and it mixed back in with the rest of the Universe that now
existed in her belly. Sailor Neptune was fully back to her normal self. And with no giant moon sized belly to
get in her way she engaged Sailor Uranus more as the two were now the holders of the entire Universe.

The End.
Sailor Uranus Devours the Universe
I'm back again. With a new story suggested by WBLForever. A sequel to my 2011 story, Sailor Uranus's Planet Vore. I had a tough time deciding how I would do this. The Universe is a rather hard thing to devour. This type of vore isn't my specialty but I wanted to give it a try, no harm in that right? Anyway it features Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune again where they left off back in my 2011 story. If you want a refresher I'll try to leave a link to the first story below, but I'm still noobish on links so if it doesn't work you can easily find it in my gallery folder under the Sailor Moon stories. I'm planning on doing a few more stories during the summer. Hopefully they'll be good. And while I don't take straight up request at the moment you're free to leave suggestions on what you want to see. Enjoy this insane story.

I do not own these characters. Sailor Moon is owned by it's creators.…


United States
First day of September and it's been very busy for me. Sorry for yet another lack of stories in awhile. My job has been very busy and my boss has been cracking the whip at all of us. I haven't had the time to think of any stories. Darn shame. I wanted at least one for August. Anyway other then that things have been pretty slow for me. Not much is going on either. Hopefully I'll update soon with more exciting news.
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