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Yu-Gi-oh 5d's Vore: The world 'eating' tournament.

There was a big duel monster's tournament being held in Neo Domino City. Many duelist had
come with there best cards to compete in this new world tournament. Sneaking in were
Leo along with his bloated sister, Luna, and bloated Akiza, Carly, and Misty from the
back. "I can't wait to collect all those duelist cards." Leo snickered to himself. It
was hard to here himself think as the bellies of the 4 female's with him gurgled loudly.
*BLORP* *BURBLE* *GURGLE* *CHURN* *SPLOOSH* "Look at all the duelist here." Luna said as
they were backstage looking at all the duelist getting ready and the crowd waiting in the
big stadium's. "Look at all the glorious people in this tournament. So unaware of the
horror that is about to befall them." Misty said as her massive belly filled with people
gurgled loudly. *GUUUUURRRRGLE* *GROAN* "I can't wait! I'm already craving a new meal."
Carly said. "And with no police around...." Akiza said while looking down at her giant
sized belly looking ready to explode at any moment. "...This will be a rather easy feast."
She finished. "Let's make sure the stadium is locked down so nobody can get in or out. We
don't want our meal's running away now do we?" Misty said stroking her belly. Akiza now
chained up the back entrance in which they came from. "Leo you go and lock the other exit's
around the building." Akiza said. "Are you serious? But I want to collect the cards."
Leo said disappointed. "There not going anywhere now do as your told. We can't be seen like
this before we start eating." Akiza said. "Fine." Leo went off as the girl's waited in the
back away from other people, hiding in the shadow's of the stadium's best they could but
with 4 giant bellies it was hard to hide anywhere.

While waiting the girl's bellies all grumbled and they tried to quiet them down as to not
attract attention to themselves. "Can't you guy's control your stomachs?" Misty said,
wrapping her arms around her big stomach. "Yours is just as noisy as the rest of ours."
Akiza argued back. *BURRRRBBBBBBLE* Akiza's belly let out a loud gassy burble which made
her be quiet. They soon herd Leo returning. "The door's are all locked." He said. Right
at the same time they herd the annoucer's annoucing the start of the duel monsters
tournament from the stadium's. Everyone in the back made there way to the front of the
stadium. Leo and the girl's were now able to leave the safety of the shadow's. "Perfect
timing. This will be easy now. Everyone's in one spot, and the door's are all locked."
Misty said evilly and licking her lips. "And all those rare cards that will be there."
Leo said. "What are we waiting for? Let's eat!" Luna said. "How should we start?" Carly
asked as her big belly began to growl. *GRRRRRRRRRR* "We'll start with the duelist first.
We eat them before they go on stage, once we devour them all we go to the stadium and eat
the entire audience." Misty said. "I Like it. Million's of soul's lost in our bellies."
Akiza said rubbing her blorping belly. "I know this is wrong but it feel's so right."
Luna said. "It's our Signer and Dark Signer marks. They are somehow making us crave humans
to eat. We couldn't stop if we wanted to. I tried, it is pointless." Misty said. "I'm okay
with this." Akiza said. "I'm sure you are. Now let us make our way to the duelist waiting
room." Misty said.

In the duelist waiting room, many duelist are getting ready to go out and duel. "I just got
a brand new Machine Duplication spell card. It goes great with my machine deck." A boy
was bragging. "Machine deck's are so over used, everyone has a Machine deck. I'm using
a Insect deck." A Girl said. "Your all going to lose to my Elite Monarch deck." A tall
man said. "Like there aren't enough Monarch cards out there in the world, cheap." Another
duelist said. "My Monarch's aren't cheap!" The tall man said angry. There was a sound from
the back like something hard falling on the floor. "Who's there? What was that?" The
duelist all looked behind them and were ambushed by the materialized Black Rose Dragon
who captured the Duelist in it's red vines. "We're getting really good at this." Luna said
as she and the other's walked out from behind it. "A real is this possible?"
The tall man with the monarch deck asked. "Psychic Duelist." Akiza pointed to herself.
Everyone saw there giant bellies. "Oh no! It's them! The duelist that have been eating
everyone!" A boy cried. "Where are the police when you need them?" A girl cried. Right on
cue Akiza burped out a police officer's badge from her mouth. *BUUUUURRRRRP* It landed
in the center of the room for everyone to see. "Any more question's?" Carly asked. "...No
I guess that says it all." The girl said. "Now relax, we'll be gentle." Akiza said opening
her mouth wide. "Unfortunetly, we cannot say the same for our bellies." Carly said and the
eating frenzy began. Carly grabbed a boy from the Black Rose Dragon's vine's and began
swallowing him. *GULP* *GULP* Luna began to eat a girl her own size and was slurping her
up easily. Akiza and Misty were both eating three duelist each at a time, bulging out there
cheeks and getting saliva all over them within there bulging cheeks. *GULP* Luna ate her
duelist and her big belly expanded out even more and she moved to the tall man with the
Monarch deck.

"No! Now the world will never see my beautiful Monarch's." The man said. "Trust me, I'm
doing the world a favor." Luna pinned his tall legs down with her enourmous belly and ate
him head first. Leo was collecting the card's from him. "Yes! Monarch's!" Leo said. Luna
was still swallowing him as Leo got his cards. On the other side Carly had swallowed her
prey whole. *GULP* A big bulge traveled down her throat as her belly got bigger despite
already being huge. Akiza and Misty's bellies were impossibly round as they swallowed there
duelist prey creating  fat bulges going down there throats *GULP* *GUULCH* There throat's
returned to normal shape's but there bellies only became more swollen and sloshier.
also increasing in size and because of it's fatness her belly was bigger then Misty's.
Misty was trying to get her belly button as fat as Akiza's. And while her belly was bigger
then Luna and Carly's, it was because of Akiza's fat popped outie belly button that she
was considered to have the bigger belly. Misty's belly button had popped but was not
Akiza's size. Akiza sensed this and teased Misty by poking her own outie beach ball sized
belly button. *BOING* *BOING* *BOING* "Stop that!" Misty said. Both she and Akiza had
stopped eating and faced each other best they could with there giant bellies now touching
one another.

"What's the matter? Belly button not as fat as mine? Face it Misty, mine's bigger then your
entire head." Akiza boasted. *BURRBLE* *GROAN* *BLUB* *SPLOOORFLE* Her belly gurgled and
digested the three duelist who were now joining the remains of the police and school
student's Akiza had eaten earlier. *BLLUUUB* *BLOORF* *CHURN* *BUUBLE* Misty's own giant
belly gurgled to match Akiza's. "Just wait till I really get bloated! I'll make you look
like your haven't even eaten." Misty said. "I'll believe that when I see it." Akiza said.
"Then let us move to the stadium. Those two can finish eating the duelist in here. You and
me in a eating contest on the audience waiting for the duelist to come out." Misty said.
Akiza glanced back at Luna and Carly eating many more duelist and getting bigger bellies
while Leo collected the cards they dropped. "Keep it up! I've already collected about 120
cards already." Leo encouraged. Akiza turned to Misty. "Lets do it." Misty and Akiza left
as Carly swallowed another duelist. *BLORPLE* *GROAN* *DIGEST* *GLUNK* Luna's belly was
much louder and noiser then Carly's. Luna was resting against the wall letting her
squirming meal's digest as there outlined faces appeared in and out of her round shiny
got some much needed air out of her enourmous belly. As she got up she bumped into Leo as
he was counting his card's. "Watch it. You almost made me drop my cards!" Leo said. Carly
was against the other wall rubbing her bloated belly and feeling her popped belly button.
*BUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP* Like Luna, Carly burped very loud while her stomach
was digesting her meals but it wasn't as deep or quite as loud as Luna's despite the fact
that Luna was just a little girl.

Carly, Luna and Leo all herd Akiza and Misty's giant burps from the stadium followed by
screams of terror. "Akiza and Misty must have gone to the stadium." Carly said rubbing
her bloated belly some more. "Sounds like it." Luna said. *BLORP* *GROAN* *BUBBLE*
Luna's belly was really noisy afterwards. At the stadium the people were screaming as
Akiza and Misty were swallowing them by the masses. The door's were all locked so escape
was not possible. Misty had just swallowed three shrieking people down her throat.
*GUULP* Her belly ballooned out even further looking more bloated by the second, but to her
annoyance Akiza had just gulped down five people at once. *GUUULCH* *GUUULOMP* Akiza's
throat swelled as her prey was swallowed down into her but when it returned to normal
size her belly ballooned out to become twice as bloated. Akiza's belly was round and very
shiny with a shade of red to show how full it was. Outlines and bulges of people could be
seen popping in and out of Misty and Akiza's massive bellies as they ate more people.
Misty grabbed a man with glasses. "Please don't eat me, I have a wife and two children."
The man said pointing to his wife and kids all terrified. "Don't worry, I'm going to eat
you all so you'll still be with your family!" Misty said as she began to swallow them
all. *GULP* *GULP* *GULP* A few people ran to one of the exit's that were locked. "The
door's locked." A person screamed. They tried to find another door but Akiza with her
bloated round belly was blocking the way. Trapped between the locked door and Akiza's
blimp sized belly they were doomed. Akiza smiled evilly and pointed to her bloated belly
as the people looked terrified. "Relax! You are about to become one with my stomach! Don't
fight it, just embrace it!" Akiza said as she opened her mouth and began eating. The space
between the door and Akiza's belly was to narrow, there was no escape. The sound of Akiza's
loud throat fart gulping filled the air with the terrified screams and soon the screams
were replaced with Akiza's loud and gassy bloated belly noises.

finished eating the family of four and her belly was sticking out further then it ever
had. *GRROOOAN* *SPLOOOSH* *JIGGLE* *CREAK* *KPLOOSH* Misty looked over at Akiza rubbing
her big belly as it gurgled. "What's the matter Akiza? Got gas already?" Misty smirked.
Akiza snorted and faced Misty. "You say it like it's a bad thing. Gas is my friend. It's
pain motivates me and makes me stronger. Burping is a gift from all the souls I have
devoured and digested." Akiza said looking more and more like her old Black rose witch
crazy self as she spook. Her belly let out gassy grumbles along with her. "I shall show you
when I stink up the stadium, after all there should be a few people left hiding under the
bleachers." Akiza rubbed her swollen fat belly in circle's and it's gassy grumbles got
louder and louder until her cheeks bloated outwards like balloons that filled with to
much air to fast. *PUFF* *BULGE* Akiza didn't unleash her burp yet she waited until her
cheeks were bloated to the max with gas from the bowels of her belly. Misty watched as her
cheeks got as bloated and round as possible. Carly, Luna, and Leo arrived just in time as
While not very long it was beyond loud and the smell hit the entire stadium from entrance
to exit, and a few people hiding under the bleacher's fell out, knocked out by the noxious
big burp of Akiza. Misty, Carly, Luna, and Leo all covered there noses as Akiza gave Misty
a arrogant sneer. "I...I can burp as loud as that too!" Misty starting jumping up and down
with her big belly sloshing around madly. *SPLOOSH* *SPLOORF* *GLOOSH* *BLOOSH*
Misty's cheeks expanded and she got ready to burp as well. "We need to get some gas mask."
Akiza's burp was simply a hard act to follow. "Sorry Misty, but I have to go with Akiza."
Carly said. "Yes, her's was out of this world." Luna said. "It was amazing!" Leo said,
jumping up and down. Misty felt humilated and angry.

"Well Misty, my belly button still makes my belly bigger then yours..." Akiza said now
sticking out her popped belly button which had gotten so fat it looked like a regualar
sized pregnant belly attatched to a massive rounder belly, the other's belly button's
could not compare. "...And my burping abilities also exceed yours. Like your burp could
compare to the stink bomb I burped out." Akiza said. Her word's stung Misty. "I will
get even with you." Misty muttered. "Hey can we have those leftover people you guys don't
seem to be eating?" Carly asked. Akiza and Misty turned to the people who had been knocked
out by Akiza's burp. "Go ahead." Carly and Luna walked over to them and gulped them down.
later and Akiza, Misty, Carly, and Luna had eaten a entire stadium of people, there bellies
were swollen and red with big popped belly buttons. Leo had collected over 200 different
cards. "Yeah! Wait till I show Yusei all the cards I collected." Leo said excited. The
girls were all on there backs resting as the dome bellies sloshed and digested there big
meals. The Signer and Dark Signer marks were glowing on there bellies more brightly now.
"What is with those marks?" Leo asked looking at them. "I think we should ask Yusei, maybe
he'll know something."

To be continued.
Well back by popular demand is the next installment in my Yu-gi-oh 5D's vore storyline with the Signer's and Dark Singer girls eating a entire stadium filled with people and cards for Leo to collect. I hope everyone enjoys this one and the other parts to this are coming as well.

I do not own these characters. Yu-Gi-oh is owned by Kazuki Takeshi and Konami.
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shadowfiredragon91 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
nice story. can't wait til the next part. when does Yusei and Jack come in?
Mangavore Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2010
The next part is when they come in.
Holy-Angel-Mithos Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2010
Crow should appear too in addition to Bruno aswell bring all the important people center stage for this I just can't wait. ;3
(Bruno is counted as a main character for some reason despite him never really doing anything he is like a guy version of tea.XD)
Mangavore Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2010
I was going to add Crow of course wouldn't be 5D's without him, but I admit I wasn't going to add Bruno, I found him kinda boring in the series, even though I really liked Tea in the original series.
Holy-Angel-Mithos Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2010
He's Vizor/Dark Glass he is cool like that but as himself he is kind of a boring guy.

I can't wait for the next part. ;3
janus-006 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
Great work, nice follow-up to the previous parts. How can the girls even move any more? I hope Leo found some nice cards.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2010
It's a miracle they can still move alright. Leo has some really nice cards now. He'll be bragging about them for days. Glad you enjoyed it.
janus-006 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
No worries. I'll await the next part eagerly.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2010
Alright then.
janus-006 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
:) Well written, as usual.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2010
And a lot more to come.
janus-006 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
I'm practically licking my lips in anticipation (as opposed to the ladies in this tale, who are licking their lips in stuffed satisfaction).
Mangavore Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2010
That they are.
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RoxasLoverForEver Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2010  Student Artist
Mangavore Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2010
Thank you, and don't worry more will be explained in the next chapter.
RoxasLoverForEver Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2010  Student Artist
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :la:
dawnandmayforever Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2010
Nice story with the Signer's and Dark signer's voring a entire stadium. Nice job on the burping as well. Misty, Carly, Luna, and especially Akiza sure can burp.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2010
Thanks. And yes the sure can. More will be coming from this story.
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