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Yu-gi-oh 5d's Vore: The Signer and Dark Signer final marks of Vore.

It was a regular day after the events of the world tournament, where Akiza, Luna, Carly,
and Misty had eaten everyone there. The city had now been devoured by these four
females all following there Signer and Dark Signer marks. It was now time to find out why
they were doing this. Akiza met up with Leo and Luna right outside Yusei's apartment.
Akiza and Luna had digested there giant meals and there small stomach's were growling with
hunger, begging to be big and round again. "You sure Yusei will be able to help?" Akiza
asked. "Yusei will know what's going on! He know's everything!" Leo said. "Hey! Wait for
me!" Carly came running toward's them. She had also digested her victims. "Where's Misty?"
Leo asked. "I haven't seen her. Probably still hiding her shame after losing to Akiza."
Carly said. "What a baby." Akiza said. They herd a yell from Yusei's apartment. "CROW! DID
YOU EAT THE LAST of MY RED DEMON'S NOODLES?!" It was the sound of Jack Atlus yelling so
loud it carried through the walls. "NO I DIDN'T. YOU ALWAYS POINT YOUR FINGER AT ME WHEN
Leo and the girls decided to enter the apartment and found Crow and Jack arguing with
Yusei ignoring them both and Bruno trying to be peace keeper. "You were the last one near
the fridge where they were kept yesterday and now there all gone!" Jack said. "I was just
putting some stuff away. Not taking anything out!" Crow argued. Akiza coughed to signal
that they were in the room. Jack, Crow, and Bruno all turned to them. "When did you guys
get here?" Crow said. "Nevermind them. I have a noodle mystery to solve." Jack said. The
talk of noodle's made Akiza, Luna, and Carly all very hungry as there stomach's growled to
be fed.

"Can we not talk about food, right now?" Luna asked as her stomach let out a rather loud
rumble. "I agree we have bigger problems. Like the fact that the whole city's gone up and
disappeared." Crow said. "I know. What evil force is behind this madness?" Bruno said.
*GRRRRRRRRR.* Akiza's stomach growled after he said that. "Very funny." Akiza whispered to
her empty growling stomach. "Maybe now we can finally find out." Yusei spoke and turned to
Akiza, Luna, and Carly. "Akiza, is it true you were with Luna and Leo during some of the
disappearance, like the one in the city and in your Duel Academy?" Yusei asked. Akiza
looked surprised. "How did you know we were there?" Leo asked. "It was my Signer mark. It
showed me what was going on with Akiza and Luna. It also showed me how Carly and Misty
joined you. So it's both Signer and Dark Signer mark's. But for some reason it wouldn't
let me try and stop you and only the girls are effected by this." Yusei said. "Wow! Yusei
knew all along. I knew he would know what to do." Leo said. "I know what's going on,
but I don't know what to do about it." Yusei said as Akiza, Luna, and Carly's stomach's
rumbled on louder then before, making everyone feel uneasy. "How come I haven't seen what's
been going on like Yusei has?" Jack asked. "Yeah what gives?" Crow asked. "Maybe you two
are to busy arguing about who ate what ramen noodles to even bother looking at your signer
marks." Bruno said. "Well it has been awhile since I looked at mine." Crow said. "So we
still don't know why we're devouring other people left and right?" Carly asked.

"Not that I have a problem with it, but I would like to know why." Akiza said. "You don't
have a problem with it?" Crow gasped. "Nah. I find it very relaxing, and enjoyable. Much
like my days as the Black Rose." Akiza said. "I'm not sure why only the girls are the
one's devouring thousands of people. Nor do I understand why I can't try and stop them.
Everytime I've tried to go to where your all eating my body freeze's up and I can feel my
mark stop me." Yusei said. Leo shrugged. "Maybe the girl's are going through Signer
puberty or something." Leo said. "There's no such thing!" Jack said. The girls now felt
overcome by hunger. "Must eat something." Akiza said as her stomach growled painfully.
Without warning, Akiza turned to Bruno and was drooling. "Bruno look out!" Yusei yelled.
It was to late. Akiza grabbed Bruno and opened her mouth wide open like a snake about to
swallow something bigger then itself. *GLOMP* *GULP* Akiza engulfed Bruno's head and her
mouth and cheeks bulged with him. Yusei tried to move and save him but he found himself
paralyzed. "Crap! I can't move again. My mark's stopping me." Yusei said. "Our's too!"
Jack and Crow also froze were they stood as they all watched Akiza swallow Bruno fast.
*GULP* *GULP* "No fair. I wanted to eat Bruno! He always looked so tasty." Luna said.
"Say what?" Leo looked at his twin sister surprised. *GUUULLLP* Akiza's throat was huge and
bulging with Bruno's outline being shoved down it. "Whoa! Like a snake!" Crow said. "It is
kind of impressive if not so horrible." Jack said. Carly herd Jack and eagerly wanted to
eat for him. *GUUUUUULLLCCH* Akiza swallowed Bruno whole and her belly expanded out like
it always had when she binged on human's. Bruno's shape formed a bit in the round belly
of Akiza before sinking in it as her belly had become bulbous and bulging. Akiza licked
her lips satisfied with her Bruno meal. "Akiza! You just ate Bruno!" Crow said. Akiza was
rubbing her big belly as it bounced and sloshed around. *SPLOSH* *BLORSH* *GLUNK* *CHURN*
"Bruno, are you Okay?" Leo called to Akiza's enormous belly. "Of course he's not okay! He
just go ingested." Jack said.

"Hello?" Bruno's muffled voice answered from inside Akiza's big belly. "Bruno?" Everyone
leaned in close to Akiza's belly as it still sloshed around. *GLOOSH* *GLUNK* *BLORPLE*
The belly noises made it hard to hear Bruno. "Bruno, sorry I ate you. I was so hungry and
you looked so appetising." Akiza said. "Well there goes our machanic." Jack said.
*GRRRRUUUUUMBLE* Akiza's belly grumbled before she burped out loud making everyone hold
Luna and Carly were now feeling hungry to. "I'm starting to get that urge to eat something
big." Luna turned to the fridge and walked over to it. "Hey! Luna what are you doing?"
Crow asked. Luna opened the fridge then opened her mouth wide open and stuffed everything
in the fridge into her mouth. "L..Luna! Your going to make yourself sick!" Leo said.
Luna ignored Leo as she chomped down on frozen food and gulping down all sorts of beverages
in the fridge. *CHOMP* *GULP* *MUNCH* *CHOMP* *CRUNCH* *GULP* Luna's belly began to
swell and bulge pushing her pants and belt. "Hey! Maybe she's the culprit who ate my Red
Demon's Noodles." Jack said. "Jack, Luna hasn't been over to our apartment all week."
Crow said. *BULGE* *STRETCH* Luna's belly was starting to really push against her pants
wanting freedom. Luna finished the entire contents of the fridge with a great belch.
me to eat. I'm starving." Carly said. "You too Carly?" Jack asked. "Does anyone know how I
am going to get out of here?" Bruno asked from within Akiza's belly prison as it gurgled
away. *GUUURRRGLE* *GRUMBLE* *GLORPLE* Nobody herd him as Akiza's big belly was to loud
with sloshing and drowned him out.

"You guys stop this! Your letting your Signer marks control you into going on these feeding
frenzines." Yusei said. "Right, listen to Yusei." Bruno said within Akiza's gut. "Bruno
you still talking?" Akiza asked her giant sloshing belly. Bruno tried to answer but Akiza's
belly answered for him. *BLLLLLLLLOOOOOORRRRP*  Akiza, Luna, and Carly turned to Yusei,
Jack, and Crow. "Hey now...I don't like the way your looking at us!" Crow said. "Crow, you
look yummy." Luna said. "No way! I'm not ending up as someone's dinner." Jack said. Soon
Carly pounced on him like a hungry lion. "Nooo!" "I'm sorry Jack, but I crave you!" Carly
said taking off her glasses to look Jack in the face as she was about to eat him. Akiza
pinned Yusei down with her big belly. "Akiza you can't be serious." Yusei said. "Yusei,
shut up and get eaten!" Akiza opened her mouth wide for a second time wanting to swallow
Yusei. Luna was cornering Crow. "Luna I don't want to hurt you. Back off! You can't eat
me." Crow said. Luna showing no fear lunged at Crow mouth wide open as Crow wrestled her
back. Leo watched all the chaos unfold. "Hey...If they eat Yusei, Jack, and Crow, there
cards are up for the taking. I can finally have Yusei and Jack's decks! Go Akiza! Go Luna!
Go Carly! Gulp them down!" Leo yelled. *GULLRP* Carly was swallowing down Jack. "Carly!
This is no way to treat a world class Duelist like myself!" Jack yelled from within Carly's
wide mouth. *GULP* *GULP* Luna had started eating Crow from his feet up. "Aaaaah! Luna
stop it." Crow yelled flailing around in Luna's wide mouth as drool covered his legs the
more she swallowed him. Akiza was gulping Yusei down really fast. "Akiza cut it out!"
Yusei yelled. His voiced muffled by Akiza's bulging cheeks as she swallowed more of him
down. *GULP* *SWALLOW* *GULP* Luna was up to Crow's midsection. "Luna, stop!" Crow tried to
use his hands to pull Luna off but she soon grabbed them and shoved them into her big mouth
and slurped them up. All three of there bellies swelling  up and getting bigger and bigger
as they kept eating. Yusei was in Akiza's throat when he felt it rumble around him and he
saw a green cloud shoot up from below right in his face. Akiza's cheeks and her throat
swelled up and bulged out even more as Akiza had just burped with Yusei half way through
muffled but still deep and gassy. Akiza's surprise burp caught even her by surprise as her
cheeks expanded then deflated. Yusei was weakend by this and thus Akiza's meal became
easier to swallow.

*GUUULLP* Akiza swallowed Yusei fully down and he landed next to Bruno in Akiza's big belly
with a loud *PLOOSH* "Ahh! Yusei you tasted lovely." Akiza said rubbing her even more
bigger belly. *BURBLE* *BLUB* *GLUNK* *CHURN* As Akiza is rubbing her shiny round belly
Akiza burped loudly again with Yusei and Bruno squirming in her dome belly. There outlines
appearing on the surface of her big stomach. Luna had just sholved Crow's head down her
throat and right after a big gulp from her she let out a big burp of her own to show her
it was bobbing for awhile before it's big weight finally fell on the floor, dragging little
Luna down with it. Luna rested on her belly like it was a sloshy water bed. *SPLOSH*
*GLUNK* *GLUB* *JIGGLE* Carly swallowed Jack and her belly now was enormous and big with
her love interest. "Jack you were so good." Carly smiled as her big stomach squirmed.
"Curses! This is not anyway for Jack Atlas to be handled! Carly I demand you release me!"
Jack yelled. *BUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP* After Carly burped she looked at her belly.
It wasn't as shiny as Luna or Akiza's but it was just as big as Luna's, Akiza's being
bigger having two people in it. "Jack I can't let you out. I don't know how to." Carly
explained. *SPLOORF* Carly's belly was not about to lose it's prize either. Leo was now
collecting Yusei, Crow, and Jack's deck's. "Yusei's Stardust Dragon! I can't believe I
have it. And Jack's deck too!" Leo said. The Signer Marks on Akiza and Luna and the Dark
Signer Mark on Carly all became inactive now that they had eaten other Signers. "Hey the
hunger feeling is gone." Luna said looking at her bulbously bloated belly, and struggling
to stand up with it. "Luna, let me out of here!" Crow banged on Luna's belly walls. "Ugh."
Luna covered her mouth feeling ill as her cheeks swelled out and ballooned up with gas from
Crow's struggle's. Luna's cheeks got extremely round by the time her burp rumbled out.
one Luna!" Leo laughed amused at how big Luna's cheeks had gotten from her belch. *POP*
Luna's belly button soon popped out from Crow's struggles. "Argh! I can't believe I got
eaten and like this!" Crow said surrounded by Luna's gastric juices. "Sorry Crow. I was
just really hungry." Luna said patting her giant belly.

"But at least the hunger pains stopped. I don't feel like I want to devour anyone else."
Akiza said. "Hmm, could it be that eating other Signer's somehow canceled out whatever it
was that made the girl's Signer marks go crazy like they did?" Yusei said from within
again being full with Yusei and Bruno. "So that's it? This is how it end's?" Jack asked
from inside Carly's belly. *GURGLE* *GROAN* *SPLORF* Though the hunger problem seemd to
have been solved Akiza, Luna, and Carly found themselves bloated and very gassy as the
Signer marks seem to make Yusei, Jack, and Crow undigestable. *BEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLCH*
after Akiza feeling the gassy effect. One hour later Akiza, Luna, and Carly were sun
bathing with there bloated shiny bellies getting even more shiny in the sun, making there
bellies become hot. The Signer marks were gone off there bellies but they remained huge.
"Jack! I bought you some Red Demon's Noodles." Carly said to her giant Jack filled belly.
"Did you? Well hurry up and swallow them down! I'd like to have some before you digest me.
Swallow the whole box down. I refuse to eat something someone else already chewed!" Jack
demanded. "Oh right." Carly swallowing the box down to Jack in her stomach. "Hey! This is
the regular brand! I only eat the diet kind now!" Jack yelled from within Carly's belly.
"Jack I'm so sorry." Carly apologized to her stomach. Leo was showing a bloated Akiza and
Luna all the card's he had collected from there victims. "Look! Stardust Dragon! And here's
Blackwing Armor Master! Nitro Warrior!" Leo went on. "Leo! Did you steal my deck when
Akiza ate me?" Yusei yelled from inside Akiza's big belly. "Sound's like he did." Bruno
said. "That little sneak got my cards too!" Crow yelled inside Luna's belly. As Yusei and
Crow complained they created more gas for Akiza and Luna as there cheeks bulged out with
"Yusei, stop moving around so much! I can't relax with all that movement." Akiza said.
"Yeah settle down already." Luna said rubbing her swollen belly which was bigger then
herself. "We still don't know what caused all this to begin with." Crow said. "I already
figured it out. Signer puberty!" Leo said. "There's no such there?" Crow said.
"I don't know what to believe anymore." Yusei said. "Hey Luna it's getting hot in here. Can
you at least swallow me down some sunscreen?" Crow asked. Seconds later Crow herd a loud
*GULP* from above and a sunscreen bottle hit his head. "Thanks." "So Akiza, you guys
planning on letting us out soon?" Yusei asked. Akiza burped loudly again and looked at
her sloshing shiny belly. "What do you think?" She asked. "Yeah I thought so." Yusei sighed.

The End.
Greetings all. This is the final part to my Yu-gi-oh 5d's vore story. What really went on with those crazy Signer marks making the girls go into a crazy eating frenzy? We may never know. Perhaps Leo is right and it was after all Signer puberty for the girls. So here's the final part for the Signer vore series. I didn't use Misty or Sherry because I have other plans for them. Sherry is going to be part of one of my new idea's of Yu-gi-oh's universal blonde vore story. So everyone enjoy.

I do not own these character's. Yu-gi-oh is property of Konami and Kazuki Takeshi.
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PTDLSD Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2016
This can easily be a foursome for leo
lucinarodriguez96 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
yusei shoul've not been eaten it should be leo in there with bruno.
lucinarodriguez96 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I HATE THIS STORY!! AND dont litsen to alexiz3478!!
Im a yusei fan and this story IS JUST WRONG!!!
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Mangavore Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013
Sorry, as for Yusei vore, I don't do male vore so if your looking for that here you won't find any. Sorry.
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Mangavore Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013
Again, I'm sorry.
alexis3478 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012   Traditional Artist
thanks for making the story better. can you make more stuff about yusei?
Mangavore Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012
I am unsure at the moment.
dbzman1 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012
The idea of them eating the other Signers was original, but are they seriously going to be digested? That would suck.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012
Probably not.
dbzman1 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012
Oh. Sorry for being so frank, but I really enjoy your work so keep it up.
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Honestly the whole time i was reading this i expected Leo to get eaten as well.... but none the less, great story. 5/5
Mangavore Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012
Leo lives to duel another day.
MegaRobloxRules Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012
no epilouge?
JonathantheCobra Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2011
I liked everything except Jack getting eaten. He should be with Leo on the outside. So I give it a 3/5 stars, only because Jack got eaten!
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2011
Sorry about Jack getting eaten. He'll be back in another story so don't worry. Other then that glad your liked everything else. Again sorry about Jack.
JonathantheCobra Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2011
Oh, Thank you! P.S. you are very descriptive so keep up the good work!
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2011
Thanks. Being descriptive is one of my favorite things about stories.
JonathantheCobra Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2011
Well your very goood at it.
DuskWrencher Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2010
You should add pictures + send me the links.
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well, that was interesting. liked the story
Mangavore Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2010
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A comical way to end the series :)
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Good conclusion to the series.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2010
Thank you. It was the conclusion.
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Its a good ending not what I was expecting but still very good. :3
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Mangavore Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2010
Yes I did, and I still plan to use them.
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