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Yu-gi-oh 5d's Vore: The Signer and Dark Signer's mark of hunger.

Leo had just thought he had dreamed up the whole idea of Akiza and his twin sister, Luna
eating half the city of Neo Domino city. "It was all just a crazy dream. It had to have
been." Leo said as he awoke the next morning. "OH no, I'm late for school. Luna why didn't
you wake me up?" Leo asked. He looked around his room, Luna wasn't there. He got dressed
and ran around the house. "Luna, we're going to be late for classes...Luna? Where are you?
Don't tell me she went to school without me already." Leo got his stuff and ran out of his
home to try and catch up with Luna. "I can't believe Luna went to school without me! We
always do stuff together. Maybe it has something to do with what happened with Akiza."
Leo stopped in the streets and looked thoughtful. "What was it that happened to Akiza and
Luna?" Leo said to himself. "What indeed?" Leo turned around and saw the news reporter
Carly hiding behind a trash can with a journal. "Hey, what are you doing here?" Leo asked.
"Simple, I've been assigned to find out how so many people disappeared the other day. Some
eyewitnesses said they saw them being eaten, but when I herd that I knew it was fake I
mean come on." Carly said. Leo laughed nervously. "Yeah, the thing's people come up with
just to look famous or something." Leo chuckled. Carly paused to scratch her stomach and
soon it growled loudly. *GRRRRR* "Sorry, I skipped breakfest to get on the street's early
and investigate. So have you seen anything unusually lately?" Carly asked. Leo quickly
shook his head. "Nope, nothing. Well I have to go. I have school you know, see ya." Leo
quickly ran away from Carly and she looked very suspicious of him. "Hmm, I should follow
him, but first I should grab something to eat." Carly said as her stomach growled again
and felt very weird like something was burning in it.

Leo made it to the school. "I need to find Luna and Akiza and talk to them about them
eating the city! If Carly find's them out they could go to jail." Leo said as he entered
the Neo Domino city Duel Academy and the building was empty. "Hello? I know I'm kinda
late getting here but I have a really good excuse. A news reporter held me up." Leo said,
deciding to use Carly as a scapegoat. Nobody answered and nobody was around. "Okay, I'll
just squeeze myself in class and..." Leo opened the door to his classroom and saw a scary
scene. Akiza and Luna were in the room with giant bellies, much bigger and rounder then
when they had eaten the city. Luna was rubbing her bloated belly and it was hard for her
to stand up, Akiza's gargantuan stomach was enourmously round and bloated, her uniform
along with Luna's had ripped in the middle and ton's of duel monster's cards were on the
floor. Akiza was just finishing swallowing a teacher whole and Leo had just arrived in
time to see the fat bulge travel down Akiza's throat and make Akiza's round belly even
rounder. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Leo screamed in surprise and somewhat frustration which made
Akiza and Luna turn there head's toward's him as Leo jumped up and down where he stood
annoyed. "You two have to stop this!" Leo said. "Stop what?" Akiza said with a devious
smile as her bloated belly sloshed and gurgled with student's and teacher's inside it.
*BLORP* *GLORP* *BLOAT* *SPLOSH* *SPLORF* *GLUNK* *CHURN* "This! Eating other people! You
guys could get into trouble with the law!" Leo said. Luna was about to speak but her
noisy big belly sloshed loudly and drowned out her words so she waited for it to quiet
down first. *SLOSH* *GLUNK* *BUBBLE* *GROAN* "As I was saying before I was rudely
interrupted." Luna said looking at her dome belly. "There's nothing to worry about. And
we can't stop. Our Signer marks won't let us." Luna said pointing to her signer mark
now located below her popped outie belly button. "Beside's I enjoy swallowing people. It's
very enjoyable." Akiza said rubbing her ballooned belly as it stuck out nearly five feet
in front of her with it's bloated roundess.

"But what about the law? The police are looking for the one's responsible for eating the
city." Leo said. "This is what I think of the Police." Akiza shook her big belly and all
the student's she had eaten bounced around inside the bloated prison, sloshing loudly.
*SPLOSH* *GLORP* *BLUB* *BLORP* *CHURN* *GRUMBLE* all the sloshing forced a gas bubble
up Akiza's throat and she burped it out so loud it broke the sound barrier and shook the
Leo covered his ear's as Akiza's burp was so loud and deep in volume, Luna just laughed
at it. Even after Akiza's gassy burp ended it seemed to echo in the empty school and that
made it seem like it was endless. "You know Leo does bring up a good point. The police
might cause trouble for us. Perhaps we should pay them a visit." Luna said once the echo
of Akiza's burp grew fainter but was still ringing in everyone's ears. Akiza and Luna
looked at each other and formed evil smile's. "I could use some dessert." Akiza said, even
though her belly was so big it looked ready to explode. She put her Black Rose Dragon
card into her duel disk and the card was made real by her psychic powers. "Let's go."
Akiza and Luna got on with there bloated bellies and dragged Leo with them. "Hey I don't
want to be a part of this!" Leo complained. "To bad! Where I go, you go!" Luna said as
she and Akiza squish Leo in between there bloated bellies. Akiza and Luna's belly button's
were so big after becoming outies that both were the size of Leo's head, which freaked him
out. The Black Rose Dragon now took off for Neo Domino city's security police force.

Elsewhere Carly was was putting her investigation on hold as her stomach was really burning
with hunger. "Normally I'd ignore my stomach for my story but this is crazy. I feel so
hungry. And why is my stomach burning like it's on fire?" Carly said to herself. She lifted
her shirt up to see a purple mark glowing on her stomach. It was her dark signer mark, she
thought it was gone but here it was again. It had moved from her arm and onto her stomach
and was demanding to be fed. "I need to eat but where can I find food big enough to fill
this hunger?" Carly looked up in the sky and saw the Black Rose Dragon flying off to the
Neo Domino city police headquarters. Carly's dark signer mark told her to follow them.
Carly ran after the Dragon on foot which was very difficult as her stomach was growling at
her demanding to fed food's of massive portions, human massive portions. The urge was to
great for her to second guess it or question it. All Carly wanted now was to get her belly
fat and full of people, nothing else mattered to her. She soon lost sight of the dragon
but she had a good idea where it was going, the Police headquarters. So that's where Carly
ran to and as soon as she got there she herd a big explosion. The Black Rose Dragon was
doing the same thing to the police force it did to Neo Domino City's citizens. It was
grabbing Police men and feeding them to Akiza and Luna. Leo watched from a distance and
he looked as if he had given up on trying to stop them. "There the one's who attacked the
city before stop them!" A Police man said. Two Officer's were grabbed by the Black Rose
Dragon and Akiza grabbed one and began to swallow them. *GULP* *GULP* Luna was doing the
same on the other side. The two girl's bellies bloated out even further. Carly looked at
all the action taking place and approached Leo.

"So is this what happened before? Akiza and your sister are the one's who ate the city and
there really eating them?" Carly asked. Leo looked at Carly and reluctantly nodded. Carly
took off her glasses and handed them to Leo. "Hold these for me." She said. "Wait, where
are you going?" Leo asked. Carly didn't answer as she ran toward's a police officer who
was sneaking up on Akiza as she was finishing eating a female officer. Carly grabbed the
officer and opened her mouth and followed her instinct's the dark signer mark was giving
her and shoved the officer head first into her mouth. Akiza turned around after gulping
down the female officer and saw Carly swallow the male officer behind her. *GUULP*
Carly's belly expanded with the officer, making her shirt ride up and exposing her big
and now balloon like belly. Akiza and Carly looked at each other for awhile the only thing
to break there silence were the loud sloshes of there bellies. *BURBLE* *BLOAT*
*SPLOSH* *SPLORF* *PLOSH* *GLORP* Akiza's belly was much bigger then Carly's due to her
early binge at her school and was now starting to reach six feet. The dark signer mark
was glowing on Carly's big belly. "You take the officer's on the left, me and Luna have the
one's on the other side." Akiza said. Carly nodded and the two girl's ran off the devour
more police officer's. "You have got to be kidding me." Leo said but then he saw something
fall from the officer's as Akiza, Carly, and Luna contiuned to swallow them. "Hey those
are Duel Monster's cards!!" Leo quickly followed them collecting the card's being dropped.
"Yes! Black Luster Soldier, they don't even make this guy anymore! Keep eating those
Officer's!" Leo said now collecting the card's from the Officer's dropped duel disk.

*GULP* *SCARF* *SWALLOW* Akiza, Carly, and Luna were eating officer's in rapid succesion.
Carly's belly had caught up with Luna's and the two were as big and bloated as each other
but Akiza's was still wider, rounder, and much more bloated then there's. Luna slurped up
a Officer feet first as her belly expanded bigger with it's weight. *GROAN* *BLOOOSH*
Carly swallowed another male officer and Leo collected the cards he dropped. Carly's belly
now surpassed Luna's and was four in a half feet. *POP* Carly now felt her belly button
pop to a outie. *GLOSH* *BLORP* *BUBBLE* *CHURN* Carly's belly was gurgling and she rubbed
it until she felt the urge to burp. Carly opened her mouth wide and let the gas be burped
out. *BUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP* Carly's burp was loud but just then Luna
had grown even bigger and Luna could barely hold it's massive weight. Only two Officer's
were left. "If only Officer Trudge was here." One of them said. "Even if he was, it would
not have changed the outcome of this!" Akiza said as she grabbed the officer. Carly grabbed
the other one and both girl's swallowed the two officer's whole. *GULP* *GULP*
Identical big bulges ran down Akiza and Carly's throat's and there bellies swelled up
even more, Leo could actually hear there bellies stretching as they expanded. As Leo had
collected all the card's he saw Akiza's outie Belly button was now officially bigger then
his head. Akiza, Luna, and Carly now rested with ther back's against a wall, kicking there
feet back, and letting there round bellies stick out like overbloated water balloon's
was impossible to tell who's belly was sloshing louder then the others. "That was so
good." Carly said rubbing her fat stomach. Her's stuck out about five feet now, while
Luna's was about four feet in a half. Akiza's gargantuan belly stuck out seven feet and
if you counted her fat knob belly button, seven in a half feet.

"I hope we can do this forever." Luna said giving her big belly a pat. *BLOP* *SPLORF*
"I'm sure we can. As long as there are people to devour." Akiza said. Carly was still
rubbing her big stomach. "And with nobody around to stop us our stomach's will be fed like
this always." Carly said. Akiza and Luna nodded while Leo was now checking all his new
cards he got from the eaten officer's. Carly burped again louder this time.
as the people inside squirmed. Luna now burped once more and was again louder then Carly's.
in sound and volume for such a little girl. Akiza chuckled. "Let me put you both in your
places." Akiza covered her mouth with her hand's and Carly and Luna watch in amazement as
Akiza's cheeks balloon up with heavy gas, getting so round and fat that they became very
Akiza's big gassy burp might have been a closed mouth burp but it was still louder then
Carly and Luna's and still broke the sound barrier and echoed long after it ended.
Carly and Luna saw there reflection's in Akiza's balloon round cheeks as her gas bomb burp
blew them up rounder and rounder, fatter and fatter, the burp itself was deafening and even
after it ended and her cheeks deflated to regular size the echo still lived on. Luna found
Akiza's giant burps funny, while Carly applauded her. With the burps over the only noises
now were that of the belly sloshes.

Akiza, Carly, and Luna's bellies were starting to wobble and bounce as there meals sloshed
in there giant dome bellies. Leo was finished looking at all his cards and turned to the
girls. "Um, hey there's a big Duel Monster's tournament being held in the city, we should
you know, go to it." Leo said. The girl's all looked at him. "Leo you just want to get
more cards!" Luna said. "That's not true...Okay it is true, but what difference does it
make?" Leo said. "He's right about that, food is food. I won't stop till the entire city is
digesting in my stomach." Akiza said patting her bulbous belly. It gurgled with her touch
like a pet looking for affenction. *BURBLE* *BLUB* *BLOAT* BLORF* The girl's got up with
there bellies sloshing from side to side. *SPLORF* *GURGLE* *GLUNK* *SPLOSH*
"Alright to the tournament!" Leo yelled excited. As the girl's are going to exit a noisy
Everyone turned around and saw Misty Lola the fashion model and former dark signer standing
behind them with a belly so big and round it rivaled Akiza's. "I herd your on your way to
the tournament to swallow some more helpless victim's. Got room for one more signer eater?"
Misty said with her bulbous belly sticking out as round as possible, outline's of various
people poking in and out from her shiny bloated gut and the dark signer mark was right
below her belly button as well.

To be continued.
Back by popular demand the sequel to My Yu-gi-oh 5d's vore that had involved Akiza and Luna voring the city, now there back along with the former Dark Signer and news reporter Carly and soon to be joining them Misty Lola. I apologize for not getting this out sooner, My history class is taking up to much of my time and I don't like it either. Anyway, everyone enjoy more stories are coming.

I do not own these character's of Yugioh they are owned by Kazuki Takahashi.
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dbzman1 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2012
kinda messed up how Leo takes the cards. to each his own i guess
janus-006 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
Hopefully there will be more to this. I really like Leo's opportunistic nature through this part. Hey, if my sister had turned into a vore machine and kept eating duelists, I'd take their cards and make some awesome decks. I'd get her started on people with those annoying LIGHT decks, I have a vendetta against all those cheap-ass Fairy monsters (i.e. Archlord Kristya and Honest).
Mangavore Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2010
Yeah that's Leo. Taking the chance to collect cards while his sister and friends devour and swallow other duelist. There will be more to this story to come.
janus-006 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
It's very well written, I have to admit. There's a potentially sinister element to the whole thing that underscores it nicely, and there's a bit of comic relief too.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2010
Thank you, and yeah I love adding comic relief to my stories.
janus-006 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
Adds that little bit extra.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2010
It certainly does.
janus-006 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
Well, I certainly look forward to more. Keep up the good work.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2010
Thanks, more is coming. It's the fans that keep me going.
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shabbacabba Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2010
The police must be EXTREMELY stupid to try and stop two girls that ALREADY ate a city. The thought of dozens of officers rushing to their deaths makes me go TEE-HEE!
Mangavore Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2010
They had no idea what they were getting themselves into.
dawnandmayforever Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2010
A new Yugioh vore story. Really great. I loved the burping as usual.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2010
Thanks. Glad you liked it.
Holy-Angel-Mithos Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2010
Grand,grand,grand I loved it you focused on each girl the perfect amount,well done after Misty who is next Sherry?
Mangavore Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2010
Thank's and yeah Sherry may very well be next to join this vore group lol. Thanks for reading.
Holy-Angel-Mithos Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2010
No problem I love this your the first to write a story vore for Yugioh and I like it. :3
Mangavore Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2010
Yeah, I usually go for stories that usually don't have vore stories like Yugioh.
Holy-Angel-Mithos Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2010
Inddeed I noticed though you do a bit of Pokemon and that seems to get a ton of vore art and bleach has a few vore stories,anyhow I really don't like vore I only like it as an extension to weight gain. ;3
Mangavore Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2010
Some of those are request I did for my fans, and I've always enjoyed Pokemon Vore :) I haven't done very many pure weight gain stories without vore, I think I've only done like two.
Holy-Angel-Mithos Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2010
I know I'm just saying Vore is just another version of weight gain to me. :3

P.S do please keep going with the story . ;3
Mangavore Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2010
I will. There's plenty more to come.
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Turtwigturtle Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2010
Mangavore Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2010
That's right. Hope you enjoyed.
Turtwigturtle Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2010
Yes I did
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