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Yu-gi-oh Gx Vore: Alexis Rhodes Obelisk Demotion Binge!

Dr. Crowler had called the beautiful Alexis Rhodes and her equally beautiful friends, Mindy
and Jasmine to his office. "Nice of you all to join me this evening in my office." Dr.
Crowler said reviewing a paper. "This isn't going to take long is it? Cause like, I have
a nail appointment at the Girls Blue dorm and I won't miss it." Mindy said. "Oh trust me
this is very important. Very important indeed. I've been reviewing your grade marks ladies,
it doesn't look good." Dr. Crowler said. Alexis, Jasmine, and Mindy look worried. "What?"
"Jasmine! You failed the fusion card exam twice!" Dr. Crowler said. "I suck at fusions! And
it's not fair that my opponent used the F.G.D. card it has 5000 attack points and combined
with Axe of Despair and Megamorph I got owned!" Jasmine said. Dr. Crowler turned to Mindy.
"Mindy you have failed your special summon exam. You failed to special summon a single
monster!" Dr. Crowler said. "True, but like my deck wasn't made for special summons." Mindy
chill out." Mindy said. "And finally Alexis, you passed your ritual card exam but you have
failed your trap card and high attack power exams." Dr. Crowler said. "I know I goofed on
the trap card exam, bad hand and all, but I thought I did well on the high attack power
exam." Alexis said. "Do you know why I am making such a big deal about all this? Do you?"
Dr. Crowler asked. "Cause your mean." Jasmine said. "And like a total bully!" Mindy added.
"Your here because three other students in the girls division did well in those exams and
they want your spots in the dorm. Ms. Fontaine has agreed and you have been demoted!"
Dr. Crowler said. Jasmine and Mindy grew pale and Alexis could not believe what she herd.
"Sadly Ra Yellow was filled up so we're dumping you in Slifer Red. After all three new
slots just opened up." Dr. Crowler said. Mindy screamed "LIKE NO WAY!" "You can't do this
to us! We're the most popular girls in school!" Jasmine said. "Oh really? You sure about
that, Ms. Jasmine? Nearly the entire Obelisk Blue girls dorm voted for your demotion. Only
two girls didn't and they of course were overruled. Pack your bags girls, it's off to
Slifer Red where you three will be branded the name 'drop out Slifer slackers' forever!"
Dr. Crowler said with a wide grin. Alexis and her friends returned to their dorm room and
packed all their stuff leaving their mansion like dorm room.

"Oh goodie! I get to see my little friends off before they join dorm failure." Alexis was
soon confronted by the girl who took her spot in the Blue dorm. "Hi there Alexis. You and
I have never really met before, I mean we've bumped in the halls and such but we've never
been forced to interact before now." she had pink hair and a Obelisk uniform. "Your Cherry
right?" Alexis asked. "Bingo! I'm honored the former 'queen of the blue girls' knows my
name! How thoughtful of you. Me and the other girls were getting sick of your stuck up
attitude Alexis, so we gladly voted you get demoted for me to take your spot." Cherry said.
"I'm not stuck up! I always treated the girls here with respect! I've helped them study
for exams, helped them build their decks, helped them learn to duel." Alexis said. "And yet
everywhere we go it's always, Alexis this, and Alexis that! It makes us sick!" Cherry said
bitterly. "I'm sorry. I can't control what everyone feels." Alexis said softly. "Alexis
you've had this coming for a long time, you blonde bimbo! Your finally getting yours!"
Cherry said. "Cherry is right!" Two of Cherry's friends Yuma a orange haired girl and
Andrea a blue haired girl appeared behind Cherry. "The whole dorm hates you. Except for
your friends Jasmine and Mindy, oh and Masha and Celia tried to stick up for you too, but
we overruled them. I guess they were greatful for you helping them build their decks. But
if you ask me, anyone who needs help from a perfect snob like you to build a deck isn't
a good duelist at all." Andrea said. Alexis was feeling really hurt. The girls she had
considered friends or acquaintances had stabbed her in the back. "Cherry the only title
you'll get in Obelisk blue is being the Obelisk Blue bitch!" Jasmine said. "Alexis is a
better student and duelist then you even on her worse days." Mindy said. "Blah, blah, blah,
Pick up your junk and join the rest of the trash in Slifer, where you belong." Cherry said.
Yuma and Andrea snickered. Alexis was frozen on the spot, so Jasmine and Mindy grabbed her
along the arms and took her with them as the three girls left the Obelisk Blue girls dorm.

In the Slifer Red dorm, Jaden was looking through his deck in his room when Syrus busted
in. "Jaden! Jaden! Jaden!" Syrus yelled excited. "What? What? What?" Jaden answered back.
"Girls! Girls! Girls!" Syrus jumped up and down with excitement. "Slow down, buddy. What's
this about girls now?" Jaden asked. "Girls are moving into the Slifer Red dorm! Alexis
and her friends, Jasmine and Mindy are moving in with us! We're going to have female
roommates! Roommates with boobs! Big boobs!" Syrus leaped up and down smiling. "I'm sure
Chazz will love this. But Syrus, you moved to Ra Yellow remember?" Jaden asked. "I know but
after I herd Alexis was coming I failed my latest exam on purpose to get back into Slifer
so I can be close to Alexis and the girls." Syrus said. "I thought you liked Dark Magician
Girl." Jaden asked. "Jaden, a man can love many things. Come on! We have to greet them.
Put on your best clothes." Syrus said. "These are my best clothes." Jaden said looking at
his usual Slifer Red clothes. Syrus dragged Jaden to the Slifer eating hall where Alexis
was along with Jasmine and Mindy. Around them were Chazz, Hassleberry, Blair and a few
Slifer Red students. The former Obelisk Blue girls looked miserable. "This is the lowest
point in my life. In Slifer Red." Jasmine sobbed. "Like I'll never be able to show my face
in class again." Mindy said. Alexis was silent but she looked strange, not really sad, or
angry, but confused. "Hi girls! Welcome to Slifer!" Syrus said. Jasmine and Mindy glared
at Syrus. "Like don't even talk to us, super spazz." Mindy said. "In fact don't even
breathe the same air as us." Jasmine said. While Syrus delt with Jasmine and Mindy, Jaden
went to Alexis. "You okay Alexis? It's not so bad here in Slifer. I mean sure we don't have
AC when it's hot and when it rains our dorm gets drenched and we have like a hundred
spiders, some very deadly, and there's no indoor shower or bathroom, and sometimes you
can't close the windows, the doors are fragile so if you turn them to hard they'll break,
and the floor has splinters, but take all that away and this is the best dorm on campus."
Jaden said.

"It's not the dorm change, Jaden. It's the girls. I feel so betrayed. Cherry and the other
girls dealt a blow to me that really hit home." Alexis said. "You want me to take care of
them, Alexis?" Chazz said. "You know. This reminds ole Hassleberry of a story!" Hassleberry
said. "Oh no." Blair moaned. "Does it like involve Dinosaurs?" Mindy asked. Hassleberry
laughed. "Hahaha! Of course it involves Dinosaurs, you airhead! See millions of years ago
Dinosaurs ruled the planet. There was once this really pretty and really popular Dinosaur,
a Saurolophus! She was so popular in her tribe that the other Saurolophus's kicked her out
because she was stealing their mates. Hurt and sad the Saurolophus wandered the earth
until it found the all knowing all wise Tyrannosaurus, who gave her the advice to do what
dinosaurs do best! Devour her enemies! And so she did! She ate all those back stabbing
Saurolophus, and she liked it! Venegence was hers! After the feast she had all the males
she wanted and presented the Tyrannosaurus with a gift." Hassleberry said. Everyone was
looking at Hassleberry as if he was crazy. "Do all your stories end with the T-Rex getting
a gift?" Blair asked. "There's a hidden message in that story." Hassleberry explained.
"Your right, Hassleberry! That story really speaks to me!" Alexis said standing up. "Alexis
where are you going?" Chazz asked. "For a walk. Just to get my mind off of things." Alexis
said leaving the Slifer Red dorm. "Like that story effected me too. I'm thristy." Mindy
said. "Me too, Syrus!" Jasmine yelled. "Y..yes?" Syrus said. "Drinks! Now!" Jasmine yelled.
Syrus chuckled. "I love when they yell." He said. "I'm going to see if Alexis is okay.
She was really down before." Jaden said leaving after Alexis. Syrus gave Jasmine and Mindy
a soda bottle each as Chazz and the others leave them alone.

"So this is life in Slifer red?" Jasmine said taking a drink of soda. "Like yeah, I could
never get use to it here." Minday said also drinking from her soda. Syrus stayed in the
room with them. *URRP* Mindy burped a little. "Like excuse me. Great this dorm is making me
forget my manners." Mindy said. *BUUURRRP* Jasmine burped bigger then Mindy. "Like did you
just challenge me?" Mindy said. "Soda makes me burp, especially the Dr. Pepper brand. But
I so could burp better then you!" Jasmine said. "Then a contest it is. Winner gets first
dibs on the beds for our sleeping arrangements." Mindy said. "Prepare to lose and lose
Jasmine belched right after her. Syrus covered his ears. Mindy's burps were louder in
volume, but Jasmine's were deep and rumbly. Both Obelisk Blue girls seemed angry by this.
Mindy and Jasmine burped and drank more from their sodas gaining huge bulges in their
bellies. Elsewhere by the Obelisk Blue girls dorm, Alexis had returned but had not entered
the dorm building yet. She looked at it feeling hate build up in her. Jaden had followed
her to the girls dorm. "Poor Alexis. She's probably still hurt about being kicked out. I
should talk to her." Jaden thought to himself. soon Alexis made her move to the dorm door
A loud burp echoed in the distance coming from the Slifer Red dorm. This made Jaden and
Alexis flinch and Alexis noticed Jaden. "Jaden? Go back to the Slifer dorm." Alexis told
him. "But what are you going to do? And what was that noise?" Jaden asked. "Oh. That was
Jasmine burping. I know that deep burp anywhere. She and Mindy tend to burp when they are
very depressed, though they'll never admit to it if you ask them." Alexis opened the girls
dorm door to get her revenge and her stomach growled right on time, it also wanted payback.

There was one girl near the entrance as Alexis opened the door. "Alexis! Your back!" It was
Masha, one of the girls who tried to let her stay. "Masha! What is going on? Why did the
girls want me out of the dorm?" Alexis asked grabbing Masha by the collar. "Sorry Alexis. I
tried to stick up for you, Jasmine, and Mindy, but Cherry bribed the entire girl dorm to
vote you out. She promised them rare cards if she was named the new blue queen." Masha
be herd in the distance from the outside of the girls dorm. "Was that Mindy?" Masha asked.
"Or Jasmine. You know how they get when they are depressed. I bet Cherry is sitting in
my room right now!" Alexis let Masha go and made her way up to where her old room was and
was prepared to deal with Cherry and her friends. She herd laughter in her room as she
opened it and found Cherry along with Yuma, Andrea, and 5 other obelisk blue girls in the
room. "Alexis? I thought we ran you out of here." Cherry said. "I'm back now." Alexis shut
the door and locked it. "We herd Jasmine and Mindy burping in the distance. I guess those
two are really depressed. Sucks for them. It was really you we wanted to get rid of. Not
them." Cherry said. "I won't play around, Cherry and I'll make this revenge short."
Alexis said, advancing on them. "Alexis? What are you doing?" Cherry asked. Downstairs
Jaden had peeked in the girls dorm. "Alexis?" Jaden soon stepped inside, looking for Alexis
and noticed how big and clean the girls dorm was. "Their floors don't even have splinters
and there's AC." Jaden said as he herd a big belch in the distance from the Slifer Red
dorm. *BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP* "Man those girls can burp." Jaden said.
Soon he herd a scream from upstairs. "Alexis?" Jaden called. He ran up the stairs and tried
to open the door where the voices came from, but it was locked, however he herd voices and
noises. *GULP* *GULP* "No please, Alexis! Please don't Al..." *GULP* *GULP* The voices were
hard to make out but the noises of gulping were loud and echoed.

"Alexis?" Jaden banged on the door. *BEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLCH* Another huge belch
could be herd, however this time it wasn't in the distance so it wasn't Jasmine or Mindy
burping. *GULOOORRP* Another large gulp came from behind the door. "Mercy, Alexis! Mercy!"
A voice cried before it was silenced by a large *GULP* "This is for demoting me and my
friends, Cherry!" Jaden herd Alexis's voice. "Wait Alexis! I'm sorry. Please don't. I'll
give you a really rare card. Please no, no!" Cherry's voiced wailed off the walls. Jaden
had no idea what he was listening to. He cept banging on the door until finally it broke
down. Jaden gasped. Alexis was standing in the middle of the room with a enormous belly
sticking out from her Obelisk Blue girls uniform, bloated, shiny, and sloshing. *PLOSH*
*GLORP* *BUBBLE* *CHURN* *BLORT* Cherry was halfway in her mouth, only her legs were still
kicking out of it until Alexis shoved them down her throat. *GULLOOOP* Alexis's belly
that was already bloated grew rounder with Cherry sent into it. *SWELL* *BLOAT* Alexis's
large belly wobbled with numerous Obelisk Blue girls inside it. "How do you like that?"
Alexis asked patting her large belly which sounded like a drum. *BWOOMP* *BWOOMP* The faces
of Alexis's meals appeared on her shiny round belly as outlines. They let out muffled cries
but it was hard to figure out what they were saying. Alexis rubbed her big belly before
Alexis turned around and saw Jaden after she had finished burping. "Alexis? You ate those
Obelisk girls?" Jaden asked. "Jaden, they had it comming." Alexis said as her round belly
bobbed up and down sloshing *SPLOSH* *GLORSH* *GLUB* Cherry's outline face appeared near
Alexis's belly button popping it out *POP* "Cherry bribed the girls to get me out. Now I
have given Cherry the most *OOOOOOOAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRP* Excuse me, the most humiliating fate
of all." Alexis said as her round bloated belly gurgled loudly. *GURGLE* *SPLOSH* *GLUB*
"Alexis! I'm sorry! I'm really sorry I took your position in the girls dorm. I'm sorry I
got you kicked out. I was just jealous of you!" Cherry yelled from Alexis's huge stomach.

"Don't bother. I'm not in a merciful mood. You are a foul spirited person and your getting
what's coming to you." Alexis said to her shiny round belly as it wobbled and bounced.
*SLOSH* *GLORP* *BLORP* *JIGGLE* "Wow, that's pretty ruthless Alexis." Jaden said. "I see
now I can't always be nice. Other wise I'll always get stepped on by the likes of Cherry."
Alexis said rubbing her swollen shiny belly. "I have to get tougher and balance it with
being nice. I'm starting today." Alexis said slapping her big belly and at the same time
slapping Cherry in the face. "Oww!" Cherry cried before she was drowned out by Alexis's
gastric juices. "Speaking of balance, I'm losing mine." Alexis moaned as her round belly
was very heavy and was dragging her to the ground. Jaden caught her, grabbing her round
heavy belly. *SPLOSH* *GLORSH* *BLUB* It was warm and sloshy, very firm and full to. Jaden
blushed as Alexis's cheeks puffed up and she surpressed a very big belch that echoed in her
throat. *MMMMMMMMGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPH* Alexis's cheeks returned to normal as Jaden
helped her up while blushing and chuckling at her burp. "Jaden, can you help me get back
to the Slifer dorm?" Alexis asked as her belly was very heavy. "Your not going to stay and
reclaim the Obelisk Blue girls dorm? After you just ate your rival?" Jaden asked. "No. I
was kicked out so I will stay in Slifer Red." Alexis said. "Yes!" Jaden said to himself,
as he wanted to see more of big bellied Alexis. He helped squeeze Alexis through the door
and the two slowly made their way back to the Slifer Red dorm, Alexis's heavy bulbous belly
sloshing and bouncing the whole way. *BOUNCE* *GLORF* *SPLOSH* *JIGGLE* "Devouring Cherry
was great. I felt wonderful." Alexis bragged rubbing her belly, feeling Cherry and her
friends slosh in her belly. Cherry was moaning and complaining while in Alexis's huge
stomach. "I'm really sorry Alexis. Let's start over. I'm sure you and I can be good friends
if given the chance." Cherry pleaded.

As they walked, Jaden really wanted to get his hands back on Alexis's overbloated belly as
it shined in the sun which was starting to set. Alexis noticed Jaden looking at her fat gut
and decided to play with the idea. "Jaden, I'm losing my balance again, could you help me
get back to the dorm?" Alexis asked. "Yes!" Jaden said as he eagerly grabbed the bloated
shiny belly of Alexis and held it. It was so round and warm, Jaden wasn't sure if he would
let go when they got back to the Slifer dorm. *BLORP* *GURGLE* *SPLORP* *BURBLE* Jaden
felt Alexis's belly slosh with each step, the girls bouncing and sloshing in her belly.
deep bass which turned Jaden on even more. They made it to the Slifer red dorm just to
see Jasmine and Mindy finishing their burping match. Both their bellies almost as big as
Alexis's. Syrus was watching in the corner, recording it with his cell phone. "Those two
are still at it. And their bellies are almost as big as yours." Jaden said. "Almost." Said
Alexis, with pride that her belly was bigger then her two soda bloated friends. Jasmine and
Mindy's bellies sloshed and they were standing up. *BUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP*
Mindy burped loudly in the room. Jasmine had a devious smirk on her face. "And now Jasmine
will try to cheat." Alexis told Jaden as they watched. "How do you know?" Jaden asked. "I
told you, they do this all the time." Alexis said. *BURBLE* *CHURN* Jasmine's large belly
Jasmine burped a immensly deep burp that made Mindy cover her nose. "Eww! Jasmine that had
fumes. I can like totally smell your lunch, it stinks." Mindy fell on her knees and her
giant belly touched the ground. *GLORSH* She quickly go back up until Alexis came between
them making Mindy and Jasmine flinch and back off as Alexis's belly was larger then both of
their's. "Alexis! No sweat! We'll stop." Jasmine said. "Like for sure, Lexi." Mindy said.
Alexis yawned and scratched a itch on her huge belly. "I'm going to take a nap. Jaden, I
could use your help to get to my room." Alexis winked. "Of course." Jaden smiled. He helped
Alexis leave the room with her enormous belly. Jasmine and Mindt were still quaking after
Alexis left. "Who do you think Alexis ate?" Mindy whispered. "Hopefully that back stabber
Cherry." Jasmine said. Syrus came between the two girls and shook their soda bloated round
bellies to get their attention. Neither seemed to like Syrus touching their bellies. "So
are you two going to continue?" Syrus asked.

The End.
This is a request for GamemasterXtreme with Alexis voring students in Obelisk Blue after she and her friends Mindy and Jasmine were demoted. I added a Jasmine and Mindy subplot for no reason at all since Alexis was doing the eating. I couldn't help but use another one of Hassleberry's weird Dinosaur stories to convice Alexis to eat her classmates. The girls Cherry, Andrea, Masha, and Yuma are from the Tag Force series. Anyone who's played those on PSP might know of them. So enjoy everyone.

I do not own these characters. Yu-gi-oh GX is owned by the people who own it. It is not me.
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GlitchSamo21 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012
Bunch of wall text, I didn't say TL:DR, but I would advising you to break up the paragraph into each characters' comments and the way they acting in the group. That's all I would advising.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012
I don't really do this stuff very often anymore but I'll certainly try the break up thing should I ever start again.
GlitchSamo21 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012
Important part that can be breaking off:
* Change of Character (from Alexis to Jaden)
* Change of Location (from Slifer Red to Obelisk Blue)
* Comment made (Alexis talked, Jaden talked)

That's not so hard once you memorized them all and write them down separate. Other than that, it's good to take break from all the duels.
GRANECLIPSE Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012
excellent, there will be continuation?
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012
Maybe someday.
halflife123 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Love it.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2012
Thank you.
shadowfiredragon91 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
syrus u idiot recording on a cell phone disapointing
i would have used multiple phones hahaha
loved the story
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2011
Thanks. I guess Syrus didn't think it all through.
theman2222 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2011
And she always seemed so smart...tsk...tsk.

Nice story, dude.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2011
Thanks. You mean Alexis?
theman2222 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2011
Yeah, I did.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2011
Well she need to be flawed more. At times Alexis was a little to perfect.
theman2222 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2011
I agree ;)
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2011
But I still really like her.
theman2222 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2011
Me too.

Listed her as an 'anime crush' a while ago. Nearly got found out :0
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2011
Gotta love 'anime crushes'
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supercheese2468 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011
I've been waiting for an Alexis story from you, any chance this will get a sequel?
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2011
Probably not this one but another story with Alexis in it is certainly going to be in the future.
GameAllan Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011  Student Writer
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011
GamemasterXtreme Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011
>w< I loves it thank you
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011
No Problem my friend. Happy to do it.
GamemasterXtreme Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011
I gots more ideas
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011
I'll be sure to hear them as soon as I take a while to recharge. Sometimes doing stories tires me out of ideas.
GamemasterXtreme Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011
so I should wait a while?
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011
You can tell me now and I'll write it down for a future story idea.
GamemasterXtreme Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011
you do characters from the pokemon manga?
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011
I do. I did separate stories with the girls.
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