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Yugioh 5d's vore: Akiza's Neo Domino City feeding frenzy.

Akiza woke up one morning feeling mighty hungry. This wasn't just any hunger it was a
crazed hunger. After eating breakfest she didn't feel full or satisfyied and this worried
her, as she hadn't felt like this since her days as the black rose witch duelist and those
days were all behind her now. She decided to see Yusei about this. "Yusei will know what
to do. He's always been there to help me before. I know he will." Akiza got dressed and
began her walk to Yusei's apartment in Neo Domino city. "Why do I feel this strange
hunger force? Is it my powers trying to come out or something?" Akiza thought to herself
as she walked down the street. "Akiza!" Leo and Luna ran up towards her. "Are you going to
see Yusei as well?" Leo asked.  Akiza nodded. "Cool we can all go together! I want to show
Yusei my new cards!" Leo walked ahead of Akiza and Luna. "Miss Akiza, are you in pain too?"
Luna asked. Akiza turned to Luna. "What?" "The main reason I'm coming to see Yusei is
because my stomach hurts. Like I need to eat something but nothing I eat stops the hunger."
Luna said. Akiza was shocked that she was feeling the same way. "So it's not just me."
Luna said reading Akiza's face. "Maybe." Akiza said. "Please don't tell Leo, I don't want
him to worry." Luna said. Akiza held her stomach as it growled like a angry animal.
*GRRRRRRRR* *RUMMMMBLE* Luna's stomach growled along with it. The reached Yusei's house
and it was empty. "Yusei? Aww man. He must be out with Jack and Crow already." Leo said
not amused. Akiza and Luna didn't like this news as there stomach's growled in hunger
and in pain.

"So hungry." Akiza thought. What was this strange hunger and where was it coming from?
"Now what do we do? I just wanted to see Yusei is all. This isn't cool at all." Leo said.
The burning hunger in Akiza and Luna became to much and the two girls were giving into
there strange hungers. There was a faint glow beneath there clothes. Luna lifted her shirt
up slightly and saw her Signer's dragon birthmark had moved from her arm and right onto her
stomach. "My mark this what's causing the hunger?" Luna said. Akiza checked her
arm and saw her dragons birthmark was also gone, she guessed it had also moved to her
stomach. Akiza and Luna looked at each other, there was no hiding it or stopping it.
There was a old man walking down the street toward's them. "Excuse me." He said as he
passed them. Akiza grabbed the old man with a evil smile on her face. "A..Akiza?" Leo saw
Akiza's evil smile, the same smile she had on when she went out of control as the black
rose. "Unhand me, young lady!" The old man said. Akiza opened her mouth wide open and her
jaws unhinged like a snakes. "Oh my goodness!" The old man said seeing deep inside Akiza's
wide open mouth as she closed her mouth around him.

"Whoa!" Leo watched as Akiza had the old man in her mouth squirming about. *GULP*
She started to gulp him down, creating a bulge in her throat. "Hey Luna, are you seeing
this? Luna?" Leo looked around for his twin sister and found her down the street eating
a boy about her size. He was already bulging out her cheeks. "What?" Leo turned back to
Akiza as she swallowed the old man whole and he went down her throat as a giant bulge.
Akiza's red corset nearly bursted open with the weight of a man inside her, but somehow
the corset cept her expanding belly inside but was straining on her. Akiza licked her lips
still smiling evilly. "That was good, but not enough." Akiza said looking around for
another target. Luna joined them. Her belly was much bigger and being held in by her belt
around her pants. "It's time to take this feeding frenzy to the next level." Akiza set her
Black Rose Dragon card on her duel disk and with her special psychic powers the real thing
came alive in the middle of the streets. The Black Rose Dragon sent out many thorn vines
from it's body and smashed them into building's and when it did it brought out many human
victims attached to the thorns. Akiza opened her mouth wide open as the Black Rose Dragon
dropped them into awaiting wide open mouth. *GULP* Akiza swallowed a woman with load's of
jewlery on her and she went down easily. *GROAN* *SWELL* Akiza's corset was failing to stay
on as the button's went flying off to give room for her stretching belly.

Akiza took a moment to rub her hands against her ballooning out belly nearly free from it's
pesky corset restraint. *GURGLE* *GROAN* It gurgled to be free to expand and for more
vitcims to fill it. Akiza signaled for the next snack. It was a little girl crying in fear.
Akiza was not interested in small meal's and so she let the girl go, right to Luna who
eagerly ate the girl up. *GULP* *SCARF* *GULP* Luna swallowed her quickly despite them
being the same size. Luna's belly got much bigger, not nearly as big as Akiza's but her
belt was doing the best it could to keep her belly back. Akiza moved to the next person
a nerdy looking guy. "W..wait! I'll give you my entire Gladiator Beast deck if you don't
eat me. Please!" He held up the deck while being held by the Black Rose Dragon's thorns.

"Thanks for that." Akiza snatched the deck from him. "But that does not save you from my
hunger!" Akiza opened her mouth wide and the nerd was shoved into her mouth, bulging out
her cheeks to a massive size. *GULP* *GULP* *GULP* Akiza swallowed the nerd whole and her
corset finally bursted open and her pale giant belly freeded itself looking like a over
inflated water balloon. *SPLOSH* *BLORP* *CHURN* *GROAN* Akiza's belly was now noisy with
three people squirming in her gastric juices. The next victim was another man, a rather
large muscular man who was trying to break free. "Not going to happen!" Akiza started to
swallow this man, arm's first to avoid being hit by him, he struggled regardless but it was
easier this way. Seeing the nect victim was another little girl she let Luna have her while
she finished swallowing the large muscular man. *GULP* Akiza's had him half way there. His
head was in her stomach's entrance, his torso was bulging in her throat, and his leg's
were dangling from her mouth. Luna swallowed the girl easily and her belt finally gave way
freeing her own bloated belly from her pants. *BUUUURRRRP* Luna burped loudly and then she
collapsed with her dome belly sticking out wide. "Luna?" Leo called from the corner he was
hiding from. Luna seemed to be full at last as her big belly sloshed. *SPLOSH* *GLORP*

Akiza was not however, she was almost finished with her meal of the large man she was
ingesting. *GUUUUULP* After a loud and disgusting sounding gulp, Akiza swallowed him down
to her belly and it stretched and bloated out even rounder then before. Akiza savored
the taste of the man. Her giant belly was glorping and burbling so loud the screams of
the other victims waiting to be eaten were drowned out by the deafing sounds of it.
Akiza covered her mouth and a very deep burp exploded inside her mouth and was the only
thing to drown out her belly's noises. *MMMMMMMMMRRRRRRRRRRRRP* This made
Akiza's cheeks balloon out getting round and bulging up as her gassy burp brought back
the taste of her victims to her mouth as smoged inside. When it ended Akiza was ready for
another. "Oh Crap! And I just bought a new Zombie deck today too!" Her latest meal was a
teenager with a blue cap and she swallowed him whole. *GULP* *GULP* Akiza's belly was now
bigger and rounder then any type of circular ball. *GLUNK* *SPLORF* *BURBLE*
Her belly was giant and all the movement of her victims made outlines and bulges on it.

Only two victims were left. Akiza felt her giant round belly. The skin was taut and shiny
stretched to the max. She already felt full at this point, but the sheer feeling of
swallowing someone whole, to feel them squirm helplessly in her giant belly, this was a
better feeling then anything she had ever felt in her life, better then her days as the
Black Rose Witch even. The Black Rose Dragon lowered the next victim a teenage girl.
"Come on! Let me go!" She cried. She was about the same age as Akiza. "I can't. This is
to much fun! I have forgotten what it was like to feel this! It's even better when your
devoured." Akiza said shaking her bulbous belly and it bounced up and down sloshing madly.
*BLOOOSH* *SPLOOOSH* *GLROOSH* *SPLORF* *GLUNK* Akiza's big sloshy belly drowned out the
screams of the people inside trying to reason with Akiza to let them out. Akiza turned to
the scared teenage girl. "Become one with me! Become one with my stomach!" Akiza opened
her mouth wide open and shoved the girl inside. Her mouth and throat bulging with her.
Leo was now by Luna's side as she was in a food coma from her own binge. *GULP*
Akiza swallowed the teenage girl down her throat and her round belly swelled up even more
and the skin of her belly was so taut and shiny it was blinding.

Akiza let another closed mouth burp explode in her cheeks ballooning them out with it's
gas. Leo could hear Akiza's closed mouth burp loudly as it was louder then her noisy,
sloshy belly and her cheeks were so round holding in the gas, Leo thought they wouldn't
make it but Akiza's balloon bloated cheeks kept the gas in check inside her mouth.
retasting her meals she let out a bigger burp mouth wide open to unleash to the city.
Akiza's deep, gassy burp echoed in the city cracking some windows and shattering others.
Akiza felt great after burping most of her gas out. "Aaaahhh. That felt so great. Now for
the last one." Akiza said rubbing her bloated belly as the Black Rose Dragon lowered the
last victim to her, a woman. "Your a monster!" The woman skrieked. "My father called me
the same thing..." Akiza said looking insane and pulling her hair, but she soon calmed
herself. "...So it must be true." Akiza grabbed the woman and swallowed her down.
*GULP* *GULP* *SWALLOW* Akiza's belly began to groan in protest now as it was really
really full, Akiza in a strange and crazy way enjoyed the pain and ignored her belly's

*GGGULP* Akiza swallowed the woman down and her belly swelled up even more getting
more round and more bloated. Akiza now gasped for breath, having eaten all her victims.
The Black Rose Dragon now disappeared. Akiza's belly which was gargantuan size let out a
gaseous groan. *GRRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUMBLE* Akiza's cheeks balloon out again as a powerful
focused rush of gas pushed it's way up her mouth. *BBBBUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRP*
Akiza burped four times, all four equal in volume and gas but not length. After Akiza
was done burping she rubbed her bouncing and bulging belly. *SPLOSH* *GLORP*
Leo was nervous to call out to Akiza. "Um...A...Akiza?" Leo asked. "Sssssh!" Akiza shushed
him, and closed her eyes. "Wait for it." She said. "For what?" Leo thought nervously. He
thought Akiza was going to burp again, but she didn't. *POP* Akiza's belly button just
popped out. Akiza's sanity was now returning. "That's better." She smiled. Leo looked
from his Passed out bloated Sister Luna, to even more bloated Akiza. The dragonbirth
mark was indeed on Akiza's belly now, below her outie belly button. She turned to Leo
who looked afraid. "What?" Akiza asked as if she had done nothing wrong. The Black Rose
Witch was back with a vore like manner, and with the dragonbirth mark moving onto the
girl's bellies there might be two to worry about. But why did the dragonbirth marks move
onto the stomach's in the first place? Will the answer's be revealed?

The end or is it?
This is my first Yugioh Vore story but it will most certainly not be my last. The first Yugioh vore story involed the some of the cast from 5d's. Mainly Akiza and Luna, but mostly Akiza. This Yugioh vore story was a request for Turtwigturtle and I hope he and everyone else enjoys it.

I do not own Yugioh characters. They are all owned by Kazuki Takahashi.
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Private-Funny-Man Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2012
One question: how do I submit a story to deviantART ? I'm very new.
seeckv Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2010
its like a dream xD
motleyprincess Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
oh my god!!!! akiza ate all those people!!!!
Mangavore Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2010
Yes she certainly did.
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love the story
Mangavore Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2010
Thank you.
Darkflames62 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2010
your welcome
EddyFan324 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2010


I like it though its mixs up in some parts!

Mangavore Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2010
Well there will be a sequel to this one. Sorry for the mix up parts. I'll try and make the next one perfect as I always aim to improve.
EddyFan324 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2010
Can't wait!
Holy-Angel-Mithos Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2010
you could so keep this going like you could use Carly next? the trio of vore women eating and eating. :3
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2010
Probably. The reason I didn't use Carly in this is because I was going to use her in the next 5d's vore story. Thanks for commenting and faving.
Holy-Angel-Mithos Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2010
use her,use her,use her,and use those two again Luna and Aki make good Vore and they could get bigger. X3
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2010
They could get much bigger indeed. But just how big will they get?
Holy-Angel-Mithos Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2010
I don't know very big? as big as their dragons? :3
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2010
That's pretty big.
Holy-Angel-Mithos Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2010
well why not after a few chapters? I mean they get bigger and bigger each time and end up dragon big? :3
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2010
Yeah it might take a lot of eating to get as big as there dragon's. But I'm sure Akiza will enjoy it.
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ShadowAce018695 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2010
awsome. hard to belive its your first one.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2010
It wasn't my first vore story, but my first Yu-gi-oh Vore story. But it won't be the last for sure. There will be more.
ShadowAce018695 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2010
I know its not your first. ive been reading your others as well. there all great.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2010
Thanks. I really appreciate that.
ShadowAce018695 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2010
Jackal-James Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2010
Very good story there.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2010
Thanks for commenting. Glad you enjoyed the voreness of it all. Not sure voreness is even a word.
Brom290 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2010
awsome dude been waiting for a 5d's story to cum out i have to admit it was awsome i wonder how your going to cope if bit continues
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2010
Thanks Chris. This was my first 5d's story indeed. I'll think of something if I continue. I also use the other two Yugioh generations as well.
Brom290 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2010
awsome look forward to readin more wen i get the chance
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2010
Great to hear.
Turtwigturtle Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2010
I like it
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Thanks. I enjoyed making it.
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