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Xion's Keyblader binge Vore.

Roxas had returned Xion to her room in the Castle that never was, after she had ingested
the Nobody Namine. Xion was currently sleeping off her big meal peacefully in her room as
Roxas looked after her. He couldn't help but be drawn to Xion's overstuffed belly as it
gurgled and sloshed as she slept. *PLORF* *GLUB* *GURGLE* *SPLOSH* *GLUNK* Xion's belly was
so noisy it echoed in her room. Roxas got closer to Xion's belly as it hung out over her
Organization black jacket and was as shiny as ever. Roxas saw his reflection in Xion's
belly right before he put his ear on the bloated orb. It was so warm and the heavy digestion
noises made it relaxing. Roxas herd Xion's round belly slosh and churn and digest Namine
inside. *GLORP* *CHURN* *BURBLE* *BLOAT* *DIGEST* *GROAN* Roxas was so relaxed laying on
Xion's round belly, it was like laying on a warm water bed with such relaxing sloshing
that coul put you to sleep. Without even realizing it he began rubbing her fat stomach as
it burbled with digestion and gas. When Xion inhaled her big belly rose and sloshed loudly.
Roxas could feel it rise. When Xion exhaled her big belly could barily descend because it
was so bloated and round but it sloshed loudly all the same. *SPLOSH* *SLOSH* *SPLOSH*

Xion's bloated belly sounded like the ocean as Roxas continued to rest his head on it. "I
hope I'm not interupting anything." A voice said from the door. Roxas quickly got off Xion's
Namine-filled belly and saw Axel by the door. "Axel." Axel smirked. "So what's going on?
You and Xion never came for Ice cream. I can see why now." Axel smirked. Roxas face turned
red. "Hey Axel can I ask you a question?" Roxas asked. "What is it?" Axel asked. "When
somebody loves someone else do they get attracted to there stomach's?" Roxas asked. "What?
What kind of question is that?" Axel asked. Before Roxas could respond Xion had woken up.
"Huh? How did I get back here?" Xion looked around her room and her belly shifted noisilly
as she did. *GLORF* *GLUNK* *JIGGLE* "The mission wasn't done." Xion said. "Xion you passed
out remember? You were really light headed until I brought you home." Roxas said. "I was?
Well I'm not now. C'mon we have to go back." Xion got to her feet and had to balance herself
with her big sloshy belly weighing her down. "You want to go back?" Roxas asked. "Go back
where?" Axel asked. "My mission! It wasn't done." Xion said.

"You have a mission that needs getting done eh? Well get to it then." Axel said. "Wait a
minute." Roxas said. A Corridor of Darkness portal opened and Xion grabbed Roxas. "We'll be
back Axel, please wait for us." Xion said as she and Roxas step through. Axel rubbed his
head. "What kind of mission is Saix sending these kids on?" Xion and Roxas arrived back in
the Twilight Town empty mansion. "Xion what kind of mission are we on?" Roxas asked. Xion
turned to Roxas. "I'm not so sure myself. I just have this weird feeling to dig a little
deeper in this mansion. There's someone else I feel like I need to eat." Xion said. "Who?"
Roxas asked. The hunger pills that Xemnas had fed Xion were working like crazy and she
didn't even care that her belly hadn't fully digested Namine yet, she was going to eat
another person soon. "This way." Xion lead Roxas to another door and opened it. Xion got
out her keyblade and smashed through the floor revealing a hidden room. "Xion how do you
know where to go?" Roxas asked. "I don't know. Just a feeling." Xion said shrugging. In
another white room DIZ was with Riku guarding the sleeping Sora in his pod.

"I knew trusting that Organization puppet was foolish. She and Sora's Nobody have already
influtrated the manison. And Namine has been disposed of. Riku this is our last line of
defense." DIZ said. Riku wearing his blind fold and his own black jacket. "I guess so. But
without Namine how can we restore Sora's lost memories?" Riku asked. DIZ was interupted
as Xion and Roxas blasted into the room. They saw DIZ, Riku, and the pod which Sora was
sleeping in. "Organization filth." DIZ growled. "This is where I need to be." Xion said to
Roxas as she looked at the pod that had Sora in it. Riku got out his own Keyblade Way to
the Dawn. "That's far enough." Riku said. Roxas and Xion had there own Keyblades to fight
with. "Your that imposter we were ordered to kill awhile ago." Roxas said to Riku. The two
then clash with there keyblades. Riku swiped at Roxas who blocked with his Keyblade. DIZ
half smirked. "It seems my plans to use Sora to destroy the Organization has failed." DIZ
said. A Group of Samurai Nobodies serving under Roxas cane into the room as back up from
Roxas and Xion. The Samurai Nobodies backed DIZ into a corner.

Xion approached the pod and it opened with Sora inside. "This is Sora. He looks a lot like
Roxas. At least he did." Xion wasted no time in opening her mouth wide open and grabbed
Sora by his legs and shoveled them into her mouth. She slurped them up easy and when she
got to Sora's midsection, she felt great. Xion was devouring the person responsible for her
existance, all her clouded memories started to fill in, even though they were Sora's
memories and not really her's, she didn't care. *GULP* Xion's throat began to swell out and
bulge as she devoured more of Sora. Riku tried to get to Sora but Roxas held him back.
"So good...So this is Sora." Xion greedily gulped him down some more. *GULP* Xion's throat
kept bulging out as more of Sora was getting swallowed. Xion's belly was still very round
and full from Namine, but sensing her gulping, it made room as Sora's feet were at the
entrance of Xion's belly. The more she swallowed Sora, the more complete she felt.

*GULP* Xion gulped loudly and Roxas caught a glimpse of Sora's head outlined in Xion's
throat as it went down as a bulge. Her belly got even bigger and and rounder. Xion licked
her lips. "Best meal I ever ate." Xion said rubbing her rounder belly as it sloshed with
Sora inside. *GLORP* *SPLORF* *GURGLE* *CHURN* *BLUB* *BULGE* *BLOAT* "No! Sora!"
Riku managed to knock Roxas down and charge at Xion. As Riku aimed his Keyblade at her,
Xion opened her mouth again and chomped down on Riku's striking arm, engulfing his entire
keyblade and swallowing in. Riku's arm was now stuck in Xion's mouth but to his surprise
she let him go. *BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP* Xion let out a powerful burp
that Knocked Riku into the wall of the room. "Ugh." Riku was weakend from Xion's burp
and struggled to get up. "Roxas hold him." Xion said.

Roxas grabbed Riku and Xion approached him. "Hold him still." Xion said as she opened her
mouth once more. Roxas watched as Xion engulfed Riku's head in her mouth. He let go of Riku
as Xion eagerly gobbled him up. Roxas watched Xion's belly as it got rounder, and even more
shiny and taut as Xion gulped down Riku.  Xion was at Riku's midsection when her bellybutton
popped out from a innie to a outie. "He's not as tasty as Sora, but he's better then Namine
was." Xion thought as she devoured the last of Riku, going down as a fat bulge in Xion's
throat. Xion's belly was now as big as if she was having three babies. Unlike the sleeping
Sora, Riku struggled in Xion's titanic belly. *BLORP* *CHURN* *SLOSH* *GURGLE* It only
made the digestion stronger. Xion giggled as Riku's outlines bulged out now and then in
her shiny, round belly. "One more." Xion and Roxas turned to DIZ in the corner. The Samurai
Nobodies had him tied ready for Xion to swallow. As Xion approached, DIZ looked at her fat
belly seeing his reflection in it. "So this is how it ends..." He muttered.

"I'll make this quick for you." Xion said as she opened her mouth and shoved DIZ's head into
it. DIZ was Xion's biggest meal yet but she kept gulping him down. *GULP* *GULP* DIZ saw
the back of Xion's throat and went down it. *GGULP* *GULP* after swallowing down DIZ,
Xion's belly was enourmous, bigger then anything Roxas had ever seen. How was she still
able to stand? "Wow." Roxas said as Xion's belly gurgled and churned away noisilly. Roxas
then watched as Xion's cheeks ballooned up even fatter and rounder then before with gas.
*BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRP* Xion burped a grand total of five times getting all
the gas out. Roxas blushed at Xion's deep, gassy, belches. Xion could taste Sora, Riku,
and DIZ through her burps. After savioring the taste of her deep monster belches she turned
to Roxas. "You like?" She asked.

"I uh." Roxas was confused since emotions were still confusing to him, but with Xion having
eaten three people with hearts she could feel and act on emotion's fully now. Just to be a
tease Xion burped deeply inside her mouth. *MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMRPH* Xion's closed mouth burp
made her cheeks balloon up and bulge out so round and shiny and Roxas was attracted to
this. It echoed inside her bulging cheeks, motuh and throat. After it ended Xion's cheeks
returned to normal size. "I'm really gassy today, huh Roxas?" Xion giggled. "Y...yeah."
Roxas said. "Don't worry. With all those guys gone we can be together now without worry."
Xion said. *GLUNK* *BURBLE* *BLORP* *GLUB* Xion's belly sloshed in agreement. "But there's
still some stuff I don't understand fully, Like the imposter and this Sora guy and..."
*BOOOOOOOOORRRRRRP* Roxas was cut off as Xion burped loudly in his face and the smell of
it shut him up. "All that doesn't matter anymore. We're together now." Xion held Roxas hand
as her round belly began to wobble with both Riku and DIZ struggling inside her.

"That's all that matter's to me." Roxas and Xion smile at each other. *GURRRGLE*
Xion's belly gurgled. "Hey Xion, your burps really stink though." Roxas laughed. "Oh yeah?"
Xion smiled as her cheeks balloon up filling with gas getting round and shiny before
burping out these words in Roxas's face. *THERE SUPPOSSSSE TO STIIIIIIIIINNNNNK*
After burping out that sentance she blew it in Roxas's face. Roxas and Xion laugh and
decide to return to the castle or RCT. Once back home they resumed where they left off
Xion lying down with her bloated belly sticking out and Roxas resting his head on her
bloated warm belly listening to it slosh and burble as it rises and descends as she rest.
Xion inhales and her big belly rises and sloshes *SPLOSH* *SPLORF* *SPLOSH* And when
Xion exhales it descends slightly, it's so round and bloated it can't really descend.
*GLORP* *SPLOSH* *SPLORF* Roxas enjoyed being on Xion's water balloon belly bed listening
to it slosh and burble with digestion and gas. Xion's popped Bellybutton was as round as
the doorknob from Wonderland. Roxas enjoyed that he and Xion could be together forever now.

The Dusk and Samurau Nobodies reported to Xemnas. "Then it's done. Sora, Riku, and even
Ansem are now gone. Xion proved to be a successful expriement after all." Xemnas said.

The end.... of this story.
The sequel to my story of Xion eating Namine. Now she goes after and devours Sora as he sleeps, Riku, and DIZ. There's more Roxas and Xion shipping in this, only because I love these two so much. So the story is Sora is still sleep and while DIZ and Riku are trying to revive him Xion and Roxas arrive and well you'll see. So enjoy my second Kingdom Hearts vore story.

Kingdom Hearts and it's character's are all owned by Squarce Enix and Disney.
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mewt66 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2010  Professional Artist
awesomeness a++++++++++
Mangavore Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2010
Thank you.
The-Bloody-Bishop Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2010  Student Writer
In a way, the ending's a sad one; with the deaths of Namine, DiZ, Riku and Sora, its fully likely that Organization 13 will eventually achieve their goal and gain acess to Kingdom Hearts. And if that were to happen... it would mean the end of us all.

Love the Roxas/Xion shipping, though.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2010
Very true. As much as I love Roxas and Xion they were playing for the bad guys team for the most part. The Villian's won this one. I just made this vore story to give Roxas and Xion a happy ending, but the sad truth is they can't have one. But don't worry I was planning on doing some more Kingdom Hearts Vore stories. Most of which have a happier ending for the good guys. I hope you still enjoyed this one.
The-Bloody-Bishop Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2010  Student Writer
Vore, while sensually satisifying for those who write and read it, demands that, at the end of the story, someone winds up consumed by another animal or person and, more often than not, digested and killed. It runs along the lines of life and death, of morality and vice; this is the danger that it holds.

(difference between vice and sin: sin is the breaking of the word of one's religion, while vice is an act of breaking one's societies rules; often synonymous, but not always)
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2010
That's pretty deep man. And True, so I hope you enjoyed the vore story.
The-Bloody-Bishop Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2010  Student Writer
Eh, its nothing special. It's just the way I am. And yes, I did enjoy it.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2010
Thanks. I of course will be making more Vore stories in the future. Check them out when they are released if you'd like.
The-Bloody-Bishop Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2010  Student Writer
Will do. ;)
Hybrid147 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Great story.
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Turtwigturtle Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2010
Xemnas watch what u feed Xion it might bite u back
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2010
She just might. Xion's hunger might become unstable.
Turtwigturtle Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2010
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2010
Cool Indeed.
Turtwigturtle Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2010
Turtwigturtle Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2010
Finally Xion vore
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2010
Thanks. Yeah about time Xion vored somebody. Thanks for the comment.
Turtwigturtle Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2010
Agreed she's one of my favorite KH characters
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2010
Mine too. I enjoyed using her for a vore story.
Turtwigturtle Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2010
Xerovore Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Oo love the belching in face segments and definitely condone more of those!
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2010
Thanks. Belching in the face is really awesome. Did you enjoy the story? I tried to add as much belching as possible, lol.
Xerovore Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
I did, Although I'm not a fan of fanfiction and prefer OCs it was enjoyable.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2010
I do plan on doing a original story with OCs very soon so you can look forward to that, I just wanted to do this fanfic first lol. Glad you enjoyed it. I figured belching fans would.
dawnandmayforever Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2010
Holy sweet mother. This was such a turn on! It had so much. I love Roxas and Xion as well. Really great vore story. The belly noises, burping, it was good.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2010
Thanks. This was really a fun story for me to do. I also really enjoy Roxas and Xion. So cute.
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