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X-Men vore: Psylocke's Apartment of Vore.

In New York city, four Anti-Mutant officers were closing in on a small apartment downtown.
"According to that anonymous tip from a concerned young lady a Mutant has been spotted
living in this apartmant." One of the officers said to his partners. "Those mutants think
they own the place. They increase in number and who knows what they are doing in private.
I will not just sit and watch as those freaks take over!" "Well said Kyle. And to think
that some people think Mutants aren't that bad. My wife actually left me because she said
I was racist against Mutants. I'm not racist. I just hate all Mutants." Another officer
said. "Andy that is being racist." The officer bringing up the rear of the group said.
"No no! You got me wrong, David. I love people of any color or religon. I just hate Mutants
is all." Andy said. "That's being racist against Mutants, Andy. It's no wonder the world is
crumbling with the message of hate we are sending. And then we have uber Mutants like that
Magneto guy spreading his own message of hate to his fellow Mutants. Then we got those
sewer dwelling Mutants who live underground that hate us, it truly is a cycle of hate that
will continue for years to come." David said. "I never thought of it that way." Andy said.
"David if you feel that way, why did you join the Anti-Mutant Security Force?" Kyle asked.
"It pays the bills." David answered. "Quiet you guys. We are here." The 4th officer of the
group, Steven, said. The apartment was in a quiet section of New York. Gangs of Mutants were
known to hang around this section of the city often. But right now it was silent. "It's so
quiet here. Rather creepy wouldn't you say?" Andy asked. "Feels like a great place for a
lousy Mutant to live in." Kyle said. "So what does this Mutant do? It doesn't like make you
explode just by looking at you does it? I don't think are equipment can handle that." David

"I have no idea what this thing does. The lady who gave us the tip just frantically said a
Mutant was living in this apartment. Whatever this thing does we have to make sure it does
not get the chance to do it." Kyle said as the men surrounded the apartment. It was old and
very worn out. They could see a light from inside and could tell at once it was a light of
a fire rather then lamp lights. Andy peared in through a broken window, very carefully. The
apartment was big but hardly anything was in it. It was dark, the only lights were that of
fires lit in steel barrels and there was about 4 of them in there. A bed was also in the
large room. Other then that the place was rather empty. "Are you sure a Mutant lives here?
There's nothing here but a bed and some old fire trash cans." Andy said to Kyle. "Yes. This
is the place. Come on men." Kyle said. "I'm going in. Cover me." Steven was the first man
to step foot into the apartment with a special Mutant gun held at the ready. As he carefully
looked around he herd David, Andy, and Kyle shout. "We're surrounded! Mutants are all over
the place! Fire your weapons!" Kyle ordered. David and Andy began shooting their weapons
which made Steven turn back to his partners. They were shooting at a wall. "What are you
guys doing? Nothing is there! Stop that! You'll waste your weapons and alert the Mutant we
are trying to capture." Steven said. He then felt a hand place itself on his shoulder. "To
late. I already know you are here." Steven herd a woman's voice behind him. As he turned
around, a swift kick knocked him down on the floor, his weapon went soaring through the air
and landed a good feet away from him and he was now pinned down by the Mutant he was sent
to capture, a beautiful woman in a blue clad ninja attire and a mask. "Whoa! No way! I know
who you are!" Steven said. The female ninja looked surprised. "You do? Really?" She asked
almost with a impressed voice. "Kitana from Mortal Kombat! I love those games. I didn't know
you were real though, or even a Mutant." Steven said. The female ninja now growled. "I'm
not Kitana. I'm Psylocke! You know part of that Mutant group the X-men? Sister of Captain
Britain?" Psylocke said taking off the mask. "Your one of those X-men? Then how come I've
never herd of you? Your not on our Mutant list." Steven asked. "Look just because I don't
get fame and glory like the Wolverine, Jean, Cyclops, and Storm's of the world doesn't mean
I'm not still a Mutant you should look out for." Psylocke said as she held Steven down on
the floor with her boot alone.

"It's all because I barely get in screen time in the animated series and I don't have a
movie to kiss my ass like Wolverine got." Psylocke muttered. "What?" Steven asked. "Oh it's
nothing. Time to reveal why I got you and your buddies down here. I discovered something
really cool awhile ago that I wanted to try it. If it works then Mutants will have yet
another defense against Anti-Mutant thugs like you." Psylocke said. "You were the one to get
us to come here?" Steven gasped. "Who do you think the lady who called you was?" Psylocke
said. She then herd Andy, Kyle, and David running out of ammo from shooting at the wall.
"Looks like your buddies ran out of fire." Psylocke commented. "Those fools! They wasted
good gunfire on a wall." Steven groaned. "Don't blame them. The minute you guys got near
this apartment I took control of their minds. I'm a telepath. I had them thinking they were
surrounded." Psylocke said and leaned in close to Steven and grabbed his shoulders. "What
are you doing?" Steven gasped. Psylocke did not answer. She opened her mouth wide like a
snake about to devour a helpless meal and that is what was going on. "No! No!" Steven fought
back with everything he knew how to do, it was simply not good enough as the ninja Mutant
engulfed his entire head into her mouth, oozing drool and saliva all over his head to make
it easier to swallow him. *GULP* The process of eating him now became almost second nature
to her. *GULP* *GULP* *GULP* Each eager gulp ingested more of the Anti-Mutant officer down
Psylocke's throat. Her belly began to stretch and expand as Steven slowly entered into it
making Psylocke's blue ninja attire feel very tight. *GULLRP* One final gulp and Steven was
fully eaten and in the stomach of a Mutant. Psylocke's belly was now very bloated, round,
and most of all heavy. Having never eaten a live person before the gravity shift caught her
off gaurd at first but she quickly got control and lifted her bulging belly up. Giving it
a quick rub, she turned her attention to the other three officers who were now punching and
kicking the walls which they believed were Mutants. "You Mutants won't stop us." Kyle said
as he punched the wall. "They feel like brick walls though. These are powerful Mutants to
take so much punishment and still be standing." David said. Psylocke chuckled at the men
fighting against a wall, because the wall was winning.

"It would be cruel to leave them like that." Psylocke created another illusion for Andy and
Kyle and they started attacking each other, thinking they were mutants. "Hey what are you
two doing?" David saw his partners fighting each other. "Don't bother. They can't hear you!"
Psylocke said. David saw her and looked shocked. "Whoa! Kitana from Mortal Kombat! And she's
pregnant!" David gasped. "I am not Kitana and I'm not pregnant." Psylocke said upset. "Are
you Mileena?" David asked. Angry, Psylocke grabbed David and began to swallow him alive with
little effort despite her bloated belly weighing her down. *GULP* *GULP* David was much
easier to eat since now she had the hang of eating a person whole. *GULP* David joined
Steven in Psylocke's large balloon belly, which was starting to fill with stomach juices.
"Nice of you to show up. You know you were fighting a wall this whole time right?" Steven
asked David as they were nearly swimming in stomach juices. On the outside Psylocke rubbed
her swollen potbelly that gurgled loudly. *GURGLE* *GROAN* *SLOSH* *BLORP* "That was so
wonderful." Psylocke sighed. Bulges and outlines of her prey squirmed inside her big belly.
She now approached Andy and Kyle, the final two officers and they were both tired from
fighting themselves and the wall. *SPLOSH* *SPLORF* *GLUB* *BLOOSH* The loud sloshing of
Psylocke's round belly alerted them. "What's that loud liquid noise?" Andy asked right as
Psylocke opened her mouth wide and engulfed Andy's entire body in her mouth. Kyle yelled in
fear as he watched his fellow officer struggle in Psylocke's bulging cheeks before she
swallowed him whole. *GULLOOP* A large bulge traveled down Psylocke's throat and her belly
increased in size. *SLOORSH* *BLUB* *BLOAT* Kyle was to afraid to move as he watched the
ninja Mutant rub her bloated and groaning belly. *GROAN* *GLORP* Her blue ninja outfit was
ready to split around the belly section. She slowly approached Kyle, her belly sloshing and
bouncing loudly as she did. *SPLOSH* *BOUNCE* *JIGGLE* Those were the sounds of doom for
him as this small Anti-Mutant group had taken on a Mutant they shouldn't have. Kyle was now
against the same wall he was tricked into fighting and against the bloated potbelly of
Psylocke. *GUURRRRRRGLE* A large bubble of gas was forming in Psylocke's round stomach
making it expand a little more.

Kyle was at a loss for words. "I can't believe I'm going to get eaten by Kitana." He finally
managed to say. Psylocke clenched her fist very annoyed. "I will let that go since your
about to be eaten. And this will be the fate of all your Anti-Mutant officers who have the
nerve to bother us Mutants." Psylocke said. *BLORRP* Her large belly blorped it's agreement
as She opened her mouth and swallowed Kyle down whole. *GULP* One final huge bulge dropped
down Psylocke's throat and her belly grew rounder and bigger, finally splitting the middle
of her ninja outfit to expose her belly to the world. *POP* Her bellybutton also popped and
became a fat outie. Psylocke rubbed her overbloated belly full of the Anti-Mutant officers.
It gurgled and sloshed loudly until she felt the gas pressure rise up from her balloon belly
and to her mouth. *PUFF* *SWELL* Psylocke's cheeks puff up becoming round holding in a gas
bomb that she needed to unleash. She held it in her cheeks which stretched to the size of
balloons to see if she was alone to let this gas out. She was so she relaxed and opened her
Psylocke unleased a deep bassy burp that was loud, echoed, and was packed full of gas. Her
cheeks returned to normal size after her burping was done and she felt great. "Getting that
first round of air out felt lovely." Psylocke said rubbing her swollen potbelly which was
still gurgling. The outline faces of her victims bulged in and out of the surface of her
belly's taunt and stretched skin, making it shine a bit. She lifted up her bloated belly
and made her way for the bed in the old apartment to lay down in. Psylocke laid flat on her
back letting her huge overstuffed stomach inhale and exhale loudly with the sloshings of
her bloated gut's contents struggling inside. Their voices and yells were easily drowned
out by Psylocke's belly noises and her constant burping due to indigestion the officers gave
her. Psylocke's cheeks puffed up again signaling for another burp to be unleashed in the
Two deep belches of gas came out in the cloud shape of butterflies. "Knock, knock!" Someone
called to her. Psylocke looked up but couldn't see pass her big belly. A figure was standing
in the doorway of the apartment.

"Don't bother getting up, balloon belly." The figure said. Psylocke finally managed to see
who it was, it was Deadpool. "Do me a favor eh? Leave the 4th wall breaking quotes to me
will ya?" Deadpool said. "If this is about that movie *BOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP* Scuse me,
comment then sorry." Psylocke muttered while burping. "No harm I guess. Now then I think
I'll go star in a movie that nobody wants to see. Later bloated Kitana." Deadpool then left
the apartment. Psylocke groaned while still rubbing her huge belly that had split the middle
section of her ninja attire. "Not true. I'd see your movie...if I cameoed in in that is.
*BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLCH*" Psylocke said while burping loudly again. One week later
Psylocke was back to her regular slim self, having lost her bloated belly after digesting
her prey, she made a phone call on a cell phone she was borrowing. "Hello? This is the
Anti-Mutant Security Force." A voice called. "Oh thank goodness. A Mutant outbreak is taking
place at my apartment! Several Mutants with scary powers. Please help me!" Psylocke lied.
"Don't worry miss. We'll send over our best Mutant hunters ever." The officer on the phone
said. "Could you send like eight ten because the Mutants here are growing in
numbers, and make sure they are tasty...I mean strong. And tall to, yes. Tall is yummy...I
mean tall makes them look tough so they can scare the Mutants." Psylocke said. "Anything
else?" The officer asked. "No (The menu sounds good already) let me tell you the location
of where the apartment is." Psylocke said getting on a new ninja outfit that expands around
the middle better.

The End.
First story in ages. I bet I have a tone of writers rust if that is a word. Which is why I didn't start up with a big story at all. I did a very minor one and a very different one at that. A X-Men vore story! You've never seen me do one of those before have you? It's not even anime related. Well I'm getting flexible and decided to try out something new and randomly picked X-Men. And of course I used a character who isn't really as big as other characters in Psylocke. She was one of my faves along with Iceman, Nightcrawler, Colossus, and Rogue. So enjoy this very different story or whatever.

I do not own these characters. X-Men belongs to Marvel
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dawnandmayforever Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2011
This is a new one. Nice.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2011
Thanks mate.
theman2222 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2011
I'm sure you'll get over 'writers rust'. You're already off to a good start.

Nice story.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2011
Thanks. I had to shake off my writers rust. Been to long since I did a story. Between my earlier computer problems and my final exams I didn't have time to write. Glad to have the time back.
terrez Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2011
i smell a part 2.
great story also Deadpool is always funny.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2011
Yeah a part 2 is probably going to happen. Thanks and yeah, Deadpool is great. I just had to fit him in somewhere.
GameAllan Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2011  Student Writer
Sweet man. Great to have you back.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2011
Thanks. Happy to be back. Hope you enjoyed the story.
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