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Attack of the giant flying Videl belly.

Videl was chilling in her house after a long day of training and was hoping to impress
all her friend's especially Gohan with all the progress she had made. *Growl* all that
hard work though made Videl feel very, very hungry. "I normally don't train for 8 hours
without rest. But I really wanted to show Gohan how far I've come." Videl smiled and
looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair which she was currently keeping short was already
starting to grow back. "I'll need another haircut. No big deal. I'll take care of it after
I eat." Videl said. She herd voices in the kitchen and saw her dad with his good friend
Majin Buu, the former villain turned good. "Buu hungry! Buu want cake and ice cream!" The
fussy Majin Buu complained. "Now, now Buu. You ate all the food I bought in hour ago."
Videl's dad, Hercule said. Videl listened at the door. "All the food's gone?" Videl said
to herself. *Growl* Her empty stomach was not pleased by this news. "I'll have to go to the
store and buy some more. Of course being a world star I get a discount, so it shouldn't
take long. I'll be back in about a hour." Hercule went to the door and saw Videl. "We're
out of food again?" Videl asked somewhat annoyed. "Yes sweetie but don't worry. Your daddy
is on his way to the store right now!" Hercule said. Videl frowned. "I wish you wouldn't
talk to me like that. Like I'm still a little girl." Videl said. Hercule seemed to not
hear her. "Well I gotta go kiddo. You be good and keep Buu company. And Buu you watch my
daughter, and make sure no boys come over while I'm Gone." Hercule said as he left. Videl
hated that last comment and turned to Buu who was still looking for some piece of food in
the kitchen.

"Buu still hungry!" Buu said. "Well aren't you Majin Buu, the pink blob who can turn just
about anything into food and candy?" Videl asked. ".....Buu cannot. Mr. Hercule said not
to use Buu's power's for evil." Buu said. Videl's stomach growled once more, she couldn't
wait. "Listen Buu, could you make me some candy or something?" Videl asked. Buu rubbed his
head. "Buu doesn't know. Buu was told not too..." Buu said. "You don't have to turn people
into food, can't you like turn stuff into food like the sofa or the chair's?" Videl said.
Buu shrugged. Videl was losing her patience but tried to remain calm as her empty stomach
barked it's order's at her by growling. "I know, can you transfer some of your candy
making power's to me?" Videl asked. Buu looked at Videl for a while and finally said. "Buu
can, but Buu does not think..." Buu started but Videl cut him off. "Great, let's do it.
Come on Buu, we haven't got all day." Videl said. "But Buu..." Buu tried again but Videl
stopped him again. "...Will be in big trouble if he does not help me, now come on!" Videl
shouted. Buu looked nervous and carefully raised his arms and transfered some of his power
to Videl. Videl felt a surge of power over her. "Wow! I feel great! I feel like I can do
anything I want...But I also feel even more hungry!" Videl said licking her lips. Buu now
looked regretful. "Buu should warn Videl that Buu's power in a human would accelerate the
hunger." Buu said. "No wonder your always hungry. But it's not sweets I want." Videl then
flew out of her house bursting through the roof. Videl looked at the city from a birds eye
view. "Time to chow down. But I won't turn everyone into sweets." Videl channeled her new
power in her hands and like a magnetic force everyone in the city was tossed up in the air.

"What's happening?" A man said. "I don't know. Don't look at me." A woman said. "Hey, I'm
missing my t.v. shows!" A boy whined. Videl had about 300 people in the air from the city
and now opened her mouth wide open and it stretched far beyond anything a human could do.
Drool was dripping from her mouth. Using her finger's she magnetically charged a man to
her open mouth and flew at her like a missle. "Heeeeeey! What the..." He flew into Videl's
inhuman mouth and down her throat. Videl's stomach expanded to a great size and got very
bloated and round and the weight of it made Videl wobble in mid air. "Yum!" Videl rubbed
her big stomach as a human male was filling it up. The people stuck in mid air screamed
as Videl's belly wobbled and sloshed. *SLOSH* *GLUB* *BLUMP* "But I'm still hungry! Let's
see how many of you can fill me up!" Videl launched two more people at herself and they
went down her throat as a enourmous bulge. *GUULP* Videl's belly ballooned out even
further, peaking out from her shirt and loking very pale yet shiny. The squirming and
roundness of Videl's belly was making it hard for her to stay in the air but she somehow
managed. Videl contiuned to rocket her helpless meals toward's her mouth. Men, women,
childern, it made no shred of difference to Videl who she ate. Her giant belly grew more
and more until all 300 citzen's of the city had been eaten and were now squirming in her
blimp sized belly.

Videl's stomach was massivly bloated and now she had to land as her belly's weight was
massive. Upon landing on the ground the overbloated ball of Videl's belly hit the ground
and sloshed. *BLORP* *GLORP* *CHURN* *BUBBLE* *SPLORP* Videl's cheeks ballooned up for
a moment before she unleashed a big gassy burp that echoed in the empty city and shook it.
Videl covered her mouth when her burp had ended. She placed a hand on her beyond round
belly as it was moving around with all 300 people of the city inside it and getting
gassier by the second. Videl was now laying on her massive belly like it was a water bed.
*SPLOSH* *GLUNK* *BLORP* Videl could feel her popped belly button at the center of the
ball of flesh know as her stomach. "That was good and now for dessert." Videl mustered
all her power and slowly was able to stand up and began to accend into the air to fly.
Videl's big belly sloshed, bounced, and bobbed, side to side, up and down, back and forth
the whole time being extra noisy. *GROAN* *GLUNK* *SPLOSH* *SPLORPLE* *BURBLE*
The extra sloshing made another wave of gas rush up Videl's throat and she felt in even
bigger burp burning up her inside's and her cheeks bloated out wider then the last time.
Videl burped twice both equally gassy and loud. With all that gas out of her, Videl found
it easier to fly. "Now I'm ready!" Videl flew up with her giant sloshy belly and flew out
of the city to devour another one. Buu watched the whole thing. "Buu, Videl I'm back!"
Hercule came back home with bags of food in his arms and listening to his favorite song
'Eyes of the Lion' on a ipod like device. "Buu what happened? It's like a ghost town in the
city." Hercule said. "Videl ate everyone in the city, then flew off to eat another city."
Buu said. Hercule now dropped his bags and ipod. "WHHHHAAAAAAAAAAT?!" Hercule screamed.
Buu nodded and then pointed to the roof. "I told you to watch her!" Hercule said fumming.
"Buu did watch. Buu watched the whole thing through the roof." Buu said. Hercule now did
a facepalm.

Videl was flying to the next city with her big giant belly wobbling in the air, weighing
her down a little. But whenever Videl felt the weight of her belly becoming to great she
burped to get the pressure off herself. *BUUUUUUUURRRRRP* Videl burped loudly in the air
and saw a city below her. Some of the people below saw her as well. "Hey look up in the
sky. It's a balloon!" A man said. "No it's a blimp!" "Your both wrong it's a....giant
flying belly?" A woman said. Videl looked down on everyone and used the same magenetic
power to lift the people of the city up into the air to her level. Videl however felt
herself starting to sink down so he gave her big stomach a thump until she could burp.
*BEEEEEEEEELLLLLLCH* Videl was able to stay airborne again but despite all her burping
her bloated belly never deflated at all. "Let's make this meal fast, while I can stay in
the air!" Videl said and using her power's the citzen's of this city all were pulled to
her. Videl opened her mouth wide unhinging her jaws like a snake and her body was like
rubber now as she swallowed person after person down her big throat. *GULP* *GULP* *GULP*
Videl's belly was getting rounder and heavier but she kept herself in the air as there
was about the same amount of people in this city as the last, 300. Videl's belly expanded
wider and rounder, the skin was so taut and shiny looking ready to burst at any moment.

Videl's cheeks were bulging as she swallowed a two kids together and traveled down her
throat as a giant bulge. *GLUURRRP* *GUUULP* Videl now had 600 people in her belly and
Videl fell to the ground landing on her blimp size belly and it cushioned her fall like
a water, sloshy pillow. "Ahh!" Videl rested ontop her big gargantuan stomach which kept
her several feet off the ground. *BLOSH* *BLORP* *BURBLE* *BUBBLE* Videl's belly was so
noisy the cries of her meals could not even be herd. There various faces bulged in and
out of her round stomach's as outlines and imprints. Videl rubbed her massive sloshy
belly. "That was good. But now It's time I ate the biggest city of all. As my grand final
meal." Videl slowly got to her feet by shifting her weight down as hard as it was to get it
off her gargantuan belly. Now Videl started poking her belly as soon as she was on her
Videl burped loudly at last, and it was much deeper then last time not that she cared.
She now got herself off the ground and her belly bobbed up and down. It was time to put
all her training with Gohan to the test, as her giant belly was impossibly heavy with 600
people sloshing in it, she needed strong upper body strength. As Videl slowly got off the
ground her stomach helped once again as Videl felt the urge to burp once again.
*BUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP* Videl's deep burp shot her 3 feet into the
air by gas release alone. *BLOSH* *GLORP* *CHURN* *BUBBLE* Videl flew to the biggest city
around, West city with 8,450 know residences. Videl hovered over the city with her giant
belly casting a eclipse over it. Like always people were trying to guess what the giant
sphere was in the sky, not knowing it was a big round sloshy overweighted belly in the sky.
Videl used the power of magneticism to lift the 8,450 people off the ground and into the
air. Videl's belly gave a groan of indigestion. *GLLLLOOOOOORRRRRRP* Videl smacked the
round belly silent. As the people all screamed, Videl opened her mouth wider then ever
it was so wide it covered the entire city. The bottom of her jaw was actually touching
the ground of the city despite being several feet in the air. Videl looked like a pac man
as she swallowed all 8,450 whole her cheeks were unrealisticlly big as she held them all.
all 8,450 were gulped down her throat. Once down her mouth and throat returned to normal
size and Videl's belly dropped back down to the city due to being even more bloated.

Videl was ontop of her giant sloshy belly and with her small girly figure, the belly was
a total mismatch for her so she wouldn't be moving for awhile. "It's going to take a lot
of burping before I can move this gut again." Videl said rubbing what little of her belly
she could, it was so round and bloated she could never reach all of it, bigger then two
Videl belched loudly as gas was building inside her and bubbling her inside's. "Man, am
I going to have a belly ache for this." Videl said her cheeks ballooned out to a big size
*BLORP* *SPLOSH* *GROAN* *BURBLE* *BLOAT* *DIGEST* Between Videl's burping and her
gargantuan belly's noises, it was even deafening. Four figure's flew down to Videl. They
were Gohan, Vegeta, Trunks, and Goten. "Whoa!" Goten and Trunks were amazed with Videl's
massive belly, Vegeta looked disgusted, and Gohan looked shocked. "Videl?" Gohan said.
Videl leaned over her belly and saw Gohan. "Hey Gohan! Umm, I'm sure your wondering what
is going on." Videl said. *GLLLORRRPLE* *BUBBLE* *CHUUURRRRRN* "Well we herd news about
a giant flying belly flying around eating people. We thought it might have been Majin Buu
turning back to his evil form, but when we got to him he told us what happened and that's
how we found you." Gohan said. "You ate cities of people? Wow, you should be my partner
in eating contest! You'd win!" Goten said patting Videl's bloated round belly. "I'm sorry
I.....(BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRP) Got carried away." Videl said burping loudly in the
middle. "Hey dad, how many people has Videl eaten?" Trunks asked. "Well with the residence
of West City and the other two cities, ugh how disgusting really." Vegeta said. "Well?"
"SHE ATE OVER 9,000!" vegeta yelled. Gohan looked at Videl. "We can get the Dragon ball's
to wish everyone back to life, but Videl this is a serious matter! What do you have to
say for yourself?" Gohan asked.

Videl looked embrassed to say this but said it anyway. "I'm still hungry." Before Gohan
could respond Videl burped loudly and deeply again shaking the ground as it went off.
When Videl was done burping the only sounds that could herd over then Videl's belly were
Trunks and Goten laughing.

The end.
This is a Videl vore story request for VegetaHyuuga, I apologize that it's so late. I haven't seen or watched Dragon Ball Z in ages since it ended, it was one of those series I watched to the end yet never looked back, so writing this story brought back memories. Anyway I hope you all enjoy.

I do not own Dragon Ball Z or any of it's character's. It is owned by Akira Toriyama.
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