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The Department of Vore Girls 100.

Dawn was blindfolded as the police officer who had informed her that she needed a real vore
license took her to the DVG's secret location. Dawn herself had digested a good number of
her Hearthome victims so while her belly was still very large, sticking out from her pink
contest dress it had shrunk quite a bit. She knew it was smaller as she felt it squeeze
through a door. *BLORP* *SPLOSH* It still sloshed loudly with the contents bouncing inside
her stomach walls. Once she was passed the door the officer took off her blindfold and Dawn
found herself in a large building with yellow floor tiles, blue walls, lots of doors and
several people. Other then the officers they were all girls with large bellies, most of them
had bigger bellies then she did. "Welcome to the DVG! Here all females take the exam to get
their vore license. Since vore has become so common and frequent recently the government has
decided we need to have every vorer registered." The officer said. Dawn scoffed at that.
"The government thinks they can control everything!" She said. "This is secret to the public
eye. We can't even tell you the location where you are." The officer informed her. Dawn
shrugged that off. "So hurry up and get in line to fill out some paperwork on yourself and
your vore status." The officer pointed to a long line of girls with large bellies waiting in
a line to reach a desk. As Dawn got in the line her large belly began to wobble around as
her prey was becoming restless. "Hey! Dee Dee when are you going to let us out?" Kenny's
voice yelled from within Dawn's round belly prison. "Kenny be quiet and stop calling me
that!" Dawn said to her large belly. *GURRRGLE* A gassy grumble was all that responded but
it was loud enough to echo off the walls. The lady in front of Dawn turned around to face
her, and her belly was even larger then her's. "Having trouble with your meal? I know the
feeling." The lady said pointing at her huge gut as it gurgled along with Dawn's but even
louder. *GROAN* *GURGLE* *GLORP* "Here, take this pill. It should help soothe your stomach
and calm down your restless victims." The lady reached into a bag she was carrying and got
out a blue pill. "Thank you miss..." Dawn started. "It's Rukia." Rukia said holding her own
large belly as it too wobbled. Dawn took the pill and soon her belly relaxed itself. "That's
much better." Dawn sighed. "Enjoy it. It doesn't last very long." Rukia said as her belly
began to wobble and slosh louder. *GLORP* *SLOSH* *GLUNK* "Rukia!" Dawn saw what appeared to
be a stuffed animal pop out from her bag.

"This place is scary! I mean there are a bunch of hot girls here but they all have those
big, giant, round, sloshy, violent bellies! They would eat a cool guy like me!" "Kon nobody
is going to eat you!" Rukia informed him. As Dawn looked from Rukia to Kon someone bumped
into her from behind making her belly slosh loudly. *SPLOSH* "Dane! Your here too!" Dawn
turned around and saw Lyra smiling at her. "How cool is this! We get to get our vore license
together!" Lyra said. She also had a large belly on her so she must have eaten someone, but
Dawn also noticed it was smaller then hers. Lyra noticed this as well as she quickly started
looking over Dawn's belly. "How many people are actually inside there?" Lyra asked touching
Dawn's bulbous belly. "There was 100, I digested half of them so about 50ish." Dawn said.
"Has the line moved yet?" Lyra asked. "No, there seems to be a problem up front." Rukia
informed the two younger girls. At the front of the line two other young girls were having
a rough time getting papers from the officer in charge of the desk and they had two of the
biggest, roundest, and sloshiest bellies in the entire DVG, even by just standing still
their bellies would slosh around without control. "Listen I'm sorry cadets Namine and Xion
but we cannot give you two test because you don't really exist! Your a Nobody and a clone.
Your artifical at best." The officer said. Namine and Xion refused to move. "We have two of
the biggest bellies in the entire room! If anyone should get a vore liscense it should be
us!" Xion said. "Your DVG is prejudice against girls with no hearts." Namine complained.
*BUBBLE* *BLOSH* *SPLORF* *GLORSH* The two girls bellies sloshed so loud they were almost
drowned out by them. "I didn't make that rule! You have to really exist to take the exam.
That's just how it is." The officer said. "What does having a heart and existing have to
do with vore anyway?" Xion asked. "That's right we clearly have bellies." Namine said as she
and Xion stick out their overbloated bellies. Numerous bulges struggled inside both. The
two twin giant bellies were so shiny they were almost translucent. "Okay fine! Here!" The
officer gave the girls their papers. "Thank you." As Xion and Namine left the desk they
secretly high fived each other under the cover of their bloated bellies. "We so owned that."
Xion whispered. "Totally. They'll think twice before they turn down a Nobody and a clone."
Namine whispered as their titanic bellies loud sloshing easily masked their whispering.
"PLORSH* *GLORP* *SPLOSH* *BOUNCE* *JIGGLE* Everyone watched Namine and Xion sit down as
their bellies were truly among the biggest in the entire DVG. Their outie belly buttons had
popped out very far as well.

With those two girls taken care of the line moved along very fast. Lyra spent the entire
time chatting with Dawn, commenting on how big her belly had gotten and how it split a hole
in her favorite dress. Dawn endured this the best she could as the pill Rukia gave her was
starting to wear off and she felt large amounts of gas bubbling in her large stomach.
*GRUMBLE* *GROAN* Soon Dawn approached the front desk. "Okay name?" The officer asked.
Dawn's cheeks puffed up as she was about to answer. *DAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWNN*
Dawn burped her name loudly in the officers face. When she was finished she covered her
mouth very embarrassed. The officer however didn't seem to care as he gave her a paper to
fill out. "Go fill this paper out and here is your number. When they call it you can go to
the testing center." The officer said. "You mean there's more waiting?" Dawn asked. "Yeah
now go sit down." The officer said. Dawn was about to say something to him but all that came
officer twice now, Dawn decided to go sit down. Her round belly wobbled the whole way to her
seat. She looked at the paper and it's number was 100. "Is this suppose to be ironic or
what?" Dawn asked. Lyra soon sat next to Dawn. "What number are you?" Lyra asked. "100."
Dawn asked. "I'm number 99." Lyra said. "But you were after me! How did you get a quicker
number?" Dawn asked. Lyra shrugged. "Don't like you number?" A woman asked sitting across
from Dawn and Lyra. Her belly was just as huge as Namine and Xion's enormous guts. She had
on a black robe with red clouds on it and a shiny pale belly sticking out from the center.
"Who are you?" Lyra asked. "Konan. I know a trick you may find useful." Konan said with
little to no emotion in her voice or on her face which made Dawn and Lyra feel intimidated
by her. Konan turned her head to a blonde girl sitting next to a black haired girl. Both of
their bellies were pretty small compared to the other girls around them. "You with the
blonde hair!" Konan said. The blonde girl looked at Konan. "The name is Serena!" Serena
said. "What number are you?" Konan demanded. Serena quickly became intimidated by Konan's
lack of emotion. "Number 8." Serena said. Without warning Konan created a paper prison
around Serena's feet. "Hey!" Serena screamed and everyone in the DVG looked at what was
going on. The paper prison soon swallowed up Serena's entire body and began to float over
towards Konan who lazily opened her mouth wide and gulped down Serena in two giant gulps.
*GULP* *GULP* Dawn and Lyra watch in horror as Serena's bulge traveled down Konan's throat
and landed in her already big belly which just made it even bigger. "*GURBLE* *SLORP* *BLUB*
Konan's bulbous belly bubbled and groaned as she now held Serena's number in her hand.
and a silver crystal flew out of her mouth and at Dawn's feet. "You know we vore all the
time but watching her do it was scary." Dawn said. Lyra agreed.

With Serena eaten by Konan, everyone stopped watching them and went back to their own
business as if that was a common everyday thing to see. Konan had turned back to Dawn and
Lyra, not caring at all that they now feared her. "And that is how you get higher numbers
here." Konan said. *BLORP* *GURGLE* *RUMBLE* *SLOSH* Konan's massive belly wobbled and
gurgled very loudly but Konan's cold expression never changed no matter how much gas bubbled
in her huge potbelly which was now one of the biggest in the room. They soon announced
number 8 and Konan got up. Her huge belly bobbed up and down as she stood up. "Good luck!"
Lyra said to Konan, who merely looked at Lyra, then lifted up her rotund belly and walked
off to the testing center. "I think she likes us." Lyra said to Dawn. "What made you think
that?" Dawn asked. "She didn't eat us." Lyra said. "She didn't have to. Her number was way
higher then ours." Dawn said. They looked around and Konan wasn't the only one who ate
others to get higher numbers. The popstar Sonia Strumm had recently swallowed someone else
to steal their number and her bulbous belly poked out from her pink hoodie, exposed to the
world as it bounced and wobbled. "Sweet, number 15." Sonia smiled to herself while rubbing
her big belly. Some vorers tried to eat more then they could handle as Dawn and Lyra watched
Tea Gardner try and fail to eat Akiza only for the latter to swallow her instead. *GULP*
Akiza's belly was very swollen and she had to sit down and rub the bloated beach ball of
flesh. *BUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP* Akiza burped loudly as she rubbed her belly. "So
much vore is going on around here. You can't even follow it all." Lyra said. "Yes! I passed.
Look out world! Blair Flannigan is a legal vorer!" Blair Flannigan came out from the test
center with a large belly bigger then her own body which sloshed loudly as she cheered and
held a liscense card. "I can't wait to put this to use!" Blair said as she hugged her very
round belly and someone inside it struggled, making it shake and bounce. Rukia had also
passed the exam and got her vore license as well. Not everyone passed the exam. Sakura from
Konoha didn't pass. "I failed the vore exam." She moaned to her friends Ino and Hinata. All
three girls had giant bellies regardless. While Hinata was sympathetic, Ino was trying not
to laugh at the situation. "Ino are you trying not to laugh at me?" Sakura yelled. "
I'm holding in a burp. I'm so full." Ino said pointing at her bloated belly. "Liar!" Sakura
snarled as Ino could barely contain herself. "Ino stop being mean!" Hinata said.

"I'm sorry! It's just so funny! How can a vorer fail a vore exam?" Ino laughed out loud
making her belly bounce and slosh very loudly *PLORF* *SPLOSH* *GLUNK* This provided a good
loud noise to drown out voices because Sakura began to curse Ino out. "Sakura! Language!"
Hinata said squeezing herself between Sakura and Ino. Soon Lyra's number was called. "Their
at 99 already? I haven't even filled out my paperwork... oh well, wish me luck, Dane." Lyra
said as she got up and went to the test center. Dawn noticed that the girls who passed the
exam stayed in the DVG. Why hadn't they left yet? She watched Blair just lean against a wall
with her spherical belly sticking out in front of her even though she was done with the
exam. Sakura, Ino, and Hinata also remained where they were and they were competing to see
who had the biggest belly among the three, which Hinata won. She saw Konan come out with a
new vore license but she also stayed in the building and didn't leave. "Hey Dawn! Your here
to?" Dawn looked up and saw May, a fellow Pokemon Coordinator and she was sporting one of
the biggest bellies Dawn had ever seen, quite possibly the biggest belly in the room. It was
so big it touched the ground. "May? How many people have you eaten?" Dawn asked. "Actually
nobody. I kinda stopped at a noodle shop before coming here!" May blushed. "And you ate
that much?" Dawn gasped. "I skipped breakfest. So have you got your license yet?" May asked
as she showed Dawn hers. "I haven't been called yet, and I haven't filled out the paperwork
either. It's to distracting here." Dawn said. May sat beside her and her entire belly let
out a massive slosh. "Your serious all that is noodles?" Dawn asked poking May's big belly.
"I told you I skipped breakfest. I was very hungry." May defended herself. Dawn's number 100
was finally called. "Finally! I'll see you when I get back, May." Dawn said as she leaped
out of her chair and her giant belly wobbled around. "Hey! Stop doing that, Dee Dee!" Kenny
yelled from inside her belly. "Kenny you aren't digested yet? Must be pretty boring in
there." Dawn said poking her belly. She made her way to the testing center as Lyra was
coming out. "Dane! I did it! I passed!" Lyra said very happily. "Great Lyra. I'm going in
next. See you outside." Dawn entered the test center, which was filled with computers and
it was very quiet. There was one officer in the room overseeing the exam. "Head for any
computer you like." The officer said.

Dawn headed towards a pink computer in the back. "A pink computer. Now this is my kind of
technology." Dawn said as the computer turned on and began asking questions. Dawn read the
first one to herself. "What is the techincal term for vore? It's not vore?" Dawn didn't
know the answer so she skipped it. There was a loud bang outside the testing center. The
Officer left the testing to see what all the noise was about. The next question on the exam
asked how many people can a female stomach hold. "That's a trick question. It depends on the
vorer...oh that's a choice." Dawn selected that answer. The next question asked if burping
after vore comes from swallowing air with the victim or from digestion. Dawn thought about
that question and began to poke and shake her big belly below her. The constant poking soon
irritated her belly and she felt her cheeks puff up before she let out a loud and big burp.
aftertaste wasn't great but Dawn put down her answer. "Both. Pretty simple." Dawn said as
she went to her next question and she herd yelling from outside the testing center. Dawn
got annoyed with this. She read the next question to herself again. "How round is the female
stomach when it can no longer fit through a door after a meal? Sounds like a Lyra question.
She would know with all the times she measures her belly." Dawn picked a random number.
*GULP* *BUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP* Dawn herd someone swallow someone else outside
the testing center. "I wish they would all shut up while I take this stupid exam. Okay here
is the next question, how big is the stomach when it touches the ground after eating? Goodie
another Lyra measure question." Dawn picked a random answer again, not bothering to even
attempt to do the math. "Next question, How can you tell the difference between a Stuffed
belly, a obese belly, a vore belly and a pregnant belly?" Dawn quickly took the obese belly
option out of the mix, since vorers tend to never actually gain weight from vore. "Pregnant,
stuffed, and vore...The bulges for vore. You would see the prey struggling, and for pregnant
vs stuffed." Dawn tapped her belly as she thought making her burp again. *BUUUUUUURRRRRRRP*
After burping the obvious answer came to her. "A stuffed belly would gurgle and slosh with
movement. A pregnant belly would not, at least I don't think." Dawn picked the answer that
closely followed her answer.

"Next question, how heavy is a belly when the vorer can no longer lift it up? Another one of
these kinds of questions." Dawn just picked a random answer and she was taken to her final
question. *BEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLCCCH* Someone outside the testing center belched as
there was a paniced cry. "Final question. This test really wasn't that long. Okay it says
which DA vore writer just reached his 100th story? Seriously that's a question? It's got to
be that creep Justin who calls himself Mangavore. What a geek. Kenny talks about him all
the time." Dawn said. "Hey! His work is really good!" Kenny said from inside Dawn's large
belly. "I'm more of a Brom290 and theman2222 fan. Their stories are way cooler." Dawn now
submitted her answer and passed the exam. "Yes! Now to find someone who runs this place and
have them make me a license!" Dawn said hugging her giant belly as she passed the exam.
Suddenly a officer busted into the room. "Perfect timing! I passed. So I believe you owe me
a license." Dawn said. "Help me!" The officer said before a familiar female jumped on the
officer and swallowed him with great ease. *GULP* It was Candice the Snowpoint city gym
leader. As Candice stroked her new balloon belly Dawn was shocked at how quickly it all
happened. "Candice? I didn't know you took the test too!" Dawn said. *HOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRP*
After burping, Candice looked at Dawn. "Dawn? You just now finished the exam? Uh oh. We
thought everyone was done." Candice said, still holding her round belly. "Don't tell me..."
Dawn stepped outside the testing center and the scene was a vorers paradise. Every single
girl was on the floor with a belly that was so swollen they touched the ceiling. They had
eaten every single officer and worker in the DVG and spared no one. Several girls laid on
the floor bloated, May, Lyra, Akiza, Ino, Sakura, Hinata, Sonia, Luna, Rukia, Alexis, Blair,
Serenity, Kairi, Xion, Namine, Aqua, Konan and a bunch of other girls stuffed to the limits.
Xion and Namine had eaten the officers at the desk who gave them a hard time earlier about
the test and how they didn't exist. "Who doesn't *BOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRP exist now?" Namine
said while burping along with Xion. Dawn squeezed her way passed all the large bellies until
she reached the large belly of Lyra who was laying next to May. "Why didn't you guys tell
everyone I was still taking the exam? Now there's nobody here to give me my vore license."
Dawn complained. "Sorry Dane. We just got so caught up in the excitement to be able to have
a license to vore!" Lyra said. "I took that test for nothing." Dawn sobbed. "Hey blue hair
girl! Don't cry over it. At least you didn't fail the exam like... some other dumb girl I
know." Ino said. "Drop dead, Ino!" Sakura yelled at her rival.

"Still this DVG was poorly put together. If the officers around here can be eaten so easily
then maybe I don't want a license from them." Dawn said while leaning on Lyra's large belly.
In the DVG's main office the owner of the building had watched everything through hidden
cameras. "My prototype DVG wasn't a total flop. I just need better officers that are more
suited for these kinds of operations and instead of 100 of them I should have 200. Double
is always better." The owner said just before his phone rang. "Justin? Are you still at
that DVG building of yours in the middle of nowhere? You've got class mister! Move it."
Justin groaned. "Yes mom. I'll go right away." Justin put on his glasses, a hoodie and a
pair of jeans. "The DVG 200 will be the prototypes successor!" Justin said to himself and
he soon her numerous loud burps from the girls in the center. "Oh crap! I better leave out
the secret back entrance aka my coward entrance before the girls find me!" Justin squeeled
before he ran out of the building.

The End...until 200.
Been awhile since I did a story. Well as my journal said my personal life has been very busy and junk. So here's my 100th story at last. My original goal when I joined DA was to make at least 100 stories. It took a few years but I finally got up to that number. If I still had all my free time back I would have done it sooner sorry for the wait. This takes place right after my 99th story and is the direct sequel to it. I used many females in this story for vore cameos but mainly used Dawn from Pokemon, the first character I ever made a vore story off of. Now that I'm passed 100 I'll be making some OC's for vore stories. Enjoy or not it's up to you. Warning it is a long story.

I do not own these characters. They all belong to their own owners. Except for Justin XD
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Thatonerussian Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013  Student Filmographer
I believe I just found my favorite story
Mangavore Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013
Thank you.
rtfulk2003 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012
Huh... Kinda wasn't expecting to see Luna's name among the preds. Is this Luna as in Luna Platz from MegaMan Star Force? Any chance we'll be seeing her as a pred in her own story anytime soon?
Mangavore Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2012
Yes it was Luna Platz. As for the latter question I don't know.
dawnandmayforever Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2012
Congrats on 100 stories mate!
Mangavore Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2012
Thank you. Been a long time coming.
theman2222 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2012
Congrats on the 100th story, dude. A real milestone.

Loved the whole 'inter-related' vore worlds and agency headed by one savvy, albeit controlled, individual ;)

The crossover-esque format is nicely done since nobody is really neglected and everyone is true to how they were.

A really nice job.

Man, I still remember when I first found your page and you only had about (roughly) 20 stories.
I'm really happy that you managed to get to 100 stories, dude. You work hard, it pays off.

Hope to see more in the future and that I can do my series well, cause you've been my biggest inspiration when it came to Vore.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2012
Thanks man. Truthfully there were times where I didn't think I would make it to 100 but I somehow kept going even as my outside life go very busy I always managed to find some time to get a vore story in. Glad you enjoyed the crossover since I was very overdue to do one. I kept everyone in character as much as possible. I'll continue to do more stories for as long as I can and I will be looking very forward to your series as well. I'm happy that I was a inspiration for your vore stuff as well because I am one of your biggest fans so keep up the good work :)
theman2222 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2012
I know how you feel. I almost gave up on vore writing after my Battle Revolution series hit a dead end. But then the idea for the Sack Girl series came to me and later, the idea for Vore High School.

I'm glad to know you like my work cause I like yours too and I hope we can both keep working on the vore cause someone's gotta do it :)
Mangavore Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2012
I'm very glad you didn't give up on vore writing. Let's both go out and spread the vore word as much as we can XD
theman2222 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2012
Sounds like a plan :)
ssbbfanatic Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2012
I lol'd how you referenced yourself in the story, I didn't see that coming :D Congratulations on 100 stories dude.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2012
Thanks. Sometimes I love to poke fun at myself. This seemed like the perfect time.
GameAllan Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2012  Student Writer
Congrats for the hundred dude. I almost made it man.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2012
Thank you. I finally got to the double zeros.
GameAllan Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2012  Student Writer
It's been a long time coming but you've definetly earned it.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2012
It took much longer then I thought. I will never underestimate numbers again XD thanks for the support.
MystifiedBeef Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2012
Congrats for getting to 100 stories
Mangavore Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2012
Thank you. I finally made it up that far!
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