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Thanksgiving Belly stuffing and Burping contest: Sonia Strumm vs Luna Platz.

The town of Echo Ridge was bustling with energy as it was Thanksgiving time. 5th Grade
student Geo Stelar was going to have his first Thanksgiving dinner with friend's he had
made at his house. "Geo, I'm so excited to have your friend's over for Thanksgiving."
Geo's mother Mrs. Stelar said as she set the table for many guest. "Yeah it's a first.
They should be arriving at any moment now." Geo said. The doorbell rang and sure enough
3 of Geo's friend's were at the door from school. The beautiful blonde 5th grade class
president Luna Platz, the nerdy little kid with glasses Zack Temple, and the big overeating
boy Bud Bison. "Hello Mrs. Stelar! Thank you for having us over." Luna said and turned to
Bud and Zack. "Yes, thank you. The Prez here did want to come, but she didn't want to just
come alone and so she begged me and Bud to tag along." Zack said. Luna kicked Zack in the
leg. "Oww!" "We even brought our own food for Dinner." Bud said. "Great let me put them
on the table." Mrs. Stelar put the plates on the table as Luna approached Geo. "Happy
Thanksgiving Geo! I still can't believe I'm going to have Thanksgiving dinner with
a kid I once considered to be a school ditching emo." Luna said. "Was that a compliment
Luna?" Geo laughed. "Sounded like a insult to me." Zack said as he passed them to help
set the table. Bud was trying very hard not to eat the Turkey legs on the table. "The wait
is killer." Bud muttered while drooling.

The doorbell rang again. Geo answered the door and it was his celebrity friend in her pink
hoodie, Sonia Strumm the most popular young singer around. "Geo! Happy Thanksgiving!" Sonia
gave Geo a one arm hug as she was holding a plate of string beans for dinner. "Hey Sonia.
Happy Thanksgiving to you as well." Geo said. "Sonia's here?" Bud and Zack got excited as
Luna frowned and got jealous. "Hi guys! I see you arrived before I did. Sorry if I'm a
little late." Sonia said. "Here let me get that for you, Sonia!" Bud said taking Sonia's
plate. Luna frowned even more until Sonia beamed at her. "Hey Luna. Still class president?"
Sonia asked. "What? Oh yeah, of course. And how's your singing going?" Luna asked. "Great!
I'm in the middle of recording a new song right now." Sonia said. "Really?" Geo, Bud, and
Zack gathered around Sonia as Luna got annoyed. "Boys." She muttered angrily. The doorbell
rang once again and there was Patrick Sprigs right at the door, holding a plate of rice.
"Hey everyone. Happy Thanksgiving." He said rather shyly. "Pat, glad you could make it."
Geo immediately went towards Pat, accidently bumping Luna and Sonia aside. "Thanks for
inviting me over, Geo." Pat said. "So where have you been Pat? You've missed month's of
classes. The Prez created a doll of you so she could stab it." Bud said pointing at Luna
who blushed. "Mental note to myself. Create a Bud and Zack doll later." Luna quietly told
herself. "Sorry I messed up your class attendance Luna. I had some personal issues to deal
with." Pat said.

"Oh no! We don't have any gravy. I'll have to run to the store and get some." Mrs. Stelar
said. "I'll go with you to get some Mom. Pat want to tag along?" Geo asked. Luna and Sonia
looked surprised when Geo offered Pat to go along. "Sure. Alright." Pat said. "We'll finish
setting the tables." Bud said. Mrs. Stelar, Geo, and Pat left the house and the girl's
became steamed but got over it. As they set the table, Luna and Sonia both tried to set
there belonging's on the chair next to Geo's. "Sorry Sonia, but I'm sitting next to Geo."
Luna said. "I wanted to sit next to Geo. He's sitting next to his mom on the left so the
right side only one person can sit next to him." Sonia said. "Sonia, I like you and all,
but seriously back off!" Luna said. "Funny Luna. I was about to say the same." The two
girls exchanged hostile looks. Bud and Zack looked worried. "We better play peace makers
Bud." Zack whispered. "Um, hey ladies, let's all just sit down and have a early
Thanksgiving preview before Geo get's back." Bud said. Sonia and Luna slowly turned to
look at Bud and he felt afraid. "Good idea. Let's settle this little feud, Sonia." Luna
said. "In the spirit of Thanksgiving and all thing's food related it's clear how we should
solve it." Sonia said. "Oh no, I've herd about this Bud. There going to have a massive
cat fight and claw each other's faces. It's going to get violent." Zack whispered to Bud.
"A burping contest!" Sonia and Luna decided. "What?!" Zack said shocked. "But you two are
girls! Girls can't burp!" Bud said.

Luna hit Bud on the forehead. "Winner not only sit's with Geo, but get's to have Geo all
to herself until Thanksgiving is over. Deal?" Luna said. "Deal." Luna and Sonia shook hands
and sat down on opposite side's of each other. "I really must advise against this girls."
Zack said. Sonia and Luna both grabbed a 2 liter bottle of Coke as there were many
bottles for the Thanksgiving feast. They opened the caps, stared at each other and began
to drink the carbonated beeverages loudly. *GULP* *GULP* *GULP* *GULP* *GULP* "This
can't be healthy for them. Come on girls. Why not just move Geo's chair to another section
of the room, or ask his mom if one of you can sit in her seat? Im sure she won't mind."
Zack said. Luna and Sonia's stomach's were starting to slowly swell up. Luna let go off
her coke and burped first. *Buuuurrrp* it was weak and girly. Sonia giggled. "Luna come on
at least try." Sonia mocked. "That was just my starter!" Luna said patting are bloating
stomach. *BUUUUUUURRRRRRRP* Sonia burped really loud and very deep. Zack and Bud gawked
at her as Sonia rubbed her swelling belly which was bigger then Luna's. "And that was my
'starter'." Sonia said as her deep burp left everyone shocked. Luna clenched her fist and
then began to chug her soda again louder. *GULP* *GULP* *GULP* *GULP* Sonia did the same.
"Did you hear Sonia burp? Who knew girl's could burp like that." Bud said amazed and began
to eat a turkey leg from the Thanksgiving table. "Bud do you have to eat now? Can't you
wait for our Thanksgiving feast?" Zack said. "Hey if they can swell the bellies with soda
then I can have a turkey leg. Nobody will miss it." Bud said.

Luna and Sonia continued to chug soda's until there stomach's were offically swollen and
big. *BUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP* Luna burped much louder then before. "Much better."
Luna said rubbing her fat stomach. *SPLOSH* *GLUNK* *SPLORF* Luna's big belly sloshed
her burp's were really deep and bassy. Despite her deep burping abilities Sonia's belly
was no more bigger then Luna's. The two began to chug the soda's once again louder
then ever. *GULP* *GULP* *GULP* There bellies getting rounder and rounder by each gulp.
Sonia's belly was big and shiny now offically out from under her pink hoodie and exposed
to the world. Luna's was straining her favorite school uniform as it bloated out more.
bigger her belly got, and was matching Sonia's now in term's of volume. "This is really
intense." Bud said as Luna and Sonia finished there first liter's of soda and were ready to
burp off. *BUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP* Luna burped really loud and her big
sloshy belly wobbled around as she did. *BLOOSH* *GLORP* *SPLOSH* *GLOSH* Luna looked
pleased with her improvement. Sonia shook her shiny bloated belly with her hands.
*SPLOOOSH* *BLOOSH* *GLUNK* *GRUMBLE* *BURBLE* She could feel the soda shifting inside
her big balloon sized belly and closed her mouth shut. Luna looked puzzled as she watched
Sonia's cheeks balloon out to the size of round, shiny, peach colored orbs of flesh and
unleashed a very deep and gassy closed mouth burp that made the table literally shudder.
reverberated in her mouth and her throat. So far it was the loudest burp. Sonia's balloon
sized belly sloshed along with her deep burp. *BLORP* *SPLOOSH* *GLUB* *BUBBLE* with her
burp bomb ending, Sonia's cheeks deflated to normal size.

"Can you burp that loud with your mouth closed? I bet you can't." Sonia challenged Luna.
"Just watch me, you bloated popstar." Luna shook her big belly hiding in her uniform.
*SPLORP* *SPLOSH* *GLOSH* Luna closed her mouth shut feeling the pressure of gas coming
up her throat. She kept picturing how fat and bloated Sonia's cheeks had gotten when she
burped with her mouth closed and how deep and bassy it was. Then Luna felt her own cheeks
ballooning and bloating up as she burped with her mouth closed and struggle to keep
control. *MMMMMMMMMMMHHHHHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRP* Not as big as Sonia's but it was still a
vast improvement over her previous burps. Luna's cheeks deflated when her burp ended and
she felt slightly light headed. "See? I did it." Luna said. Sonia looked mad and was
losing patience. She picked up another liter of soda and began chugging it down fast.
*GULP* *GULP* *GULP* Luna followed her lead and grabbed her second liter of soda and
gulped it down. Both Luna and Sonia's bellies were the size of beach balls now. "There
going to make themselves sick." Zack said. "Yeah, but I wonder who will win." Bud said.
"Bud that's not important. This whole thing is stupid!" Zack said. Sonia and Luna were
It was pretty even now. Luna's burping was louder but Sonia's burping was deeper and both
were starting to feel dizzy from all the air there bodies were losing from the burping.
Sonia recovered first and started burping the alphabet. *A,B,C,DDDDDDDD,E,F,G,H.....*
Sonia paused to drink more of her soda and fill her belly with more burping fuel.
"Running out of gas, Sonia?" Luna said before she began guzzling down more of her soda
and making her belly bigger. Sonia and Luna were both motivated to win and have Geo for
the holiday. with her round belly refueled, Sonia finished burping the alphabet only now
her burps were deeper, had more bass and were chunky. *I,J,K,L,M,N,O,PPPPPPPPPPPPP..."
Sonia paused again to breathe. *Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,XXXXXX,Y,ZZZZZZZZZZZZ* Sonia's burps
were now all insanly deep. Her round and bulbous belly bubbling and sloshing loudly.
Luna burped loudly as she was almost finished with her soda.

"You are a worthy opponent, Sonia. But I plan on winning to have Geo for the Holidays."
Luna said rubbing her poor overbloated big belly groaning. *GROAN* *GURGLE* *GRUMBLE*
"I still got some gas in me, Luna. I won't quit." Sonia said as she placed her hands on
her bulbous shiny belly as it sloshed. *SPLOSH* *SPLORF* *SPLOOOOSH* Zack and Bud looked
at the groaning bellies of Luna and Sonia, they looked ready to explode as they gurgled.
"Let's up the burping a bit." Luna and Sonia turned to the Thanksgiving feast on the table
and both got a plate of Spaghetti. "Never seen Spaghetti at a Thanksgiving feast before.
Oh well." Luna said. "Work's good for me. Spaghetti sauce  gives me better gas anyway."
Sonia said. Luna and Sonia started eating the Spaghetti by slurping it up and getting much
bigger and rounder bellies. Luna's uniform was starting to split at the sides as her belly
Sonia wasn't kidding as her burps were now gassier and had the smell of spaghetti with
loud but not as deep as Sonia's. *POP* Sonia and Luna's belly buttons had popped with
all the soda and now spaghetti in there sloshing bellies. *GRUMBLE* *CHURN* *SPLOSH*
the food mixing with the soda created noxious gas bubbles in Sonia and Luna. "What do you
say we go into sudden death? One final burp to the face! Whoever passes out from the
smell loses!" Luna said. "Sounds find. Like I said, Spaghetti makes my burps gassier."
Sonia said.

Bud and Zack take cover under the table. "This is getting dangerous." Bud said. "All over
a stupid seat. I'll never understand a woman's heart." Zack said. Sonia and Luna came as
close to each other as there big water balloon like bellies would allow them and burped.
Luna's burp was louder and longer, and Sonia's burp was deeper and gassier. Both were
inhumanly loud, but both girl's fainted with there big bellies sticking up like sloshy
mountains. Sonia fainted because she ran out of air during her burp which is why her's
was shorter then Luna's and was dizzy from lack of oxygen. Luna fainted because as Sonia
warned her, her burps had gotten gassier and the noxious smell of of Sonia's chunky and
bassy deep burp fueld by her spaghetti meal was to strong for Luna. Both girls took awhile
to get up. "Look's like it's a draw." Sonia said. "Yeah." Luna said trying to fan away
Sonia's stink burp. "Sorry! Spaghetti's a real stomach gas bomb for me." Sonia said.
"We can just share Geo...for now. 50/50." Luna said. Luna and Sonia shook hands with each
other. "Wait a minute! Why couldn't you two just have done that from the start and avoided
all this maddness? It makes no sense." Zack said. "Shut up Zack." Luna said bitterly.
"Yeah, shut up." Sonia said. The door opened and Mrs. Stelar, Geo, and Pat returned.
"Sorry it took so long. You won't believe how many places are out of gravy. We went to like
3 different stores." Geo said. "Geo!" Luna and Sonia each grabbed one of Geo's arm's.
"Why are you two looking like your pregnant?" Geo asked. "And where's all the soda and
Spaghetti?" Mrs. Stelar asked. Luna and Sonia both felt gas bubbling in them and without
control they belched together loudly in Geo's ear and shook the house.
"Excuse me." "Pardon me." Luna and Sonia blushed as they apologized to Geo as there big
burps left him nearly deaf. "This is the weirdest Thanksgiving I've ever been to." Zack
said. "I don't know. It's the best ones I've been in." Bud said. And so ended a bizzare
burping contest on a bizzare Thanksgiving day in Echo Ridge.

The End.
And here's my second Thanksgiving story it features the the girls from Megaman Starforce in a burping contest against each other before a Thanksgiving feast for the boy they both have a crush on while still getting big bellies. Yup it's Luna Platz and Sonia Strumm. Megaman Starforce is very underrated so I won't be surprised if it takes awhile for this particular story of mine to get noticed, I still enjoyed making it and it was my first ever story with them and a story revolving mainly around burping which I said I would make someday a few journal's ago. So happy early Thanksgiving everyone.

I do not own these characters. Megaman Starforce is owned by Capcom.

P.S. Megaman himself doesn't appear in this story.
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Darkicedragon17 Featured By Owner May 8, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Nice story. geo's moms name is hope btw
Mangavore Featured By Owner May 8, 2011
Thank you! I forgot her name. It's been awhile since I've played. Thanks. I plan on doing more Starforce in the future.
Darkicedragon17 Featured By Owner May 8, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
dawnandmayforever Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2010
A Starforce story with Luna and Sonia getting bloated and burping. Nice. You finally did a burping story, hurray.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2010
Thank's man. I finally did a story where the main focus is indeed burping, with some belly expansion as well.
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