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The Sinnoh Vore series chpt 7: Cynthia's Vore wars.

Early in the morning, in the City of Sunnyshore, Candice and Hikari had waken up in there
hotel room. "Now that Flint and Volkner have been taken care of..." Candice started. "Well,
actually I only ate Flint last night. I haven't seen Volkner." Hikari said. "What? I guess
it doesn't matter. Today we finish the job! Cynthia and the remaining Elite Four member's
are the final targets. Once eaten the Sinnoh region is our's!" Candice said with a evil
laugh. "Candice was the evil laugh really necessary?" Hikari asked. "Yes it add's dramatic
effect to our vore like plans. By the way, has Dahlia eaten palmer yet?" Candice asked.
Hikari shrugged. "Well if she didn't then that's another person we have to worry about. So
get dressed, we're meeting with the other's outside." Candice said. "Ugh. I'm still to full
from eating Flint." Hikari moaned. The girls got dressed and made it outside where Gardenia,
Marley, Cheryl, Nozomi, and Dahlia were outside waiting for them. "I couldn't find Palmer.
It's like he disappeared. I really wanted to eat him. I think he went to Twinleaf Town but
I lost track of him." Dahlia said. Candice looked slightly annoyed. "Why are the blondes so
hard to eat?" She said. "Well that's not all true. Jun was the first person I ate and he was
rather easy." Hikari said. "So Volkner and Palmer are both gone." Gardenia asked. "I could
ask my mom if she's seen Palmer." Hikari added. "I say we forget them. It's not like there
going to do something about us. Now about Cynthia and the Elite Four?" Nozomi asked. "You
can call them the Elite three now. Hikari already ate Flint last night." Candice said.

"You ate a Elite Four member, alone?" Cheryl asked. "Sorta." Hikari looked embarassed as she
ate Flint in her sleep and didn't know how to control herself. "It doesn't matter. Anyway I
know for a fact Cynthia's going to meet with the Elite Four at the Canalave city Library
this week. Last week she had there meeting at the Snowpoint City temple, and she said I
THOUGH SHE WAS USING MY SNOWPOINT TEMPLE TO MEET AT!!!" Candice yelled angry. "Candice let
it go." Nozomi tapped Candice's shoulder. "I will. I had my Sneasel sneak in there and it
secertly recorded the whole meeting. So I know where there meeting next time." Candice said.
"Why do they have meeting's? What do they talk about?" Gardenia asked. "You'd be surprised
at all the unimportant stuff they talk about. Some of it buisness, other stuff was about
there Pokemon. Last meeting it was apparently Quagsire mating season and Bertha's Quagsire
tried to mate with Crasher Wake's Quagsire, before Hikari ate him." Candice said.

"Quagsire mating season? That's a distrubing picture." Nozomi said. "So we move on to the
Canalave Library and devour Cynthia and the Elite Four!" Candice said. "Elite Three."
Marley corrected her. "Whatever! Get out a flying Pokemon and get ready to fly to the
Canalave island." Candice said. Meanwhile at the Canalave Library, Cynthia the Sinnoh
champion was meeting with Bertha, Aaron, and Lucian of the Sinnoh Elite four. They were up
in the upper part of the library talking in private undisturbed. "And it's true. I herd from
Volkner last that Flint was eaten by a little girl. Palmer was last seen in Twinleaf Town
and was never herd from again. We're being picked off one by one." Lucian said. "I've never
herd of something so hot." Aaron said. Lucian glared at him through his shaded glasses. "I
mean horrible. Yeah, that's horrible alright." Aaron said. "As I was saying, I think we are
the only one's left that haven't been eaten." Lucian said. "Hmm, you know something like
this occured a few years ago. The top trainer's of Sinnoh were eaten by young, hungry girls
and no one could stop them." Bertha said. Cythina was silent. "Hmph, were you one of those
girl's Bertha back in your youth?" Lucian asked. "Of course not. I never had a taste for
live human flesh." Bertha said. "To be eaten by a girl. That has got to be the hottest
experience. Flint, that lucky Houndour." Aaron chuckled.

"Aaron this is serious." Lucian snapped at him. Cynthia now looked nervous about this topic.
"If this is happening now then soon everyone will know that I...." Cynthia thought, as
Bertha was clearing her throat. "My memory is a little fuzzy on the subject but I seem to
recall the one little girl who ate more people then anyone..." Bertha said and began to
think. Then as if she could not believe the answer was right in front of her she looked at
Cynthia. "No. It was you!" Bertha gasped. Cynthia frowned. "And here I thought I ate all
witnesses from that era. Can't believe I missed you, Bertha." Cynthia then grabbed Bertha
with amazing speed. Lucian got up from his seat. "Your one of them too? This is maddness."
Lucian said. "Sinnoh is a region of maddness Lucian. All this time in the Canalave library
and you don't know our Vore history?" Cynthia scoffed and easily shoved Bertha's head into
her mouth. "Release me!" Bertha screamed. *GULP* Cynthia slurped up Bertha in one easy yet
very loud gulp, and her belly ballooned out becoming very big and round. "Dude that was
hot!" Aaron yelled. Cynthia's round belly bounced up and down sloshing as Bertha struggled
inside. *SPLOSH* *GLORP* "I will stop this at once!" Lucian yelled. "No you won't. Your just
going to end up as fat in my stomach. Don't even try to fight it, Lucian." Cynthia said.
"Show's what you know!" Lucian threw two Poke ball's and out came Bronzong and Mr. Mime.

Outside the library, Candice, Hikari, Nozomi, Gardenia, Cheryl, Dahlia, and Marley arrived
in Canalave city. "That wasn't to bad and now to the library." Candice said. The girls enter
the library and see a bunch of people fleeing out of it. "I'd get out of here, if I were
you." A Man said to them as he ran outside. "What is he talking about? We haven't even begun
eating yet." Nozomi said. They herd a crash from the upstairs and went up there to find the
source of the noise. Upon reaching the top floor the girls gasped in shock as they see
Lucian's feet being swallowed up by Cynthia. *GULP* A enourmous and wiggling bulge traveled
down Cynthia's throat with a massive and echoing gulp. Cynthia's belly expanded out even
further and peaked out beneth her black  outfit like a water balloon sloshing. *SKLORP*
*CHURN* Cynthia brushed her long blonde hair aside and turned to the girls. "So it's you
girls. I have to say I didn't think another Vore war would happen while I was still in
Sinnoh but look now." Cynthia said. *BUUUUURRRRBLE* *SPLORF* *GLUNK* Cynthia's big belly
roared with digestion. "Good you already ate. So when I eat you, I'll have a full meal!"
Dahlia said as she charged at Cynthia, ready to eat the bloated blonde champion. "Wait!"
Candice called to Dahlia, but Cynthia was to quick, even with a giant belly bloated and full
with two people, Cynthia was to good at this to be eaten. She thrusted her round belly
forward like a big bloated wall and Dahlia ran right into it. *BLOP*

Dahlia was knocked off her feet when she ran into Cynthia's big belly and now Cynthia took
her by the hair. "You just made this easy." Cynthia said and then opened her mouth wide open
and literally inhaled Dahlia into her mouth. Cynthia's cheeks bulged out and she titled her
head back. *GGGGUUULLP* a massive echoing gulp and a fat bulge dropped down Cynthia's throat
and landed in her belly as it got much bigger and rounder. *GURGLE* *GLORP* *MMBLOP* Cynthia
rubbed her rounder and fuller belly as three people were inside the bloated flesh orb. "I
got her." Gardenia stepped up to face the bloated Cynthia. "You sure about that?" Cynthia
said as she gave her belly a good smack, making it wobbled and slosh. *SPLOOORF* *GLORP*
*BLOOSH* "I ate Bertha, Lucian, his two Pokemon Bronzong and Mr. Mime, and Dahlia. You can
easily join them if you want." Cynthia taunted. "Nope. That just mean's you'll be a very
good meal for me to eat." Gardenia and Cynthia now went to eat each other, but because of
Cynthia's enourmous belly they couldn't reach each other. Cynthia simply leaned forward and
pancaked Gardenia with her large belly. *SPLORP* *GLUNK* *BLOOOP*

"Sorry Gardenia, Your just my next snack!" Cynthia grabbed Gardenia by her legs and slurped
her up. *GULp* *GULP* Two big gulps and Gardenia went down Cynthia's throat. *BULGE* *BLUB*
Cynthia's belly bounced up and down as it got fatter and rounder with Gardenia inside it.
Cynthia rubbed her big bloated belly as gas was starting to bubble in her. *CHURN* *GLORP*
*BUBBLE* *GLUNK* Cynthia gave her bloated belly a big thump which loosened up her waiting
Cynthia's loud gassy burp echoed in the library and shattered the windows. Candice, Hikari,
Nozomi, Cheryl, Marley, and Aaron covered there ears. Cynthia closed her mouth when her burp
ended. "Mmmm. Taste great." Cynthia said tasting her meal's through her giant gassy burp.
she rubbed her belly and closed her eyes as well. "She let her guard down!" Cheryl leaped at
Cynthia as she was relaxing and opened her mouth wide to devour the champ. Cynthia without
even looking, opened her mouth again, even wider then Cheryl's and Cheryl landed right in
Cynthia's awaiting mouth and closed it shut when she entered it.

Cynthia's cheeks were massive and bloated again, bulging out to hold Cheryl's entire body in
them. *GGGGGUUUULLP* After Cynthia's giant gulp that was even louder then the last, Cheryl
was sent down Cynthia's throat as a fat bulge. Cynthia's belly expanded once more it was now
rounder then a yoga ball, it was really giant and sloshy. *BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLCCCH*
Cynthia belched again and it was just as loud as her last one. "Hold on! I can burp louder.
That one wasn't worthy of me, the Sinnoh champion." Cynthia told Candice, Nozomi, Hikari,
and Marley. She rocked back and forth. *SPLOOOSH* *GLLLLLLOOOOOOP* *BLOOOSH* *CHUUUURN*
*BLOOOORRRP* *BLUUB* *BURRRRBLE* *RUUUUMBLE* Cynthia's belly which was almost the size of
a mini Snorlax's burbled and gurgled noisly with gas until she was finally ready to burp
This burp was louder then Cynthia's other two and even more gassy. "That was good. Now then
who's next?" Cynthia asked. "....We aren't stupid enough to actually try and eat you now."
Candice said. The other three girls nodded in submission. Cynthia gave a light chuckle which
made her bloated belly bounce and slosh. *KPLOOOSH* *SPLOOSH* "At least you four have brains
enough to know that. So you've eaten everyone else?" Cynthia asked. The girls looked very
nervous. "No, Palmer and Volkner..." Candice started. "Don't worry about Palmer. One of my
old vore partner's ate him. Now I should eat you four, but I'm in need of a new vore crew so
guess what? You just got the job." Cynthia said, her big belly was still wobbling, bouncing,
and sloshing.

Candice, Nozomi, Hikari, and Marley looked at each other then turned to Cynthia nodding and
then turned back to Cynthia, agree to stay in the vore queen's good grace. "Ladies. starting
today we aren't just going to take over Sinnoh! We will rule the entire world. We will train
new recruits world wide and the entire world will be a vore battle ground. Our stomach's
will be much fatter then I am right now. Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, the world is our's to eat!"
Cynthia said. Candice and the girls already liked were this was going. "I had always planned
on doing this but never had the team to do so. But now *UUUURRP* (Excuse me) is the time for
A new age of vore! Come on, we must make plans and arrangements. To the Snowpoint temple."
Cynthia said. "Yes." Candice said. Hikari and Nozomi looked at her annoyed. "Seriously
Candice?" Nozomi moaned. Cynthia lead the way out with her bloated and sloshy belly,
wobbling and bouncing up and down. *SPLORP* *GLORP* "Hey! What about me?" Aaron yelled,
feeling ignored. "Oh Aaron, I forgot you were there. Somebody eat him or whatever." Cynthia
said lazily as she passed him. "Allow me!" Candice grabbed Aaron.

"Don't try and fight me." Candice said. Aaron had a wide smile. "I won't. Just hurry up!"
Aaron said. "Oh, okay." Candice shoved Aaron into her mouth. "YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS! COME ON
GIRL, SWALLOW ME! SWALLOW ME!" Aaron yelled from inside Candice's puffed out cheeks. "Is he
begging to be eaten?" Nozomi asked. Candice was surprised by her meals reaction but it did
not stop her from enjoying her meal of Aaron. *GULP* Candice's throat bulged out as Aaron
entered. "Oh yeah! Reading about vore and actually being eaten by a hot girl are two very
different experiences! Woohoo!" Aaron yelled from within Candice's throat. Candice pulled
Aaron in a little further. *GULP* *GULP* with each loud gulp Candice's throat swelled more
and more until she finally got him all the way down. *GGULP* Aaron landed in Candice's belly
with a loud *SPLASH* and her belly swelled up making her shirt tight around the waist. "Ah!
At least I was able to make this trip worth it." Candice said rubbing her balloon belly.
While it wasn't as big as Cynthia's Candice's belly was round and fat enough to make her
lose her balance. Hikari and Nozomi grabbed her arm's and helped her up. "So this is it huh?
I've read fanfics online about the inside's of girl's stomachs, but this is better then
any fanfic. This is awesome!" Aaron laughed like a insane person and moved around the
insides of Candice's swollen belly.

Candice put her hands on her belly as Aaron's constent movement gave her indigestion. "UGh.
Stop moving around, Aaron." Candice moaned. *BLOOORP* *GLOORP* Candice's belly sloshed with
displeasure as Candice's belly and Aaron were not agreeing with each other, giving Candice
intense gas pain. "Candice, are you going to be alright?" Hikari and Nozomi asked. Candice
covered her mouth as a very gassy burp was surpressed in her closed mouth. "I'll be fine."
Candice moaned rubbing her big belly as it sloshed with gas bubbles and Aaron. "Bring on
the burping Candice! I want to hear you burp!" Aaron yelled from within Candice's balloon
belly but it was mostly muffled. "Are you girls, coming or what?" Cynthia called from the
outside of the library. Nozomi, Hikari, and Marley help the bloated Candice out of the
library as her belly burbled noisly. *BURRRRRBLE* *GRUUUUMBLE* "I'm going to have gas for
days." Candice moaned as the girl's helped her out.

To be continued.
And so here is chapter seven of the Sinnoh vore series. It features champion Cynthia, voring anyone who opposes her. She's not the champion for nothing. This is the second to last chapter of the Sinnoh vore series. Enjoy everyone. Quick unneeded reminder, Hikari is Dawn and Nozomi is Zoey, since there the only one's I'm using the Japanese name for.

I do not own these characters. Pokemon is owned by Nintendo and the Pokemon company.
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Aaron: Hey, what about me?
Aaron: WOO HOO!

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