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Sailor Uranus's planet pig out.

A Random monster was on the loose in Tokyo. It was a blue liquid type monster. "I want
energy! Give me energy!" It grabbed two people who were having a peaceful date at a
fancy restaurant. "Give me your energy now!" The liquid monster screeched. The girl it had
snatched screamed while her boyfriend tried to punch the liquid monster. A giant planet
shaped blast destroyed the liquid monster's arms and freed the boyfriend and girlfriend.
Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune appeared on the scene as the monster regrew new arms.
"Hmph. What have we here?" Sailor Uranus said. "Looks like your generic energy stealing
monster attacking the city for no reason at all." Sailor Neptune said. "No vision, no plan,
no style, you just come out here and scream 'Give me your energy' you might as well scream
'Sailor Scouts please kill me' with outburst like that." Sailor Uranus said. The liquid
monster screeched and ran at them. "Who do you think sent this thing?" Sailor Neptune asked
not at all concerned with the monster charging at them. "Could be a leftover creature that
was never put into action. It's pretty stupid and straightforward." Sailor Uranus said as
it got closer. "Shall you do the honors or shall I?" Sailor Neptune asked. "I got it. Your
water based attacks might make it grow or something." Sailor Uranus lazily tossed one of
her World Shaking attacks at it and the monster exploded into water drops that drenched
the two ladies. "Well that got rid of the monster. But now we're all soaked. Want to head
to my place and dry off?" Sailor Neptune asked.

Sailor Uranus looked at herself. "Actually I wouldn't mind grabbing a bite to eat first."
Sailor Uranus said. "In that case we can go change and find a nice quiet place and have a
romantic evening by the lake." Sailor Neptune said. Sailor Uranus started gnawing on her
own arm. "Amara? What are you doing?" Sailor Neptune asked. Sailor Uranus then stopped and
started gnawing on Sailor Neptune's arm. "Amara! You usually wait for the bedroom before
you start gnawing." Sailor Neptune said blushing. Sailor Uranus stopped and let go. "This
is different. I crave something to eat." Sailor Uranus said looking around as her stomach
began to growl loudly. She walked to the fancy restaurant that the liquid monster had
attacked and went inside. Sailor Neptune looked confused until she herd screams coming from
inside the restaurant and she ran in. What she found shocked her. Sailor Uranus was
devouring everything in sight, whether it was food or people, she would eat it. Sailor
Uranus grabbed a woman and engulfed her head and slurped the rest of her struggling body
down her throat. *GULP* *GULP* Sailor Uranus's belly expanded out to hold a live human in
it. People were fighting to get out the door and thus were jammed pack at the entrance.
Sailor Uranus grabbed a plate of food, opened her mouth wide and dumped it all into her
mouth. Sailor Neptune looked from the fearful people to her lover swallowing everything in
sight. Sailor Uranus grabbed a tall man and swallowed him whole. *GUULP* *GULCH* Her throat
bulged with his shape and he landed in her belly which got much rounder and wider.

*UUUURRRRRRRRRRP* A quick burp and Sailor Uranus turned to the people jammed at the door.
Sailor Neptune watched as Sailor Uranus opened her mouth and inhaled the group of people
like a vacuum. "No!" Many men and woman screamed as Sailor Uranus sucked them into her
mouth and gulped them down, her stomach getting rounder and fatter with each person she
ingested. *GURGLE* *GROAN* Her big stomach gurgled with the people inside. Soon everyone
in the restaurant other then Sailor Neptune was in Sailor Uranus's massive belly. Outlines
of their faces, hands, and legs bulged out costantly. *BLORP* *BULGE* *BURBLE*  *PLORP*
Sailor Uranus fell to her knees with her huge belly sticking out. Sailor Neptune approached
Sailor Uranus as her big belly gurgled with numerous people in it. *GUUUURRRRRRRRRRRGLE*
"That was..." Sailor Neptune said as she kneeled down beside Sailor Uranus. "The sexiest
thing I have ever seen." Sailor Neptune said. "It's not enough. I want more!" Sailor
Uranus slowly got up with her huge belly weighing her down. *GLORSH* *BLUB* *CHURN* She
then started eating the booths and tables in the room. *CHOMP* *MUNCH* After that she
drained the soda machines of all the liquid in them bloating out her stomach even more.
*SWELL* *BULGE* Sailor Uranus's belly was so big it plopped on the floor. "Wow! That is
amazing!" Sailor Neptune said watching her lover bloat her belly out more and more.

With inhuman strength Sailor Uranus lifted up her huge belly and smashed the restaurant
down so she could get out and find more food to eat. A bunch of kids were playing on the
streets and they had caught Sailor Uranus's eye. "Are you going to eat them?" Sailor
Neptune asked walking beside her. "Or should I feed them to you?" She continued. "What,
you don't mind if I swallow innocent children up?" Sailor Uranus asked. "Strangely I don't.
I look forward for when your done so I can give that beautiful belly of yours a good rub."
Sailor Neptune said stroking Sailor Uranus's over bulbous belly as a preview. "Then I'll
make sure it will be quick." Sailor Uranus said and she then lifted up her giant stomach
and with great force dropped it on all the kids on the street. "Hey what's the big idea?"
A boy asked under the giant stomach. "It's one of the Sailor Scouts! They saved me from a
monster last week!" A girl under the stomach said. "Sorry kids, but today you are my meals.
Don't struggle it won't help." Sailor Uranus pulled a boy from under her stomach and before
he could say anything she tossed him into her open mouth and swallowed him in one loud
*GULP* her sailor uniform was stretched to the limits with her bloated belly gettng
fatter and rounder with each person. "Keep going, Uranus!" Sailor Neptune called to her
lover. People walking down the street saw what was going on and tried to run but Sailor
Neptune created a large wall of water around the area to keep them from running. "Don't
run! Your going to be her dessert." Sailor Neptune said. The wall of water for some reason
could not be passed as it pushed the innocent people back inside. "What's going on? Why is
that sailor scout eating the children?" A woman shrieked. "Because she's hungry." Sailor
Neptune answered. Sailor Uranus stuffed two kids into her mouth, a boy and girl. *GUULP*
They went down her throat as a massive bulge and her big belly got even bigger with them.
*SPLOSH* *GLURK* *BURBLE* *BLOAT* *GURGLE* Sailor Uranus's belly was overstuffed and
gurgled loudly.

Sailor Uranus's cheeks puffed up before she let out a titanic size belch across the city.
hearing it. "That's it baby, burp out that gas. I've got your dessert ready for you."
Sailor Neptune called. "Great! I don't think these kids are going to be enough." Sailor
Uranus said pulling the last kid from underneath her stomach. "Don't eat me. My mom is
getting me a puppy when I get home." The boy said. "Then I'll make sure to swallow them
so you still get it." Sailor Uranus casually tossed the boy into her mouth and gulped him
down. *GULP* *STRETCH* *SWELL* *BULGE* Sailor Uranus's belly was now 5 times bigger then
her actual body so moving it was a real challenge. *BUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP* Her
loud burp signaled she was ready for her dessert. Sailor Neptune grabbed a woman and
approached Sailor Uranus with her. "I hope you like the ones I picked out for you." Sailor
Neptune said poking Sailor Uranus's bubbling belly. "I trust your selection!" With that
Sailor Uranus opened her mouth wide. "Please don't! Have mercy!" The woman screamed.
Sailor Neptune stuffed the woman into Sailor Uranus's mouth and she was gulped down.
*GULLOORP* *PLORSH* Sailor Neptune put her ear on her lover's neck, feeling her throat
swell and bulge as her meal went down. She then let her ear follow it all the way down to
her bulging stomach. Once there, her belly bubbled and Sailor Neptune had a hard time
breaking away from the sexy gut.

Eager Sailor Neptune gave Sailor Uranus her next meal, a larger woman. Size made little
difference to them. The large woman tried to struggle free from Sailor Neptune's grip
but it was no good. "Your strong, alright! All the better to get down in my stomach."
Sailor Uranus engulfed her mouth on the large woman and started swallowing her down with
several loud and deep gulps. *GULRP* *GULOP* *GULCH* *GULRCH* Sailor Uranus swallowed
the large woman down and her belly got bigger even more. *GRRUMBLE* *GURGLE* *BLORP*
*CHURN* "That one tasted really good. Shame you couldn't share in the taste." Sailor
Uranus said. "Maybe I still can." Sailor Neptune said as she kissed Sailor Uranus on the
lips and stroked her large belly at the same time. *GURRGLE* *GLORP* *BUBBLE* *GROAN*
A large bulge traveled up Sailor Uranus's throat and her cheeks swelled up as she burped
into Sailor Neptune's mouth as they kissed. *MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP*
Sailor Neptune's cheeks also bulged out round and fat as the gassy burp filled them up.
When it ended Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune's cheeks both deflated. "You were right.
She did taste good." Sailor Neptune smiled. "I'm still starving though. That burp cleared
some gas in me and replaced it with hunger." Sailor Uranus said rubbing her bloated beyond
normal size belly. *RUMBLE* *BLORP* *GLORSH* *PLORSH* *GURGLE* Sailor Uranus then used
her vacuum inhale and sucked all the people trapped in Sailor Neptune's water wall into
her mouth leading to her stomach which stretched out more and more. *BULGE* *SWELL* *GULP*
When the last person in the city swallowed, Sailor Uranus fell on her back with her
Sailor Uranus burped loudly as Sailor Neptune rubbed her giant size belly as it gurgled.
"I love it when you burp like that." Sailor Neptune said rubbing the bloated mass.

*BURBLE* *GROAN* *BLORSH* *GURGLE* *SPLORP* Sailor Uranus's belly sloshed madly but she
was still hungry, insanely hungry. She slowly got up and her belly didn't have time to bob
up and down. It was so heavy it fell to the floor, nearly dragging Sailor Uranus with it.
With her belly so large it was hard to move it anymore so she now once again used her
vaccum mouth to suck in anything, she didn't care what. She was starving. Sailor Neptune
grabbed on to her so she wouldn't be sucked in herself. Buildings cracked apart and began
to fly into her wide open mouth. Trees snap apart and flew in as well. Cars, apartments
and millions of people were sucked in Sailor Uranus's mouth and she gulped them down with
nearly zero effort. *GULP* *GULP* Her belly continued to grow rounder and more swollen
with each intake. "Keep it up baby! Get bigger!" Sailor Neptune shouted her encouragement.
Sailor Uranus soon stopped to catch her breath. Her stomach was massive in size, she was
barely visible behind the bloated orb. *CHURN* *GURGLE* *SPLORF* *GLUNK* Sailor Uranus
After letting out a enormous belch she opened her mouth wide but this time she didn't
inhale anything. Her mouth stretched wide open over the ground and kept stretching wider
and wider, covering the entire city and stretched further then that. It covered the oceans,
tasting the salty waters, it stretched out to the other cities, states, and even whole
continents. People around the world saw the giant mouth eclipsing their various cities.
Airports, buisness offices, schools, banks, everything was being shadowed by this large
mouth until it had stretched over the entire planet. With great force Sailor Uranus's
mouth swallowed the entire planet whole into her mouth. Her cheeks were briefly planet size
before she swallowed the whole thing down her throat with a thunderous gulp. *GUUULLLLOOP*
Where Planet earth once stood was now replaced with Sailor Uranus's planet sized belly as
it floated in space, ripped her uniform to expose her gargantuan stomach's skin and gained
Earths atmosphere.

Sailor Neptune who was still clinging to the giant belly, climbed up the round mass until
she reached Sailor Uranus who was just a speck on her enlarged planet sized belly.
sailor Uranus's large burp echoed in the emptiness of space. "Excuse you. Would you like
that belly rub now?" Sailor Neptune asked standing on her lovers belly planet. "That would
be nice. I think I'm full." Sailor Uranus said before burping loudly once again in space.
as she bent down and started rubbing her giant stomach. "Keep burping, your adding new
atmosphere to your belly planet." Sailor Neptune said as she bent down lower and kissed
the soft bloated belly which was now the grounds of the new planet in orbit. *GLORP*
*GROAN* *BURBLE* *GLUNK* *SPLORF* *BUBBLE* *BULGE* the noises of Sailor Uranus's belly
planet echoed in space as it was now the new third planet from the sun. "I have one
question my love, when did you get so hungry as to swallow a whole planet?" Sailor Neptune
asked while she rubbed the ground that was Sailor Uranus's belly. "I think it was the water
from that liquid monster when it got on me. Strange it didn't effect you." Sailor Uranus
said. The moon began to circle Sailor Uranus's belly as it had replaced Earth. "It must be
my power as Neptune, goddess of water that gave me immunity." Sailor Neptune said as she
watched the moon circle Sailor Uranus's belly planet which made her stomach growl. Without
warning Sailor Neptune opened her mouth wide and inhaled the moon whole. *GULLLOOOP*
Sailor Neptune's belly was now the size of the moon and ripper her own uniform to expose
her giant sized belly.

"You do realize you just swallowed what was left of the Moon kingdom, right?" Sailor Uranus
Sailor Uranus the herd a faint voice in her planet sized belly. "Yay! I got my puppy!" It
was the boy she had swallowed who had mentioned something about getting a puppy. Soon
Sailor Neptune's huge belly began to take lift off and began circling Sailor Uranus's
giant belly. "So am I to understand we are the new Earth and Moon?" Sailor Uranus asked.
"If so I can't think of anyone better to circle then you." Sailor Neptune said as she and
Sailor Uranus shared in a passionate kiss.

The End.
I'm back after so long! Here is a request story for Wblstudios for Sailor Uranus to devour the entire planet. This is my first time doing planet sized vore, and first time doing a story focusing on Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, two of the most famous lesbian anime couples in the world. So I hope everyone enjoys this new story with them as Sailor Uranus swallows a planet and people whole with Sailor Neptune encouraging her and helping her eat.

I do not own these characters. Sailor Moon and its characters belong to Naoko Takeuchi
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