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February 11
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Pokemon Vore: Iris's Belly Factor!

A new fashion sense had taken the Pokeworld for females. It had been dubbed by many fans as the Belly Factor.
Girls with giant sloshy bellies would get to be put on the cover of magazines, get special discounts at all
shopping buildings, and every single male alive seemed to love looking at the bellies. It was like a force had
taken over them. In Opelucid City, Iris was sitting on a bench with a bunch of magazines. Her trusty Pokemon,
Axew, was in her hair.

"Axew look at all these belly models." Iris said. The Kanto addition had Misty, Sabrina and Erika on the cover
with giant bellies. She looked through the Sinnoh one to find Candice, Maylene and Gardenia on the cover. They
were doing action poses with their massive bellies sticking out from their thin bodies. Iris showed Axew the
Hoenn addition magazine. Flannery, Winona, and Roxanne were all side by side on the cover with large bellies.
Finally Iris flipped through the Contest addition magazine. May, Zoey, Dawn, Urusla, and two other contest
girls were on the cover, but they were all dwarfed by the sizes of their huge dome bellies.

"These magazines are the biggest thing, Axew! Everyone loves the Belly Factor. It seems every girl has one.
Except me." Iris sadly looked at her flat stomach and it growled for hunger and attention. *GRRRRRRR* Iris
got depressed. "Everyone's into the Belly Factor magazines. Even Ash! Guys love the Belly Factor. Well If
everyone's getting into it, then I should as well. I'll have the biggest belly of all. Ash will love it. Axew
we're going out on a full belly stuffing and show Ash the results." Iris told Axew. *GRRROOWL* Her empty belly
growled it's approval.

Iris later went into town and bought a bag of chips and a bottle of soda and scarfed it all down. No change
happened. She was as small as ever. So she stepped it up and went to a nearby fast food spot in Opelucid and
ordered tons of food. As Iris sat at her table she scarfed all the food down as fast as she could. *CHOMP*
*MUNCH* *SWALLOW* *GULP* Axew watched it's master in amazement as she inhaled all the food she ordered. Iris's
belly remained small and digested everything put into in seconds. Iris gave a annoyed groan. Surely that would
have done the trick. *GRRRROOOWWWL* Her belly only hungered for more. "Come on! This Belly Factor is such a kid!"
Iris grumbled.

Next Iris visited a fancy restaurant, and ordered a meal fit for a entire family. Once all the food was ordered
she dove in. *CHOMP* *GULP* *CHEW* *MUNCH* *CHOMP* No matter how much she ingested, her stomach would not even
bloat. Iris was frustrated. She leaves the restaurant without even paying for her food and goes to the last
place that can help her. A all-you-can-eat buffet. Every scrap of food Iris started eating. She did not get a
plate. She just went up to where they served the food and started eating. But no matter what she swallowed,
she would not bloat.

Other people at the buffet looked at Iris's wild behavior as she grabbed food from other trays to try and get
her belly big. Nothing worked. "I don't believe it. I can't expand my stomach." Iris said, depressed and in
total defeat. With Iris's crazed binge over, people stopped paying attention to her and went about their
business in the buffet. "Axew, what are we going to do? Without a Belly Factor, my stomach can't get huge and
I won't be able to show it off to Ash. I was looking forward to that most of all." Iris sighed sadly.

As she sat in a chair in total despair, someone bumped their big belly right in her face. *BLOORSH* "I had to
see it to believe it. You don't have the Belly Factor? Ahaha!" Iris's rival, Georgia was standing in front of
her with a big, swollen belly. Behind her were Burgundy and Bianca. They both had big bellies sticking out in
front of them. *GLORRRP* *CHURN* *SLORP* "Be nice, Georgia." Bianca said, holding her big stomach with her
hands. "How did you get so big?" Iris asked in amazement, looking from Bianca's big belly then to Burgundy's
and finally Georgia's.

"Simple. We ate." Burgundy scoffed. *BLUURP* Her big stomach gurgled. Georgia was downright smug about Iris's
condition. "I've heard about your cases." Georgia said, before she paused to burp loudly and in Iris's face.
shs burped right after her. *BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLCH* "As I was saying!" Georgia shouted
loudly to regain control of the conversation. "You're a rare case. No matter how much you eat, you digest it
all so quick it never makes a difference." Georgia said to Iris. *GLOOORRRRP* Georgia's big belly glorped at
Iris's small belly, actually mocking it.

"Hate to say it, but people with your condition are doomed to starve themselves. Never to know the feeling of
having a real belly!" Georgia said, sticking out her ballooned belly in Iris's face. Burgundy started laughing,
while holding her own big stomach. "Cut it out! Stop being so mean!" Bianca tried to stop Georgia from being
a bully. Iris had enough and without thinking opened her mouth wide and jumped on Georgia. She engulfed her
entire head and shoulders in her mouth.

Bianca and Burgundy both gasped. Iris came to her senses and wanted to let go, but Georgia tasted so good. She
wanted to pull away but instead. *GULP* She gulped Georgia down. "Let me go!" Georgia screamed. Iris put
Georgia's arms to her side and swallowed more of her. *GULP* *GULP* Once past the upper chest, Iris moved to
the biggest part. Georgia's bloated stomach. It was hard to fit the round orb of flesh inside but she managed
to and it was easily the best tasting part. "How can someone as rotten as Georgia, taste so good?" Iris thought
to herself and held Georgia's belly in her mouth for several seconds.

Iris's cheeks were ridiculously huge with Georgia's belly in them. The other people in the buffet saw this going
on and began to flee from the buffet. Bianca and Burgundy grabbed Georgia's legs and tried to pull her out of
Iris's mouth. Iris's grip was too strong. *GULLRP* A big swallow and Georgia was instantly pulled into Iris's
stomach. *PLOSH* Iris's belly finally became huge with the bloated Georgia in it. She had also pulled both
Bianca and Burgundy into her mouth. Neither of them tasted as good as Georgia, but they were good enough for
Iris to swallow. "I feel bad about swallowing Bianca. But her taste is too good to let go." Iris thought.

*GULP* *GULP* Iris defied the laws of physics and managed to squeeze both Bianca and Burgundy's bellies into
her mouth. Her cheeks were ready to explode. On the left side was Bianca's belly and on the right was Burgundy's
belly. Both were weighing down Iris's bulging cheeks. *GULP* *GULP* *GULP* *GULP* This was the hardest thing
Iris ever had to do. Swallowing two big bellies at once. Bianca's was the rounder of the two bellies, so hers
pushed Burgundy's back.

*GUUULLLLLRRRRRP* One massive gulp and both bellies were in Iris's throat. The bulge was impossibly big but one
final long big gulp. *GUUUUUUUUUUUULLLLLP* The two bloated girls slid into Iris's big belly which got even
bigger. Her throat and cheeks were back to normal. Iris had to catch her breath and she looked down at her huge
stomach. *GROOOAAAAN* *GURGLE* *SLOSH* *CHURN* Iris placed her hands over her beyond bloated belly. It was
bigger then any belly she had ever seen. "I ate Georgia, Bianca and Burgundy!" She said in horror. However the
fear was starting to fade from her, as her round belly felt stretched and full. It was a wonderful feeling.
That feeling took away Iris's fear and replaced it with pride and joy. She let out a victory burp.

now had the Belly Factor. "Yeah! I did it! I ate Georgia, Bianca and Burgundy! Just wait till you three digest!
Who's got the Belly Factor now?" Iris grabbed her giant belly and shook it up and down. *SPLOSH* *CHURN*
*GURGLE* "Yuck! The stomach acid! It burns!" Burgundy moaned. "I want my daddy!" Bianca cried. *GURGLE* Iris's
Iris's gassy belch shattered a few glass cups around the buffet. When it ended she returned to rubbing her
large belly as it gurgled and sloshed.

"That was so good. I don't think anyone will question the size of this fat belly ever." Iris said, poking her
big stomach. Axew was very surprised by all this. Iris managed to squeeze her large belly out the door. Once
The sharp tone of the burp carried on the air and viberated every window in Opelucid City. Georgia, Bianca,
and Burgundy still struggled weakly in Iris's bloated, fat belly. *BLORP* *CHURN* *BURBLE* *SLOSH*

"Moving with this giant belly is going to be hard. Still, there is one place I want to go, before anything else."
Iris said, before another rolling belch flew out of her mouth. *BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLCH*
In a hotel room, just outside Opelucid, Ash Ketchum, was getting a lot of photos of Misty with a giant belly
on his brand new Poke-Cell Phone. "This is the hundreth picture Misty's sent me. Brock said it was that Belly
Factor thing. All the girls are getting into. I wonder what started it all?" While Ash did not understand it,
he could not turn away from the roundness of the big belly on his Poke-Cell Phone.

There was a knock on the hotel room door. As Ash went to open the door a large belly fell right on top of him.
*BLOOOMPH* It was Iris. Her belly pinned Ash to the floor. "There you are! I've been going through ever single
hotel room looking for you! You wouldn't believe how many little kids are here." Iris said. Ash was lookinh
directly at Iris giant belly, holding him on the floor. It was the biggest, roundest thing he had ever seen.
He could not take his focus off it.

"What do you think of my *BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPP* belly?" Iris asked, covering her
mouth after her large burp. Ash started drooling and kept his eyes firmly on Iris's belly. "Ash?" Iris asked.
*BLORP* *GRROOAAN* Iris's large stomach gurgled. She got off Ash, and his head followed any direction Iris's
belly moved in. Seeing this, Iris grew a wide smile. "Come Ash! You can carry my belly as we grace the Unova
magazine with this queen sized belly *BOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRP*!" Iris burped loudly again, as Ash grabbed
her big stomach and held it like a trophy. A wide smile was on his face. "Who knows. With a belly this big
perhaps we'll even go to the Unova league and become *HOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRP* Champion. That is if I can stop
burping every *BRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP* minute." Iris complained.

The End.
This is a gift for my new friend, King-codrian-drasil, for his Iris vore picture. Just a little story to go with it. I had to do a little bit of research on anime Iris. I know about game Iris and Pokemon Adventures Iris, but not the anime one. She's a fine character. I did really enjoy her rival counterpart Georgia. This will not be the last time I do a story with her, Burgundy, and Bianca. But for now they are Iris's belly meal. Been ages since I did a Pokemon story. Enjoy everyone.

I don't own these characters. Pokemon is owned by Nintendo and the people who own Pokemon.
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dragonteich Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014
Nice! But I wish it had more stinky burps and nose holding.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014
Not to worry. There will be more of that in my future stories :)
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Mangavore Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014
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Mangavore Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014
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Darkatio Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't like much Iris but is a good story because I hate Burgundy she is so annoying XD hahahahahaha I love the part when Ash is hypnotized by Iris's huge belly hahahahahaha she used "Bellypnosis" LOL. And maybe this explain how she will or the got the champion rank XD
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