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Pokemon Vore: A mighty Misty meal.

It was a quiet day in Cerulean City, and in the Cerulean Gym all was quiet as well until
there was a loud deafening *GULP* in the empty gym. The gym leader Misty was sitting by
the Gym's pool having just swallowed a giant meal named Ash, a boy who owed her a bike
for ages after he destroied her's and even after it was replaced Misty still wasn't to
pleased with him and so she invited him over to her gym where she ambushed and swallowed
him alive and whole. Misty's belly was huge and squirming with him inside it's bloated
form. *GROAN* *GURGLE* *KLORP* "Ahhh! That was a refreshing snack." Misty said licking
her lips and her fingers. "Consider your debt about the bike officially paid. We're square
now. I'll admit to you that the real reason I followed you around was because I always
thought you looked good enough to eat but never had the courage to actually eat you. But
thing's have changed." Misty said patting her gigantic belly and it sounded like a big
drum. *BLOP* *BWOMP* Misty's belly was sticking out proudly all round and shiny and she
somehow kept her pants buttoned making her suspenders dangle near it. Her belly button
was popped to a outie as well. There was noises struggles coming from Misty's big belly,
noises of struggle. *BUMP* *SLOSH* * GLUNK* *MPLORP* Misty laughed at her giant belly
as it sloshed and squirmed. "Trying to escape? No chance." Misty said grabbing her belly
and then sloshing it back an forth. *SPLOSH* *GLUNK* *BLORP* *BLOOSH* "Stop it Misty!"
Ash yelled from inside Misty's sloshing belly.

"Speak up! I can't quite hear you." Misty said bouncing her balloon belly around like a
fun toy and the sloshing was to loud to yell over. *SPLOSH* *GLORP* *BUBBLE* *CHURN*
"Let me out! I don't have time to be in your nasty ole belly! I'm going to be a Pokemon
Master!" Ash yelled. Misty snorted and gave her big stomach another playful shake making
the gas bubbles inside her slosh around louder. *SPLOOOSH* *GLOOOSH* *BLOORP* *BUBBLE*
"Hahaha! That's cute. Pokemon Master. I bet you don't even know what that is." Misty said
before feeling gas rising up her throat. Misty's cheeks briefly bloated up before burping
covered her mouth. "Excuse me. I didn't mean to burp that loud." Misty said. "I'll get
myself out of here! Squirtle!" Misty felt another persence in her body as she saw a
outline bulge of a Squirtle in her belly's round form. "Hydro pump! We'll fill you up
till you overload like a water balloon!" Ash yelled from within Misty's belly prison.
"Oh no! You'll make my belly explode. I'm so worried, please don't do that." Misty said
in a sarcastic voice as she felt her belly grow wider and rounder feeling the cold water
bloating out her belly. She put her hands on her belly as it grew rounder and rounder
with water. *BULGE* *STRETCH* *WOBBLE* Misty's belly was becoming bigger then her body
as it sloshed on the ground with it's big weight, dragging Misty down with it. Misty
giggled as her belly continued to expand like a overweight water balloon. "Silly boy. I
swallowed you whole! If my stomach was strong enough to hold a live human body why do you
think you can pop it now?" Misty giggled as she grabbed her belly and shook it hard.
*SPOOOOLSH* *GLUNK* *BLOOOSSH* *BURBLE* The water stopped as Ash and Squirtle ran out
of room in the belly.

Misty sighed. "I mean really, has that ever worked in these kind of situations?" Misty
asked. "I wouldn't know. First time I've ever been eaten!" Ash yelled from inside Misty's
much rounder and sloshier belly. *RUMBLE* *GRUMBLE* *GURGLE* *CHURN* With a gurgling
sound Misty's cheeks swelled up getting bloated and shiny as she burped louder then
shook with Misty's giant belch. "Wow Misty. I didn't know girls could even burp!" Ash's
muffled voice said. Misty got ticked off by this comment. "Hmph. Just like a boy to say
something like that." Misty said as she felt more gas coming up. "Not again." Misty then
covered her mouth but it was pointless. Her cheeks swelled up like round bowling balls
and then her burp knocked her hands away with it's sheer force and mass of raw power.
making my belly hurt. I need to buy some stomach medicine. Antacids would by nice."
Misty said covering her mouth with a closed mouth burp that puffed up her cheeks.
*GGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP* When Misty's cheeks deflated she rubbed her gassy and
grumbling belly and slided it to the door only of course it was far to round and bloated
to fit through. "Argh!" Misty tried to push her giant belly through the door, a impossible
mission for a belly as bloated and big as her's. *BLOOORSH* *BLOOP* *WOOBLE* "Hey! What
are you doing now?" Ash yelled from inside her belly. "I'm tring to get out of the room
to find myself some stomach medicine's." Misty then paused to burp yet again and it was
Misty's giant and deep burp echoed in the Cerulean Gym making her blush. Her belly began
to squirm again as Ash struggled pointlessly to escape. Now feeling really stupid, Misty
stopped trying to force her gargantuan belly through a door far to small for it to even
fit her whole belly button through.

"Hello?" A voice called from inside the gym. "It's me. The Cerulean City Nurse Joy coming
to see if the Cerulean Gym is still clean and functioning for use by official Pokemon
league standards." A voice called. "A Nurse Joy! Wonderful! She can help me!" Misty said.
"You mean help me." Ash's muffled voice said from within Misty's giant belly. "No, I mean
help me through the door. I'll make sure she doesn't even hear you...." Misty said
grabbing the sides of her overbloated belly and sloshing them madly around. *BUBBLE*
*SPLOOOSH* *GLOOSH* *BLOORSH* "Face it your never leaving my belly, your going to be
my belly pet forever." Misty chuckled. "Hello?" A Nurse Joy walked around the gym and felt
her empty stomach growl. *Grrrrr* "I just had to have skipped my lunch today. I better
get this job done fast. I hate working on a empty stomach. It makes me moody and upset,
and I hate being in a mean mood." Nurse Joy said to herself and she soon herd a loud
that? Was it even human?" Nurse Joy gasped at the sound. "Maybe it was some kind of loud
Pokemon." Nurse Joy walked forward to where she herd the noise and found Misty. "Oh good
you found me!" Misty said excited. Nurse Joy looked at Misty's enormous belly and was
shocked. "What the?! I've seen some weird thing's in my day's as a Nurse but this is
just..." Nurse Joy started. "I know. I know. It's kind of a funny story how I got like
this." Misty said. She and Nurse Joy were watching each other as if neither trusted the
other or were very suspicious of them. *GLOOORP* Misty's belly drowned out the wail's of
Ash trying to yell for help deep within the round prison. Misty nervously gave her big
bloated belly a pat. *SQUISH* *BWOOP* *CHURN* *SLOSH* "You mind helping me out of this
room?" Misty asked with her wobbling belly sticking out. "S...sure. Are you in charge of
the gym?" Nurse Joy asked. "I am." Misty said. "Okay. Try squeezing yourself out by going
backwords. You should be able to squeeze yourself through until you reach that massive
belly of your's how did you even get that big?" Nurse Joy asked. "I was in a eating contest
and I won. Obviously." Misty smiled pointing at her bloated belly. "...." Nurse Joy did
not buy that lie but shrugged it off. "Okay back yourself up." Nurse Joy said. Misty, with
great difficulty turned herself around with her big sloshy belly sliding on the ground.

*SPLOOSH* *GLOOOSH* *BLUB* *GLUNK* *BLORPLE* Misty walked backwards and easily fit herself
through the door until she got to her belly which was stuck inside. *GLUNK* *BLORSH*
Misty tried to squeeze her belly through again but no good. Nurse Joy's stomach growled
and she looked at Misty with envy. "Look at her. With her big bloated belly stuffed with
who know's what. Just looking at her makes me jealous and angry, and hungry! Why couldn't
I get to eat a good meal like her? Why do I get the short end of the stick? in fact all
Nurse Joy's get the short end of the stick." Nurse Joy thought as Misty burped loud from
aggravating her belly to much from moving and sloshing it around to much and frequent.
a muffled "Excuse me." "Your not excused! Why do you get the big belly and get to burp
out loud? Why is it every girl in every region get to eat a lot but all we Nurse Joy's
do is just heal Pokemon and say 'We hope to see you again' It's time for the power to
shift! Nurse Joy's will unite to eat!" Nurse Joy yelled. "Say what?" Misty looked at her.
"What is she saying?" Ash's muffled voice said from within Misty's belly. Nurse Joy turned
to Misty. "I'm sorry. I'm cranky when my stomach's empty. I am afraid I'm going to have
a meal. A very tasty meal." Nurse Joy grabbed Misty by the hair. "Hey!" Misty said.
Nurse Joy engulfed Misty's head in her mouth. "Mmmmm, so good." Nurse Joy said as she
gulped Misty down. "Hey! Stop!" Misty yelled. Here came the problem, Misty's giant big
belly. Swallowing this thing would be work. *GUULP* *GLUCH* *GUULCH*

Nurse Joy's throat swelled to the shape of Misty's round belly as it expanded with it and
Nurse Joy enjoyed it. "Red head's sure are yummy. I picked a good meal." She thought as
she gulped more of the bloated Misty down her throat. *GULP* Misty's belly sloshed and
jiggled as it moved down Nurse Joy's throat. *GUUUULLLLOOOOP* Misty slid down to Nurse
Joy's empty stomach which instantly bloated out into a round sloshy belly that was far
bigger then Misty's and ripped a hole in the center of her clothes to allow the bloated
belly to fall on the ground. Nurse Joy felt herself grow nicer with her stomach finally
full she also felt her cheeks swell as gas began to bloat them out right before she
Nurse Joy's loud burp shattered the nearby windows. "That was so good." Nurse Joy rubbed
her sloshing and blorping belly as Misty bounced inside it. "Hey! This wasn't suppose to
happen!" Misty yelled within Nurse Joy's belly but she was drowned out by Nurse Joy's
belly sloshing. *GLOOSH* *SPLOOSH* *CHURN* *GLUNK* Nurse Joy patted her giant belly as
it wobbled. *POP* Her belly button popped due to Misty's sturggles inside. "I have to
inform the other Joy's so they can enjoy this as well. Get it enjoy?" Nurse Joy said.
"Lame! And you wonder why all Nurse Joy's have limited sayings." Misty said from inside
Nurse Joy. "Okay that was lame, but whatever. This visit to the gym turned out to be
better then I had expected." Nurse Joy said. *BLORP* *GURGLE* Her belly gurgled on.

Misty struggled in Nurse Joy's belly creating outline bulges but it was no use. *CHURN*
*BLUB* *BLORP* *GLUB* *BLOOP* *JIGGLE* Nurse Joy heaved her massive belly off the floor
with great strength and waddled toward the exit of the gym only to discover she couldn't
fit her belly through the door, just like Misty. *BLOOOSH* *BLOOOSH* *BLOOOSH* No matter
how hard Nurse Joy tried her giant belly refused to be squeezed through such a small door.
pushing bubbled gas up from Nurse Joy making her belch out loud. "Now I see. You naughty
girl." Nurse Joy started poking her bulbous Misty filled belly. "You couldn't fit through
the door because you ate someone yourself, am I right?" Nurse Joy asked her massive belly.
"T...there might be some truth behind those words." Misty said as she felt her own belly
quake with gas and she burped loudly within Nurse Joy's belly prison shaking the round orb.
from Misty's burp. "Well excuse you. Rule number one, no burping in the belly. You'll just
give me more gas in return." Nurse Joy lectured her belly as it wobbled and sloshed. "Now
for the big question. How do I get out of here?" Nurse Joy walked away from the door then
ran at it with her giant belly sloshing away. *SPLOOSH* *SLOOSH* *GLOOOSH* "Hey what are
you doing?" Misty yelled from inside Nurse Joy's belly. "Hyah!" Nurse Joy smashed the door
down with her giant belly and freed herself of the building. "Excellent! I'm free!"
Nurse Joy yelled and felt another burp working it's way up her throat. Her cheeks bloated
up round with gas once more before burping from all the excitement she just went through.
*BUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP* Nurse Joy covered her mouth and then patted
her belly. "Well now that I'm full I can get back to work." She said. "Oh boy. I can't
wait." Misty said within Nurse Joy's belly. "Also I have to spread the word to the other
Nurse Joy's of the world so that we may devour the world together as one big Nurse Joy
eating team." Nurse Joy went on. "You do that." Misty said which could be barily herd over
Nurse Joy and her own belly noises. *BLORRRSH* *GLOOSH* *BUBBLE* *GROAN* *PLORF*

The End.
This is a Misty vore story requested by gamdann. Misty vores Ash in the beginning then gets vored by Nurse Joy. Irony much? I gave Nurse Joy a aggressive personality when she's hungry but calm and cool when full mainly because most Nurse Joy's have very boring personalities that could put you to sleep. Anyway enjoy the story it won't be the last time I use Misty.

I do not own these character's. Pokemon is owned by Gamefreak, Nintendo, and the Pokemon Company
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anthonyvore101 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2016
Make a story about ash eating Serena :)
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Whoa, that was sexy!
me: Nurse Joy, what happened to you? You look great!
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1. Redheds are delicious.
2. This kind of reminds me of that whole mad-when-you're-hungry Snickers thing.... 
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Nice. Coolest story I found so far.
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What happen to boys playing with their little pocket knives? I remember a story told by my cute pettit 2nd grade teacher back in the 60's about a big cat who swallowed a young boy whole. The boy used his pocket knife, & cut a whole in the cats belly to get to safety. Yeah vore before vore was used as a word!
MajorTom2000 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Instead of an overly complicated disclaimer (overly complicated in comparison to what I'm abou t to say), you could just use circular logic and say "I don't own anything I don't own."
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I got an idea for a sequel[yes I am aware of misty vore 2 misty munches on may] want to hear it?
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oh my god, i mean oh my god. normally i don't like reading these things because the thought of being inside someones stomach is so gross to me, but i cant help but feel at the same time all bubbly and interested in things like this. its like yes i get grossed out but more of the time im overwhelmed with another feeling that cancels it out. very good story. very addicting and funny. in fact i cant stop trembling with mostly joy! its just awesome
Mangavore Featured By Owner May 26, 2011
Glad you enjoyed it then, even if it isn't your thing.
animamomentlover Featured By Owner May 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
well, lets just say i had personal experiences that make me feel about the idea of being eaten alive that weren't so pleasant, and leave it at that. but you found a way to cancel the negative thoughts with a type of humor that makes me feel a little past neutral of how i feel.

thank you for sharing the story it kind of takes the edge of of what i felt.
Mangavore Featured By Owner May 27, 2011
Your welcome then.
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Darkatio Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:wow: this is face of the Nurse Joy that I dind't knew :omg: hehehe I liked a lot the Squirtle idea, I can imagine how sloshy and soft is her round shiny belly with that water inside :D poor Ash :rofl: and when she stuck in the door :rofl: all a classic and Nurse Joy is brilliant knok down the door with her gigantic belly......but now we must have care with the all Nurses Joy in the world O.o

Very good :clap:
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2011
Thanks. Nurse Joy needed to show another side of herself instead of the bland ones you see in Pokemon Center's. This Nurse Joy isn't afraid to swallow someone whole. A belly with a human and lot's of water in it is a very round and shiny belly indeed. Glad you enjoyed the story.
Darkatio Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hope a continuation in another region for example "In Jotho" you know one Nurse Joy received the new message about "Eat people nursies" :meow: and the victik could be crystal oh who knows :XD:
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2011
Maybe. We'll have to see how far the Nurse Joy message goes or if they don't get eaten themselves. You never know who could be person that could vore you. Makes planning these stories more fun especially if it's a person you never saw it coming with.
JonathantheCobra Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2011
"Enjoyable" Ha! I made a pun.
theman2222 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2010
Awesome job, can't wait to see more Misty.
Umbreon97Lucario Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2010
:clap: Yeah when they say 'We hope to see you again' in the games I'm always like 'Why? Do you WANT my Pokemon to be injured you clone freaks?'
Mangavore Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2010
Me and my friends always wondered that too. When I played the old Red version I always mocked them for saying that.
Umbreon97Lucario Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2010
And I have a baby to take care of. >.>
Mangavore Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2010
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You did a good job bud, thanks again.
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wheatman3 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2010
a very nice story.
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Thank you very much.
VegetaHyuuga Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2010
very good
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Thanks. Glad you liked it man.
VegetaHyuuga Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2010
np and I have one last request however I don't know if you will like it
Mangavore Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2010
You can tell me what it is. But I should tell you with my new style of stories I have new limit's now. So what is it?
VegetaHyuuga Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2010
well...I was wondering if you could have Sakura be swallowed up by Shaak Ti and she is fully digested it by her?
Mangavore Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2010
Oh. Sorry I don't really do alien type vore and I'm actually trying to cut back on full digestion in my stories now, because it's less death oriented now. I was hoping you would ask for another Sailor Pluto vore story or something. Sorry.
VegetaHyuuga Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2010
alright I'll ask for a Sailor Pluto vore story but I have someone that she could have in her belly but he is the prince of Pandora...and that is my Oc
Mangavore Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2010
I'll need to know more about the Oc before I can write with him in it. Also I have to do another story before this one so I hope you don't mind waiting a bit. In the meantime you can tell me about this prince so I can get him down right for your request.
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Firefly212056 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2010  Professional Writer
Very lovely!
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Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
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