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Pokemon Vore: May's belly bonding.

It was a warm day in Petalburg City, as Norman was off to his job as the Petalburg Gym
Leader. "Norman!" His wife Caroline stopped him before he left out the door. "What's wrong
honey?" Norman asked. "Didn't you get the note from Flannery dear? It's Take your kids
to Gym day for all the Hoenn Gym leader's that have kids." Caroline said. Norman chuckled.
"Half the Gym leader's don't even have kids. Tate and Liza are kids for crying out loud.
I think Wattson had a wife before he found out she was just merrying him to get money.
Wattson hasn't been the same since. Though he might laugh on the outside I know he cries
on the inside." Norman said. "Yes Wattson's personal life is quite sad dear but you have
a family that want's to spend time with you. And what luck, May is home for the weekend.
You can take her and Max with you." Caroline said. "But honey, being a Gym leader is very
important. Beside's the Kanto, Johto and Sinnoh Gym leader's don't have to do this."
Norman said. "NORMAN! TAKE YOU CHILDREN TO YOUR GYM WITH YOU NOW!" Caroline demanded.
Norman cowarded at his wife's anger. "Y..Yes dear. May! Max! Come along you two! Your
coming with me to the Gym today." Norman called. May and her brother Max came down the

"Are you serious? We never get to see your Gym battles." Max said. "Well today is bring
your kids to Gym day." Norman said. "Alright!" Max was excited. "Can we grab a bite to
eat first?" May asked. "We'll eat at the gym sweetie. Besides this will be a great way
for us to really bond as a family." Norman said. "I'm all for bonding." Max said. "Well
you kids have fun with your dad and enjoy the Gym." Caroline said. "Mom I don't even like
Gym's you know I'm a Coordinator." May said. "ENJOY YOUR FATHER'S GYM!" Caroline demanded.
"Y..yes mom." May said as she and Max left with Norman. There house and the Petalburg Gym
were right next to each other and it was a short walk. *Grrrrrrr* May's empty stomach
growled for a meal. Norman lead Max and May into the Gym and sat them down on chairs.
"Well kids welcome to the Petalburg Gym. Someday the two of you might be in here to
challenge me!" Norman said. "Dad, I won't. I'm a Coordinator remember?" May asked. Norman
went on as if he did not hear her. "And who know's someday you might even take over the
Gym's yourselves." Norman said. "Really?" Max said excited. "Not me...Coordinator here!"
May said. *Grrrrrooowl* May's stomach was still growling for food. "So when do the
challenger's come dad?" Max asked. "Who know's. Someday's we don't get challenger's. On
those slow days I just whip out a good book and read." Norman pulled out a book from a
nearby bookshelf. "Can I have a book to read?" Max asked. "No these are adult books."
Norman said. "Can we at least eat now?" May asked.

"There is a vending machine in the hallway. I think there's only one bag of food in there
left so you two will have to share it." Norman said. May and Max rushed to the vending
machine. May put a quarter in and the bag fell out. "Norman old chap! I knew I'd find you
here!" A voice called out from the Gym entrance. A man and two kids stood at the doorway.
Norman put down his book as they approached. May and Max watched, as May's stomach was
becoming more and more impatient for food. "You don't remember me do you? It's me your
old buddy from high school. Oswald!" The man said. "Oh right. Now I remember. Kids..."
Norman turned to May and Max. "....This man is a old acquaintance from high school. We
were both aiming to be the Petalburg Gym leader." Norman said. "But only old Norman here
got the job." Oswald said and had a bit of resentment in his voice. "I now work at
Mauville City's game corner. These are my two kids, My son Ian, and my daughter Dana."
Oswald said. Ian had short brown hair while his sister's hair as a little longer. Oswald
himself was bald and turned to May and Max. "These our my kids May and Max." Norman said.
May was bored of this and just wanted to eat something, anything at this point. "Why don't
the kids head to the back while we talk." Norman said. "Agreed. Ian, Dana. You two be on
your best behavior." Oswald said. "Yes father." Ian and Dana said in unisen. May, Max, Ian,
and Dana walked to the back as Norman and Oswald began to talk.

May felt very creeped out by the two Children of Oswald. They walked the same in perfect
sych, they would both look in the same direction at the same time perfectly, they blinked
at the same time, and even there breathing was in total sych. "So May." Ian said once out
of sight of there father's. "I herd that you are a Pokemon Coordinator? Correct?" Ian said.
"That's true. I am." May said. "Ha! A waste of talent." Ian said. "Excuse me?" May said
looking annoyed. "Pokemon Coordinator's all have such talent in there Pokemon abilities,
yet they waste them on Contest? Our father is a fan of Pokemon Contest but personally we
think they are laughable." Dana said. May was now angry at these two creepy brats. How
dare they insult her career that she loved. "Pokemon Contest show off a side of Pokemon
you can't see anywhere else." May said. They had stopped walking and stood in the hallway.
"You are truly a simple minded girl if you think Pokemon Contest are worth anything. They
are meant for battle's not contest. I can't believe the daughter of a Gym leader waste her
time on Contest." Ian said rudely. "You can't talk about my sister like that!" Max said
angry. May was annoyed with them and her hunger was boiling her insides. A final growl
from her stomach and May formed a idea to solve her problem's. "Max, could you leave us
alone for a second?" May asked. "But May..." Max. "Max do as I say." May said. Max grumbled
and left May alone with Ian and Dana. "What? Is your brother to young to stay and hear
strong language talk?" Dana said. May chuckled. "No it's not that. I didn't want him to see
this. You see, we Coordinator's share lot's of secert's with each other. Stuff the two of
you wouldn't understand. But the major one all female coordinator's know and share with
each other world wide is this."

May then opened her mouth wide and her jaw's unhinged and her mouth literally bacame as
big as a tunnel. Ian and Dana looked afraid. "What is..." Ian started but was cut off as
May glomped her mouth around both Ian and Dana's head's. They immediately began to struggle
but they were powerless against May, as she ran her tongue on there faces getting them
nice and wet, easy for swallowing and as creepy as these kids were May thought they
tasted great. With her wide mouth May slowly swallowed them both up to there shoulder's as
there leg's flailed around helplessly. Ian and Dana saw the entrance of May's throat. It
was very wide. *GULP* *GULP* *GLUMP* May swallowed the pair more eagerly now as there heads
were now in her throat making two round bulges in it. There scream's muffled, May swallowed
them down some more. *GUUUULP* *GUULLCH* May's gulp's were getting more loud with each big
swallow she took. Her mouth and throat had stretched and swelled to swallow these two kids
and May was going to make sure she ate them whole. Slowly the bulges in May's throat moved
down to her empty stomach which was starting to swell itself. May grabbed the flailing
legs of her meals and titled her head back. *GUUUUUUUULLLP* May gulped really loud
and really hard, making Ian and Dana drop down into May's now big belly. May's mouth and
her throat returned to normal as her belly grew bigger and bigger adjusting to having it's
new meal's Ian and Dana inside. *PLORF* *BLUB* *GLORP* May giggled as she rubbed her big,
round, and very shiny belly. Ian and Dana were screaming as May rubbed her belly. "What's
that? I can't hear you." May said shaking her fat stomach around as it sloshed loud enough
to drown out Ian and Dana's cries. *BLORP* *CHURN* *SPLOSH* *GLUNK* "You know I was really
hungry before but thanks to you two, I won't have to eat for the rest of the day." May
said looking at her reflection in her shiny bulbous belly. But she wasn't about to let Ian
and Dana have a easy digestion, she wanted to have some payback on them for insulting
Pokemon Contest.

May started jumping up and down with her big balloon sized belly bouncing and sloshing
round belly was very noisy and loud. *GRUUUUMBLE* May felt the urge to burp. Inside her
giant belly Ian and Dana watched as a giant green gas bubble floated up from the gastric
juices and smaller gas bubble's attached themselves to it making the giant green gas bubble
much rounder and bigger. They watched as the fat green gas bubble somehow squeezed it's
way up May's throat. Realizing how much gas her soon to be burp was holding, May covered
her mouth and casually waddled to the girl's bathroom of the Gym building. As she closed
the door May's cheeks started ballooning up getting round, swollen, and even shiny.
*PUFF* *BULGE* Getting rounder and shinier by the second, May opened a window with one
hand in the bathroom and finally let out her gas fueled burp which bloated her cheeks out
May's burp echoed in the girls bathroom and carried into Petalburg City through the open
window. May sighed with relief as her cheeks returned to normal size, and placed both her
hands on her bloated balloon belly. "Disgusting!" Dana cried from within May's belly.
May rubbed her bulbous belly as it gurgled and churned again. *SPLORPLE* *GLUNK* *BLUB*
*BLOOSH* *SPLOOSH* Ian and Dana were literally swimming in May's gastric juices when it
suddenly felt like a earthquake. "What's going on?" Dana asked. On the outside May was
playfully swinging her shiny round belly around, working up another gas bubble.
*SPLOOSH* *SPLISH* *SPLOOSH* *SPLISH* *SPLOOSH* May's belly suddenly rumbled after her
sloshing and it expanded a little further due to the gas, May had worked up. "Here's a
little trick I learned from my friend in Sinnoh!" May closed her mouth shut and her cheeks
once again balloon up with gas and she burped deeply in them, as loud as she could.
round from her closed mouth burp but inside of realising it she gulped it back down
her throat. *GUULP*

Ian and Dana were hit by May's gassy big burp. Ian covered his nose but Dana complained
even more. May giggled as she patted her bloated belly. *POP* her belly button now popped
to a outie and was just as shiny as her big stomach. May looked down on her balloon like
belly and saw her reflection on it's taut, shiny surface smiling back at her. May felt
yet another gas bubble coming up and opened her mouth to release it from herself.
*BBBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLCH* May could retaste her meal's as her belch erupted.
"You guy's were so good. I wonder if your dad taste the same? Let's find out." May said.
She opened up a Poke ball and out came her Venusaur. "Venusaur, sleep powder if you
please. Spread it all over the gym!" May said. Venusaur nodded as May opened the bathroom
door. Venusaur unleashed sleep powder all over the Gym's building. May stayed behind her
Venusaur as it sprayed sleep powder. She herd three bodies hit the floor. One would be her
Dad, the other Max, and the third Oswald. "Excellent Venusaur." May recalled Venusaur and
walked out from the bathroom. Max was in the hallway sleeping, as May passed him. She
found Norman and Oswald in the Gym's main room both asleep. "Sorry Dad, I'm about to eat
your 'acquaintance'." May wasted no time in swallowing the adult Oswald as he slept. It
was easy even though he was a adult, compared to swallowing Ian and Dana whole together
this was easy. *GULP* *SWALLOW* *GULP* May's throat was bulging round with the sleeping
Oswald, but she got him down. *GUUUUULLLP* when her throat returned to normal her belly
bloated out even further and was rounder and shinier then ever touching the ground as it
As May rubbed her overbloated belly it rumbled and shook violently. May's cheeks puffed up
May's loud Burp was so gassy and big it woke Norman right up. "What happened?" Norman
looked around. "Where is Oswald and his kids and..." Norman now spotted May and her
massive water balloon like belly.

"Oh Dad, don't you remember? Mr. Oswald took us out for lunch, and you blacked out after
because they had seafood and you know how you get when your around seafood. And I pigged
out on the buffet, couldn't stop myself! Mr. Oswald and his family left after we brought
you back." May lied. *GUUURGLE* May looked at her overly round shiny belly. Surely this
pitiful lie she just made up would not cut it, and Norman would see the truth. "Hmmm, well
that make's sense. I can't stand seafood, just the sight of it make's me pass out." Norman
said rubbing his head. May was shocked that it worked. Max entered the room. "That was a
nice nap! Whoa what happened to you?" Max asked May. "We went out to lunch, I stuffed
myself at the buffet and knocked you out because you were bugging me while I ate." May
lied again. "....Yeah that sound's like something that would happen. But I've never seen
you get this big before." Max said poking May's sloshy big potbelly. May moved her big
belly out of Max's reach. "Hey! I wanted to poke it some more!" Max whined. "Well dad this
was the best take your kids to Gym day ever." May smiled. Her belly gurgled in agreement.
"Right. Next time, you can go to work with your Mother." Norman said. "So Dad, why do you
get so queasy with seafood anyway? You weren't always like that were you?" Max asked.
"I'll tell you when your older, son. All you need to know is that it involved 3 women, 2
men and a army of Whiscash and I will not reveal anymore to you two until your both over
twenty." Norman said.

The End.
Ladies and Gentlemen I present my first vore story featuring May/Haruka from Pokemon. May's one of my favorite's and I was actually surprised that I hadn't used her yet, well now here she is staring in a Mangavore Vore story. Hope you all enjoy it. As for Norman's little story on why he hates seafood, you have to be over twenty to here it, Lol.

I do not own these character's Except for my OC's for the story Oswald, Ian, and Dana.
May, Max, Norman, and Caroline are owned by Nintendo and the Pokemon Company.
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Can't wait to see your next awesome story.
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Well May is a natural glutton so it's pretty believable to a degree. May couldn't believe it either.
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