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Pokemon Manga Special/Adventures Vore: When five female Dexholders pig out.

The 5 female Pokedex holder's, Blue and Yellow from Kanto, Crystal from Johto, Sapphire
from Hoenn, and Platina from Sinnoh had just left a brand new very expensive all you
can eat buffet that opened in Goldenrod City. All five of them were stuffed with big,
round, bloated full bellies sloshing with there expensive meal's. "Thank's for paying
for the meal err...." Blue turned to the newest girl to join the dexholder's circle and
currently the one with the most money, Platina Berlitz. "You can just call me Berlitz."
Platina said as it was Prof. Rowan's idea for her to go out with the other girl's to begin
with. "Right." Blue added rubbing her big gut. Crystal was adjusting her pants as they
walked down the street's, all five bellies sloshing as they went. *SPLOSH* *GLUNK*
*CHURN* *BUBBLE* While all of them had bellies rounder the balloons, Blue and Sapphire's
had the biggest bellies. Crystal and Platina's were almost the same size, Crystal's was
a little bit bigger, and Yellow's was the smallest. Once they found a private bench away
they all sat on it and the bench surprisingly held up the five bloated girls but creaked
under there the weight of the food stuffed bellies. "This is a strong bench." Sapphire
said amused as she wiggled around with her big belly seeing if the bench could handle it.

*GLORP* *CHURN* *DIGEST* *GROAN* *BUBBLE* Sapphire's big belly sloshed noisily as she did.
"Stop crying to break the bench." Crystal said in a bossy tone. Now the girls started to
all rub there bellies as they sloshed and gurgled with digestion. "That was the best meal
I ever ate. I could never pig out with the guys around." Crystal said. "Tell me about it.
Always got to look our best when in the company of boy's. If they saw us all bloated out
like pregnant balloon bellied chick's..." Blue chuckled at the thought and gave her
round belly a slap making it wobble and sloshed louder. *SPPPOOOLSH* *SPLOOORF*
"I don't mind pigging out in front of Ruby. I think he like's it kind of, but he would
never admit to it. You know how he is." Sapphire said now putting her hand's behind her
head with her giant stomach sticking out. "I would never gorge myself in the presence of
my two commoner companion's. They'd think I was some kind of pig." Platina said, still
rubbing her bulbous belly. Yellow was shy to add anything. "What about you?" Platina
turned to the blushing Yellow and she jumped a little wobbling her belly around as she did.
*GLUNK* *BLORP* "Huh, oh yeah. I would never eat like this while being with..." Yellow
started but blushed even brighter. "...With Red you mean?" Blue said with her eyebrows
raised. "Oooooh!" Crystal and Sapphire giggled and there bellies sloshed so loud Yellow
could barily speak over them. *BLOOOSH* *KLORRP* *SPLOOSH* *JIGGLE* "Wait you guy's..."

Yellow tried to explain but the girl's sloshing bellies from there giggle's drowned out
her words. "Don't worry. I'm the same with Gold. Don't so shy." Crystal said. Her giant
belly had settled down. "Oh, okay." Yellow said. "Yeah, that's why I suggested we have a
girl's night out, so we could loosen up." Blue said. *BLOORRRP* Her belly let out a loud
noise of digestion. *BUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRP* Sapphire unleashed a big gassy burp and
looked pleased with herself. "Ugh." Yellow held her nose as Sapphire's burp smelled like
digesting food and stomach acid. "Burping just tell's you how much you enjoyed your meal."
Sapphire said wisely. Blue, Crystal, and Platina all smiled at each other and Yellow kept
her nose plugged, as she figured where this would be going. Crystal began to drum her big
belly making her lunch slosh until she felt the gas bubbles coming up her throat.
the same gassy volume and gassy smell as Sapphire's and Yellow kept her nose shut off to
Platina had shaken her bloated belly around to burp out a giant burp of her own and it's
stink was just added to the already lingering burps and belches hanging over them. Blue
bounced her big, sloshy, belly up and down. *SPLOOSH* *SPLORF* *SPLOOSH* *SPLORF* Crystal,
Sapphire, and Platina all watched her in silence as Blue was a pro at burping. However
they all saw Yellow holding her nose and it amused them. Blue leaned in close to Yellow
Blue's big burp was the longest but it was the loudest and smelled the strongest. Once
Blue was finished burping she laughed along with Crystal, Sapphire, and Platina. Yellow
gave a weak laugh as Blue's burp smelled the worse. "What did you eat? A Grimer?" Sapphire
laughed. "Maybe, and it evolved into a muk when I burped." Blue joked.

Now they all turned to Yellow, who was blushing again. Yellow didn't know how to burp on
command. Yellow now shook her own bloated belly hoping it would create gas bubble's inside
herself. *BLORP* *CHURN* *SPLOOSH* Nothing happened. "..." Yellow looked a little upset
now."Hold on! I can get them out!" Yellow moved her big stomach around on the bench and
despite all the noisy sloshing from her stomach she couldn't burp. "It's alright Yellow.
Not everyone's a burper." Blue said. "Not like you, Ms. Queen of the burps." Sapphire said
poking Blue in her giant belly. Blue gave a proud smile and Yellow now felt frustrated and
left out. Sapphire could burp, Platina could burp, Crystal could burp, and Blue was queen
of the burps. Yellow shook her big stomach around and it sloshed loudly. *PLOOSH*
*KPLOORP* *BURBLE* CHURN* *BLUB* still no gas bubble's forming in Yellow big gut. "Still
nothing huh?" Platina said. Yellow now looked sad and let go of her belly and it bounced
and wobbled in place. "Don't let it get you down. If anything should be bugging you it's
those female Gym leader's." Crystal said. Blue, Sapphire, and Platina agreed. "What's
wrong with them?" Yellow asked. "You must have seen it. There always flirting with our
guys! Don't they know there taken?" Blue said. "Clair and Jasmine have gotten very
friendly with Gold." Crystal said. *GRRRRRUUUMBLE* Crystal's bloated belly grumbled with
her. "Gardenia and Fantina have been spending way to much time with my commoner boys. I
hate it." Platina said bitterly. "Roxanne and Flannery tried to get Ruby to teach them
about Contest but I know what they were really doing. They couldn't fool me." Sapphire
said as she drummed her bloated belly and it sloshed under her fingers. "I had no idea..."
Yellow said. "Get's worse Misty and Erika have been spending a lot of time with Green and
Red." Blue said. "No!" Yellow imagined her beloved Red trapped in a siren song by
Misty and Erika.

"THOSE HOMEWRECKERS!" Yellow shouted unable to control herself. "I didn't know you were
married." Platina said. Yellow calmed down. "S...sorry for my strong language." Yellow
blushed. "We should do something about this." Platina said. "Oh we can alright. Do you
all remember that story I told you about how I got my Squirtle and those two cops I ate?"
Blue said. *BUUUUURRRRRRBBBBBLE* Blue's giant bloated belly remembered as it let out a very
gasoues groan of delight. Blue rubbed it to quiet it down. "The one with the fake ring?"
Platina asked. "Yeah, we give those Gym leader's what's coming to them and eliminate them
from the playing field, and our boys are all ours again." Blue said. "Sounds good to me."
Crystal said. Sapphire and Platina nodded. "I don't know..." Yellow looked very unsure.
She couldn't even burp on command, eating someone else was out of her league. "Well you can
stay here. I'll take care of Misty and Erika for you. Red will still be all yours." Blue
said, and Yellow smiled a little. "By the way Crystal, be sure to get Clair for me. I think
Silver has a small crush on her and...well she's not good enough for him." Blue said. "I
got it. Don't worry about that." Crystal nodded and pulled out some Poke ball's. "I have
some Abra's for use to use for teleportation since flying on a full stomach tough."
Crystal released four Abra's next to the bench. "I'll just wait here for you to get back."
Yellow said. "Hold it right there you five!" Four Police officer's were approaching them.
"We have got a call about a disturbance in the area..." The Police officer's were cut off
as the four Abra's zap them with thunder wave and paralized them. "Good job Abra's."
Crystal said. The Officer's groaned as they were paralized and unable to move. "We have
to call for help." One of the officer's said. Blue, Crystal, Sapphire, and Platina herd
him and each moved over to a officer as Yellow watched in silence. "We won't let you call
for anyone." Blue said as she opened her mouth and swallowed one of the Officer's heads
into her mouth. Crystal, Sapphire, and Platina had done the same thing to there own
Officers. "Are they going to eat them too?" Yellow thought.

The Officer's head's were each stuck in a girl's mouth but there was no swallowing, no
eating or gulping of any kind. The Officer's were still paralized so they were at the
girl's mercy. Yellow then watched as simultaneous action's occured between the girls.

                         Blue's cheeks ballooned out with gas
                         Crystal's cheeks ballooned out with gas
                         Sapphire's cheeks ballooned out with gas
                         Platina's cheeks ballooned out with gas

Yellow watched as her friend's cheeks got rounder and rounder holding in there big burps
in there closed mouth's like big gas bombs and despite the burp's being closed mouthed
they were very loud and very deep in volume. Yellow could only imagine how it must have
smelled being trapped in there mouth's and they were burping right in there faces.
There cheeks kept inflating infact Yellow could tell the girl's gas-round cheeks were as
big as her own belly, and getting bigger the longer they burped and after nearly thirteen
seconds the gassy closed mouth burps ended and the girls released the officer's from there
gas chambers, there cheeks deflated to there regular size. "That takes care of them."
Blue, Sapphire, Crystal, and Platina grabbed a Abra and teleported away with them to
devour there gym leader love rivals. Yellow stood there looking at the gassed out Officers.
"Wow, I could never do that. It looked fun but, I don't know if I could ever do something
like that." Yellow sat back on the bench and felt tired, due to her stomach digesting her
food from lunch. She closed her eyes and dozed off, deep in sleep. Yellow was having a
dream that 4 giant blimps were around her sounding like ocean waves. "So...big...don't
squish me." Yellow moaned and woke up. "Finally awake Yellow? We've been trying to wake
you." Yellow woke up and found herself off the bench and on a comfy bed and surrounded by
4 blimp sized bellies sloshing like the waves from the ocean.

Blue, Crystal, Sapphire, and Platina's bellies were huge and looked to round and bulbous
to actually be part of there bodies, it was like the girls were standing in front of big
bloated taut water balloons. There belly buttons all popped to outies and numerous bulges
and outlines of there meal's occasionally appeared struggling in the big bellies. "I took
care of Misty and Erika, they'll think twice before hitting on Red and Green." Blue said.
Yellow sighed relief, as Blue covered her mouth and burped a really deep and gassy burp
in her hand. *BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRP* "Clair and Jasmine tasted great. Whitney helped
me find them too. Apparently Jasmine was trying to seduce Falkner away from her. She was
glad to help." Crystals said as her overbloated belly bobbed up and down sloshing.
*GLORP* *BLORP* *KLORP* "Fantina was doing the same with Volkner. Candice didn't like it
so she and Maylene helped me find Fantina, Gardenia was easy to find. She was in the
forest." Platina giggled giving her giant belly a slap. Fantina's outlined faced appeared
below Platina's bulbous popped outie belly button. Apparently she was trying to apologize.
"I told you I'll think about it." Platina said using her finger to push Fantina's outline
back into her stomach's insides. "Fantina was trying to seduce Volkner away from Candice?
What a Siren." Yellow said. Sapphire raised her arms in the air and looked pleased with
herself. "I swallowed Roxanne and Flannery really easy. I used the Seviper swallow method.
It was fun!" Sapphire said swinging her gargantuan belly around rather easily considering
it was bloated with loads of food and two people. *BLORP* *BLOOSH* *GLUB* *SPLORF*

Yellow looked at the bed. "Where am I?" Yellow asked. "My mansion. I normally wouldn't
allow a commoner to lay in one of my expensive beds but you were really out of it when we
came back." Platina said. Yellow looked again at the other girl's belly's, all four of
them looked like they could burst at any moment. "But anyway girl's with those, as Yellow
would call them 'Homewreckers' out of the way our boys are safe and will have eyes only
for us." Blue said. "It serves them right. Trying to take our guys." Crystal said. "Well
they won't get Ruby now. Isn't that right girl's?" Sapphire asked patting her gigantic
belly which now sounded like a drum. "Like I would ever let some Gym Leader commoner's
take my bodyguards from me. No way." Platina said. "Umm, girls you are going to let them
out, right? You just ate them to scare them, right?" Yellow asked. Platina, Crystal, Blue,
and Sapphire all loked at her confused with there titanic bellies sticking out. "....Yeah
I didn't think so." Yellow quickly said and after that her stomach grumbled and she finally
burped. *BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP* Yellow covered her mouth and looked
confused, pleased, and annoyed all at the same time. "Oh yeah, now I can burp, now that
it's all over." Yellow groaned.

The End.
Hello I'm back long time no see huh? Yes I am indeed back with another story. This time we revisit the Pokemon Manga world of Pokemon Special/Adventures which is awesome by the way love that Manga series, it is the best. Anyway it feature's Blue (The girl) Crystal, Sapphire, Platina, and Yellow, hanging out and planning on eating those they think are a threat to there love interest. So everyone enjoy, More stories to come. It's good to be back.

I do not own these character's Pokemon is owned by Nintendo and the Pokemon company.
Pokemon Adventures/Special is done by Hidenori Kusaka
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theman2222 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2010
I think this is your best vore story of all, but there are a few others that come close. Keep up the awesome writing!

Blue rules!
Mangavore Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2010
Thank you. This is actually one of my favorites if not my favorite of my stories as well. Glad you enjoyed it, and your right Blue rules. So what was your favorite part of the story?
theman2222 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2010
I can't even decide. But I guess I like the part where they try to comfort Yellow about her inability to burp and up to the point where she calls the female gym leaders 'home wreckers'.

And then the part where she fainted and woke up to notice everyone's belly after they ate the gym leaders (then when Platina had to push Fantina's outline back inside.)

But the overall story is great!
Mangavore Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2010
Yeah, poor Yellow. She'll be more active in the sequel to this story, and with those 'home wreckers' gone she's free to have Red for herself. I also liked the Platina bit pushing Fantina back in her belly. Glad you enjoyed this story. It's one of my favorites that I made.
theman2222 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2010
Good to hear. But I have to say, I hope they don't eat the boys since that'd completely defeat the purpose of this story. If you found other characters in the manga for them to eat, like the elite four of Kanto and Hoenn or somethine that'd be cool.

I hope your next pokemon vore stories are as good as this one.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2010
It would probably be different character's from the manga. I wasn't planning on using the boys because of the reason you just stated.
theman2222 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2010
Good to know :)

I'll be here to read it!
Mangavore Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2010
Nice, it should be one of my newest one's I'll be doing.
VegetaHyuuga Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2010
oh very cool
Mangavore Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2010
Thanks. Did you enjoy it?
VegetaHyuuga Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2010
Mangavore Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2010
What was your fave part? I'm trying to see what parts to keep using and one's to drop and fan feedback helps.
VegetaHyuuga Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2010
well seeing someone full
Mangavore Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2010
It's great isn't it?
VegetaHyuuga Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2010
Umbreon97Lucario Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2010
Eh, Fantina was eaten by Hikari a while ago...but oh well. I lol'd this so hard I was crying but oh my got rid of my Volkie?!? :faint:
Mangavore Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2010
Yeah this took place in the Manga world, so manga Fantina had not been eaten, but now she has. Volkner? Nothing happened to Volkner. Fantina was trying to seduce Volkner away from Candice and Candice lead the Platina to eat Fantina so she could have Volkner to herself. I think Volkner's one of the few people never to have been eaten in one of my vore stories. Ironically enough Platina is the Manga counterpart of Hikari who ate Fantina.
Umbreon97Lucario Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2010
o.o That is SHEER irony. lol...I had a freaky thought. What if? All the uneaten gym leaders/elite four pplz teamed up against the vorers(is that even a word?) lol they'd lose. *zips her lips* I KNOW! Since I have all this inspiration, I guess I'm over my writers block. YAAAY! :iconkermityayplz: *dances in the moonlight* the moonlight...MORE INSPIRATION! *runs off to go finish chapter 7*
Mangavore Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2010
Maybe. Though it depends on what universe the gym leaders rebel against. Though I'm glad you enjoyed the story, and don't worry Volkner's fine. So what was your favorite part? I usually ask this just to know if I'm moving in the right track.
CyborgAssasin Featured By Owner May 18, 2013
That deserves a brofist.
Mangavore Featured By Owner May 20, 2013
Thanks man. Brofist.
CyborgAssasin Featured By Owner May 25, 2013
Double brofist
Umbreon97Lucario Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2010
I think I liked Jasmine's little role. X3 But all of it was epic! Poor little Yellow, I know what its like to be left out... :icondragonpetplz:
Mangavore Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2010
Yeah poor Yellow. She just wasn't ready this time. Next time however it may very well be Yellow's time to shine.
Umbreon97Lucario Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2010
Yay! :dummy: me-->:icondragonpet2plz:<--fantina
Mangavore Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2010
Lol, well Fantina is now digesting 'Again' in stomach acid, by the counterpart of the girl who ate her last time. I didn't even realize that twist.
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dawnandmayforever Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2010
Good to see you back with more Pokemon vore stories.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2010
Thanks. This one was one was special since it was my 30th one.
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