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Pokemon Vore: Lyra's HeartGold and SoulSilver Vore Audition.

A big audition was being held in the Sinjoh Ruins. People from the Johto region had all
come for a audition for Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver. They waited in a cabin outside
the ruins while auditioning. The people who were currently being viewed would go to the
ruins themselves for the big interview. Many of Johto's Gym Leaders were in the cabin
waiting to go to the ruins themselves. "This is like 'Pokemon Idol' or something. I should
not have to audition. I'm the Blackthron Gym Leader." Clair said. A few people of the
Sinnoh region had come for support as they would be connected to Johto now. "This is so
cool! I mean Johto and Sinnoh will be like sister regions now with this merge. Because
HeartGold and SoulSilver will without a doubt be connected to Diamond and Pearl." Candice
said excited and then she looked at Pryce. "What's up with the old guy? Don't tell me he's
a ice Gym Leader like me." Candice said viewing him from head to toe. "Young lady, you need
to learn to respect your elders." Pryce coughed. "And you need to learn better fashion. I
mean look at you. You look like your going to go swimming in those stripped yellow and
black clothes. Yuck! Here let me help you, grandpa." Candice grabbed Pryce and took him to
the opposite side of the cabin. "Release me, you child! I cannot believe they let someone
like you be a ice type Pokemon Gym Leader. Insulting." Pryce said. Serving the group drinks
and snacks was Lyra. "Here are some snacks for you, while you wait." Lyra said. "Thanks."
Morty and Bugsy took some chips while waiting for the audition. "Why are they having the
audition here of all places?" Bugsy asked. "Got me." Morty said. "Can't you like see into
the future or something? Shouldn't you already know? Maybe I'll go ask Sabrina." Bugsy
said. Morty growled at that comment.

Lyra finished her job and sighed. "Lyra? What are you doing here?" Lyra herd someone call
to her and turned around and found Dawn looking at her. "Dane? Your auditioning for the
HeartGold and SoulSilver games as well?" Lyra asked. "No. Candice dragged me here so I
could help support and stuff. Since HGSS and DP will be connected, we Sinnoh folks decided
to extend a hand of friendship to you." Dawn said. "Wow Dane! That is so nice." Lyra said.
she looked at Dawn's white beanie cap. "Dane could I try that on for a second." Lyra asked.
"If you must." Dawn took off her cap and put it on Lyra's head. "Wow. This is so cool. Only
the main region girls are allowed the travel hat and all the important girls have the white
ones. I'm so jealous." Lyra said. "Not true. May and Kris don't have white caps...yet."
Dawn said. Lyra returned Dawn's cap to her. "I wish I could be like you. Travel around and
collect badges or ribbons, and catch absurd amounts of Pokemon. Would be a dream come
true." Lyra's eyes began to fill with tears and she began to cry. "Waaaaaaaaah! I wanna be
in HeartGold and SoulSilver too!" Lyra cried. "Lyra don't cry." Dawn tried to stop her but
Lyra was to upset and sobbed. "I *sniff* want to be a symbol of Johto. Be important and
when people *sob* think of Johto *hic* t..t..t...they'll think of me. Waaaaaaaaaaah!" Lyra
cried more and more. Dawn was forced to be the shoulder she cried on. "Lyra here." Dawn
gave Lyra a tissue. Lyra's stomach began to growl. "I get hungry when I'm upset." Lyra
sobbed. "You do?" Dawn asked. Lyra nodded. "Well to bad you couldn't just eat your way to
the role. That's what May and I did to get our parts." Dawn said. "Seriously?" Lyra asked.
Dawn nodded. "Dane your a genius!" Lyra hugged Dawn, almost squeezing the life out of her.

"No more kitchen service for me! I am going to leave my mark all over Johto! And if this is
the way to do it, then so be it." Lyra said. Her stomach growled again. "I'm so excited,
Dane! Let's see now, where is she?" Lyra spotted Kris, the main girl of Johto waiting for
her audition. "I can't believe I have to wait for my audition. Being a main protagonist of
Johto I should have been first or second." Kris said. "Everyone!" Candice annouced and
everyone looked at her. "I present to you the new and improved, Pryce!" Candice showed them
Pryce's new outfit, A blue winter jacket with a white scarf. "That looks like our Sinnoh
winter gear." Dawn said. "How cool." Lyra said. "I feel somewhat younger." Pryce said.
"Well at least he looks way more interesting then boring ole Jasmine." Whitney said as she
walked out for her audition. "I'm not boring!" Jasmine shouted. "Thank you Candice. With
my spirit renewed I feel like climbing Mt. Silver itself!" Pryce said. "Just don't let your
back go out." Falkner said. Lyra turned to Dawn. "It's now or never, Dane. Here I go." Lyra
said. She approached Kris. "Howdy Kris." Lyra said. Kris looked at Lyra, then she looked
away. "Hello." She said with a unfriendly voice. Lyra picked up on it and grew nervous, but
this also made her stomach growl out of hunger, even more. "Going to audition?" Lyra asked
her. "Yeah. Kinda insulting that I even have to audition. Shouldn't be surprised though. I
herd Gold was renamed Ethan during his audition. I was already renamed once as Marina. Did
you know some people still call me that?" Kris asked. "That's a shame. Because I was your
biggest fan when Crystal version came out!" Lyra smiled. "Really? That's sweet of you to
say. I don't normally get the credit I deserve because I was Gameboy Color generation."
Kris said. "I guess it's been a long time coming." Lyra smiled. "It really has." Kris said.
"I mean you get to travel Johto, fight Team Rocket, capture a Ho-oh and Lugia, dance with
kimono girls, exchange phone numbers with random trainers, go to a radio station...." Lyra
stopped as she felt herself began to cry again. She wanted to do all these things. It had
been her dream to do all this. "Are you alright." Kris asked. Lyra wanted to devour Kris
right now, but there were to many people around. Dawn picked up on that.

She poured herself a cup of orange juice walked over to them and 'accidently' spilled it
all over Kris. "Oops!" Dawn faked being sorry as Kris was dripping in orange juice. "Ugh!
Why did you do that for?" Kris said angry. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. I'm such a klutz."
Dawn said, bowing her head to Kris, apologizing. "You can apologize by helping me clean up.
I want to look good for my audition." Kris said. "I'll help you. To the girls room." Lyra
helped Kris up while she and Dawn winked at one another. "HeartGold and SoulSilver, here I
come." Lyra thought to herself as the girls walked into the girls bathroom. Once inside,
Dawn locked the door. Nobody else was inside. "I hope I'll still present myself well. Even
with these orange juice stains. How do I look girls?" Kris asked Lyra and Dawn. "You look
wonderful Kris! A true hero among girls." Dawn said. "Thanks." Kris smiled. "She's right.
If you ask me, you look good enough to eat." Lyra said. "Haha. I wouldn't go that far."
Kris said. "But I would!" Lyra jumped on Kris with her mouth wide open and began to swallow
up Kris, head first. Dawn stood by the door so nobody would come in as Lyra gulped down her
competition. *GULP* *GULP* *GULP* Kris squirmed and kicked but it was no good. Lyra was
determined to get her part and this made her powerful enough to swallow her idol down her
throat. Kris tasted like orange juice due to being drenched in it earlier. She ran her
tongue over the orange juice stains on her. *GUUULP* Kris was now down Lyra's throat and
could see the entrance to the stomach. *GUUULLLORRP* Lyra swallowed more of Kris down and
slurped up her legs very easily and now her throat returned to normal size as her belly
greatly swelled up and increased in size. It was so round and bloated having Kris in it,
the big gut bobbed up and down jiggling. *JIGGLE* *BOB* *WOBBLE* *BOB* *BOUNCE* *BOB*
Lyra's overall suspenders were stretched to the limit by her massive balloon belly.

"Lyra you did it." Dawn cheered. Lyra placed her hands over her gigantic belly as the
growls of hunger had been replaced by the massive sloshing of gastric juices filling up in
her. *SPLOSH* *GLORP* *BUBBLE* *BLORT* *GROAN* *SLOSH* Lyra's belly sloshing was loud and
echoed in the girls bathroom. "Dane check me out!" Lyra stuck out her new fat potbelly as
it let out a very loud gurgle. *GUUURRRRRRRRRRRRGBBBBBLE* "I ate Kris. I feel kinda bad
about that, but it felt so good!" Lyra said before her cheeks swelled up becoming shiny
"Thank goodness this is the bathroom." Dawn said fanning Lyra's big burp away. Lyra's belly
began to squirm as Kris began to struggle in her. *WOBBLE* *BOUNCE* *GLORP* *SPLORF* Kris's
muffled voice could be herd. "I'm not surprised this happened. Should have expected it
really. This is what I was talking about. I get no respect." Kris yelled from over Lyra's
Kris was giving her really bad gas and indigestion. "She's not agreeing with me. My belly
is starting to hurt." Lyra held her round potbelly as it let out a loud grumble of gas.
sank to the ground letting her overbloated belly rise up in the air. "You just need to get
all that gas out. That's all. Swallowing a person and all the struggling they do, is just
a big recipe for gas." Dawn said rubbing Lyra's swollen belly for her. She could feel the
gas bubbling in Lyra's potbelly under her hand. *BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLCCCCCCCH*
Lyra burped again, retasting some of her mom's chicken soup, she had for dinner the
previous night before today. It barely helped her. *BLORP* *CHURN* *GURGLE* Lyra's big gut
still had a large quantity of gas in it. "You can't stop now when your so close to getting
in HGSS." Dawn said to Lyra, rubbing her bloated belly. *BUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP*
Another big burp from Lyra made it's way up her throat and out her mouth.

"If you get in we'll be in the same generation! We can trade Pokemon wirelessly together
and help each other cheat in the game, like me giving you my level 74 Garchomp when your
just starting out...True it won't listen to you and all but you'll have the option." Dawn
said. *HOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP* Lyra belched but her bloated round potbelly
still had a massive gas bubble sitting inside it. Kris was fighting with it for room as the
gas bubble was so fat it was taking up to much space in Lyra's belly. "And we could do so
many trades and get evolutions from it. Machokes to Machamps, Rhydons to Rhyperiors,
Slowpokes to Slowkings. We'll have so much fun." Dawn said shaking Lyra's large belly to
free her of the gas. *BLOOOSH* *BLORP* "And most of all! You get to finally be in Johto
like you always wanted with a white cap!" Dawn said. "The protagonist *BUUUURRRRRP* white
cap?" Lyra asked. "Yes. But you can't get it unless you get up for the audition!" Dawn
said. "I was eaten over a white cap? I never even got one myself." Kris muttered in Lyra's
round and fat belly. "You are so right, Dane. I want that cap so everyone will acknowledge
my status as protagonist." Lyra sat up with her balloon bloated belly sticking out in front
of her, sloshing and glorping. *SPLOSH* *GLUB* *BLORP* *WOBBLE* *GROAN* "Better take cover.
I'm burping the big one." Lyra said as her cheeks swelled up round and shiny once again
only they got rounder and shinier. *BLOAT* *BULGE* *PUFF* *SWELL* The sound of her cheeks
stretching echoed in the room, sounding like balloons filling up with air, only her cheeks
were bloating up with gas. Lyra's belly began to quake as she felt the gas bubble float up
her throat. She could taste the meals of all her previous meals in the past few weeks, and
Kris was one of them. A bulge traveled up her throat as all the gas was now coming out.
Lyra burped loudly and the entire bathroom shook. The mirror's shattered. The room filled
up with stomach gas. Lyra smiled when her deep and bassy burp ended. "That felt good."
Lyra said. "Disgusting." Kris said from Lyra's large belly. "That was scary, but at least
your feeling better. Now let's get you to that audition." Dawn helped Lyra up and they left
the bathroom, though Lyra had trouble fitting through the door with her round belly.

"What happened to you? And where is Kris? Her audition is next." Bugsy said to the girls.
"Kris had to run home. But she said I could take her spot." Lyra said. "Liar!" Kris yelled
from inside Lyra's large belly but her belly sloshing drowned it out. *GLORSH* *BLORSH*
"Whatever." Lyra went through the door to the Sinjoh ruins for the audition. Almost three
minutes later Lyra returned with a rounder belly sticking out in front of her. "I got the
part!" Lyra smiled. "Lyra that is wonderful! I'm so happy for you." Dawn said. Lyra smiled,
and turned to the others. "Um, the judges are tired and said everyone here gets to keep
his or her old positions in Johto." Lyra said. "Yes! I knew they wouldn't replace me. I
was kind of afraid they would after what happened to Wallace in Hoenn." Clair said to
Whitney. "That would be a plus. Wallace became the Hoenn champion." Whitney said. "Good to
know I still have a job. Now I'm going to upgrade my gym and make it more bothersome then
it really is." Bugsy said. "I will do the same." Falkner said. As the Gym leaders all
leave, Dawn and Lyra turned to each other. "Let's see. Your belly's somehow bigger then it
was after you ate Kris, the judges stop the audition, and you got it. You ate them right?"
Lyra burped loudly and held her overbloated belly. "Nice. And I got you a present. Because
I knew you'd get in." Dawn held out a big white with a red ribbon in it. "Ta-dah!" Lyra
began to cry again, but this time tears of joy. "My own protagonist white cap." She sobbed.
Dawn placed the cap on Lyra's head. "Thanks Dane. I can't believe it. I'm a protagonist for
HeartGold and SoulSilver." Lyra said as she tried to hug Dawn but she just bumped her away
with her bloated large belly. *BWOOMP* "Sorry Dane! I'm just so happy to be in..." Lyra
Lyra burped the sentence out loudly. Once she was done burping her sentence she turned to
Dawn. "Let's start trading that level 74 Garchomp, Dane!" Lyra said. "Sure. As long as you
stop calling me Dane!" Dawn said. Lyra's suspenders finally snapped and exposed her round
belly flesh which was very pale and shiny. To shiny to be looked directly at as both Lyra
and Dawn looked away from the epic shiny of the belly. "Lyra! Put that thing away." Dawn
said. "Sorry." Lyra moaned.

The End.
Been awhile hasn't it? This is a request for GamemasterXtreme for Lyra to eat Kris/Crystal/Marina. I changed her name as not to get confused with Crystal from PokeSpecial but Lyra's name remains as it is, but this is not at all connected to my Johto Vore series. It's just a request. Feels like it's been ages since I did a story but I got some free time and now I could do it. Enjoy Lyra as we discover the way she gained entry to HGSS, at least vore wise. How many times did Lyra call Dawn, Dane?

I do not own these characters. Pokemon is Property of Nintendo, The Pokemon company, and Gamefreak.
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shadowfiredragon91 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
so thats how lyra got on hgss
shame what happened to kris, i always liked her
still great story
Mangavore Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2011
Her secret is revealed.
shadowfiredragon91 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
keep up the great work
must read more!
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Yay! For more Lyra vore!
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We need more Lyra vore.
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Another nice story!

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Mangavore Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2011
Thanks. If so you should read my Johto Vore series stories. It's filled with Lyra getting a large belly all the time.
buzzthingy Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2011
Actually I have, and I greatly enjoy those too! :3
Mangavore Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2011
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great story
Mangavore Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2011
Thank you.
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