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Pokemon Vore: Jessie's belly prepares for vore trouble and devours double.

Jessie, James, and Meowth, three members of Team Rocket had found themselves lost in the
woods with no food or anyway to communicate with there other members. "We've lost sight of
the twerps and we're lost and out of food for the day." James said. "This wasn't our best
idea to steal Pokemon was it?" Jessie moaned. "You guys just had to mess up didn't ya?"
Meowth said. "Us mess up?" Jessie said. "Dat's right! Jessie you were in charge of keeping
the map and you couldn't even do that right! And James over here was suppose to keep our
food supply well rationed and you both screwed up!" Meowth complained. "Oh yeah? Well I
don't see you doing a good job with the way Meowth what is your job?" Jessie
asked. "Haha! My job was the most important one! It was to remind you two not to forget
yours!" Meowth said. "Then you failed at your job as well because we're in the middle of
nowhere with no food and map! Stop blaming just us." James said. Jessie's stomach growled
loudly. *GRRRROOWL* "I wish we had food right now. I can't catch Pikachu on a empty
stomach!" Jessie said. "She's right! We need to find food before we starve. And shelter
would also be nice." James said. Meowth sighed. "It is getting cold." "I'm still hungry!"
Jessie complained. "Blame James for that!" Meowth said. "It's not my fault I tell you!"
James yelled. "Yes it is. To busy looking at your bottle cap collection and not at our
food supply!" Meowth yelled. "Can we please look for that shelter now? It's freezing out
here!" James yelled.

Jessie put a hand over her thin empty stomach, she hated being this hungry and miserable.
Her life in Team Rocket had always been hard and full of disappointment. The only good
thing she felt about it was her friends James and Meowth were here with her. "I'd do
anything to get warm. Why don't we have a fire Pokemon?" James said. "I don't know. Why
don't you go catch one?" Meowth complained. Jessie watched James and Meowth complain, both
ignoring her and her empty rumbling belly. *RUUUMMBLE* Jessie rubbed her stomach, wishing
it was full of tasty, fattening, gut busting food. She soon started viewing her two best
friends as food. Yummy food. Food that looked tasty. Food that needed to be eaten while
fresh. Food that would feel good in the pit of her stomach. Jessie in a hunger daze walked
over to James and Meowth. "It's so cold! We should start a fire." James said. Jessie now
stood next to James. "Jessie what is the matter with you?" James asked. Jessie opened her
mouth and her jaws unhinged. "Waaaaaah! I've herd about this! She's going to eat us!"
Meowth yelled in fear. Jessie grabbed James arm and shoved it in her wide mouth. "Eeek!
Jessie stop this at once! This is beyond gross!" James yelled. Jessie didn't seem to hear
him. All she cared about was eating something. *GULP* Jessie started swallowing James down.
"Jessie stop this! This isn't humanly possible." James yelled. Jessie ignored James and
gulped more of him down. *GULP* James created a big bulge in Jessie's throat as he was
going down. Jessie loved the way he tasted. James head and upper torso were now in Jessie's
mouth. Meowth watched frozen in fear as Jessie swallowed more and more of James. Meowth
knew he should run but couldn't move.

*GULP* *GULP* Jessie's gulping got louder and sounded more disgusting as her throat bulged
with James sliding down it. Now at his legs, Jessie tilted her head back and with one
final large and loud *GUUUULP* James bloated out Jessie's belly instanly as she fully ate
him. Jessie's belly was enormous and huge, very shiny and round. Her stomach rumbles were
replaced with loud sloshing and gurgling. *SLOSH* *BLORP* *GURGLE* *GROAN* *JIGGLE*
Jessie rubbed her swollen gut full of James and felt him struggle inside. "Let me out,
Jessie! This isn't right!" James yelled. "Oh but you feel so good in there James." Jessie
said poking her shiny bulbous belly. Meowth saw his clear reflection in the big belly of
as she resumed rubbing her big belly in a circular motion. "It's not everyday I get to
enjoy burping. I so rarely get to eat good things these days. Let's try it again, James."
Jessie said as she grabbed her bloated round belly and started to shake the bloated beach
ball like a fizzy liter of soda. *SPLOSH* *GLOSH* *BLORSH* *BURBLE* *BLOAT* *BUBBLE*
Jessie's round belly actually expanded a little rounder from the belly shaking as she
worked up gasses from inside. Jessie's cheeks bulged and swelled up before she burped once
Jessie's large burp blew Meowth off his feet. Jessie laughed amused that not only was her
burp huge but her belly had increased in size from the gas build up and despite burping it
did not deflate. *GRUMBLE* *PLORF* "That was fun. Come on James. Admit it. It was fun to
hear that wasn't it?" Jessie asked her dome belly.

"Jessie I will tollerate many things but this is out of the question!" James muffled voice
could be barely herd over Jessie's overstuffed belly noises. *GLUG* *GLUNK* *SPLORF*
"Sorry James, you'll have to speak a little louder if you want me to hear you." Jessie said
as she mockingly put her hand to her ear and leaned in close to her gorged gut. *BLOORP*
Jessie's belch made her belly sway and slosh with James inside. *SWAY* *SLOSH* *WOBBLE*
*BLUB* *BOUNCE* James felt himself being pushed around Jessie's overbloated belly. Meowth
looked afraid as Jessie now turned her sights on him. "Jessie...don't do it!" Meowth said
as Jessie started approaching him with her wobbling and sloshing belly of doom. "You
leave me no choice! Taste da fury of my fury swipes!" Meowth tried to claw Jessie's round
bloated belly but his claws did nothing at all against the round gut and he bounced off
it. "Hahaha! Stop Meowth that tickles!" Jessie laughed causing more loud belly sloshing
from her belly. *SPLOSH* *GLORP* *BLUB* Jessie grabbed Meowth and tossed him in the air.
"Yeeoow! Jessie what are you doing?!" Meowth yelled. Jessie was directly below Meowth and
she opened her mouth wide open and when Meowth began his descent down he fell down into
Jessie's wide open mouth. *GUUULP* Jessie gulped Meowth down in one big gulp and his bulge
traveled down her throat and into her large awaiting belly. *PLOOSH* Meowth made a loud
splach in Jessie's overstuffed belly.

Jessie's loud and deep burp echoed in the empty woods and she finally sat down and let her
huge belly rest. She saw her reflection looking back at her in the surface of her large
stomach. "It feels so good to be full. I love this feeling." Jessie said patting her pale
shiny belly. "Jessie this has gone on long enough! You really can't expect us to stay in
here can you?" James yelled. "I don't see why not." Jessie said to her bulbous belly.
"I should have gotten out of there while she was eaten you! Now I'm stuck in this
disgusting prison with ya." Meowth moaned. Gas bubbles floated all around them in Jessie's
belly. "Jessie! Can't we make a deal or something?" James asked banging on the stomach
They herd Jessie's deep and gassy burp erupt from inside her large belly and felt it
viberate as well. "Stop that. Unless you plan on giving me indigestion." Jessie shouted
back to her fat stomach. "That won't help us much." Meowth said. Jessie continued to rub
her gigantic belly feeling the warmth of it's fullness and the gas bubbling around James
and Meowth. Jessie covered her mouth as her cheeks stretched out wide and round holding
Jessie's cheeks got as round and shiny as her belly itself as her closed mouth burp
exploded in her mouth and she tasted the wonderful taste of James and Meowth again before
her cheeks deflated to normal. "That was a good one." Jessie smiled and gave her belly
a loving pat as it sloshed. *SPLOSH* *GLOSH* *GLORP* As she kept rubbing it she came
across her belly button. To her disappointment it had not popped out. Quite the opposite
it was now a very deep innie. Jessie got to her feet and stuck her beach ball belly out
as far as she could. "I want that belly button popped!" Jessie muttered as she groaned to
keep her belly sticking out. The belly button still did not pop. "That's weird. I herd
belly buttons always pop out for vorers after a huge meal." Jessie wondered.

*GURGLE* *GLORP* *BLORP* "Jessie it's starting to stink really bad down here!" James
whined. "Look on the bright side James, at least your not cold anymore." Jessie said
patting her round belly once again. "Wait a minute..." James felt around the belly prison.
"Your right. It's quite toasty in here." James said. "There's a reason for dat!" Meowth
yelled. Jessie felt her deep innie belly button again on her bloated belly and shrugged
it off. "No biggie I suppose. As long as I'm full it doesn't matter." Jessie said putting
both her hands around her giant gut. Inside her belly, Meowth watched as James yawned.
"Your not really thinking of sleeping in this nasty stink pit are ya?" Meowth asked. "It
is a step above those cold woods so good night." James yawned. "That's crazy." Meowth
yelled. He herd Jessie starting to move. "There's no way I'm staying in this forest by
myself. Let's see if we can find a nearby town or something." Jessie said lifting up her
big belly and slowly started to waddle through the woods. *SPLOSH* *GLORSH* *GLUNK* *GLUB*
Jessie's big belly sloshing filled the woods as she walked through it with her massive
gut sloshing loudly. A group of Sentret saw her coming and saw there reflections in the
round belly and went to hide in there nest as she sloshed by them. *SLOSH* *BLOSH*
"Hey! I see a town up ahead. Perfect." Jessie said as she walked a little faster to reach
it. Once she set foot in the town a group of people greeted her. "Hurray! You've done it.
Your the 100th person to enter our town!" Several people started dancing around Jessie and
her bloated belly. "I'm the 100th person?" Jessie repeated. "Which means you get to eat
at our noodle shop for free today. That must feel great since your eating for two." A
woman said, touching Jessie's large stomach and assumed she was pregnant. "Look's like
she's eating for three from the size of her belly." A man whispered.

They lead the bloated Jessie to a noodle shop which was fairly empty. "The 100th person
came to town." The crowd yelled. A chef appeared from the back. "Then she shall enjoy our
homestyle noodles and rice." The chef said bring out a large tray of food. Jessie was
seated and rubbed her swollen stomach and smelled the lovely food. "Yum. Don't mind if I
do. You can never have enough food." Jessie smiled and she started to devour the noodles
and rice quickly. Her giant belly swelled out rounder and larger as she ate. Inside her
belly, Meowth was annoyed by the raining food. "Yuck! This is gross! You can't treat a
Meowth this way! James say something!" Meowth said. James was asleep in the warm belly and
thus gave no reply. Jessie's belly contiuned to increase in size getting rounder, shinier,
and warmer from the noodles. Jessie's huge belly pushed against the table she was sitting
at and it gurgled loudly with the food she was eating. *GLORP* *BLORSH* *SLOSH* *SPLORF*
*GLUB* *BLORP* Inside her Meowth and James were covered in food as she ingested more.
to signal she had eaten it all. "Wow! You don't mess around." The Chef said impressed.
Jessie cradled her overbloated belly as it had now doubled in size. "This has been the best
day ever. Wouldn't you agree James? Meowth?" Jessie asked her large belly. "Speak for
yourself." Meowth said as James slept on in the warm belly of Jessie.

The End.
I'm back. Here is a request story for MystifiedBeef wanting Jessie to eat James and Meowth. I don't really watch the Pokemon anime anymore but I herd Jessie, James, and Meowth are more serious now in the series. Well in this story it takes place before Best Wishes so they are there goofy selves. Back in the day I loved Team Rocket as they provided perfect comic relief, hard to imagine them lose what made them so great. Anyway enjoy Jessie devouring her buddies James and Meowth and keeping them inside as she gulps down noodles and rice. One more request story to go now.

I do not own these characters. Pokemon is owned by Nintendo, Game Freak, and the Pokemon company.
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More please!! Sequel!!!! Very very good!!
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I don't know about a sequel to this but thanks for the fave. By the way I love your DA name. Burpchicks, cool name.
Burpchicks Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013
Haha thanks :) I just really loved the story, I don't know but something about it being Jessie was good
Icedvore Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012
This was a really great story! I loved how you used Team Rocket's motto and switched it up a bit. I applaud you and your great work.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012
Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it.
Icedvore Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012
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Mangavore Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012
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LostUmbreon Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
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VegetaHyuuga Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2011
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EmperorNortonII Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
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