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Pokemon Vore: Dawn's gassy Grand Festival backstage binge.

It was time for another annual Grand Festival in the Sinnoh region. Many fans had come to
see the Coordinator's coming to compete for the Ribbon cup. Lot's of people were talking in
the stands and whisper's had already begun on who would win the ribbon cup. In the
audience was Local trainer Tobi from Veilstone City. "I already know who I'm betting on
to win." He took out a picture of the coordinator he wanted to win. It was the blue haired
girl from Twinleaf Town, Dawn. "I caught a glimpse of her early this morning. She was
getting ready to register..." Tobi remember's seeing Dawn in her new Grand Festival
outfit it was yellow and white and her new hairstyle was very beautiful. "Maybe, I should
go down there and wish her good luck or something. I would very much like to meet her in
person just once." Tobi got up from his seat and headed down to the Coordinator's dressing
room. The door's were closed when he got there. "Oh, there closed, well I'll..." But as
Tobi was leaving Dawn came out of the room in her beautiful grand festival yellow dress.
Her Piplup riding on her shoulder and Tobi caught her eye. "Hi!" Tobi squeeked. Dawn
checked him out for a few moment's her eyebrows raised and evantually answered back.
"Hello." Dawn now moved passed him. "Um, MY NAME IS TOBI!" Tobi shouted accidently trying
to get her attention and as he did so he regretted what he had done and looked ashamed as
Dawn turned back to him looking startled. "S..Sorry. I got excited that's all. My name's
Tobi. I didn't mean to shout." He said. Piplup looked annoyed but Dawn looked more
forgiving. "It's not a problem..." Dawn started but Tobi cut her off. "It's just I've been
a fan of your's for ages!" Tobi said. "Oh..." Dawn was starting to wish she carried some
pepper spray right about now. "Piplup!" Piplup squeeled it's disapproval of Tobi. "And
this little guy must be your Piplup. Your signature Pokemon." Tobi said. "Correct. You
really are my fan." Dawn smiled trying to act casual. "And might I say your new dress is
breath taking. And your new hair style is amazing." Tobi said. With those words Dawn was
starting to like this Tobi character more and more. "Really? Thank you for noticing."
Dawn said fluffing her hair.

"Your welcome. So umm...after the Grand Festival would you like to hang out or something?"
Tobi asked blushing red. He then saw Dawn looking over Tobi's shoulder at another male
Coordinator who was taller then both of them and was wearing a tuexedo and bow tie. Dawn
had a pleased look on her face. "Let me get back to you on that one, Tobi. I promised to
meet someone right now. Pleasure meeting you." Dawn shook Tobi's hand and then ran up to
the tall male Coordinator. Tobi watched as the tall male and Dawn smiled at each other and
then went into a dressing room together and closed the door. Tobi then sighed feeling
heartbroken and sad. "Well at least I can say I tried. I guess she look's older guys."
Tobi pulled out his picture of Dawn from his pocket. His feelings for her remained
unchanged and he might even love her more now. "I guess I'll just go back to the stands and
cheer for her from there." Tobi said to himself and as he turned around he herd a loud
banging noise from inside the room that Dawn and the tall male Coordinator were in. "Dawn?
Are you okay in there?" Tobi asked the door of the room. No answer's but he could have
sworn he herd swallowing loud gulps in the room. *GULP* *GLRUP* *GLOMP* *GUULP*
Tobi now herd the door starting to creak open and hid behind a group of chair's outside
the Coordinator's dressing room's. At first all he saw was a big and round belly hidden
underneath a yellow dress as it got stuck in the doorway. As it was stuck it sloshed
loudly underneath the dress. *BLORP* *BURBLE* *GLORP* *SPLOOSH* *SPLORF*

Tobi watched as the the balloon sized belly struggled through the door, sloshing loudly,
and still underneath it's yellow dress. Tobi had always been a bizzare stomach lover so
this was a treat for him. "This is better then training for a Pokemon Gym battle." Tobi
whispered to himself as Dawn finally pushed her bloated belley through the door. Since
the rest of her body was unchanged at all, she fit through the door easily after that,
only her belly had altered and bloated in size and roundness. Piplup was riding on Dawn's
head now as Dawn walked further away from the dressing room, with her bloated balloon belly
sloshing and bouncing with each step. *SPPOOOLSH* *SPLOSH* *GLUNK* *BUBBLE* *BLOAT*
Dawn placed her white gloved covered hands on her big stomach which had not ripped a hole
in her yellow grand festival dress yet. Tobi watched as the girl of his dreams was now
fufilling his big stomach lover's wish, he had guessed that Dawn ate the tall Coordinator
and the gulping sounds were of her eating. "Wow." Tobi said quietly as Dawn stroked her
round and bulbous gut. *GLOOORRP* *GROAN* *BURBLE* *DIGEST* *BLOAT* Dawn's big belly
was bouncing and sloshing away as she rubbed her big belly around. "Are we full yet?"
Dawn asked her large stomach as she poked it while it lay bloated and round under her
yellow dress. *GRRRUUUUMBLE* There was a big grumble from Dawn's belly and her cheeks
puffed out briefly. *UUUURRRRRRRP* Dawn let out a big burp but did not seem to like it.

Dawn looked around for something or someone to possibly snack. *BLORP* *BURBLE* *CHURN*
Dawn's giant belly sloshed whenever she moved around even if it was just a slight nod
of her body. "Hi Dawn!" Dawn saw her mother's old rival and friend Lila come out of a
dressing room. "Surprised to see me? I was designing some outfit's for the Grand Festival.
They were very good." Lila said as she hadn't noticed Dawn's big belly yet, she was to
busy talking about her new dresses she made for the Grand Festival. "The Contest Judges
really wanted me to design there outfits for the other Coordinator's. I couldn't refuse, it
would be great publicity for my business." Lila said. Tobi watched from his hiding spot
as Dawn moved in closer to Lila. "Is she going to eat her too?" Tobi thought as Dawn was
slowly waddling behind Lila who was getting out a new dress. Without a word Dawn Grabbed
the adult, Lila and shoved her into her mouth with great force. "Whoa!" Tobi shouted and
covered his mouth. He wasn't sure if Dawn had herd him because she gave no impression that
she had but she was a little busy at the moment. *GULP* *GULP* Tobi watched as Dawn ate
more and more of her mom's old rival. Dawn's throat was bulging with Lila as she screamed
from within it. Piplup jumped off Dawn's head as Dawn eagerly ate more of her. Dawn felt
gas churning in her belly and it rose up her throat hitting Lila in the face which knocked
her out. Lila was no longer struggling and Dawn had a easy meal. Drool was leaking down
her mouth as her cheeks were bulging with Lila, swallowing her more and more.

*GURRLP* *GLOMP* *GULCH* *GULP* Dawn's throat sounded like it was farting as she swallowed
down the last of Lila. Her throat looked like a round ball of bulging flesh as Lila slid
down it and her big belly became even more bulging under her yellow dress. Tobi watched
as Dawn's big belly bounced and sloshed around even louder then ever. The fabrics of her
dress were strong enough to hold in her giant round belly but it looked very tight. Dawn
placed her white gloved hands over her belly and unleashed a massive burp from her meal.
went on and was so gassy, Tobi could smell her burp from his hiding spot. But Tobi seemed
to love it, Dawn burped louder then any human person he had ever herd. "Excuse me." Dawn
said waving her hand in front of her face, she did not like the smell of her own burp
Dawn's giant belly of roundness went to work sloshing and digesting it's big meals.
"Now I feel full." Dawn lifted up Piplup and the two turned to the spot where Tobi was
hiding. Tobi hid behind the chair's a very poor hiding place as Dawn waddled over to the
spot. Dawn had released her Pokemon, Buneary, Cyndaquil, Pachirisu, Mamoswine, and Togekiss
and they all blew the chair's away revealing Tobi huddled on the floor.

"Hey, your Tobi, right? I didn't know you were still back here." Dawn said surprised. Tobi
was blusing at Dawn and looked at her big belly, bulging under her yellow dress. "Like
what you see?" Dawn said pressing her fat and round belly in Tobi's face. Even under the
dress Tobi could feel the warm glow of digestion happening in Dawn's gut. The noises
of her stomach were nearly deafening loud, he couldn't hear himself think the stomach was
feel Dawn's outie belly button from underneath the dress. "Yes. I like it." Tobi said.
His answered went unheard as Dawn's noisy belly was to loud to be spoken over and getting
louder by the second. Dawn took a few step's back so that they could talk without having to
scream over her large belly. Tobi's gaze stayed on Dawn's belly of doom sloshing and
wobbling under her yellow dress. Dawn grabbed her big belly and bounced it up in down in
front of his face to get his attention. *SPLORF* *GLUNK* *BLORP* *BURBLE*  Tobi now
looked at Dawn. "Good, I have your attention. I was saying before but you obviously
couldn't hear me..." Dawn pointed at her bulbous belly bouncing and wobbling about.
"...About what I should do with you? Should I eat you?" Dawn wondered. Tobi wouldn't
object to that. "If she eats me I'll be with her always. I would be a part of her. The girl
of my dreams...being inside her." Tobi thought to himself and turned to Dawn.

"Let's do it!" Tobi said, surprising Dawn and her Pokemon. "Oh, a willing meal. Haven't had
one of those in awhile. But they usually taste great. Togekiss if you please." Dawn said.
Togekiss lifted Tobi up off the ground and flew over Dawn as she tilted her head back and
opened her mouth. Togekiss dropped Tobi below as Dawn's jaw's unhinged like a snake's and
opened wide. from Tobi's point of view he fell head first through Dawn's open mouth, and
her breath was very nice and minty fresh like winter fresh bubble gum, very pleasent, he
then slid down Dawn's throat, a slimy dark tunnel with salvia covering him and it was very
warm going down. It wasn't until he reached the tunnel's end where it all changed. The
pleasent minty fresh bubble gum of Dawn's mouth had gone, replaced with a horrible smell
of digesting food. Green juices made a massive pool inside Dawn's belly where Lila and the
male Coordinator were swimming in trying not to drown. It was like a whole other world in
the belly of Dawn. The smell was the same stink as Dawn's burp only it never faded like a
big gas prison. Tobi landed in Dawn's belly with a loud *SPLASH* Dawn's pool of gastric
juices was much deeper then it looked. On the outside Dawn's belly had grown rounder and
bigger, ripping her dress at the sides only a little and it bobbed up and down being
very heavy with it's new weight. *GLOOOSH* *BLOOORRRF* *CHURRN* *BUUBBLE* *GLUUG*
Dawn had to rest now and her Pokemon helped her down as she rubbed her blimp bloated
belly. "Wow, Dawn ate me. I'm inside Dawn's stomach!" Tobi was laughing from inside Dawn's
belly and he was so loud Dawn and her six Pokemon could hear him perfectly well. "Tobi? Is
he actually laughing?" Dawn almost laughed herself.  Pachirisu was playing with Dawn's
popped outie belly button still hidden under her dress but it knew it was there and
played with it.

Dawn leaned against her Mamoswine and stroked her big belly which was nearly the size of
her Mamoswine now. *GRRRUUUUMMMBLE* There was a deep gassy grumble from Dawn's stomach.
From the inside Tobi saw a massive green gas bubble form and float up Dawn's throat,
followed by smaller but pretty big gas bubbles. Back on the outside Dawn's giant sloshy
belly breathed in and out looking more bloated by the second, and her yellow dress was
starting to split in the middle. Piplup, Buneary, and Cyndaquil helped rub her stomach,
Mamoswine and Togekiss were what she was leaning on, and Pachirsu kept playing with her
popped belly button like it was fun toy for it. As Dawn kept rubbing her big belly she felt
the gas bubble ascend up her throat and felt the roundness of it, which only told her the
burp it would create would be really big, gassy, and it would stink really bad. Dawn now
covered her mouth with her white gloved hand as her cheeks bloated outward looking very
round and shiny. Like balloons of peach colored flesh Dawn's cheeks bloated out with gas.
*PUFF* *BLOAT* *BULGE* Piplup and the other's knew the drill whenever her cheeks reached
this size of roundess and so they retreated into there Poke ball's as Dawn would have
ordered them to if she could speak at the moment. With all her Pokemon in there Poke balls
Dawn unleashed a unbelievably deep and gassy burp from within her mouth which was now
Dawn's cheeks turned red as they got even rounder from the burp and deflated as it died.
Tobi herd the closed mouth burp and cheered. "I did that! I gave Dawn the gas to burp
like that! Yes, Haha!" Tobi cheered from inside Dawn's big stomach. Finally Dawn's dress
ripped a hole in the center and her taut and shiny belly  was exposed with her outie
belly button. Piplup, Pachirisu, Buneary, Cyndaquil, Mamoswine, and Togekiss had come back
out of there poke balls to check on Dawn after she was done burping. "I don't think, I'm
done. Tobi really gave me gas." Dawn covered her mouth again and her cheeks, which had
just returned to normal size ballooned out again. *BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP*
The force of Dawn's burp nearly blew her hand away.

The smell of it was bad, but Dawn felt more coming with Tobi in her belly. "I can't stop."
Dawn said almost laughing at this fact as another gas bubble floated up her throat.
gas fueld burps Dawn felt a bad case of indigestion and her gas was increasing. "I don't
think I can digest this guy without burping myself to death." Dawn said. Piplup and her
Pokemon looked worried as she burped again. *BBBBBBBEEEEEEEEEEEELLLCH* Dawn's burps
were also getting gassier and harder to hold in. "My burps are so fart like that I've
gassed up the whole dressing room." Dawn said as her burps lingered in the dressing rooms.
The other Coordinator's were now on the stage and not in the dressing room so unless
someone came down, she was safe. "I need something to settle my stomach. Good thing I
started bringing a bottle of ginger ale with me from now on." Dawn said. Piplup and Buneary
went into Dawn's bag and got a half empty bottle of ginger ale and put it against Dawn's
lips as she was now to weak in her gas pain state. Her Pokemon tilted for her as she drank
it slowly and as it made it's way down Dawn's throat and into her belly, Tobi got rained
on. He felt and saw the inards of Dawn's giant belly expand before his very eyes. The
other two meals of Dawn were just trying to keep there heads above the green gastric juices
and stay afloat. Tobi felt a big gas bubble be formed right underneath him and before he
could get out of the way it floated up with him on it. Dawn felt the pressure to the gas
bubble coming up and covered her mouth once again. Her six Pokemon did not retreat this
time, as they were to worried about Dawn's well being to care how bad her burp was going to
stink. A fat bulge ran up Dawn's throat and she burped Tobi right out of her system.
Dawn burped two more times after Tobi was out, leftover gas, and they were the deepiest,
manliest, most gassy burps ever. The stink from Dawn's burps were heavy and was like
green smog over the dressing room. Piplup and the Pokemon held there noses as Dawn's stink
burp was to horrible to ignore.

Dawn was feeling a little better, but felt bad that her Pokemon were enduring her fart like
burps for her. *GRRUUUMBLE* *GLORP* *BURBLE* *BLOAT* Her giant stomach had gotten Tobi out
but her gas was far from gone. Dawn started stroking her giant overbloated belly that
looked like a pregnant woman's who just got finished eating at a buffet. "Heh, excuse me."
She said to her pokemon trying to find some humor in this uncomfortable situation. "Well
I sure hope my burps don't put a hole in the ozone layer." Dawn said, which got a chuckle
from her Pokemon until they all saw Tobi getting up. "Dawn?" Tobi was covered in salvia
and juices. "Tobi? Eww." Dawn and her Pokemon flinched as Tobi smelled like Dawn's burp
and the inside of her stomach which both smell kind of the same. Dawn tossed him a towel
so he could get cleaned up, and while we was getting dry, the smell lingered on him.
"Sorry I made you sick." Tobi said wiping the juices off him. "I'm sorry for eating you.
It serves me right to get gas." Dawn said. Tobi walked over at sat beside her now. Dawn's
big belly let out a gassy groan. *GUUURRRGLE* *KLORP* *BLORP* *SPLORF* "So would you mind
a belly rub?" Tobi asked, trying to see if he and Dawn coule still form a relationship.
Dawn looked at Tobi as if she was trying to read his mind and said. "I'd love one."
Tobi now put his hands on Dawn's bulbous belly, the same bulbous belly he himself had just
been in and it felt great. He felt the roundness of her taut belly, the fullness of how
bloated it was and how warm it was with her breathing in and out. Tobi could not help
himself, he rested his head against the bloated flesh orb, his ear listening to the
contents slosh around inside. *SPLORF* *SPLOOSH* *GLUNK* *CHURN* Dawn's big belly was as
loud and sloshy as ever.

"You know..." Dawn said stroking Tobi's hair as he rested on her round belly as if it were
a big pillow. "...Maybe there's a reason I couldn't digest you. I have a feeling we were
made for one another." Dawn said. Tobi looked up and saw Dawn smiling at him, a very warm
and friendly smile. Mamoswine, Buneary, Pachirisu, Cyndaquil, and even Piplup had seemed to
warm up to Tobi as well, and a big gassy grumble from Dawn's overbloated belly made it
official. "So you still want to hang out?" Dawn asked. Tobi smiled at her. "Your very
strange Tobi, but I really like having you around." Dawn said. Tobi felt wonderful, the
girl of his dreams liked him. "You, want to go some place a little more private?" Tobi
asked. As he helped Dawn up, she was going to answer but her stomach answered for her in
the form of *BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP* Dawn burped right in Tobi's face by
accident. "I'll take that as a yes." Tobi said as Dawn blushed embarrassed. Her Pokemon
were all giggling. "Sorry let me beg my pardon." Dawn smiled and looked Tobi right in the
face and burped out the words *EXCCUUUUUUSSSSSSE MEEEEEEEEEEEEE* Dawn blow the burp in
Tobi's face and both laughed. "I think your one of the few people who actually like my
burping." Dawn said. "Sure do." Tobi said. Dawn and Tobi took eahc other's hands. "What
about your Grand Festival?" Tobi asked. "There will be other's. Let's go." Dawn said. The
two of them walk out of the Grand Festival hall with Dawn's Pokemon following behind and
Dawn's giant belly sloshing and bouncing all the way. *PLORF* *GLUNK* *SPLOOSH* *BLORP*
"So who was that big male Coordinator you ate?" Tobi asked. "Some guy who was picking on
my friend Kenny. I've been meaning to eat him for awhile." Dawn said giving her big
balloon belly a pat. Tobi watched Dawn's bounce, wobble, and slosh around looking forward
to spending more time with the girl of his dreams Dawn. Back in the contest dressing room
Zoey, Kenny, Ursula, and Nando came looking for Dawn and instantly smelled the leftover
burps from Dawn's gas. They all looked at each other and said. "Dawn must have eaten

The End.
This is a request for my new friend GamemasterXtreme of his OC Tobi meeting up and hooking up with Dawn while she is on one of her vore binges. This was a request so I used Dawn's dub name of 'Dawn' instead of her Japanese original name 'Hikari' but there still the same person, but this story isn't part of my Sinnoh Vore series. Anyway it's been awhile since I used Dawn/Hikari in a story so it was great to use her. Anyway I hope GamemasterXtreme and everyone else enjoys it.

I do not own these character's Pokemon is owned by Nintendo and the Pokemon Company.
Tobi is owned by GamemasterXtreme.
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kidelement Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014
i really enjoyed it
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014
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CyborgAssasin Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013
Hey Manga will You ever add Tobi in another story?Or he was already in another story?If he was I should read every single story you made to find out.By the way Im a huge fan of your stories and youre the first deviant Ive seen so far and do what you do best.Thumbs up.:)
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On the Tobi bit, probably not. He's not my character but a requested one. But I am glad you enjoy the stories I have put up. Thank you so much :)
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CyborgAssasin Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013
Well the story is about Ash telling Bianca about his time with Dawn so she's intrested in meeting her so Dawn takes a trip to Unova to meet Ash once more.Dawn was actually going to enter a Pokemon Contest so Bianca tries to give Dawn a pink dress as a way of trying to help her out but purposly switched Dawn's yellow dress with the pink one instead and all went down hill.So what do you think so far?:)
Mangavore Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013
Sounds interesting to read actually.
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Mangavore Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013
I'll be sure to look out for her.
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CyborgAssasin Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013
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But your stories are making me read again,my head can't process that much thinking!!*head blows up*
Mangavore Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013
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Strange to I was a fan of reading until I found the "wonders" of the IPod and my attention span just got lower and my ability to read got worse.
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The-Bloody-Bishop Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2010  Student Writer
It would be a very... special, relationship, to know your girlfriend is a vore and support her in her exploits. It's one thing to support your fellow vores, but its another thing to aid someone who tried to eat you and who may try to do so again in the future.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2010
Yeah, I know I would be on guard if I had a girlfriend who just tried to eat me.
The-Bloody-Bishop Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2010  Student Writer
You know, if the urge ever came over you, a "Hansel and Gretal" story would make a good vore; you'd just have to reimagine who'd be Hansel and Gretal and the Witch in the story. Say, for example, you were doing it with Pokemon: Ash could be Hansel, Dawn could be Gretal, and Cynthia could be the Witch (or something along those lines). What do you think?
Mangavore Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2010
Sounds interesting. Though I'd probably use Misty and May since I have yet to use them, but the Hansel and Gretal thing would make a great vore story line. I could picture now.
The-Bloody-Bishop Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2010  Student Writer
Yes, it comes almost too easily to mind, doesn't it? But, in case if you do write such a story in the future, even if you have a different motivator to do it rather than me, if you'd please, don't mention me at all about it; it would conflict the small part of me that still sees vore as "wrong," which thankfully I've managed to cage for the moment, but you know how things like It can break free at the slightest provaction.
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Sure no problem. I hope you'll continue to read and comment on my stories. Your answers and replies are very deep in meaning and I enjoy reading and responding to them.
The-Bloody-Bishop Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2010  Student Writer
Unforunately, I am indeed called "deep" far too often than is good for me; somedays, I think that it actually makes me arrogant, being so "deep" all the time. After all, think of it: the moment you call yourself "deep," you're suddenly shallow; its the arrogance of the idea, that does it. It's the same thing with humbleness: once you admit your're humble, you're not. The only way to stay deep or humble is deny it, which only strengthens the side of both. ... and yes, I have thought too much on this subject.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2010
Okay. I guess that makes sense. Well More stories are coming so I hope you'll enjoy them.
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coaster14 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2010
O____O he got out
Mangavore Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2010
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Wow! Great Dawn vore story. I loved all the burping in it.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2010
Thanks. I do love the burping bits.
Umbreon97Lucario Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2010
*laughs her head off* Another epic chapter! But then again, they always are epic...X3
Mangavore Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2010
Lol thanks. Been ages since I used Dawn/Hikari so she got herself dressed and demanded I use her in the next story, lol. Glad you enjoyed it.
Umbreon97Lucario Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2010
I couldn't stop lol'ing this. Somebody actually got out! :faint:
Mangavore Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2010
Yeah, for once someone didn't agree with Dawn's stomach, but I wouldn't count on it to happen again in the future.
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Awsome.I love it !
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Wow, you read it already? Nice, what did you enjoy most?
GamemasterXtreme Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2010
When dawn was voring the tall guy,lila and t Tobi and the ending was funny too
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Lol thanks. I thought the ending would be good for a few laughs. It also felt great to use Dawn again for a vore story.
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Mangavore Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013
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If you had to pick May,Dawn or Misty,who would you choose as a great vore character?
Mangavore Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013
Dawn. She's my fave XD
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