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Pokemon Manga Adventures/Special vore: Sapphire's wild belly meal.

Littleroot town's resident wild child was out on a job, more to the point outside checking
out a group of Nincada that had made a nest near the woods routes outside Littleroot town.
Her father, Prof. Birch, gave her the task of watching them to see the nature of Nincada.
Prof. Birch himself was currently examming a Trapinch nest and left the task up to Sapphire
herself. It was a quiet woods area with very little activity. She exammed the Nincada nest.
there were about three of them in a undergound spot near a tree and it seemed like they had
a egg with them. Sapphire hung out on the tree watching them silently. Not making a sound
as they fascinated her. She saw the Nincada come out and gather berries for their nest.
*GRRRRR* Sapphire's stomach growled as she was starting to get hungry and the growl put the
Nincada's on alert and they dove back into their nest. "Oops. Sorry little Nincada's."
Sapphire said rubbing her flat empty belly. She wanted to go eat but didn't want to leave
the Nincada nest just yet. "I'll just wait until the Nincada egg hatches then I'll go and
leave them alone. Besides these woods never get visiters." Sapphire said to herself. The
woods were quiet minus Sapphire's growling belly wanting to be fed. Sapphire patted it,
trying to be patient and soon she herd footsteps and collective talking of voices.

"I'm going to catch as many Bug type Pokemon as my net will allow." A boy's voice said.
"Then I'll catch twice as much as you." Another one said. Sapphire saw 5 young bug catcher
boy trainers enter the woods with nets. "Hey!" Sapphire called and jumped out of her tree
which startled the boys. "Whoa! It's a girl!" One of the bug catchers said. "What are ya
doing here?" Sapphire said. "It's bug catching season! We're in a Bug Pokemon catching
competition. Wanna join us?" One of the young boys asked. "Come on Russel, you know girls
aren't fond of Bug Pokemon." Another of the young boys said. "That's a untrue female
stereotype." Sapphire said which surprised the boys. "In anycase ya'll will have to have it
another day. I am watching a nest of Nincadas for my papa and I don't want them to be
caught or bothered until their egg hatches." Sapphire said. The five boys looked a little
sad. "Did someone say, Nincada nest?" Sapphire and the five bug catchers soon saw 5 tall
teenage bug maniac trainers approaching, all of them looked the same to Sapphire. "Young
lady did you say that a Nincada nest is around here? That's wonderful. We always wanted
to see a Nincada nest live. Well don't be shy kids, tell us where they are and maybe we'll
consider letting you join our elite bug maniac club." One of the teenage boys said. "You
can't cetch them now. These woods are under my protection." Sapphire said. The bug maniacs
laughed. "Your protection? Might as well string em up and say 'Free Nincada's! Come get
your free Nincada's'. Now then, you gonna show where the Nincada's are, or do we have to
play rough? Keep in mind, little lady, we are bug maniac trainers, not these dorky bug
catchers. We go the extra mile for Bug Pokemon no matter what the cause. So do yourself
a favor and tell us where they are, like a good little girl, hmm?" Another of the bug
maniacs said. Sapphire turned to the one who just threatend her. "You are so my first one."
Sapphire growled. "First what?" The bug maniac asked. Sapphire crouched down then leaped
at the bug maniac like a wild animal.

"Hey! What are you..." Sapphire pinned the bug maniac down on the ground and opened her
mouth wide. "! No please!" The bug maniac pleaded but it was to late. Sapphire began
the swallowing process and began to gulp him down. *GULP *GULP* *GULP* In a matter of
seconds Sapphire had swallowed the bug maniac and got up from the floor with a round belly
sticking out in front of her. *GLORP* *WOBBLE* *JIGGLe* Sapphire's belly wobbled as the
bug maniac struggled in her big gut. The 5 young bug catchers screamed in fear and ran
away. "Who knew, a pretty girl could be a monster?" The bug catcher Russel said as they
ran past Sapphire and out of the woods. The 4 remaining bug maniacs stood their ground
but were quaking in fear. "Bug maniacs don't scare as easily, savage girl." One of the bug
maniacs said with fear in his voice. "Sure they don't. Ask ya friend here if he's scared."
Sapphire stuck out her big belly, making it look even bigger and the sounds from the round
flesh orb were more audible. *BLORP* *GLOSH* *GLOG* *BUBBLE* Along with the sloshing
came a muffled cry for help. "I tried to get ya to leave, but okay I'll do it this way.
This is more fun anyway. The hunt, the fear, my belly loves it. I love tasting fear in my
meals. It makes the digestion so much more enjoyable." Sapphire said evilly and the bug
maniacs backed up in fear. "Ahahaha! Calm down, I was just playing with you." Sapphire
said. *GLUNK* *BLOP* One of the bug maniacs tried to grab Sapphire by the arms and made
a fatal mistake as Sapphire opened her mouth wide and merely sucked him in. *GULOOP*"
A big bulge traveled down Sapphire's throat and into her belly making it bigger. The
remaining 3 gasped at Sapphire's large wobbling belly. *GLOOSH* *BLORP* *BLUB*
*BBUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP* Sapphire burped loudly and then leaped at two of
the three bug maniacs left, pinning them down with her huge belly. *BWOOMP* She grabbed one
by the hair. "Please don't. I'll give you my entire bug collection if you let me go!"
The bug maniac yelled. "Really?" Sapphire asked as she started to let him go. "....On
second thought. You'd better just eat me." The bug maniac laughed nervously. "I think so
to." Sapphire engulfed the bug maniac's head and began to swallow him. *GULP* *GULP*
Each big gulp dropped him down her throat and into the wild girl's belly which just swelled

The other bug maniac that was trapped under her belly felt her belly expand bigger as
she had just eaten his companion. "This is a bad day for us bug maniacs." The trapped
bug maniac said. The bug maniac that Sapphire didn't trap under her belly finally ran
away. "Looks like your all alone. Don't worry I'll reunite ya with your three friends
sitting in my belly. Ya can trade bug Pokemon in there or whatever it is bug maniacs do."
Sapphire said. "Actually we bug maniacs don't trade bug Pokemon. We dicuss them." The bug
maniac explained. Sapphire opened her mouth and engulfed the bug maniac and gulped him
down. *GULP* *GULP* Sapphire's throat bulged with the bug maniac and soon he was in the
round belly of Sapphire and rejoined his other three bug maniacs. Sapphire got to her
feet and swung her giant belly around playfully as she really enjoyed having it fat and
soon burped a massive burp in the woods that echoed in the empty forest. A few Wurmples and
Zigzagoons came out of their nest in the woods when they herd Sapphire's booming belch.
"Excuse me. Didn't mean to disturb you guys." Sapphire whispered and turned to the Nincada
nest. The Nincada's had not returned yet.  *GURGLE* *BLORP* *SPLOSH* Sapphire's round belly
gurgled and the noises coming from it were also loud in the woods. Sapphire returned to the
tree she was in to watch the Nincada nest. *GLOOP* *GROAN* *SPLOOSH* climbing a tree with
a huge belly was difficult but nothing Sapphire couldn't handle. She sat on the tree
branch and slowly began to lay down on it, letting her round belly stick up. She saw
her reflection in the bloated orb as it was shiny. Her belly button had not popped yet
but she felt it was on the way there. "This is a strong tree branch to hold this fat belly
in it." Sapphire said impressed. She peaked down below at the Nincada nest, and they still
had not come up yet. "Maybe my burping scared them, maybe?" Sapphire thought to herself.
*SPLORF* *BURBLE* *GLUB* *CREAK* Her belly was also very loud and sloshy as she sat on
her tree branch. "Sssh! Quiet, you'll scare the Nincada." Sapphire said. *BLORRRRPLE*
"I said quiet." Sapphire smacked her big belly and it gurgled angrilly at her. To her
dismay she herd new footsteps approaching.

"These woods are the perfect place to start up Team Magma again. We will be called Neo
Team Magma! And we'll be stronger then Maxie's old Team Magma. This can be our secret base
until we find a real headquarters." Sapphire saw three men in Team Magma clothes enter
the woods. Two of them were tall, the other was very short. "It's only the three of us
though. We won't last with just three members." One of the tall Team Magma men said. "The
three of us were just grunts in the old Team Magma, see? But now with Maxie gone we will
call ourselves, Neo Team Magma, see? We'll be much stronger then the old Team Magma, see?
I've got a good plan. We're going to burn these woods to the ground, see? Then we'll leave
a note saying 'Neo Team Magma was here' and everyone will be afraid, yeah. The three of us
will attract more criminal minds like our own, see? And then Neo Team Magma will take over
the entire Hoenn region. Got it?" The short Team Magma grunt said. "That's a horrible plan.
It's not even well thought up. I mean anyone can burn down the woods." One of the tall Team
Magma grunts said. Sapphire had got up from her branch and looked down on them, her large
belly hanging over the branch, normally this would have dragged Sapphire's little body
down but Sapphire was stronger then she appeared. *GLOOORRRP* Sapphire's belly glorped and
she quickly jumped into another tree despite having a huge belly. "What was that?" The
three Team Magma men looked up in the tree Sapphire just left. "Probably just some wild
Pokemon, see? Anyway there's more to the plan then just setting the woods on fire, see? How
about capturing Prof. Birch and his daughter, see? Prof. Birch is the top scientist in the
Hoenn region so I think it'll work, see?" The short Team Magma grunt said. Sapphire had
herd this and now it was personal. She rubbed her swollen belly and quietly slid off the
tree she was on and on to the ground but out of the Team Magma grunts sight. She slowly
went into the tall grass of the woods but kept the three Team Magma men in her vision. Once
she hid herself well in the tall grass she made her presence very well know to the men.
her last and startled the Team Magma men. And thanks to the 4 bug maniac trainers she
ingested before her belch had extra fumes to it, stinking up the woods.

"What was that?" One of the Team Magma men covered his face. "Think that was a Pokemon?"
"I don't know. Hmmmm, London, go check it out." The short Team Magma grunt said to one
of his partners. "I don't know, Richard. Sounded like maybe some kind of monster! Maybe
a new Pokemon." "Fine! Then Jude you go with him, yeah. You two need to learn how to act
like commanders. You don't want to be lowly grunts forever do you?" The short Team Magma
man named Richard said. The Team Magma men, London and Jude looked at each other and back
at Richard. "Alright we'll go. Maybe it'll be a strong Pokemon we can use to help bring
power to Neo Team Magma." London said. "Hmph! One can only hope." Richard muttered. London
approached the tall grass that Sapphire was hiding in. *GURGLE* *SPLORF* *GLUB* *BLUB*
The loud belly noises of Sapphire, startled him. "What is that?" London asked as Jude was
looking in another patch of grass. London leaned into the tall grass and Sapphire made her
in London's face, knocking the man out. "London?" Jude and Richard both herd the big burp
of Sapphire. "That sounded like a...a belch. But what can burp that loud?" Jude asked.
Sapphire had begun swallowing London rapidly like a snake devours a larger meal then it.
*GULP* *GULP* *GULP* "London! Where are you?" Jude called. He was slowly approaching the
spot where London disappeared. *GULLOOP* Sapphire swallowed the big man, London down her
throat and now her belly was much heavier and rounder. Crawling on all fours was very
difficult now as Sapphire's belly was so bulbous and bloated. *GLOOP* *SPLORF* *BULGE*
*BLOAT* Jude and Richard herd the belly sloshes of Sapphire's overbloated belly but
couldn't see her in the tall grass. *HUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP* Sapphire burped
again and the smell of her burp was stronger and gassier. Jude covered his nose. "What are
we dealing with here?" Jude asked himself. Sapphire, while still on all fours and covered
by the tall grass, tripped Jude and as he fell Sapphire plopped her belly on him and began
to swallow him whole, head first. Jude screamed but was muffled by Sapphire's mouth as her
cheeks were sticking out round with Jude's head in it. *GULP* *GULCH* *GULORP* Sapphire's
gulping was loud and soon Jude was in the big belly of Sapphire along with London.

Richard held out a poke ball. "You better be one heck of a Pokemon." Richard threw his
poke ball in the tall grass to try and catch something but Sapphire punched it back to
him. "I'm no Pokemon." Sapphire emerged from the tall grass, crawling on all fours with a
giant, round, shiny, overbloated belly hugging the ground. "A child? A child's been out
here, making all this noise? Didn't expect that." Richard said. Sapphire chuckled.
"Surprised to see a little girl eat your two big strong men?" Sapphire asked. "Your one
of them vore gals aren't you? Herd all about you, yeah see?" Richard said. "Whatever ya
herd, doesn't compare to the real thing. I herd ya just now. Ya plan to take my papa and
me. Adding ya plan to burn this forest also doesn't sit well with me." Sapphire said.
*GLOOP* *BULGE* *BURBLE* London and Jude were struggling in the belly with the four bug
maniac's Sapphire had eaten. "Yeah, that was my plan, see? And no potbellied kid's gonna
scare me, see?" Richard said. "I don't mind ya not being scared. I prefer you gain the
fear as this goes on." Richard tossed two Poke balls and out came a Golbat and a Numel.
"Get rid of this kid! This will be the new message of Neo Team Magma, see? Attack!" Richard
ordered. As Golbat and Numel charged at her, Sapphire's cheeks swelled up and were gurgling
and hissing as they blew up like fat balloons. Her belly gurgled along with her cheeks,
The bass of Sapphire's burp and the pure stink ko'd Golbat and Numel. "Holy Houndour!"
Richard yelled covering his nose as Sapphire's burp was powerful. He noticed Sapphire had
disppeared from her spot where she had just been. "Where did she go, see?" "Right behind
you, see?" Sapphire said right behind Richard. He gasped in horror, despite having a large
belly, Sapphire was very fast and quick on her feet. She engulfed Richard and the little
man was a easy snack for the wild child. *GULP* One big gulp and Sapphire had the small
Team Magma grunt in her belly. *POP* Her belly button popped to a outie. "That was so much
fun!" Sapphire said standing up. Her giant belly did not weigh her down at all, even though
it was four times her own size now, she had perfect balance. *GURGLE* *GROAN* *SPLORF*
Her big belly was also happy with such good meals in it. Sapphire's cheeks swelled up round
with gas once again before she unleashed another big belch, feeling bloated and round.
Sapphire's gassy burp filled the woods with a powerful stink gas of green thick fog. When
Sapphire's cheeks return to normal she covered her mouth with one hand and placed a hand on
her shiny bulbous belly with the other.

"I hope that doesn't ruin the eco system here." Sapphire said, seeing her gas cloud from
her huge belch fog the woods up, smelling like stomach gas. To her surprise, the Nincada
family came out from their nest with a new baby Nincada. "Oh good! The Nincada egg hatched.
Perfect, papa will be so glad to hear it." Sapphire jumped up and down with delight.
*BLOOSH* *GLORP* *SLOSH* *SPLORF. Her giant shiny belly did not slow or weigh her down as
Sapphire was strong enough to rival her belly no matter how big it got. Her seven meals
however were thrashing in her belly to get free. Sapphire chuckled and rubbed her swollen
balloon belly as it gurgled. "Ya won't be getting out of there. Well I'm gonna call my
papa to tell him the Nincada egg hatched. You guys can stick around, like you have a choice
huh?" Sapphire laughed. *BLOOSH* *SLOSH* Inside Sapphire's belly the bug maniacs were
confronted by Richard, London, and Jude. "Well this is a fine mess we got ourselves into,
see?" Richard said. "So much for Neo Team Magma." London said. "Hey, you guys want to
join the bug maniac club?" One of the bug maniacs asked the Team Magma men. Sapphire made
it back to Littleroot town where the bug maniac who had gotten away was now telling the
five young bug catchers on how he escaped. "It was almost hopeless. I had nearly gotten
myself eaten. But then I told myself, 'I am a bug maniac!' I bravely battled the vore girl
in a battle that will go down in history as our ages biggest battle of all time!" The bug
maniac said. The bug catchers were in awe until they saw the big bellied Sapphire coming up
to them. "I was the victor of course. Though my friends were eaten I will never forget the
brave sacr..." The bug maniac didn't get to finish as Sapphire grabbed him from behind and
swallowed him so fast, if you blinked you would have missed it. *GULP* The bug catchers
watched in horror as the bug maniac went down Sapphire's throat as a big bulge and soon
added to her already big belly making it bigger. Sapphire's belly dropped to the ground
after eating the bug maniac and was more bloated then ever. "Ah! So good." Sapphire rubbed
her massive belly and then she met eyes with the bug catchers. They looked from her eyes
to her shiny belly sticking out in front of them. It took awhile but Sapphire soon saw the
boys fall under the hypnotic belly effect after staring at her belly for to long. "What
a nice belly." The boys gathered around Sapphire's belly much to her annoyance. "Oh no. Not
now." Sapphire moaned. *GROOAAN* Even her large belly wasn't in the mood for this right
now as the boy's rubbed and poked her shiny big stomach. "In the future I need to be more
careful about who I let look at this thing." Sapphire said as the bug catchers continued
to rub and poke her belly.

The End.
The second of my Pokemon Adventures/Special tribute stories and it features the wild child Sapphire! Sapphire is the PokeSpecial counterpart of May but the two are vastly different. They are only similar in looks and that they started with Torchic. Besides that Sapphire is much different. Her wild animal actions make her a perfect vorer. Sapphire is amazing. Enjoy her as she takes on bug maniacs and cliched Team Magma gangster grunts in true animal vore stlye.

I do not own these characters. Pokemon is property of Nintendo, the Pokemon Company, and Game Freak. Pokemon Adventures/Special is owned by Kusaka Hidenori.
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Darkatio Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lucky boys at the end of the story rubbing and pokin Sapphire belly well I never read Sapphire Manga I need read it ti compare with May :XD: but May keep my number #1 anyway awesome story :XD: except for the manga grunt that only know say *yes* at the end each sentence is like listen that guy on KH II that says *ya know* at the end of every damn sentence :XD:
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2011
Glad you enjoyed it. Sapphire and May pretty much look the same, though Sapphire is wilder and has small fangs and their personalities are vastly different. I purposely made that Magma grunt say things like "Yeah" and "See" for his accent. Kind of like that Big Toe from Courage the Cowardly Dog, I forget where the originated from. It was from a guy in the old movies.
Darkatio Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
But no forget my tips for May when is hunger you know love taste the prey before to eat :XD: and write the different flavors in kind of collection notebook lol :XD: this is based in Lyra measurement hobbie :meow:
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2011
Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about that.
sonadowfan27 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome story=D
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2011
sonadowfan27 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
you're welcome! =D
shadowfiredragon91 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
another great story
keep it up
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2011
Thanks and I will do.
theman2222 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2011
Great job, once again.

I loved the ending since the hypnotic belly effect was unintentional and made it funnier.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2011
Thank you so much. The other three will be along shortly. Hope you'll enjoy reading them as well.
theman2222 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2011
I'm sure I will.

BTW, it seems that your story count is accurate once again. Is it?
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2011
I just checked and I believe it is. Wonderful isn't it?
theman2222 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2011
Yeah, now you can reach the story marks properly.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2011
Indeed. I just uploaded Yellow and Platina's story. Next will be Crystal's.
theman2222 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2011
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2011
Be sure to check them out while I upload Crystal's.
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