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Kingdom Hearts Vore: Namine's final belly test. Part 1.

Another day had passed for Namine as she remained in her Twilight Town mansion, drawing
various pictures. Her favorite was of herself eating her most hated enemies Larxene and
Marluxia of the Organization. She had no real feelings for any of them, but these two
she hated and so she always drew herself eating them and it put a smile on her face for
the boring days of staying in the mansion. She went down to the mansion's basement to visit
Sora. Sora was still asleep in his pod where Namine was to restore all his lost memories.
"Hi Sora. I've had some really fun hobbies these past few days, want to hear about them?"
Namine asked the pod in which Sora slept in. When there was no response Namine went on
talking as if he could hear her regardless. "In these past few weeks I have swallowed
nearly 100 different town's people in the town. You wouldn't know it by looking at me."
Namine said looking at her stick thin body as it was in it's normal state. "But when I
do swallow people, my stomach gets so big and swollen! I wish I could show you, bringing
me back to why I'm here. I know it's my fault your in here and all but once I've restored
your memories and wake you up...can I eat you?" Namine asked the pod that Sora was sleeping
in. There was only silence, but Namine kept talking to it as if Sora would answer back.
"I know it sounds selfish of me, but hey I'm a Nobody! What did you expect? I think it's
a fair payment for all my work, right Sora? You'll have fun! I'll even have a nice pool
of milk or soda in there waiting for you. So what do you say? Your silence means yes."
Namine said. Of course there was no answer. Namine jumped up and down with excitement.

"Namine! Have you begun your work on Sora yet?" DiZ had appeared at the doorway of the
basement and he sounded particularly impatient today. "I have not." Namine answered. "Well
what are you waiting for? I'm a old man who wants to see his revenge pull through before
he dies!" DiZ said. "Alright don't rush me!" Namine said. "Why is it of all the Nobodies
out there I get the most lazy one to work with?" DiZ said. "Take that back! I would warn
you not to mess with me!" Namine said facing DiZ. "Oh, you've delevoped some nerve. How
uncommon for a Nobody to change." DiZ said. "That's it! You just earned yourself a painful
digestion!" Namine began to open her mouth wide, much to DiZ's surprise until Riku came in
blindfolded and in his organization jacket. "Namine, there you are! There is something
outside you need to see." Riku said. Namine shut her mouth. "What is it?" Namine asked.
"Its a Keyblade, a weird one." Riku said. "Why tell me?" Namine asked. "I was about to
ask that same question." DiZ said. "I don't know. For some reason I just had the urge to
tell you." Riku said. Namine shrugged and decided to check it out. She went to the outside
and in front of the mansion was a weird greenish yellos Keyblade that sparkled. For some
reason Namine thought it looked familiar. "Is that Sora's Keyblade? Maybe Riku's? No its
not theirs. Then who?" Namine looked at the Keyblade as it was on the floor.

*GRRRRR* Namine's stomach growled as she looked at the Keyblade. It's sharp blade was
stuck in the ground. Namine tried to lift it but it was heavy. "To small." A whispering
voice said to Namine. "Who said that?" Namine looked around and realized it was actually
the weird Keyblade talking to her. "Your belly is currently to small. In your present state
you cannot use me." It said. Namine looked at her small stomach as it growled. She found
what the weird Keyblade had said to her as a insult. "To small. You don't know how big I
can bloat my stomach out to!" Namine said angry. "Show me." It whispered. Namine frowned.
"I'll be back with a belly so big, you'll think its a blimp of flesh." Namine said. She
stomped back into the mansion feeling angry and insulted. Why did a Keyblade insulting the
size of her small belly really upset her so much? Was she really this prideful of getting
a large belly and just never knew it? DiZ was waiting for her inside. "Namine! What are you
wasting time for? Get on with your mission to revive Sora so I can have my revenge on the
Organization." DiZ ordered. Namine glared at DiZ, he was in the wrong place at the wrong
time. Namine showed her true Nobody colors and opened her mouth and shoved DiZ inside.
"What the? Namine stop!" DiZ yelled. The old man struggled but Namine was impossibly strong
at the moment. *GULP* *GULP* *SWALLOW* *GULP* Namine's throat was bulging with DiZ, her
drool drenching him wet. "Disgusting!" DiZ yelled while slowly being roughly pushed down
Namine's throat.

*GULLOP* Namine finished DiZ off as if he was a small snack. Her throat returned to normal
size unlike her belly which plopped out from her white dress looking bulbous and shiny.
*BURBLE* *GLORP* "Namine! I demand you let me out this second! Who do you think you are,
you disgusting Nobody!" DiZ yelled from Namine's giant belly. Namine looked at her huge
belly and gasped. "Oh no! What have I done? Why did I do that?" Namine said. *BLUB* *GLUB*
Her round belly glorped at her and Namine's attitude changed a little. "Your right. He had
it coming." Namine placed her hands on her large balloon belly. "DiZ your getting just what
you deserve. This will teach you to be prejudice towards Nobodies." Namine shook her belly
making DiZ bounce off her belly walls. *GLORP* *JIGGLE* *SWISH* *SLOSH* *BLOOP* "Stop that
at once, Namine! When I get out you are really going to get it!" DiZ yelled. "Your still
talking down to me even though it's my fat belly your stuck in. I hate when you talk down
to me!" Namine said. *BLOOORRRRPLE* Namine's big belly gurgled and began to fill up with
gastric juices, surrounding DiZ. "No, Namine stop you foolish Nobody! Don't do this!" DiZ
yelled. *GUUUURRRRRRMMMBLE* Namine's huge belly let a more gaseous grumble and swelled up
loudly as her gastric juices continued to rise inside her large belly. Soon only DiZ's head
was above the smelly green gas pool. Namine herself began to examine to see if her belly
was big enough to return to the Keyblade. "It could be a little bigger..." Namine said.
"Namine, I herd some noise. Is everything alright?" Riku asked. Namine turned to him.

"Riku! Perfect, I need your help." Namine said. Riku lifted his blindfold off to see
Namine's belly. The minute he did the shininess of her shiny round belly truly blinded
him. "Too shiny" Riku said rubbing his eyes. Namine opened her mouth and took advantage
of this moment and swallowed Riku. *GULP* *GULP* Riku was slurped up like a noodle and
now Namine's belly got even bigger. *BUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP* Namine burped loudly
again as she rubbed her wobbling huge belly. She slowly made her way back outside, having
trouble walking and balancing herself when her round belly was twice her own weight.
*BLOOP* *GLORP* *SPLOSH* *GLUB* *BOUNCE* Each step made her beach ball sized belly bounce
and slosh loudly until she reached the Keyblade. "Still think I'm to small?" Namine mocked
it, rubbing her big stomach on it. After that she attempted to pick it up and this time
she lifted the weird Keyblade up with ease holding above her head like a prize. It sparkled
in the sunlight alongside her bulbous shiny potbelly. Namine felt wonderful...and gassy.
Namine's massive belch ended her Excalibur sword moment as a thick cloud of gas was now
in the air. "Oops." Namine covered her mouth. "Namine! What did you do?" Riku yelled from
inside Namine's round belly. "Sorry Riku. I needed you to make my belly fat and round. I
am sorry for eating you. But not DiZ, he deserved it." Namine said. "You said you needed
my help." Riku called from inside her belly. "I did, and eating you solved it." Namine
said. Riku tried to speak again only Namine's belly juices drowned him out. *SPLOSH*

"Though, Riku I have to admit you tasted much better then DiZ." Namine said licking her
lips. *HOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP* Namine burped another gassy burp that
was very deep and smelled stronger then her other ones. It was then that Namine figured
out where she had seen the Keyblade before. "W..wait. This is that Keyblade Kairi uses."
Namine said looking at it. "How did it get out here?" Namine wondered. *GURGLE* *GLOG*
Her large and wide belly seemed to be reacting to the weird Keyblade on its own. "Your
belly meets the requirements for my service." The weird Keyblade said in a whisper so low
Namine barely herd it over the sloshing and blorping of her round belly. "How can you talk?
What kind of Keyblade are you?" Namine askd. "The best kind." The Keyblade answered back.
"Is that so?" Namine asked. "I have been passed down from female to female over the years.
Helping girls widen and stuff their bellies till they are nearly ready to pop. Currenlty I
am in the ownership of your original self. Your true self." "You mean Kairi?" Namine asked.
"Because you come from her, I also respond to you as well. Though we have just met today
I have been secretly training you and your belly." The weird Keyblade whispered. "How?"
Namine asked rubbing her huge gurgling belly. "You've felt hungry over the few weeks yes?
First discovering the joys of belly stuffing and then the joys of vore. Your belly training
has been perfect." The weird Keyblad whispered. Namine suddenly stopped rubbing her big
balloon belly and looked at it, seeing her reflection in the bloated orb of flesh, she
looked rather upset. "You were in on this, weren't you?" Namine asked her belly.

*GUUURRRRGLE* "Why didn't you tell me?" Namine asked it. *BLOOORRP* "Don't you blorp at
me! You are my belly. You shouldn't keep things from me!" Namine said. "Who are you talking
to?" DiZ asked from inside her belly. "DiZ! How rude! This is a private conversation."
Namine scolded DiZ. *GLORP* *CHURN* Namine's belly tried to reason with her but Namine
shrugged it off. *GRRRUUUUMBLE* Her belly soon thought of a way to get back in Namine's
good grace as it bubbled gas up her throat. Namine tried to reject the coming burp by
covering her mouth, making her cheeks puff and balloon out with gas. *BALLOON* *BULGE*
Namine did not want to give her belly the joy of burping as she was upset with it. She
kept her hand clapped on her mouth, her cheeks swelling up round and very shiny from the
big amounts of gas ballooning them up. It even tried to suck up to her by having the gas
in her round cheeks taste like her best meals. Namine's cheeks were really bloated and
started turning red, but Namine refused to forgive her belly so easily. Pretty soon to much
gas had entered her mouth and it erupted as a massive deep closed mouth burp that was
Namine's already ballooned out cheeks swelled up even more, surpassing the size of her
belly itself. She did get to enjoy the taste of her previous meals again. Her cheeks soon
returned to their regular standard size as her belch slowly ended. It was one of Namine's
deepest closed mouth burps ever.

"Okay apology accepted. Only because that burp tasted like our best meals." Namine said,
patting her round belly with one hand and holding her Keyblade with the other. *BLOOSH*
Her belly appreciated it. "Your belly isn't finished bloating yet. One thing is missing."
The weird Keyblade said. Namine looked at her round bulbous belly. "Your actually right.
Hold on." Namine lifted up her huge belly and returned to the mansion, barely squeezing
her overbloated belly through the entrance. Each step, Namine could feel how heavy her
round belly had become, she had to literally carry it in her arms so it wouldn't drag her
little body down with it's intense weight. *BLOOP* *GLOOP* *SPLOSH* *SLOSH* *GLUB* Namine
made it to the kitchen of the mansion where the fridge had new supplies of food in it
thanks to DiZ and Riku. Namine opened the fridge and grabbed a big carton of milk, pressed
it against her lips and chugged deeply. *GULP* *GULP* *GULP* Namine's gulps were loud and
each one swelled her belly out more and more. It got more bulbous, more shiny, and far
more sloshy then it had ever been. Finally Namine herd the noise she was waiting for. *POP*
Her belly button popped to a outie. Perfect timing as Namine had finished her carton of
milk. She tossed it aside and rubbed her wider belly which was too bulbous now for her to
rub every section of it. It was now bigger then she was and starting to ache with being so
bloated and the growing gas in her. Namine soon felt that gas go up her throat and her
cheeks once more swelled up before she unleashed one gigantic belch that shook the entire
Namine now fell on her back letting her ridiculously bulbous and round belly stick up in
the air. "Best gas I ever burped out." Namine smiled rubbing her partner in crime, aka
her huge belly and using the weird Keyblade to scartch a itch on her belly she could not

"Well done. Your belly training is nearly complete. One final test. Something you will very
much enjoy. It awaits for you outside the mansion." The weird Keyblade whispered and began
to glow. "What are you talking about?" Namine asked. The weird Keyblade did not answer but
continued to glow. Outside the mansion two beings arrived in front of the mansion. They
were Namine's most hated enemies, who she had always dreamed of eating, Marluxia and

To be continued.
A few weeks ago I did a Xion vore story, after her's I did one for Kairi. And now here is our favorite shy, blonde hair female Nobody, Namine, bloating out her belly as big as ever. And with the weird Keyblade a part of this plot, what will happen next? Also this is the second time Riku and DiZ were eaten. They had been previously eaten by Xion, not it is Namine's turn to have a taste. This one's for Darkaito but I hope everyone enjoys it.

I do not own these characters. Kingdom Hearts is owned by Disney and Square Enix.
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holdup97 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2011
Burps dont happen till digestion
Mangavore Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2011
Or unless the stomach is disturbed.
vinsal4 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2011
riku... He helps xion, protects sora and kairi. Gives himself to darkness and almost gets killed to help his friends. Come on, give the guy a break, let him escape with a portal of darkness or something. But i'm liking everything else.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2011
Well he was the main driving point of why Xion decided to kill herself :( as for him getting out, he won't be. Doesn't mean he's going to die though. Glad you liked everything else though.
theman2222 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2011
Awesome story.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2011
Thank you!
Darkatio Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hehehehe dude you did it :XD: is better than I imagined the Weykeyblade training to Kairi is like a KH version of Lyra belly training in pkmn lol :rofl: btw I hate Larxene is so badass I'll enjoy Namine eat that bastard but poor Marluxia is one of my favenemies because is a good challengue in the end of CoM. Oh and my fav part was the special move "Shiny Belly" that blind Riku lol :rofl: very well :clap: and thanks for this :D
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2011
No problem Darkatio. Anything for the master of shiny bellies. I decided for Namine's stories to all be part of the weird Keyblade's belly training (like Lyra's) to get Namine's belly ready for huge meals like the one coming up. Larxene so has this coming for always being mean to Namine. Also glad you enjoyed Namine's shiny belly to blind Riku. I love using shiny bellies like that XD
Darkatio Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hehehehe this gonna be inspire me when I'll draw Namine :XD: the scene holding the Keyblade while herb elly is shining lol :rofl: epic :D
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2011
That will be a epic and shiny pic. I would use it to motivate me every time doing a Namine story XD
Darkatio Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:XD: like my May pokebelly pic? XD
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2011
dawnandmayforever Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2011
Love how big Namine's belly is getting!
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2011
Thanks it was quite big.
Turtwigturtle Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2011
that keyblade again
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2011
That's right! Hide the females, the weird Keyblade is back!
Turtwigturtle Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2011
i guessing that keyblade won't stop until every girl eats at least one person
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2011
Something like that XD
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