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Final Fantasy Belly Stuffing: The Dreaded Bloataga Power.

Several females from different lands, regions, countries and even different worlds had
recently received grand invites to the grand opening of a fancy new restaurant called the
'Garland Gourmet' It was located in the middle of a strange woods like area filled with many
trees that hid the restaurant from sight. The first to arrive at the gate of the new
restaurant were Tifa Lockhart and Aerith Gainsborough. Tifa had been very excited about the
restaurant but Aerith looked concerned. "I don't know about this, Tifa. A weird restaurant
in the middle of the woods with no village around. Sounds fishy to me." Aerith said. "You
know, I think I smell fish in the restaurant. Maybe this is a seafood joint." Tifa said.
"Tifa! I'm serious. I still think we should have brought Cloud with us. Safety in numbers."
Aerith said. "The letter said it was for girls only and for no boys to come. Especially boys
with spikey blonde hair that are or were soldiers." Tifa explained. "Where is Yuffie? I
bet she's late." Aerith said. Two more females had shown up to join them. Aerith was very
surprised when one of them looked very similar to Tifa. "Tifa, do you have a sister?" Aerith
asked pointing at the two new girls. "I'm of no relation to you. I'm Rinoa. Are you our host
for the restaurant?" The young girl named Rinoa asked. "Rinoa that other girl does look a
lot like you." Rinoa's friend Selphie said. Tifa and Rinoa circled each other and looked
over the other girl very carefully. "You know what? I don't see the resemblance." Tifa said.
"Me either. No way we look alike." Rinoa said. Selphie shrugged. "Could have fooled me. I
hope we can get in soon. I wanna eat already so I can go back on that awesome train we rode
in to come here." Selphie said, jumping up and down. "Hey guys!" The ninja girl, Yuffie ran
towards everyone from the woods. "Yuffie we thought you were lost." Tifa said. "Oh I was not
lost but these two were. I found them wandering around the woods clueless so I brought them
with me. Aren't I such a good person?" Yuffie smiled as two girls followed her. "Thank you
for your assistance in the woods. We would have been lost without you." One of the girls
bowed. "Your kidding! That girl looks a little bit like you too, Tifa." Aerith said. "I
look like who now?" The bowing girl stopped bowing now. "I am Princess Garnet Til Alexandros
XVII." The girl said. "That name is so long." Selphie complained. "Err, then you may call me
Dagger?" Garnet suggested. "Aw that's cute. Tifa's latest little sister has a nickname."
Aerith said.

"They are not my sisters." Tifa said. The other girl that had come with Yuffie and Garnet
was Quistis Trepe and she turned to Rinoa and Selphie. "You couldn't have waited for me?"
Quistis asked. "Selphie wanted to get on the train early." Rinoa explained. "You got here
didn't you?" Selphie asked. Quistis was about to say something when the doors to the Garland
Gourmet opened up. A old man walked out with 4 creatures at his side called the Tonberry.
"Welcome to the Garland Gourmet. I'll be your host for the evening. Please come inside and
join the rest of our guest." The old man said. "So we're not the first ones here? There are
others?" Tifa asked. "Yes." The old man said. "Why and how do you have Tonberries with you?"
Garnet asked. "The Tonberry make excellent chefs. They all come with their own knives too."
The old man said, leading the girls inside. Another group of girls were inside the big
restaurant waiting. "This is Yuna, Rikku, Paine, Ashe, and Fran. They shall be dining with
you tonight." The old man said. "Yay, more girls to dine with! Now it's a party!" The young
girl, Rikku, yelled and jumped up and down. "I know right? Whoo hoo!" Selphie also jumped
up and down. "Oh no, Another Rikku." Paine muttered. The girls all sat down together at a
joint of tables linked together. "Your food shall be out shortly so enjoy each others
company while you wait. Heh heh heh." The old man shuffled to the back of the restaurants
kitchen. "I'm getting bad vibes from this guy and this place." Aerith told everyone. "Please
ignore Aerith everyone. She'll kill the mood for you." Tifa said and so the girls did just
that. "You're a princess as well?" Ashe asked Garnet who nodded. "How impressive. Are you
married? Do you plan to get married soon?" Ashe asked Garnet who turned red at the question.
Selphie and Rikku were bonding and asking each other a million questions much to the joint
annoyances of Quistis and Paine. Yuna had begun talking to Aerith. "Say are those three
sisters?" Yuna asked pointing from Rinoa, who was talking with Fran, to Garnet talking to
Ashe, and finally to Tifa sitting next Aerith. "You would think so." Aerith said. Tifa heard
this and responded. "No we are not! Just because we all have black hair..." Tifa said. "Long
black hair!" Yuffie added. "...Long black hair, does not mean we are related!" Tifa said.
"Besides I think that Garnet chick just has really dark brown hair." Yuffie said. "Here
comes the food!" Rikku said as many Tonberries walked into the room, very slowly pushing
large trays of food. It took awhile for the food to reach them due to the Tonberries lack of
speed but they reached them regardless.

The trays were filled with roasted beef, pork, steak, lots of soup, fried shrimp, hotdogs,
pie, giant turkey, spicy chicken wings, and several drinks. It was now that the girls all
realized how hungry they were as the room filled with the sounds of growling empty bellies
wanting to be fed. Fran was the only one who did not seem eager to eat and kept a blank
look on her face. Once the girls gathered their plates the feasting began. *CHOMP* "MUNCH*
*GULP* *CHEW* Tifa, Rikku, Selphie, Quistis, Yuffie, Rinoa, Yuna, Paine, and Ashe ate as if
they had never eaten before. Garnet and Aerith ate slowly. "Why are you eating so slowly?"
Ashe asked Garnet. "Because I..." Garnet started. "There are no guys around, unless you're
trying to impress the Tonberry." Rinoa said with her mouth full. Garnet looked at her food
nervously. "Do not give in to their peer pressure. You eat at your own pace." Aerith told
Garnet. However all the girls minus Aerith and Fran started chanting to Garnet "Pig out!
Pig out! Pig out!" Over and over again. *GRRRRRR* Garnet's own belly revolted against her
and demanded more food. "Please don't tell anyone about this." Garnet said as she grabbed a
bowl of hot soup. "This never leaves the restaurant." Yuna assured her. With that, Garnet
put the hot bowl to her lips and loudly gulped down the soup, throwing away her princess
manners. Everyone but Aerith cheered, even Fran seemed amused by this. "You all have no
dignity!" Aerith complained. The girls all returned to their meals. The more they ate the
bigger their stomachs got. Ashe was the first to have to adjust her belt as her belly was
expanding rounder with each gulp of food she took. *GLORP* *BURBLE* *SPLORF* The previous
sounds of empty bellies were now filled with the sounds of bloated and stuffed bellies
sloshing and digesting large amounts of food. "Come on girls! Don't stick out your stomachs
like that!" Aerith complained as she watched Yuna, Tifa, Paine, and Quistis lean back in
their chairs and let their bloated bellies stick out from their clothes. Rinoa stuffed a
entire steak into her mouth, bulging her cheeks out greatly before she loudly gulped it down
in one big *GUUULLOORP* Her bulging potbelly expanded from it. Garnet grabbed the nearest
drink beside her and guzzled it down in big,loud gulps. *GULP* *GULP* *GULRP* Each gulp made
Garnet's belly rounder and nearly breaking free of her jumpsuit outfit. Selphie had buried
her head in a large pie and was chomping away. "CHOMP* *GULP* Her belly was swelling up
with each bite of food. Soon Tifa, Paine, Yuna and Quistis returned to stuffing themselves.

Aerith looked around at all the girls getting round bloated bellies from all the food. "Does
anyone care that your bellies are starting to look like blimps?" Aerith asked as she stopped
eating and the girls all paused to look at their giant bellies. *GURGLE* *GROAN* *BLORP*
*SLOSH* *GLORK* The sloshing and gurgling was much louder when the sounds of them eating
was not in the way. "Well? Do you care?" Aerith asked. The girls all shook their heads after
a minute to think about it. "I bet my belly can get bigger then all of yours!" Yuna said to
everyone. "No way I'll lose!" Yuffie said and all the girls returned to eating, swelling up
their bellies like massive balloons of flesh. "How can this get any worse?" Aerith moaned.
*BEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLCH* Tifa belched loudly right next to her. "Gross! Tifa!" Aerith now
Ashe and Rinoa burped loudly right after her, with their balloonish bellies bouncing up and
down with all the food stuffed in them. "Oh yeah! A burping contest to boot! *SWWWEEEEEEET*"
Rikku yelled before burping out the word 'sweet'. The girls now started drinking the drinks
the Tonberries had brought out. *GULP* *GULP* Each big gulp made their bellies swell out
bigger and rounder, several of the girls bellies were sticking out of their clothes. The
bigger ones were getting taut and shiny. *BUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP* Selphie burped
loudly followed by Paine who clucthed her giant stomach, sloshed it and let out a very deep
is so gross!" Aerith moaned. It seemed the more Aerith complained the more the girls wanted
one of the biggest burps of the group. *HOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP* Yuffie burped after
thumping her big belly. *I WIIIIIILLLLLL WIIIIIIIIIIIIIN* Yuna burped that sentence out to
back, surpassing every burp so far. "It's starting to stink in here. So stop!" Aerith said.
"Or we can make it bigger!" Rinoa burped deeply inside her mouth *MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMRRRRRRRPH*
Making her cheeks round and puffed holding all the gas in until she blew it right on Aerith
in complete defiance. "Gross!" Aerith gagged. Rinoa's cheeks deflated to their regular size
before she laughed at Aerith's expression. "Stop laughing at me! Your stinky stomach gas is
not amusing! You all should be ashamed of yourselves!" Aerith said. *WEEEEE SHHOOOOOUUUULD*
as well. Aerith's face turned red with anger as all the girls started laughing, causing all
their overbloated bellies to slosh around and bounce all the food they ingested inside which
nearly drowned out all other sounds. *BOUNCE* *SPLOSH* *GLORP* *GLUNK* *SLOSH* *WOBBLE*

The girl's reflections were clearly visible on the shiny surfaces of all their big bellies
as all were now taut and shiny to go with the overall roundness. The girls all started to
simply burp with their mouths closed now, only this just made the muffled burps sound twice
as disgusting as they echoed in their cheeks and throats. *MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMRRRRRRRRP*
greatly expand then deflate as they burped in their mouths in a perfect orchestra of
supressed and muffled gas. They even burped it in a circle from Tifa to Yuna to Selphie to
Garnet to Rinoa to Paine to Ashe to Quistis to Rikku to Yuffie and then back to Tifa again.
Fran didn't join in but was entertained by it, watching everyone's cheeks puff out followed
by a gassy supressed burp then the cheeks deflate and pass it to the next girl. Aerith was
both disturbed by this but secretly impressed with how in sync they were with their musical
gassy closed mouth burps. "I think we should all go, before you all decide to make a music
band." Aerith said. The girls stopped burping. "Think we could be a hit?" Rikku asked. "I
think we should leave like Aerith said. I mean do any of you want to pay for all this?" Tifa
pointed to all empty plates of food and drained glasses. "Good idea." Ashe said. The girls
all stood up and minus Aerith, they all felt the power of gravity and their big bellies
weighing their slim girly bodies down. "Oooh! Thin girls with giant bellies...what a bad
match." Garnet moaned, holding her ballooned out belly which gurgled and groaned with all
the other bellies. *GROAN* *SLOSH* *GLORP* The girls walk to the entrance slowly with their
gorged bellies making it difficult for everyone but Aerith. "I bet you all are wishing you
listened to me. I'm not stuffed at all!" Aerith said showing off her still thin belly. "You
all look like bloated frogs." Aerith laughed. Rinoa opened the restaurant door and tried to
squeeze her belly through the door and the big gut got stuck. Rinoa pushed it and it did not
move. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Rinoa screamed. "What's wrong?" Garnet asked. "My belly is stuck.
It's stuck!" Rinoa yelled trying to push her bulbous potbelly through the door but it was
to round to get through. "Your kidding! Suck it in!" Paine said. "Oh yeah. I'll suck in my
8 foot stomach." Rinoa said. The other girls pushed against Rinoa's little body so she would
in return push against her beyond bloated belly. "Oww! Stop pushing me!" Rinoa moaned. "Lets
try belly against belly." Selphie said. She with Quistis, Paine, Rikku, Yuna, Tifa, Garnet,
Fran, Yuffie, and Ashe pushed their giant bellies against Rinoa to try and squeeze her stuck
belly through the door. *GLORP* *BLOP* *WOBBLE* *SLOSH* All the girls bellies sloshed loudly
as they pushed and Rinoa moaned in pain, still stuck. All their reflections were shown on
their respective big bellies. Shortly after they gave up and Rinoa's belly was as stuck as

"Stand back everyone! I'll shrink her with the mini status!" Garnet pulled out her wizard
rod and waved it at Rinoa. Her belly did not shrink at all. "That didn't work." Rinoa said.
"We can see that." Tifa punched the walls around Rinoa's large belly but they did not break.
"Are my gorged gals trying to leave already?" The old man had returned with his Tonberries.
"You can't leave, nor can you shrink yourselves down to size. Because you have been cursed
with the most deadly status effect of all time for a female anyway, the bloated status!" The
old man smiled. "The bloated status? What a stupid name." Paine said, holding her big gut.
*SLOSH* *GLORP* It seemed to agree with her that it was a stupid name. "So you brought us
here to bloat us?" Ashe said. "Correct. I needed test subjects to see if the new status
works and what do you know it does. For you see I am not a old man I am..." The old man
began to change form to reveal himself as Sephiroth. "It's Sephiroth! I can't believe we
fell for this!" Aerith moaned. "What's a Sephiroth?" Garnet asked. "I am Sephiroth. That
should go without saying." Sephiroth said. The girls minus Tifa, Aerith, and Yuffie all
looked at him confused. "One Winged Angel." Sephiroth said. "Oh!" The girls nodded their
heads to acknowledge it. "Yeah, everyone's heard my theme. And now that my new discovery of
the bloated status is in effect I will bloat every single universes females with this new
effect. Here's the real beauty of it. There is no known cure for it. Nothing stops the
bloated effects of Tonberry made meals." Sephiroth said. "That's so evil!" Yuffie said. "Yes
I know. Now if you'll excuse me, my Tonberries and I must spread the bloated curse! Unable
to use magic to cure themselves, unable to have speed on their side again, unable to enter a
single building or in your case leave. I suppose I should just skip all that and simply kill
you myself, but why do that when you'll die of embarrassment when your boyfriends see how
bloated your stomachs are? I'll even have it in a series. Bloat, Bloatra, and Bloataga.
Before I leave I must ask why are there three Tifas?" Sephiroth asked looking at Garnet and
Rinoa. "We do not look alike!" Tifa yelled. "As you wish." Sephiroth and his Tonberry chefs
all disappear from the room. "You see?! I told you something wasn't right about this place.
I should have known it was Sephiroth. I always shudder when he's around." Aerith said. "Does
anyone know how to help me out?" Rinoa asked still stuck in the door. "Well if that evil
angel guys magic is official we can do this little loop hole here." Garnet and Yuna pointed
their rods at Rinoa's large belly. "Bloataga!"

*GROOAAAN* *SPLOOOSH* *BLOORRRP* Rinoa's large belly started to swell up rounder and rounder
feeling gassy and upset until the bulbous balloon of flesh grew so large it smashed through
the door and kept growing till it was the size of a small house, totally dwarfing Rinoa's
tiny body. "Now I can't move!" Rinoa complained and she pushed and kicked her gargantuan
belly. "I'll push you!" Tifa, with one hand, pushed Rinoa into her big belly and sent her
rolling away from the restaurant but not before releasing one final loud burp that shook the
girls walked out as well holding their big bellies. "We might be stuck like this for awhile,
but it was so worth it." Selphie said rubbing her large belly. "I would do it again." Yuna
said as her belly button popped to a outie. "It was so nice to engage in such a activity."
Garnet said, patting her bulbous belly. "While I'm sure your bloated statuses will wear off
at some point, where do you think Sephiroth went to spread the bloated status?" Aerith asked.
The girls all shrugged. On the other side of the world a new restaurant opened called the
'Hungry Hilda' a group of girls including Lightning Farron, Lulu, Penelo, Terra, Rydia,
Maria, and Oerba Dia Vanille were at it. "I have a bad feeling about this Hungry Hilda food
place." Maria said. "It looks fine. What's the worse that could happen?" Lightning said with
no fear. A old man soon greeted them with 4 Tonberry chefs. "Welcome to the Hungry Hilda.
Please come in." The old man said.

The End.
It's been a very long time and I'm so rusty at uploading I'm not even sure I'm doing it right. I had some time off tonight so I decided to do a test story and see how it comes out on my new computer. I have a tone of writers rust to shake off but I'm trying, sorry if I'm not as good as I once was. My new life drains a lot out of me. So I hope you all enjoy this story. It's regular belly stuffing this time around. I was in a regular belly stuffing kind of mood.

I do not own these characters. Final Fantasy is owned by Square Enix.
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Brubake Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013
This story totally turned me on! Fat free thin girls with giant round bellies for life! I want a 500 gallon belly too!
Mangavore Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013
Thanks and that's the plan. Thin girls with giant round bellies!
dawnandmayforever Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
Thanks to this story I now love Rinoa :) Nice man.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
Lol! Glad you loved it and Rinoa.
ssbbfanatic Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012
Hey mangavore, excellent story!!! :thumbsup::)

Judging by the ending, do you by chance have a sequel in mind? ;)
Mangavore Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012
Thanks for enjoying it! As for a sequel, I hope so.
theman2222 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012
Wow! Glad you're back dude. Well, not really back but you get what I mean.

Awesome story as usual, and it's as I expected. You didn't lose any skill :)

Really liked Riona here in particular for some reason :D

I hope to see you around again, man.
Mangavore Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012
Thanks and I get what you mean. It felt great to make a story again after so long. I've really missed doing this. But I admit I had to like psyche myself up while writing to shake off the writers rust.

Lol, Rinoa, Garnet, Selphie and Ashe are my fave Final Fantasy girls so when I planned on getting one of them stuck in the door I knew it would be one of these four and I choose Rinoa. I also loved her role in this story.

I'll try to get on more when I'm not working.
theman2222 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012
That sounds awesome, dude.
Daisoujou Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012
HA I liked it.

I have just one complaint.

Everyone seems to forget Aerith is a Tomboy (Yes she wears pink and yes Tifa dresses more fitting with the typical tomboy. But that was the point of the two characters to be a reverse of how they look.) Though to be fair EVERYONE forgets that even the bloody creators.

I do love that apparently Sephiroth thought this plan up. I didn't knew he grew a big twirly mustache and started doing the muahahaha laugh but I'll overlook it for the sake of humor.

I enjoyed this story a lot though... Tifa, Rinoa and Garnet don't even vaguely look alike. Then again you lampshade this yourself so I'll give you the pass.

Good work sir glad to see your back...ish
Mangavore Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012
Thank you for commenting on what you liked and didn't like. Both are important to me. I had Aerith be uptight because I had always planned for one of the girls to be uptight about the belly stuffing and complain the entire time. It was originally going to be Quistist but I flipped a coin and Aerith won.

Ande yes I gave Sephiroth this angle for humors sake.

And the whole Tifa, Rinoa, Garnet thing was purely for the FF fans who love to pair them up together due to their hair. This is why I had all three deny looking like each other.

Thanks for reading and commenting. Feedback is important to me.
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