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Digimon Frontier Vore: Zoe's spirit evolving meals.

Takuya, Tommy, Koji, Zoe, Kouichi, and Jp were camping out in the woods one night in the
dangerous and confusing Digital world, there quest was to save it from other evil digimon
and while they did not have fighting Digimon of there own they could spirit evolve with the
help of ancient Digimon warrior's so they were more then capable of taking care of
themselves most of the time, and they did have the guidance of two Digimon Bokomon and
Neemon, but mostly Bokomon. As they gathered around a campfire they began to talk about
there previous adventures. "Did you see the way I took down that evil Digimon? I bet I'm
strong enough to save the planet myself now." Takuya bragged. "Hmph, Only because Jp and I
weakened it up for you." Koji said. "He's got you there? We softened him up for you." Jp
said. "And of course Zoe and Tommy needed to be saved again." Takuya said. "Hey, I would
have done more to the bad guys if you guys actually let me have a chance. You hog all the
fighting for yourselves and never let me and Tommy join in on the action. That's why we
don't get all the same victories that you do." Zoe said. "She's right." Tommy said. "Oh,
dear I see where this is going." Bokomon said smacking his forhead. "You do?" Neemon asked.
"Yes, I've seen it about three time's already. Trust me you don't want to get involved."
Bokamon said. He got up and left camp, Neemon followed him. "The reason we don't let you
guys fight as much is because your not as strong as us." Takuya said. "What did you say?"
Zoe yelled angry.

"It's a common fact that you two are the weakest of our group. I'm just saying. Tommy your
to young to fight well and Zoe...your a girl. Your attack's are just spinning and kicking.
Not very useful in a fight." Takuya said. "Sorry Zee, but I have to agree with Takuya on
this one. Your spirit forms are also the most basic. Nothing really advance about them."
Jp said. "Jp you too?" Zoe asked. "Face it we always end up saving you two." Koji said.
They turn to Kouichi who looked nervous. "I don't have anything to really say on the
subject really." Kouichi said. "Big surprise there." Zoe said. "You guys are so mean! Zoe
and I can be good fighter's if you give us a chance." Tommy said.  "Look it's getting late
we're all tired from fighting and from saving you two, so let's go to bed and we'll talk in
the morning. Maybe we'll even do some training sessions with you." Takuya said. "Boys!"
Zoe got up and stormed off from the group.

"Those jerks! I can't those guys would say stuff like that. I can be made into a good
fighter. They always get the action. Me and Tommy never get to do anything in that group.
Well I'll show them. I'll show them right now." Zoe held up her D-tector device which
allowed her to change into Kazemon the spirit of the wind. She then spirit evolved into
the legendary warrior of wind Kazemon. "Heheh." Kazemon sneaked up on Tommy who was kicking
a tree. "This bites. Those guys are always putting me down. I hate that." Tommy said
kicking the tree. Kazemon was hiding behind a bush. "Tommy, hey Tommy." Kazemon whispered.
Tommy turned to the bush. "You want to help me get the other's back for insulting us?"
"Zoe is that you?" Tommy asked. "Yeah, come here I want to show you something cool."
Kazemon said. Tommy approached the bush. "So how are we going to get them back? Putting
worms in there food? Wedgie's? Wet willie's?" Tommy asked. Kazemon grabbed Tommy once he
was close enough. "What are you doing Zoe? Why did you change into Kazemon?" Tommy said.
"So I can do this!"Kazemon opened her mouth wide open and shoved Tommy's small body inside
it. "Hey! Cut it out! Zoe!" Tommy yelled. It was no good, Kazemon's cheeks were bulging
with Tommy and she slurped his small body down quickly and easily as a big bulge traveling
down her throat. *GULP*

Tommy landed in Kazemon's stomach and it expanded out getting big and round to hold Tommy
inside. "Yum!" Kazemon licked her lips as Tommy tasted sweet like candy. "Zoe! Zoe, hey!
Let me out!" Tommy banged on Kazemon's stomach wall's. Kazemon's bulging belly had
outlines of Tommy's fist banging and even of his face pressed up against her stomach walls.
"Sorry Tommy, I won't. You were just the little snack I needed to get my hunger going. It's
nothing personal, I always though you looked like a yummy little treat." Kazemon said as
her big belly wobbled and sloshed. *BLORP* *SPLOSH* *THUMP* Tommy continued to struggle.
"Haha! Struggle all you want, it only speeds up digestion. Now your about to have some
company." Kazemon barily flew up in the air with her big sloshy belly and saw Koji with
Kouichi talking by a river. "Meal's two and three." Kazemon smiled evilly.

"You don't think we were two hard on Zoe and Tommy do you?" Koji said. "Well you should
always respect those who you want as friend's. Trust me, You should find an apologize to
Tommy and Zoe...even if what you said was true. Never turn your friends against you or you
won't have any." Kouichi said. "Kouichi, your still a little new to the party. Zoe and
Tommy don't hold grudges for long. They will be fine." Koji said. Kazemon was hovering over
the two boys and opened her mouth and strongly inhaled. Having a warrior Digimon spirit of
wind came in handy as her inhaling was like that of a hurricane sucking strong gusts into
her mouth. "What the? What's going on? Is it a tornado?" Koji asked. "No it's...Zoe! She
turned into Kazemon and is inhaling us!" Kouichi said holding on to a tree branch. "Zoe?
Hey stop that!" Koji yelled to her. Kazemon kept inhaling until Koji was finally sucked
into her mouth. "No! Koji!" Kouichi yelled as Koji was brought into Kazemon's mouth bulging
it out. Koji was bigger then Tommy so she had a much harder time swallowing him up.

*GULP* *GLOPF* *SWALLOW* *GULP* Kazemon greedily ate Koji up, licking his face and shoving
him deep into her throat. "Zoe, stop this!" Koji yelled. *GGUUUULLP* Kazemon's throat
swelled and bulged as Koji was gulped down it and landed in her big belly. *BLOP* "Hey!
Watch it!" Tommy said to Koji. "Tommy? She ate you too?" Koji asked. Kazemon's belly got
much rounder and more swollen. Her belly was starting to show tautness, roundness, and was
getting shiny. "As yummy as a hotdog." Kazemon said rubbing her fat belly as outlines of
Both Koji and Tommy sloshed around inside her. *SPLOSH* *BURBBLE* *GLUNK*  Kouichi
saw this and tried to run away. "Aha. Like you can get away from me. Brother's always taste
good when eaten together!" Kazemon took a big inhale and began sucking Kouichi into her
just like Koji. "No...I won't go out like this!" Kouichi tried to get out his D-tector but
when he did it was sucked into Kazemon's mouth and she swallowed it in one easy gulp. Now
Kouichi was helpless and was sucked into Kazemon's mouth leg's first. "No Zoe stop this!
Please!" Kouichi yelled as Kazemon slurped up his leg's like ramen noodles and worked on
his midsection. Kouichi tasted just like Koji, the two were twin brother's after all.

*GULP* *GULP* Kazemon gulped down Kouichi to his head. "Please don't!" Kouichi begged.
Kazemon swallowed him whole anyway. *GUULP* Kouichi went down Kazemon's throat and landed
in her giant Belly prison joining Tommy and Koji. *GLORP* *churn* *BLORP* *GURGLE*
Kazemon's big belly grumbled with gas and indigestion as it was forced to expand even
rounder stretching the skin out further. Kazemon could barily keep herself lifted in the
air with three human beings in her bloated belly. "I told you something like this would
happen." Kouichi said to Koji as the belly began to fill with a pool of green stomach acid
and gastric juices. "I can't swim." Tommy moaned. Gas bubble's began to bubble inside as
well. On the outside Kazemon rubbed her beach ball sized belly when she was hit by a
electric attack. "What the?" It was Jp's alter-ego Beetlemon the legendary thunder warrior.
"That's enough Zoe! What's gotten into you?" Beetlemon said. Kazemon turned to face him
sloshing her enourmous belly at the same time. *SPLOSH* *SWLLOOSSH* "Jp, Your just in time.
This save's me the trouble of hunting you down and eating you." Kazemon said. "What?"
Kazemon flew at Beetlemon and hit him with her big sloshy belly. *BLOMP* Beetlemon crashed
into the ground and Kazemon sat on him. With the full weight of her giant potbelly it was
not possible to get up. *GLORP* *BUBBBBLE* Kazemon's cheeks puffed up briefly before she
leaned over to Beetlemon's face and unleashed a deep and gassy belch to the hit face.
sheer smell of it hit Beetlemon in the face hard and he was knocked.

Kazemon giggled at her manlike belch, and each laugh made her belly slosh like a water
cooler. *SLOSH* *SPLORSH* *SPLOSH* "I didn't know I could burp that loud. Must come with
the belly of the meal I suppose." Kazemon got off Beetlemon as he changed back to his
human alter-ego Jp and began the process of eating him while he was still knocked out by
her stink belch. Kazemon lifted Jp up and swallowed him head first. *GULP* *GULP* Jp was
a big boy so Kazemon's throat had to really bulge and swell up to swallow him. "Mmmph."
Kazemon swallowed more and more of Jp and he was the hardest meal to get down but using
all her energy she gulped him down. *GGGGUUUUULP* Kazemon's throat was a enourmous fat
bulge as Jp was gulped down. Her belly literally swelled up like a over bloated water
balloon filled with to much water to quickly. Kazemon used up to much energy and turned
herself back to her human half Zoe. Zoe's belly was just as bloated and round as when she
was Kazemon. Koji, Kouichi, Tommy, and Jp were all inside her big and bloated belly. She
herd Jp wake up. "What happend? Oh man, Zee must have eaten me....Oh well I always wanted
to be closer to her." Jp said relaxing in the belly prison. "How can you say that?" Koji
yelled at him.

Zoe rubbed her bulging belly and felt the urge to burp again. "No wait. I'll save it for
Takuya. He's the one I really want to eat...although  have to admit, Jp tasted great, just
like chicken....and chocolate." Zoe said licking her lips and slowly moved to find Takuya.
Her big and round belly sloshing madly with each step. *SPLOSH* *GLORP* *BUBBBLE*
Takuya was by himself yawning and getting ready for sleep. "Today was so long. I wonder
where the other's are? Haven't seen them since the campfire. I guess I better look for
them." Takuya got up. The woods had become very quiet since Zoe ate everyone, last but not
least was Takuya and she was looking forward to eating him the most. "Where is everyone?"
Takuya asked. Zoe saw Takuya coming up and hid behind a thick tree which was wide enough
to hide her bloated self. "Hello?" Takuya called. "Takuya, I'm here!" Zoe called from
behind the tree. "Oh Zoe. Glad to here someone. I can't find the other's. Have you seen
them?" Takuya asked as he was approaching the tree.

"Yes I have. Come here so I can take you to them." Zoe stuck her hand out from behind the
tree and motioned him closer. "What are they hiding?" As Takuya approached. Zoe's big belly
was churning her food. Koji, Tommy, Kouichi, and Jp all held there noses as the insides
of her belly was filling was noxious, foul smelling gasses. "I'd hate to smell Zoe's burp."
Tommy said. "It's smelly yet sexy." Jp said. The noxious gas fogged up Zoe's belly making
Koji, Tommy, Jp, and Kouichi suffer the horrible smell until it went up the throat. On the
outside Zoe's cheeks ballooned up getting really round and puffy. She could taste Tommy's
candy like flavor mixed with Koji and Kouichi's hotdog flavor and Jp's Chicken flavor as
they burned in Zoe's balloon round cheeks, gassing them up rounder and rounder, getting
taut and shiny. *BULGE* *STRETCH* Takuya turned the corner as Zoe burped her giant burp
Zoe's burp was very deep in volume even louder and deeper then when she was Kazemon and it
was much gassier. Takuya felt the gas burp swarm his face and it echoed all over the woods
the deepest and gassiest burp in the digital world. When it was over Takuya fell to his
knees. The smell of Zoe's giant stink burp nearly burned his poor little nose.

Zoe just laughed arrogantly at him with her bloated belly sloshing along with her loudly.
*SPLOSH* *JIGGLE* *BLORP* *SPLORP* *GLUNK* *BLUB* The smell of Zoe's burp lingered in the
woods. "Zoe...what did you eat?" Takuya coughed still on his knee's. "What? Even after my
burp you don't know?" Zoe said patting her enourmously round belly and it groaned. Takuya
finally realized Zoe's belly was huge like a yoga ball. It was nearly touching the ground.
"No...way." Takuya said. "Way!" Zoe said sticking her round belly in front of Takuya. "You
had this coming you jerk! You all did, except for Tommy, I ate him only cause I found him
tasty looking, little food you know. Anyway You'll never mock my abilities as a warrior
again." Zoe said. "Zoe wait let's talk about this." Takuya said. "There's nothing to talk
about. I'm sick of being dogged by you guys just for being the only girl in the group.
Well this girl just kicked all your butts." Zoe put her hand on her hips and gave a
arrogant jerk to her head upwards. "Did you get s good smell of my burp? What my stomach's
going to reduce the other's too? That'll be you next, a stink cloud of gas I burp out."
Zoe grabbed Takuya. "But don't take it the wrong way. It's not that I feel hatred towards
you and the other's. How could I hate any of you when you all taste so good?"

"Are you going to eat me?" Takuya asked nervously. "Not yet..." Zoe said as she pinned him
down with her giant belly, leaning over him. Getting out a rope she tied up his arms and
legs. Once successfully tied she gagged him with a sock. "I thought I'd share more of my
lunch with you." Zoe said. Her big belly burbled gaseously and her cheeks ballooned up
before burping in Takuya's face deeply. *BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRP*
Zoe burped like a beer drinking right in Takuya's face. "Uuuugggh!" Takuya groaned as the
smell was horrible. "Well Excuse me. What could I have possibly eaten to burp like that?"
Zoe shrugged in a mocking tone. Takuya could only squirm. "As if she didn't know." Takuya
thought. Zoe put a hand over her mouth and burped a very deep and equally gassy closed
mouth burp which sounded like a tiger growling. Zoe's cheeks ballooned out like a bomb
had gone off in them, getting round and shiny. *MMMMMMMMMMMMMMRRRRRRRPPH*
Whwn it ended she put the same hand she burped in on Takuya's nose and watched him squirm.
"I bet that stinks. I can taste Tommy and Jp from that one. So now let's see if I can give
you a Koji and Kouichi flavor belch." Zoe sloshed her big belly from side to side and it
was noisy. *GLORP* *SPLOSH* *GLUNK* *SPLORF* Zoe's cheeks balloon up round and gassy as
zoe burped inside her mouth again making her cheeks get rounder and rounder as the burp
got loud and deeper it still was loud enough to echo whether Zoe burped with her mouth
open or closed. She blew the burp right in Takuya's face. "I've got plenty of gas left."
Zoe giggled. Takuya gagged as Zoe burp torturned him. Each of Zoe's burp's got gassier,
deeper, louder, and more manlike. Takuya was now begging for Zoe to just eat him, but she
wasn't through with him just yet.

To be continued.
My first Digimon vore story. It involves the cast of season 4 Digimon Frontier. This was the last season I watched before I stopped watching the show. I enjoyed season's 1, 2, 3, and 4 very much and decided to use season 4 for my first Digimon vore story. I used Zoe of course, she was my favorite in that season even if she didn't win many fight's. Anyway enjoy.

I do not own Digimon. They are owned by...the company that made them.
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Well more is coming. Don't worry. It's on my list of one's to be done.
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Thank you. The sequel is currently in the works and will be released soon. I wouldn't know about anything beyond season 4, but the first 4 Digimon seasons were great for me.
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