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January 18, 2010
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Appealshipping: Hikari and Nozomi Belly stuffing

It was a good evening day when Hikari and Nozomi had left the Lake Valor Restaurant. "Ahhhh." Both girls had big, round, stuffed, bellies. "I can't believe how much we ate." Hikari smiled happily as her big round belly sloshed noisily as she walked *BLORP* *BLOMP* Nozomi's belly was even rounder then Hikari's. She had to loosen her belt on her jeans. "Yeah, But I said we'd go out to eat if we did well on our contest training." Nozomi said. *BUURBLE* Nozomi's big belly gurgled. Hikari giggled and looked at it. "Nozomi, your belly's huge." Hikari giggled. Nozomi chuckled. "Look at who's talking. Your belly's swollen to." "But I'm not as big as you." Hikari said. Nozomi smiled and rubbed her bloated and noisy belly. "Guess I was just more hungry then you." Nozomi said. At this Hikari purpously stuck out her balloon bloated belly to make it look as round as Nozomi's. "So you think your belly can get as round and fat as mine?" Nozomi said. "Yes!" Hikari said. Nozomi chuckled again making her overbloated belly slosh loudly *BLORP* *SPLOSH* *SPLORP* *MMBLORP*

"Okay let's turn this into a contest! Not a Pokemon Contest, but a contest between us, you and me!" Nozomi said. "Your on! My belly will be way fatter then yours!" Hikari said. Nozomi faced Hikari and in doing so her round and full belly met Hikari's round and full belly and the two sloshed into each other *BLOP* "Lets go back to the Lake Valor Restaurant." The two bloated girls walked back into the Restaurant they had just left. "Eh?" The Waiter who waited at the front door was surprised to see them back. "It's you! The two girls who ate everything in My five star Restaurant! Why have you returned?" He asked. "We're back for another around." Hikari and Nozomi said. Both girls large bellies gurgled loudly still digesting the previous binge they had *GUUUUUUURRRRGLE* "Oh dear... I hope we have enough food to cook." The Waiter said as Nozomi and Hikari took there seats in a booth. *BLOSH* There bellies made noises when they did. "My meal's still in me." Nozomi said rubbing her large belly. "Mine to." Hikari rubbed her large belly as well.

"So...w...welcome back ladies." The Waiter said nervous. "Just bring us everything you have. You already know we can beat any of your Pokemon so are meal's are free." Nozomi said. "Y...yes of course. I would not dare challenge you young ladies. I shall be right back, yes?" The Waiter dashed to the back and was yelling at the cook to hurry up. "Sure you can handle it?" Nozomi asked Hikari. "Of course. What about you? Your bigger." Hikari said. The Waiter came back out with a tray of Hamburgers and fries. "The first tray of food is here." The Waiter said. He also brought out two glass's of Sprite. "E...enjoy." The Waiter said nervously and went to the back. "We are going to be a needing more." The Waiter said.

Nozomi and Hikari wasted no time chowing down on the food in front of them. Hikari chomped down on the hamburger in front of her while Nozomi actually stuffed her hamburger into her mouth and without chewing *GULP* swallowed it whole. The Hamburger made a big and round bulge in Nozomi's throat before going down to her big belly. Hikari now ate two burgers at once stuffing her cheeks to bulging and gulped them down making a even fatter bulge in her throat then Nozomi. "Cute, but not good enough." Nozomi said as she emptied her fries into her mouth and they all went down her throat. Both girls began to guzzle down the soda's and there bellies expanded further and further. Hikari's belly was now as big and round as Nozomi's had been before hand, while Nozomi's belly had surpassed that and her skin was very shiny.

*BUUUUURRRRRRRP* Hikari burped after she finished. *BOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRP* Nozomi burped to as she finished her soda. The Waiter returned with a Plate of Turkey and rice. "Here is the second order. E..Enjoy ladies." The Waiter bowed and rushed to the back. *BURRRBLE* *MOAN* *SPLORP* "Getting full Nozomi?" Hikari asked as Nozomi's belly gurgled. Before Nozomi could answer *BLLOOORRRP* *BLOAT* Hikari's belly burbled back at her. "Not as full as you I see. Doesn't matter, I'm still fatter then you." Nozomi said with confidence. "Not for long!" Hikari smiled and began to attack the Turkey and Rice taking giant mouthfulls. Nozomi did the same, dumping large mouthfulls of rice into her mouth and gulping it down. Hikari and Nozomi's cheeks were bulging with food and they giggled looking each other's faces until the both swallowed with a big *GULP*

Hikari's belly continued to expand getting round and rounder. The skin on her belly was now shiny too. Nozomi's belly got even rounder then hers still. *POP* Nozomi's belly button popped to a outie. The Turkey was all gone now and the girls paused for a moment as gas was kicking in. Hikari put her hand to her mouth and burped with her mouth closed *MMMMMMMMMMMMMMRP* Nozomi looked amused as Hikari's cheeks bulged out with the gas of her burp it was a deep and gassy one. "I'll top that." Nozomi looked focused as her bloated belly grumbled omniously. *GRUUUUMBLE* Nozomi closed her mouth just like Hikari and burped inside it. Nozomi's cheeks puffed out even fatter then Hikari's did as her  was far deeper and gassier. Hikari wasn't jealous more like impressed. "Good one Nozomi!" Hikari stood up now out of the booth. "But I'm going to beat it." Hikari said. Nozomi got up to. Both girls bellies were large and round and they started rocking from side to side, listening to there meals slosh nosily in there guts. *SLOSH* *GLUNK* *BLOAT* *BUBBLE* *MOAN* *BURBLE* *GRUMBLE* Hikari and Nozomi both felt the gas bubbles.

The waiter returned and was surprised to see them both standing and upon looking at there bloated bellies he could see his own reflection in there bloated and shiny orbs of flesh. "Waah! I have brought you our famous pork ramen bowls, enjoy." The Waiter rushed to the back. Nozomi and Hikari held there ramen bowls ignoring how hot the bowls were. "I think I'll hold my burp in a little longer till I finished this." Hikari said. "I'll do the same, however I'll still be fatter then you." Hikari and Nozomi both tilted the bowl's to there mouths and began to gulp it down each. *GULP* *GULP* *GULP* The massive gulping of Hikari and Nozomi echoed in the restaurant. The gulps made big bulges in the girls throats, bigger and bigger there bellies swelled. *POP* Hikari's belly button finally popped and caught up with Nozomi's. *GLUNK* *SPLOSH* the sound of there gulping was now drowned out by there giant bellies sloshing. So round, so shiny, so full. Finally the girls finished the ramen bowls and dropped onto the floor. *SPOOOOOOOOLSH* Both bellies sloshed noisily.

With great effort Hikari and Nozomi rose to there feet. "Hey your belly button popped." Nozomi told Hikari as it was far to out there for Hikari to see very well. "Yeah but I'm still not as fat as you." Hikari said a little disappointed. Hikari's belly was much fatter and rounder then when she first came in but it was still no match for Nozomi's bloated belly which was way fatter. Nozomi patted Hikari on the shoulders before both there bellies made a gassy bubbling noise *BUBBLE* *BUUBBBLE* *BUUBBLE* "I'm sorry but that was all the food we have..." The Waiter returned. "...We still have not recovered from your previous visit." The Waiter said as he approached them. "That's okay..." Hikari said. "...We're done." Nozomi said as they both placed there hands on there enormous bellies. The thick ramen mixing with the gas bubbles inside them.

Hikari and Nozomi opened there mouths to burp *BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP* *BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP* The giant burps of Nozomi and Hikari were loud enough to shake the building as all there stomach gas from there meals were released. The Waiter shrieked and hid behind a booth. When they were done burping Nozomi and Hikari laughed. The restuarant now smelled like there gassy burp and half digested food. "Nice burp Hikari." Nozomi said as they were now leaving. "Thanks." Hikari smiled. "But mine was louder." Nozomi said. "Oh yeah?" Hikari and Nozomi faced each other again. There big bellies bumped into each other again as well *BLOP* "Oh no." The waiter moaned. Nozomi and Hikari burped inside there mouths again. *MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMRRRP* Nozomi and Hikari's cheeks bulged out and were almost as round as there bellies as there gassy burps exploded inside there mouths. As impressive as Hikari's burp was inside her mouth, Nozomi's burp was just a it deeper and gassier. With that over Nozomi and Hikari giggle and leave the restuarant again with there bulging round bellies sloshing. The Waiter sighed. "I need a new job. Perhaps one in the Great Marsh?"

To be continued.
This is my first Belly stuffing story which involves Hikari/Dawn and her rival Nozomi/Zoey from the DP series of Pokemon. I used there Japanese names so Dawn is Hikari and Zoey is Nozomi. Just a friendly contest on who can eat more and get bigger. So enjoy.

I do not own these Characters, they are owned by Nintendo and the Pokemon Company.
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Whatmanis94 Featured By Owner May 18, 2014
I really liked how you added very vivid descriptions of how noisy their bellies are. Nice job!
Mangavore Featured By Owner May 19, 2014
Thanks a bunch.
Crandroid Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2013
Love how descriptive you are, can't wait for more!
Mangavore Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2013
Thank you. I do love to describe the situation.
Brubake Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2013
Dawn , and her small butt, thin arms, legs, big boobs, & very huge belly are so cute!
Mangavore Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2013
Isn't she?
Spartan-Ex117 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2010
Where's the image? If there is one, then its not working for me... :(
TriforceKitten Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2010  Student Digital Artist
XD I feel bad for that poor waiter! :iconxpplz:
Mangavore Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2010
The experience did scare him.
TriforceKitten Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2010  Student Digital Artist
lol yes I bet it did XD
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